More on the Mirassol-contact from the 80ths and most of the book is from the hypnotic sessions of Antonio - here on page260 -from the taperecord


This contact included more different races, also a "small green race":


"The green race-type aboard this spacecraft seems to be dominant. The same one has always been seated at this control table monitoring everything that is going on and giving orders to the others. He gives orders both telepathically and verbally and operates a number of control devices on the table. On this first contact Antonio saw four green ones including at least one woman, and six or seven maroon ones including at least two women. Besides that he saw four robot-like creatures that were "parked" in a row along the wall when they were not working.

#648 (all book has numbers on this hyp.sess.)

P - How many green ones are seated? AC(=the abductee-Antonio): Only one.

649 P - Did you see this green one before? AC- He was seated.

650 P - But I said, when you were in the small room, You had seen the green one also?

AC- No!

651 P - And now, you are seeing the green (one)?.. Then what is the green one like? Describe.

AC- Ears pointed, large. (394)

652 P - What is green? His clothes? AC- His skin.

653 P - His skin. Is Green? Are you certain? AC-I am.

654 P - And his hair?

AC- Straight, black.

655 P - Straight, black? AC-It is.

656 P - And his ears?

AC- Medium large, pointed.

657 P - And his nose?

AC- Pointed, also.

658 P - What is the size of his nose? AC- Large.

659 P - And the mouth?

AC- Large mouth also.

End extract from this session


some from page 329:

"This is one among the many unusual and unexpected statements made by this unread and uninformed witness. He has no file of UFO case material, no books, no magazines, no references of any kind and can not read the newspapers, nor is he interested in anybody else's UFO experiences, or UFOs in general. In fact, they are not "unidentified" to him. He knows what they are and these strange events are very real to him.

pictures not from this book - only to illustrate


He was physically "floated" aboard a ship waiting at ground level at first. Then there was a change in method and he was "pulled" up to a waiting ship above by a green light. (We have heard of scores of cases of elevation aboard a UFO in a beam of light) He has been a-board at least three different ships and now and we find that, unknown to him, he had been to the extraterrestrial operating base before. It is definitely some place else where there is low gravity and a dark sky, obviously a planetary body with little atmosphere, a bleak and lonely place. He has been dressed in a protective suit of theirs with an atmospheric helmet provided by them but containing his atmosphere, and has been escorted around their facility. And then he is put back in a ship and returned to Earth, where he is floated down in the beam of green light again into his own back yard.

Even more amazing is the off-handed way in which the introduction of the alien crab-like creatures to Earth came to light. He is still not aware of the magnitude of significance of this singular event. It is just another "normal" thing with his contacts. He didn't even consider it important enough to tell the investigators of it though he was fully aware consciously of his discovery in the eucalyptus grove at Matadouro.

(those Ets had apparently output some of these "animals" in Brazil of some reason. R.Ř.rem.) )

1745 NM- The light returned you again? ... Put you there on the ground. Did you descend there asleep or didn't you see anything else? What can you tell?

AC- When I came down there... I was sleepy and I

went to sleep...

1746 NM- Did you sleep much there? .. extensive pause.. (unintelligible) ... though.. .heim? Or only returned you? ... (unintelligible) ...

AC- They said that they would return another time.

1747 NM- Did they say when? (1520)



some from the last part of book - here page 339:

"… considering these observations still speculative and based on limited and possibly premature data, we can not say whether this is mere coincidence or not. We must watch and see.

We have chosen to end this report here at this spectacular point as the real and more important developments are just beginning. The contacts are not only continuing, but increasing and getting longer and more profound all the time. Antonio Carlos now feels at home with the extraterrestrials and they treat him like one of them -- in fact they have already told him once that he is one of them!

They have provided him a fitted environmental suit adapted to his Earth atmosphere so he may travel with them. And they have indicated that they have much more to show him.

They have instructed him on how to operate their ship. We do not know what this means yet.

The extraterrestrials are aware of Prof. Ney ( left) and our interests, and what he is doing. They showed Antonio how they can see what is happening at a distance. They have not agreed to allow Prof. Ney to meet Antonio's extraterrestrial daughter yet, but have not ruled it out yet either.

This investigation will continue and the information and evidence is accumulating. If there is enough interest in this case, it is possible that an additional report may be published at another time in the future.

We are striking out in new and unknown territory and do not know where this will lead...


Summary of


(page 381)

28 June 1979, Abducted from Transmovis Fafa yard (pict.below). Biogenetic experiment. Ripped jacket and shirt collar. Was marked with a needle.

9 September 1979, At girl friend's house. "Talking ball" of green light.(telepathic)

8 December 1979, In mother's house. Another talking ball of green light.

27 February 1980?, Near Slaughterhouse. Trees uprooted.

January 1982, Going to lunch at the dye plant. UFOnaut on path in the woods.

July 1982, UFOnauts came by. Showed child at portal.

8 August 1982, Railroad Line abduction. UFOnauts took Antonio to see the child he had forced to be father to.

31 December 1982, UFOnauts come to Antonio's mother and step-father's home. Burned shirt and calendar.

Late Monday in March 1983, UFOnauts came into Antonio's home. Second Slaughterhouse Area visit.

Last Wednesday in March 1983, UFOnauts came in Antonio's home unseen by his wife Jandira.

Last Sunday in March 1983, Antonio met UFOnauts in the grotto near the slaughterhouse. Upturned earth.

15/16 July 1984, Abducted aboard by a green light as he went outside to toilet around mid-night. Was taken away to an operating base on the surface of a planetary body.

4/5 November 1984, Awakened by a feeling of much heat Antonio got up and went outside. It was near mid-night and as he stepped out a red light pulled him aboard the spacecraft and he was again taken to the Operating Base.

14 December 1984, At 23:00 Antonio stepped out to look at the rainy sky and was immediately pulled aboard a small ship by a red light, and was taken to a mother-ship where he was given another injection and lost consciousness until returned several hours later.

Some more on the Mirassol-abductions - here from page 202

"This testimony seems to refer to the two or three more humanoid extraterrestrial beings in the room with him at that time.

102 P- They find... you are...?

AC- (Antonio - the abductee which they had been forcing to have sex with this Etwomen he didnt find attractive)... (incomprehensible)

AC- .... not have?

103 P- Did you so succeed with the woman?

AC- I succeeded...

104 P- Very good! Let us go forward!

AC- I am going... (incomp) -pause- what am I going to do. Get this woman (incemp), epa... -pause-...take this woman away from me. I do not want her any more, No.

105 P- She is going to have a child of yours? AC-I found that she is going to.

106 P- Going to? -pause-AC- I do not want to have a child with this woman, no I do not want to see her in front of me, No!

In Antonio's earlier conscious recollections of this scene he said that, after copulation, and examination of the woman in another room, he was told that she would bear a child by him as a result of this act. This must say something for the biological sciences of the extra-terrestrials and their ability to control insemination in reproduction. This also points up the amount of research that must have gone into preparing for this scene because of the necessary coordination with the female's fertility cycle. Proper internal body temperatures for both the extraterrestrial female (whose external body temperature was reported as unusually cool) and the terrestrial father (whose sperm normally tolerates a very narrow range of temperature) had to be maintained until the ovum was fertilized, in order for this to succeed. The ovum had to be already in position for immediate fertilization to take place. The Ufonauts said that this was not the first such experiment to succeed.



picture- he was shown his child some time, but very strong "misliked the mother"


from page 209-210:

The effort to remove Antonio's clothes in the struggle, and without undoing the fasteners resulted in serious ripping of the garments. Antonio was very upset about this. He was a poor man and could not afford to lose any of his clothing. He has misconstrued question 159 where Alvero Fernandes has asked if the torn clothes wouldn't hide something at least, whereas Antonio apparently thought he was suggesting the clothes were torn because he had hidden something, possibly displeasing the UFonauts.

In his verbal account of his conscious recollections about this (27 June 79) abduction, Antonio said that his clothes were torn in their forceable removal, and he offered a shirt with the collar half torn off as evidence. The UFonauts apparently made no effort to open or to unfasten the zipper or buttons to remove the clothes, but simply ripped them off from the top. This may be a clue to how they manage to get into and out of their one-piece garments with no visible closures.

Pity the poor victim for the mistreatment he has in-voluntarily suffered at the hands of his abductors up to this time in this regression back into the frightening episode. It appears that the Ufonauts stripped Antonio naked and then rubbed his body all over with a thin yellowish oil, even his face, perhaps as a disinfectant or a germicidal agent to protect the female cosmonaut, and possible to protect him also from transmittal of some kind of bacteria from them that might be harmful to us. This may also have been the reason for stripping him naked.

Then when he resisted the attentions of the UFoaut when he was made to drink a different liquid, possibly an aphrodisiac to stimulate his interest in the act with the woman. When he still resisted he was held securely by three of the UFonauts and was given an intravenous injection in the left arm. This evidently had the desired effect but he was still fighting to resist touching her because he thought she was ugly. It was at this point that he was given a shot of something in the right arm and they fastened an instrument on his left arm. The shot broke his resistance and felt weak all over. He was lifted and held in position on top of the female extraterrestrial to complete the sex act, possibly monitored by the instrument on his left arm because they knew when to let him go.

Antonio was adamant and forceful in his concern about keeping this information from the knowledge of his fellow townspeople and his girlfriend, and forcefully demonstrated his objection to this. It was not until four years later, after some knowledge of this leaked out, that he grudgingly gave permission for the investigators to use some of the testimony recorded in the hypnotic regressions.

The cosmonauts carefully conveyed the idea that they did not want Antonio to reveal all that was happening because they did not want to risk interferrence in their project with Antonio.

* * *

short back to the hyp.sess:

160 P- Are you travelling? AC-I am.

161 P- Look and see if you can mark well this object (UFO). What do they have in that place, in that object and where are they going to descend. The object is over your city?

AC- No it is not in my city. No it is not.

162 P- Long (way away)? AC- It is.

163 P- You are at a height? AC- It is.

164 P- Can you see other things around (you) in that object?

AC-I can only see inside the object. Outside no.

165 P- Can't see anything?

AC- Not possible (repeated signs of negation).

166 P- See if you can get them to give you a look through the window. Can you get this?

AC- W... se I fall from here in the sky.... Ours!



the symbol they had made on his arm


Some from page 299:

chapter 17

A Trip Into Space


We had blocked out this chapter for a review of several similar cases of abduction of Earth males for biophysical experiments by extraterrestrial UFOnauts aboard their ships. We are aware of eight others.

But as this report was being typeset, another spectacular abduction of Antonio Carlos Ferreira from Mirassol took place. We Considered this news more important to the presentation of this case and of more interest to the readers of this report than what we had planned. We have therefore stopped the presses and revised this book in the interest of giving you the best account possible of the case which is the central theme of this investigation.

On the night of 15 to 16 July 1984, Antonio Carlos had gone to an outside toilet when he was again approached by a green beam of light which surrounded him and lifted him up to a waiting shuttle-craft that took him to a larger exploration vessel in deeper space.

On his first encounter with the larger ship, Antonio said that it was a great sphere, like a huge "capetao" (a South American round football, like our soccer ball). As on the other opportunities, he reencountered the beings with the light chocolate skin and red hair, which he calls "morenos". Their suits were the same as on the previous times, still using the now recognized emblem, a cross enclosed in a circle. The UFOnauts proceeded to repeat the customary routine, with the apparatus now well known to him again placed on his left arm, they withdrew a specimen of blood.

Apart from this moment, and for the first time, Antonio Carlos cited the presence of other beings on the ship who differed completely from the familiar "verdes" and the "morenos" (green-skinned and maroon-skinned ones).

These beings had light skin with physiognomical traces identical to our own, hair long and blonde, eyes large and blue, and with a stature above 1.75 meters. They were dressed in a kind of white jump-suit without emblem which came up to and fitted closely around the neck, the cuffs and the waist. The collar as well as the cuffs and the extremity of the legs were of a blue color, however at the waist they wore a large belt of a green color.

After Antonio (as before) was dressed in their spacesuit, he was shown about the ship again in their customary familiarization, which according to his information is another ship but still round and not much different in operational systems than the other one before. Finally the ship came to rest in a place which, according to all indications would be a base of operations.

The first thing that Antonio saw was a series of shelters "shaped like ovens" (the wide cone-shaped outside variety familiar in South America), similar in shape to the shuttle vehice that picked Antonio up in 1979, at the time of his first abduction from the Fafa yard, and the place was much warmer than his native region (of Mirassol).

The sky was very dark and the youth observed a stellar lurninosity that he said would be like the sun, only more reddish in color. On the ground was very light colored fine sand which according to the expression of the witness was "white as sugar". In one of those sites he observed a large quantity of robots, familiar to him since the first contact in 1979. They were accumulated there as if this were a storage point for them.

In one of the shelters he was placed on a kind of a divan, and again they collected another specimen of his blood. After resting a little, he was taken for a short walk, accompanied by three beings, one of each type of the marroon, green and white. Walking there in the fine white sand, he wanted to pick up a handful, but they did not permit him to do so.

During this walk he could see great mountains in all directions with sharp needle-like peaks. Moreover he could see numerous craters of various sizes where he saw also a kind of dry gray fog. Finally, according to all indications (considering the sparse vocabulary of AC.), he was taken down by way of a narrow stair cut out of living rock, to the interior of an imminence crater which had been adapted to serve as a spaceport! In the inside there, the youth observed a great quantity of ships in many varieties of shapes and sizes. Some were spherical, whose size Antonio compared to that of a nine room house since he works as a bricklayer and uses that as a form of comparison. He also saw ships of the type shaped like an oven standing on tripod landing gear. These were like the ship that abducted him in 1979, that first time. Around and within the ships, Antonio observed a good number of beings, blondes, greens and "morenos", working together (like some cosmic fraternity).

Finishing that walk, Antonio was again taken inside a ship and was conducted to another location, where the scene was a little different, being accompanied still by the tall blonde beings. Wherever they took him the scene was very much the same, mountains with sharp peaks and a very dark sky having at zenith a luminous star that was very similar to our sun.

Upon arriving at the new location he still saw mountains and craters, and well on the horizon, a great blue ball that, to all indications, could have been Earth. When he went out of the ship with them he wore an environmental suit complete with atmospheric helmet and he noticed that this place was colder than the other one.

Outside there, though not meeting, Antonio was shown some beings that he described as similar to our monkeys. They had big feet and the body was completely covered with hair, big hairy arms, and big hands also covered with hair. The head also was hairy, and what he could see of the features they were identical to monkeys. Also according to the witness, these new beings did not use suits or respiratory helmets, and were speaking in a language unknown to Antonio.

Following that, the visitor was conducted to a third place, still more cold than the last. He left the ship floating, accompanied by two beings of the tall blonde race.


In the place where they now were, they only saw mountains. He was taken to a big rock where he saw a series of inscriptions and also something like numbers, but different from ours and of a red color. He also saw a great map of blue color. The letters as well as the inap were chiseled into the rock. All of this was observed by Antonio as he was floating above the surface, a function of the suit he was using.

After that he was taken to see another rock where he neatly engraved figures, the emblem of the greens and the "morenos". On the other side it had what looked like an isocelese triangle. A little later they went back into the ship and returned to the first first base.

There they took him to one of the oven-shaped shelters and reproduced on his left arm the marks that he had seen on the rock (the cross in a circle and the isocelese triangle).

In the same arm they then injected a certain white liquid, and another blood sample was taken. After that, he was again taken for a walk around the area, where he noticed something similar to our crabs, however he said that these possessed hairs (or something like hairs) ... Seeing that they moved from one side to another, Antonio asked, "What insects are those?" They said that they were not insects and made him touch one. Antonio touched one and said that it was cold like ice. Then he was informed that where the ships landed (in the Exicalyptus woods) their crews released two or three of those small "beings", confirming that they had done this at the Campo Farm, near Mirassol, when they came down there as previously reported.

In his language, Antonio is not very precise nor is he very expressive, no doubt due to his limited education. But he explains things exactly like he saw them, a kind of observer and transmitter that upon completing his mission just turns off and waits.

Finally Antonio was taken back to the ship and reconducted back to Mirassol, where he was returned to the surface by the same green light that had picked him up earlier. He was promised that in the future he would be again picked up by those beings, only this time the promise was made by the tall blonde UFonauts. Perhaps they are in charge of the cosmic fraternity at that base.

There is some speculation as to whether the place that Antonio was taken to was their home planet, a base on another planet or an operating base on our own Moon. The witness did not see any great cities, nor did he see any sign of industrial facility such as might be required to produce these marvelous ships and equipments used. He saw no farms or agricultural support activity, and no system of highways and communications. The "buildings" were small and closely grouped in an isolated comunity.

The hairy creatures lived apart with no structured facilities or even homes visible, and may be natives of that place since they used no breathing apparatus nor did they have suits of any kind.

The dark sky with the blue orb suggested our Moon with the Earth in view in that sky. The jagged mountain peaks however, are a feature not reported on our Moon. The lack of vegetation and the fine white sand on the other hand do again seem characteristic of our Moon. The "fog" in the atmosphere is counterindicative but the blue orb low in the sky is almost certainly the Earth with its blue atmosphere and oceans.

Prof. Ney, an amature astronomer, has calculated and diagrammed the relative positions of the Earth, Moon and the sun at that time for that day and, surprisingly came up with a picture of our Earth with a 30% crescent illuminated by the sun and seen about 45 degrees above the horizon, exactly what Antonio reported.

On this trip Antonio was taken to see his daughter, Azelia, now quite big for the same equivalent age here, a little under five years old. Perhaps this indicates a little faster growing cycle in her environment there. She knew and recognized Antonio as her father and even cortirriunicated with him telepathically. He said she seemed very intelligent.

She looked very much like her mother but with smaller and less pointed ears. Nothing was said of any unusual forward jut of the chin such as the mother, which may not have been as noticeable at that young age, especially since all the others of her race had that prominent feature.

Another hypnotic regression was considered to help to clear up more new questions raised, and plans were made to carry this out as soon as possible.


Part of This book was first published in Portuguese language in Brasil under the title "O CASO DE MIRASSOL" -Livro Branco Dos Discos Voadores, by Dyreriket.Walter K.Bühler and Guilherme Pereira, in 1984.

The "most important ufo-investigator" in last century; esteemed Wendelle Stevens published it with some more material, later in the 80ths. Book is long ago out of print, but used books may be found. Youtubevideo on how CIA overlooked and had a very close look at the meiercase, while ridiculing it outward- wendelle talking.

Some other


5 October 1957, Sao Francisco do Sales, MG, Brasil. Farmer Antonio Vilas Boas was night-plowing when tractor engine stopped, lights went out, and he was taken aboard a UFO. ET woman was light with red hair. 1+ Hrs.

November 1976, El Banco, Magdalena, Colombia. Cowherd Liberato Anibal Quintero, walking at night, was intercepted a luminous egg-shaped UFO and taken aboard. Three ET women 1.5m tall, light-skinned, flat-faced with protruding eyes.

4+ hrs.

3 March 1978, Pelotas, RS, Brasil.

Electronics Student JoseW Inacio Alvaro, outside at night was intercepted and taken aboard a luminous sphere Ufo in a beam of light. ET woman was light-skinned blonde with luminous eyes. 1:30 Hrs.

3 January 1979, Hialeah, Florida, USA Businessman Filiberto Cardenas, looking at his stalled automobile with friend was elevated aboard a hovering mist-shrouded UFO in early evening, in full view of the friend and friend's wife and daughter. ETs extracted a semen specimen during physical examination. Said they had 81 hybrid half Earth-humans successfully born.

13 April 1978, MaringaW, ParanaW, Brasil.

Electrical lineman, Jocelino de Mattos, walking home at night was intercepted and taken aboard a hovering UFO in a beam of light. Semen specimen was extracted, then a physical relation with a light-skinned ET woman who said she was a doctor. 2+ Hrs.

28 June 1979, Mirassol, SP, Brasil.

Night Guard Antonio Carlos Ferreira was intercepted at work at 03:00 and "floated" aboard a flat cone-shaped shuttle-craft and taken to a spherical mother-ship in space. ET woman was 1.5m tall, maroon-skinned with flame red hair, large head and pointed ears. 1:30 Hrs.

15 October 1979, Saquarema, RLJ, Brasil.

Luli Oswaldo and F. G. (young man), car stopped by round luminous flying body that came in from sea and both were taken aboard, physically examined and semen specimen was taken from F. G., then a physical relation with two of three rat-faced females the size of a 13-year-old took place. No emotion or feeling displayed. 2+30 Hrs.

30 November 1982, Botucatu, SP, Brasil.

hospital Porter Joao Valeno da Silva, outside after mid-night getting a drink of water was abducted by round luminous UFO hovering over a tree in his yard. He was taken aboard in a beam of light. ET woman had brown skin with long dark hair. Was returned to his home with his body covered with strange symbols. 3+ Hrs.

14 december 1983, Chapeco, RG, Brasil.

radio reporter Antonio Nelso Tasca was driving Highway W-282 when car was stopped by UFO and he was taken up inside in a beam of light. ET woman was light complected with wide-set oriental style eyes. 8+ Hrs.

more on sex-abductions and sex-relations in Brasil in the 80ths - from the book "UFO Abduction at Botucatu"



Herbert Schirmer ufocontact
sound-talk on case

Case Briefing

Ashland, Nebraska (12-03-1967)

In Ashland, Nebraska on December 3, 1967, Herbert Schirmer, a 22 years young patrolman, was making his usual rounds. He had checked the Ashland Sales Barn, and several gas stations along Highway 6, when he noticed what he thought were red lights on top of a large truck. He had just passed through the intersection of Highways 6 and 63 at about 2:00 A. M. He drove the short distance down 63 and stopped with his headlights shining on the object. According to Schirmer, the object was definitely not a truck. The red lights that he had seen were blinking through the oval portholes of a metallic, oval-shaped object that was hovering at a height of about eight feet above the road's surface. The object appeared to have a polished aluminum surface and had a sort of walk around it. It had a structure underneath, like a landing gear.

As he watched, the object rose into the air with flames coming from underneath. It passed almost directly over Schirmer's patrol car, then quickly shot out of sight.

Schirmer returned to the police station, noting that it was now 3:00 a.m., which surprised him because he felt that only ten minutes had passed. At the station, he made this entry into his logbook:

"Saw a flying saucer at the junction of highways 6 and 63. Believe it or not!"

Afterward, Schirmer developed a red welt on his neck, a headache, and he began to feel ill. Word of Schirmer's sighting was related to the Condon Commission at the University of Colorado, which investigated UFO reports. Schirmer was asked to come to Boulder, Colorado. At Boulder, on February 13, 1968, he was hypnotized by psychologist Dr. Leo Sprinkle of the University of Wyoming.

Under hypnosis, Schirmer recalled that, after he stopped his car near the object, the engine died and his radio went silent. A white object emerged from the craft and seemed to communicate mentally with him, preventing him from drawing his gun as he was want to do. After the hypnotic session had ended, Schirmer was able to recall even more details about the encounter. The beings were friendly, they drew energy from electrical power lines, and they had a base on Venus.

Returning to Ashland, Schirmer was appointed Ashland's Police Chief when Chief Wlaskin resigned. However, he resigned after two months, unable to concentrate on the job due to his UFO experience. According to Schirmer, he was ridiculed by some of the townspeople, his car was dynamited, and his wife left him.

Further regression hypnosis sessions were conducted on June 8, 1968 by hypnotist Loring G. Williams and the results of those sessions were reported in two books: "Gods, Demons, and Space Chariots" and "Gods and Devils from Outer Space" by Eric Norman.



drawings from inbord the ship: those were likely of pleiadian-lyran colonised planets

One odd fact that was brought out was that the aliens wore uniforms with an emblem of a winged serpent on the left breast, similar to the winged serpents that have appeared in mythology around the world. 


sound-talk on case


extr. from p42in the webbook
"A Day With An Extraterrestrial"

 of Lou Baldin:

...While sitting there contemplating what other mind benders Milton had up his sleeve, a naked woman walked through the door and into theroom. It was the same woman that was on the screen with me at the bookstore and then at her apartment where we made love. I nearly fellout of my seat! Then she casually spoke to me.“Hi, Mike, are you up for another round of fun and intrigue like our last encounter?”I stuttered out the words, “What the hell is going on here?”“Make love to me, Mike. You know you want to!”A bed then emerged out of the wall and she came over to where Iwas sitting, took my hand and led me over to the bed. I was in a state of shock and seemingly helpless as when I was at the park that morning and Milton snared my body and soul with his ship. Seductively, she removed my clothes and we made love as if we were on our honeymoon. I was no match for the sexually enticing powers thatradiated from her magical body. She was one gorgeous and dauntingly attractive lovemaking machine.After she received what she came for, she got up and left the roomwithout saying a word. I remained on the bed somewhat mentally exhausted and puzzled by her abrupt departure.

“That’s it? Most women remain in bed and cuddle after sex, unlessthey are hookers. Milton, is she a hooker? If so, what is her purpose,blackmail?“She is not human, Michael. She is a biological sperm extractor.There are many ways to get sperm from donors such as you, but this isthe most effective way and the best way to retrieve semen. Extracting sperm without proper sexual arousal compromises the quality of theseed and I know you do not want that.“Sperm extractor? I never signed up to be a sperm donor!Especially with some zombie creature—that is just wrong! Why inhell do you want my sperm anyway? What about my rights in thismatter? Don’t I have any reproductive say in this highly personalventure?”“Your body is a container for certain enzymes and other biologicalproducts, including sperm. We store and synthesize these items in your body and then extract them at certain intervals when needed. The bodyyou reside in, Michael, is a product of the sperm we extracted from another individual such as yourself before you were even born. Your body is a continuation of this type of container. In essence, your bodydoesn’t belong to you. It belongs to us.”“Who the heck is us’ ?  

So, I am an unwitting continuation of somecrazy experiment you people are doing here on Earth? You only wantme for my body fluids? That is disgusting! I’m going to have to chewon this one for a long while.”