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Researcher William F. Hamilton was one of the first to write about the Mt. Shasta subterranean colony of TELOS, an underground city which is said to be the western branch of a subterranean kingdom that certain Asian fraternities refer to as the 'Agharti' network. Mr. Hamilton had personally met with the reputed "crown princess" of Telos, Sharula -- as well as with some of her immediate relatives in the mid-1980s, during his investigations into underground base activity in North America. Based on what Bill has learned, Telos might not be as 'safe' a place to live as one might at first believe. Just like anywhere else on earth, Telos itself suffers from its own conflicts between factions with different agendas -- ranging from those who align themselves with the "Andro-Pleiadean Federation" and their "Non-Interventionist - Individualist" beliefs, and those who have taken sides with the "Draco-Orion Empire" and their "Interventionist - Collectivist" philosophies.

One might say that the scenarios taking place within Telos are somewhat of a counterpart of similar power-struggles taking place within "Sirius" and within the U.S. government. The same could hold true within the entire 'Agharti' network which has its center of activity under the Gobi desert of Mongolia, and which allegedly contained two opposing factions during the Second World War period: the Technologists who secretly sided with the Allied Forces, and the Occultists who sided with the Axis Forces. Since the Telos-Agharti alliance is tied-in with the Ashtar collective, there are bound to be some internal conflicts within those cultures just as there have been reported conflicts between the Orionite interventionists and Pleiadean non-interventionists within the Ashtarian collective itelf.

All this is based on reports from contactee Israel Norkin and others that the Ashtar collective has been infiltrated by Draconian-Orionite agents posing as "ascended masters", and that a large segment of the "Ashtar Command" has been commandeered by these interventionist-collectivist forces and has split off from another large segment of the 'alliance' which has apparently sided with the Andro-Pleiadean Federation. What distinguishes the two is that the Andro-Pleiadean Federation believes in Truth-Individualism-Non Interventionism whereas the Draco-Orion Empire adheres to a philosophy of Deception-Collectivism-Interventionism. ]

According to contactee Alex Collier these two factions are now or have been at war within the Sirius-B system, and this conflict has entered the Sol system with the Draconian-Orion reptilians and their paraphysical overlords operating from Hale-Bopp comet in collaboration with their rebel Sirian cultists who were/are operating from within the "infiltrated" segment of the Ashtar collective, occupying Hale-Bopp's so-called "Companion" battleship -- reputedly a "...former Sirian alliance battleship..." -- which some have dubbed "Hale-Mary". This saturn-shaped object was seen AND photographed by BOTH Chuck Shramek AND is also seen in a leaked Hubble Space Telescope image, along with other 'objects' that apparently 'jumped ship' as the comet circled around the sun. This scenario seems to be remaniscent of the movie "LIFE FORCE" which depicted a race of draconian-like alien 'vampires' that entered the system undetected in the tail of a comet. Alex Collier claims that the non-interventionist from the Pleiades and Andromeda constellations, from Tau Ceti, Procyon and others systems, have "blockaded" the Sol system near the orbital sphere of Neptune in order to keep the Draconian-Orionite forces out and to keep them from interfering with our planet at this CRITICAL and VULNERABLE point in planet earth's history. According to Collier's other-wordly friends, there have been devastating battles with casualties on both sides that have been waged between the Federation and the Empire in this CURRENT "war in heaven" [current as this is being written] involving our Sol system, and also in one that was waged shortly before this in the Sirius system... a war that has gravitated from Sirius to our own Sol system. So, PRAY FOR our "friends out there" who are risking their lives for OUR sakes. It is the very LEAST that we can do...

William Hamilton incidentally has voiced his concern that Sharula, being a member of the ruling class of Telos, seems to be involved in this current conflict taking place between the two Ashtarian factions, the Draco-Orion faction and the Andro-Pleiadean faction, although just how this has affected her on a personal basis is unclear. This may also hold true with the entire "Melchizedek Order" which has a major presence in Telos, in the Saturnian moon base-cities, in Sirius, in Arcturus and elsewhere. Most of the misled Sirian cultists are being led to believe that the New World Order is being orchestrated for the purpose of establishing world peace and laying the groundwork to usher in a "planetary ascension" into higher dimensions in a harmonious and orderly fashion. They forget however the history of atrocities that have followed the ancient Bavarian-Roman cults who are promoting the New World Order and of their reptilian hosts in Draconis and Orion... the massacres in Lyra, Rigel and Procyon being a few examples (if you don't know what I'm talking about at this point, you WILL by the time you finish this 'volume'. - Branton). In short, the Draconians and Orions are psychologically and emotionally manipulating their cultic human followers in Sirius-B, the Gizeh empire & Bavaria who are tied-in with the "dark side" of the Ashtar collective, to establish a global government which they intend to annex to their Luciferian Interstellar empire-collective.

William Hamilton himself has gained a great deal of 'intelligence' on the secret government's underground bases, many of which are as of this writing under the control of the 'collaboration', or those military-industrialists who have sold-out to the humanoid-reptiloid collaborators from Draconis, Orion & Sirius-B, who are more-or-less given free reign within the secret government's underground network. In an article which appeared in Patrick O'Connell's "TRENDS AND PREDICTIONS ANALYST" Newsletter, Vol. 6, No. 2 [July, 1990] issue, William Hamilton stated:

"...The cover-up was initiated soon after the Roswell, N.M. crash. We wanted to know - 1] Who they were, 2] Why they were here, 3] How their technology worked. The cover-up became a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY [a blanket word covering secrecy and deception]. The cover-up involves secret organizations within our government such as MJ-12, PI-40, MAJI, Delta, the Jason Scholars, & known intelligence organizations such as Naval Intelligence, Air Force Office of Special Investigation, the Defense Investigative Service, the CIA, NSA, and more! It involves THINK TANKS such as RAND, the Ford Foundation, the Aspen Institute, & Brookings Institute. It involves corporations such as Bechtel, GE, ITT, Amoco, Northrup, Lockheed, & many others. It involves SECRET SOCIETIES who may be the hidden bosses of the orchestrated events [i.e. economic collapse, wars, assassinations, conspiracies to manipulate & control humans & thereby to exercise enormous power over the destiny of the human race] - the Illuminati, Masons, Knights of Malta, etc. The individual players are too numerous to list. The whole of this conspiracy forms an INTERLOCKING NEXUS. The goal is said to be a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT [Dictatorship]!

"'The Underground Nation' - The RAND symposium held on Deep Underground Construction indicated that plans were hatched during the 50's to build underground bases, laboratories, & city-complexes linked by a stupendous network of tunnels to preserve & protect the ongoing secret interests of the secret societies. These secret societies made a pact with alien entities in order to further motives of domination..."


Actually, as it turns out, THEY [the secret societies] are now being 'dominated' by the 'aliens'. One can only assume that if certain humans would 'sell out' their own kind to an alien race and use such an unholy alliance to gain domination over their fellow man, then they should consider the fact that they, according to universal law, must in the same way open THEMSELVES up to manipulation and control by their supposed benefactors. Thus one can see the utter insanity of hoping to establish domination of others by petitioning the assistance of an Imperialistic alien force. The human 'elite' may think that their reptilian collectivist hosts will shower their egos with praise and rewards for their cooperation in selling out their own planet, but in reality the draconians consider the human elite as being useless "weeds", as they do all humans in general, but necessary fodder in order to carry out their agenda.

Mr. Hamilton continues: "...The underground complexes are not confined to the U.S. alone! A large underground complex operated by 'the U.S.' exists at Pine Gap, near Alice Springs, Australia.

"...It appears that the secret societies among us have become aware of the coming planetary eco-catastrophe & the possibility of an earth polar shift in the near future. Surveying the earth from space, satellites & shuttles reveal EXTENSIVE DAMAGE TO OUR ECOSPHERE! Our planet is wobbling on its axis & its magnetic field is decaying! Ozone depletion & the greenhouse effect are rapidly endangering life on our planet. Alternatives, which include - 1] direct handling of the atmospheric problems, 2] taking shelter in underground domains, & 3] escape to other planetary bodies in the solar system, have been devised in secret. However there is a possible Alternative 4 which mostly depends on a completely different idea on how to save the earth..." (this MAY be, in essence, a project to colonize other 'dimensional' frequencies or densities that exist elsewhere within the superspectrum of the ONE Omniversal 'Reality'... although others have suggested that Alternative-4 may involve a HAARP type manipulation of the atmosphere in an effort to get CONTROL of the situation - Branton).

Bill Hamilton then explains some of the mystery surrounding the so-called 'hybrids' who have been encountered by UFO abductees, and why an ACTUAL cross between humanoids and reptilois [thank God] might never succeed:

"...It is unlikely that the reptilian greys are cross-breeding with humans. Reptilians carry their sex organs internally and reproduce by eggs hatched by solar heat. Reptoids have well developed eyes, no hair follicles, & no external ear cartilage as consistent with most reptilian species. Since their means of reproduction is incompatible with our own, it is suggested that humans (women - Branton) may be fertilized by the grays by artificial insemination with human spermatozoa or perhaps they use the human uterus as an incubation chamber."

Note: Other indications are that the reptilians inject or encodify the human embryo with reptilian or other DNA during the early stages of development. It is even believed by some abductees that they have the ability to 're-program' the genetic information within an 'egg' before it has been fertilized. As for the so-called 'hybrids', Hamilton's statements seem to be confirmed by others, including abductees, who have hinted that the 'hybrid' fetuses are actually alien-looking OR human-appearing 'hybrids' who are conceived through human 'seed' taken from human male and female abductees. In other words the fetus would fall to one species line or the other -- an alien-appearing being lacking a 'soul', or a human-like child with a soul. It is said that within the hybrid society, the more human-looking hybrids consider themselves superior to the alien-appearing hybrids. Their more-human-like features are a source of pride and status, even though many of the hybrids are nevertheless 'servants' of the Greys. Some abductees have reported that they have observed experiments involving the attempted mixtures of human and cattle DNA to create a 'hybrid' being. Many of the so-called hybrids however are never-the-less essentially 'human'. For instance the "HU-brids" or humanoid-hybrids would possess crimson blood, five fingers, round pupils, ears, and exterior reproductive organs, although the reproductive organs might be minimized and non-operative. If they possessed even one of these traits there is a 'chance' that the hybrid might possess a human "soul", although this may not always be the case, as with the "chameleons" and so on. In such a case "aura detectors" -- which could detect whether or not the being has a multi-colored chakra system -- would be a possible fail-safe means to determine the "imposters" from the "real thing". The "RE-brids" or reptiloid-hybrids would generally possess greenish 'blood' similar to that which the Greys themselves possess, four fingers, opaque black and/or vertical slit pupils, no visible ears, and no exterior reproductive organs.

Hamilton continues: "...Alien vehicles are being tested at the alien physical technology center at S-4 at the Nevada Test Site. Alien vehicles are being replicated at Kirtland AFB & Sandia Laboratories & these replicas are referred to as ARVs [Alien Reproductive Vehicles] (Subsequent research by William Hamilton and Norio Hayakawa have confirmed that McDonnell-Douglass, Lockheed, and Northrup Corps. are now involved with the 'replication' of alien hardware for the Military-Industrial establishment. If this technology is being used for our own American defenses then this is all well-and-fine, however if the technology is being appropriated by the "New World Order" interests, under the oversight of the Reptiloids/Greys, then the 'sell-out' of our Military-Industrial Complex to a pro-Draconian and/or anti-American superpower would be considered HIGH TREASON, just as the sell-out of our entire Stealth fleet to the United Nations / New World Order control structure -- which HAS taken place -- should be considered high treason! - Branton)

"At least three of these vehicles are stored in hangers at Norton AFB, California. It is alleged that vehicle propulsion units were constructed by General Electric & composite materials were provided by Amoco. Alien vehicles generate an artificial gravity field which can be focused & intensified for high speed travel... Alien organisms and biological technology are tested (in the upper levels - Branton) at the underground biogenetic laboratories at Dulce, New Mexico. Alien genetic engineering, cloning, & cryogenic technology have been studied with a view towards 'enhancing' human genetics, deciphering the human genome, & gaining a biological advantage by ARTIFICIAL BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING. Strange life forms have been bred in these laboratories..."

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