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Ann Druffel is an American UFO researcher and author of UFO books and articles as well as a researcher and author in various aspects of parapsychology such as paranormal photos, apports and psychic archeology. She and her husband, Charles K. Druffel, raised their five daughters and live in their home in a wooded glen in Pasadena, California.

Ann Druffel's education includes: B.A. in Sociology Major, Minors in Speech, Philosophy, and Economics at Immaculate Heart College, Hollywood, California; one year's post-graduate studies and field work toward an MSW. at Catholic University, Wash., D.C.; graduate studies, Screenplay and Creative Writing at Immaculate Heart College, Hollywood, CA.; hypnosis certificate at American Institute of Hypnosis.



[edit] Ann Druffel and the UFO phenomenon

Ann Druffel dates her interest in the UFO question from 1945 when, as a schoolgirl, she viewed a bright yellowish object, very high in clear blue skies over Long Beach, California. She and her mother, Aileen Walsh McElroy, watched the object as it slowly traveled westerly. After about an hour the and one-half, the object having traveled about 30 degrees from the NNE to the NNW, released 15-20 smaller shiny objects, which took varying paths out and away from the main object. Years later, it was determined that this sighting occurred at about the same time the first experimental atom bomb was exploded in New Mexico.

Interested in earth mysteries of all kinds, Druffel has researched various aspects of the UFO question and investigated reports of all kinds since 1957. She was one of the first investigators for NICAP, remaining with that organization from 1957 to 1973. During the NICAP years she became acquainted with the renowned atmospheric physicist, Dr. James E. McDonald who had good contacts with NICAP, and participated with him in several UFO cases during his six years of public research with civilian UFO research organizations. After NICAP's downfall in 1969, Druffel joined the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) with which she is still actively associated as investigator, frequent contributor to their journal and other official capacities. She also joined the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) and contributes articles on California sightings and other UFO subjects to IUR (International UFO Reporter). She was a U.S. consultant and regular contributor for the British research journal FLYING SAUCER REVIEW (FSR) through 2004. Her six published books include:

[edit] James McDonald Biography

Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald's Fight For UFO Science (2003) is Ann Druffel's most recent UFO-related book. It is an authorized biographical account of the meticulous UFO research by Dr. McDonald, a prestigious atmospheric physicist. McDonald was a fearless, tireless scientist who dared to enter the UFO field publicly in 1966, after eight prior years of private UFO research in and around his hometown of Tucson, Arizona. He was Senior Physicist and Meteorology Professor at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) on the campus of the University of Arizona in Tucson and worked with several U.S. government offices on multiple projects in climatology and meteorology.

He tapped numerous, highly-placed colleagues in the military, government and scientific fields for information during 1966-1971, known in the UFO field as "the McDonald years." He never neglected his climatological and meteorological projects, but additionally spent a lot of time researching the UFO phenomenon, often in close contact with objective private UFO researchers, solving numerous cases and adding information to unsolved sightings, the true "UFOs."

The book also deals with the National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) with which McDonald was in contact and worked together, respectively. The book presents an account especially on the ousting of Donald E. Keyhoe, director of NICAP, under mysterious circumstances - Ann Druffel and others suspected that this was done by the secret undercover agents of CIA and the FBI who had penetrated the organization. Afterwards, without Keyhoe as Director, NICAP degenerated into total insignificance.

At the end of the 1960s, James McDonald was preparing to write a book on the UFO phenomenon, in which he intended to include his critique of the controversial 1968 Condon Report on the basis of which the US Air Force's terminated its 20-year UFO investigation Project Blue Book about one year later. By 1970, after contact with "higher ups", whose names and comments he did not disclose, McDonald seemed on the verge of actually breaking through the government cover-up but unexpectedly apparently committed suicide in June 1971. The majority of the scientifically-oriented UFO research field at the time, however, felt that his apparent suicide was brought on by depression induced by several factors, among which seemed to be government intervention. Druffel includes two hypotheses in Firestorm to explain his apparent suicide, one due to family problems which were affecting his life, the other being descriptions of several occurrences which seem very possibly government-induced, which led to deep depression and his apparent suicide.

[edit] The Tujunga Canyon Contacts

Ann Druffel's book The Tujunga Canyon Contacts (1980), co-authored by parapsychologist D. Scott Rogo, was only the second book written in the UFO research field about so-called "alien abductions", a phenomenon which virtually took the attention of most investigators beginning in 1973.

It tells the experiences of five young women "abductees" who lived in and near Tujunga Canyon, northeast of Los Angeles, all of whom knew each other well. The Tujunga Canyon area is noted for bizarre UFO sightings of all kinds, including Close Encounters of the Third Kind and reported landings, as well as other parapsychological phenomena. This book details seven types of abduction events experienced by these women, which were investigated by Druffel for five full years and later by Druffel and Rogo together, using a combination of ufological and parapsychological research methods.

This classic book was updated in 1989 with two new chapters and in 2008 was again republished. During the updating, author Ann Druffel first came to a solid realization that abduction scenarios can be fended off by strong-willed, confident experiencers, since three of the five young women intuitively discovered, and used, various "resistance techniques" to fend off and eventually end the harrowing attacks.

[edit] Defense against alien abduction

Druffel's 1998 book, How To Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction has caused its own controversial "firestorm" in the UFO field, ever since it released the idea that simple mental and physical "resistance techniques" can fend off harassing "alien attacks." Many top researchers, and other UFO investigators have entered the ongoing controversy, contending that "abductors" are physical, technologically-superior aliens from physical UFOs and consequently cannot be resisted successfully. Yet, Druffel's twenty-five years of research into the "UFO alien abduction" phenomenon reveals that strong-willed individuals with a powerful sense of their own rights can "fend off" these apparent entities which repeatedly harass and/or sexually interfere with them.

Documented by numerous worldwide folklore, historical and religious writings, the book hypothesizes that so-called "UFO abductors" are an order of shapeshifting, deceptive creatures which share the earth with mankind, but in another "dimension", and that these creatures have sexually harassed and plagued individuals in all major world cultures throughout the millennia.

These creatures, existing normally in an altered reality separate from our ordinary space/time, ordinarily confront their victims when they (the victims) are in an altered state of consciousness, but the ensuing events seem so real that they are perceived as occurring in physical space/time.

[edit] Hypothesis of origin(s)

In general, as regards UFOs, Druffel hypothesizes that the so-called "UFO phenomenon" is actually two separate phenomena. Like James McDonald, she favors the extraterrestrial hypothesis to explain UFOs seen from a distance, in which no contact or only minimal contact occurs between the witnesses and craft/occupants. From the weight of evidence, she accepts that reports by credible witnesses of seemingly metallic, physical aeroforms which are detected on radar, chased by jet pilots, photographed by verifiably honest witnesses, and occasionally viewed landing on the earth constitute a serious scientific question which has been neglected by the scientific establishment and that secrecy imposed on the subject by the US government is unreasonable and ill-founded.

On the other hand, Druffel considers so-called “abduction- scenarios” to be separate phenomena from the apparently extraterrestrial UFOs, as described above,. Since most abduction scenarios obviously take place in altered states of consciousness she doubts the physical reality of so-called genetic manipulation, missing fetuses, alien-military cooperation and "alien implants" due to the lack of solid scientific proof. The widespread knowledge, shared by most abduction researchers, that this phenomenon itself demonstrates deceptive components leads her to hypothesize that so-called "abducting UFO aliens" perceived in the Western world are posing as physical UFO occupants from physical UFOs.

However, she accepts many abduction scenarios as “real” in some form of "altered reality", especially those reported by undeniably rational, honest, and productive individuals. She accepts the possibility that such witnesses may be interacting with interdimensional beings which delight in harassing, deceiving, and assaulting unsuspecting human beings, often in a sexual manner. The orders of creation described in Celtic accounts (known as “bad faeries”), in the Muslim KORAN (known as jinns), in various European sources (known as incubi/succubi), by numerous names in Native American tribal cultures and in similar accounts from all world cultures. In every culture throughout the millennia "paraphysical creatures" are reported to act in intrusive ways very similar to our present so-called alien abductors. These orders of creation are described worldwide as (1) having the ability to shape-shift at will; (2) entering our Space-Time temporarily from their own space-time continuum(s); (3) sexually harassing their victims and performing other harmful mischief; and (4) appearing in various forms and "clothing" consistent with their victims' own cultural backgrounds..

[edit] Ann Druffel's and the psychic realm

[edit] The Psychic and the Detective

As far as Ann Druffel's books concerning her longtime research on various paranormal phenomena, The Psychic and the Detective, co-authored by renowned clairvoyant Armand Marcotte, is a comprehensive account of several of the cases on which Marcotte worked at the request of various police and sheriff departments in California, including Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Imperial counties. For decades, Marcotte, a well-known psychic consultant, also assisted various law enforcement departments throughout the Southwest and Midwest, often giving clues which led to solution of previously- unsolved cases, among them the vicious murder of D. Scott Rogo, renowned parapsychologist and author who, among his own numerous books on parapsychological subjects, had co-authored Druffel's The Tujunga Canyon Contacts in 1980 and 1989.

Although most of Armand Marcotte's work with law enforcement was necessarily confidential, he received credit from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in the Los Angeles Daily News for his part in solving Rogo's murder. The Psychic and the Detective is also intended as a working manual for law enforcement officials who wish to consult qualified psychics in seeking solutions to unsolved crimes.

[edit] Past Lives Future Growth

Past Lives: Future Growth was authored by psychic Armand Marcotte, and co-authored by Ann Druffel. It is a hypothetical overview of reincarnation from the Western point of view. Both authors are Catholic, but since the Catholic Church has no dogma or doctrine regarding reincarnation, Marcotte and Druffel were free to research for themselves the truth or untruth of this widely-held theory. The Western theory of reincarnation is a logical explanation of the apparent inequality of human lives, and Past Lives: Future Growth details several true cases of people caught in disturbing life problems, for which they sought psychic counseling from Marcotte.

In each case, Marcotte perceived that the problems were caused by unsolved situations confronted by these clients in former lives, and his counsel brought about relief and solution for these individuals. Together with true accounts giving evidence of reincarnaton, the book also addresses the mystery of the Nag Hammadi Manuscripts found in Egypt which are considered possible former biblical writings which, among many other topics, explicitly discussed reincarnation and its relationship to the soul's progress, concepts possibly discarded by the Church in the early centuries.

[edit] Standing in God's Light

Standing in God's Light: In End Times is the third book co-authored by Ann Druffel and Armand Marcotte. It was begun in 1995 when Marcotte began receiving specific data regarding the approach of so-called end times and in particular the ways in which people could conduct their lives in order to be among those who would survive coming worldwide chaos.

The actual writing of the book was begun in 1997. They were able to complete four chapters together, but then Marcotte died in February 1999 of cancer. However, he advised Ann before he died that he would "come back from the other side" to help her finish it. In 2000, inspiration seemed to come to Druffel and she quickly completed the last five chapters, using readings Armand had given before his death, the details of which she researched intensely from numerous sources..

[edit] Publications

  • Standing in God's Light: In End Times, with co-author Armand Marcotte, Timeless Voyager Press 2006, ISBN-978-1-892264-19-0
  • Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science, Granite Publications 2003, ISBN 0-926524-58-5
  • How To Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction, Three Rivers Press, Random House, NY 1998, ISBN 0-609-80263-1
  • The Psychic and the Detective, Hampton Roads Publishing Co. 1995, ISBN 1-57174-029-5
  • The Tujunga Canyon Contacts, (reprint of 1989 edition) Anomalist Books 2008, ISBN 1-933665-33-5
  • Past Lives Future Growth, ASC Publications 1987, ISBN 0-917086-88-0

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