1985 Case Summaries:

1985 Humanoid Reports the year we had "Communion", missing time still in focus. Reports do not pick up dramatically from 1984 and there seems to be a decline towards the end of the year. Obsession with MJ-12 and Roswell was still at its height. Abductions and the so-called "Grays" were the talk of town. Just consider this during the great 1954 French UFO/Entity wave, not one humanoid reported is considered to have resembled the now so often reported "grays."

Location. Perth Scotland
Date: 1985 Time: unknown

In the center of town a woman reported seeing a metallic 40-foot long object hovering low overhead. It had one large glass window and several humanoid figures could be seen moving behind it. No other information.

HC addition # 677
Source: Ron Halliday, Scottish Earth Mysteries Type: A

Location. Hartford City Indiana
Date: 1985 Time: unknown

Brad Baker reported encountering a bright white disc shaped object on the ground and standing next to it a tall human like figure wearing a long white robe that had long black hair and a beard. The light suddenly went out and everything disappeared. Baker interpreted the figure as being an "angel" or "Jesus Christ" himself.

HC addendum
Source: Tim Swartz Type: C

Location. Utah, exact location not given
Date: 1985 Time: 0130A

The witness was lying in her bed along when she heard a "clicking" sound coming from the kitchen area. She went to investigate and checked all the doors without finding anything amiss. As she turned to walk back she saw a pale gray face peering at her from around the corner of the hallway.

She turned the lights on and decided to go through the dining area, but there a short gray figure blocked her path too. She woke up two hours later in bed with no memory of what had happened.

HC addition # 1649
Source: James L Thompson, Aliens and UFOS Type: E

Location. Cape May New Jersey
Date: 1985 Time: night
The witness and her son were driving back home when they noticed a bright light over the water. The witness drove towards it and watched as it flew over them and landed. They could now see that it was a deep black object with one light and a flat bottom.

All of the suddenly they realized it was gone, all that was left was a burned area of grass. Later under hypnosis she remembered being taken inside the object by several short gray-colored humanoids that gave her several physicals. No other information.

HC addition # 973
Source: UFONS # 235 Type: G

Location. Near Loyalhanna Dam Pennsylvania
Date: 1985 Time: 2230

Two men were driving back home when they spotted a bizarre object on the side of the road as they came up over a hill. The object was described as a clear cylinder about 12 feet high that appeared to be sucking up twigs, dirt and sticks from the ground. Next to a tree nearby stood a huge 8 to 10 foot tall muscular humanoid that appeared to be operating the machine. The witnesses quickly left the area.

HC addition # 932
Source: UFONS # 244 Type: C?

Location. Near Toronto, Ontario Canada
Date: 1985 Time: before sunrise
Veronica, who lived on the ground floor of an apartment complex on the outskirts of Toronto, saw a small craft of some sort land in the back alley near her window. She thinks mass autosuggestion was used on the drivers of vehicles in the area at the time.

Veronica was taken by the occupants of the craft out her window and told she was being placed in a black limo. However the "limousine" took up 2 parking spaces & made a whooshing sound. On board the craft the aliens removed "eggs" informing her they were merely examining them.

They also operated on her kidney leaving behind an "implant." Veronica had the impression that the aliens were human in appearance, but discovered they were actually the so-called "grays," possessing large baldheads and large wrap-around eyes, projecting the telepathic illusion of human appearance. While captive on the alien craft, Veronica was shown adult human bodies that had been "grown" from fetuses floating in liquid-filled tanks.

HC addendum
Source: Chris A Rutkowski, Abductions & Aliens
What's really going on? Type: G

Location. Loxley Edge England
Date: January 1985 Time: night

Two women on horseback were frightened by the sudden appearance of a glowing white figure that disturbed the horses as it suddenly appeared on the path. It suddenly disappeared abruptly. No other information.

HC addition # 1624
Source: Paul Deveraux, "Earth Lights Revelation" Type: E

Location. The Bungalow, Hopshort England
Date: January 1985 Time: night

The witness suddenly awoke in the middle of the night and was confronted by a 6-foot tall humanoid figure wearing a tight-fitting overall outfit. The figured muttered something incomprehensible and disappeared in a circular swirl of white smoke.

HC addition # 977
Source: UFONS # 225 Type: E


Location. Near Sydney, Australia
Date: January 1985 Time: night

Three men reported seeing a glowing humanoid figure on top of a vacant property. Later they were followed briefly by what appeared to have been a motorcycle light. At a crest the light suddenly disappeared.

HC addition # 2668
Source: Keith Basterfield Type: E

Location. Sierra del Potosi, Mexico
Date: January 1985 Time: night

Student Francisco Cavazos Flores and several friends watched a large disc shaped object land on a field about 30 meters from them. Three humanoids exited the object; all three were about 1 meter in height, with egg shaped heads.

The beings seemed to be carrying sophisticated "weapons" and collected rock specimens from the ground. They soon left the area. A scorched area along with a sulfur-like smell was found in the area.

HC addendum
Source: Ruben Manrique Type: B

Location. Orange New South Wales, Australia
Date: January 1985 Time: late night

Two men in a motel saw a strange display of point-like sources of light that changed formation and appeared synchronized. At one time they also saw a short luminous or "neon" figure, the head was apparently more visible. No other information.

HC addition # 2667
Source: Keith Basterfield Type: E

Location. Jamestown Pennsylvania
Date: January 2 1985 Time: 0610A

Two young men had gone out early one morning to check some hunting traps in a wooded area and as they approached the location they saw three sets of glowing eyes looking at them from the woods. The witnesses lay down on the ground as a gray metallic oval shaped object with a series of flashing lights and emitting a low humming sound flew slowly above the treetops.

The object stopped briefly above a grove and ejected a bright ball of yellow light from its bottom front section. The sphere slowly descended and went down behind the trees. Shortly the oval shaped craft moved slowly away from the area.

The boys then ran home to alert additional witnesses, and as they returned to the area they noticed the figure of a very tall muscular man run through a nearby ravine and across the road into the woods. A later search of the area found damage to the tops of several pines.

HC addition # 1
Source: Stan Gordon, Mufon Journal # 206 Type: C?

Location. Brantford West London England
Date: February 1985 Time: 1700

The witness to a previous incident again saw a dark griffin-like creature with wings flying above the same building complex. Passengers onboard a city bus sighted a similar creature around the same time. A jogger reported a griffin or gargoyle flying along a riverbank one morning.

HC addition # 707
Source: Graham J McEwan, "Mystery Animals of Britain & Ireland" Type: E

Location. Fort Wayne, Indiana
Date: February 1985 Time: night

The witness woke up in the middle of the night and reported seeing a "tanned" or bronze faced humanoid looking down on him. The being was short and large headed with huge black oval shaped eyes. A typical gray-type humanoid except for its skin color. The witness does not remember any additional details.

HC addition # 2006
Source: Francis Ridge, UFO Intelligence Newsletter, February 1995 Type: E

Location. Pwllheli, Wales
Date: February 8 1985 Time: 0300A

A man walking on an isolated road on his way to town suddenly heard a humming sound and felt a strange stillness in the air. He walked over to a frozen over grass field to locate the source of the hum and came upon a large dull black object hovering about two feet from the ground.

The witness moved closer and was able to see that the object was domed and disc shaped with what appeared to be antennae, windows and a drawbridge-like hatchway on top. The object seemed to have a dull fluorescent glow. The witness suddenly noticed a group of small man-shaped figures quickly approaching him from a nearby field. He turned to escape but was blocked by another humanoid figure.

He then felt a hand grip on his arm and suddenly felt propelled towards the strange object. The beings communicated by using telepathy assuring the witness that he was going to be all right. Soon he found himself in a large bare room where his captors left him alone. The humanoids were described as man-like, wearing what looked like octagonal helmets, mainly featureless apart from two dim lights positioned where the eyes should have been.

They wore gray suits with gold colored belts and straps resembling braces and black knee boots and gloves. They appeared to be robot-like and moved their arms and legs in a rapid, stilted fashion. After 15 minutes the witness was led into a control room where he saw four TV consoles and a large screen positioned against the wall. He was eventually given a medical examination and given much information via telepathy. He was also given a short trip to a hovering space station. Later he was deposited back in the lonely field where he was found by a passing police car.

HC addition # 1980
Source: Carl Nagaitis, Phillip Mantle, "Without Consent" Type: G

Location. Near Lima Peru
Date: March 1985 Time: afternoon

Renato Longato had gone on an excursion with a group of friends in the Andes foothills and was walking alone picking up some stones for his collection. Suddenly the area became different. Somehow the noise of the birds and the wind stopped for a while and it seemed that he was inside a "big bubble."

A homogeneous light form appeared in front of Longato, it then transformed into a body shape and then into a human like being. The being was about 6-foot tall with delicate gray hair, strong cheeks, and hypnotic eyes that inspired harmony and respect. He wore a bright uniform that covered him from his neck to his toes.

The witness felt suddenly very calm and heard a voice inside of him "We are watching you, Amurac, continue what your doing…will see you again." The figure then suddenly disappeared and everything came back to normal. Longato then looked up and saw a brilliant object flying over the mountains.

HC addition # 2886
Source: Renato Longato, Beyond Boundaries Type: C?

Location. Near Sacramento California
Date: March 1 1985 Time: midnight

The main witness and his wife were asleep but suddenly woke and got out of bed. They could see a light approaching from their back window. The light went over the apartment. A bluish beam of light then came through the ceiling as if searching for them.

The light came to the front door and it began glowing bright yellow-white and then it disappeared. The main witness then stepped outside and was able to see a landed object on the street. The craft was angular and wedge-shaped. Five figures stood in the road and in front of the craft as if to guard it. Two other figures stood close to the witness.

The beings were seven-foot tall, wearing blue coveralls and what appeared to be helmets. They had domed heads, silvery faces, no necks, and slit-like indentations for eyes. He was told to come with them, later he was returned to the apartment apparently floating right through his roof.

HC addition # 1291
Source: Richard J Boylan PhD "Close Extraterrestrial Encounters" Type: G

Location. Cherrybrook New South Wales, Australia
Date: March 15 1985 Time: 2330

Two teenagers sighted a large object rising over the trees then descend again. Light beams, then several beings with long arms started to walk towards them, then illuminated their vehicle. The witnesses then fled the area at high speed.

HC addition # 1317
Source: Keith Basterfield Type: C

Location. Piancavallo Italy
Date: April 14 1985 Time: evening

A young couple driving to a mountain ski resort under a heavy snowstorm encountered a strange yellow fog that suddenly descended over their vehicle. The snow around them seemed to melt and the car engine failed. As they coasted downhill their headlights picked up two figures that stepped out of the bushes right in front of the car. The figures were over six-foot tall and very wide.

They wore silvery outfits, and helmets with square black visors that completely covered their heads. The couple ran to a nearby village leaving the car behind.

HC addition # 416
Source: Jenny Randles, UFOS, and how we see them. Type: E

Location. Brewster, New York
Date: April 26 1985 Time: night

Dean Fagerstrom was returning home when a detour sent him out of his way and he became lost. He ended up at the New Fairfield High School. As he was turning around in the parking lot an object in the sky caught his attention. He stopped to look at it and saw a craft coming toward him at a thirty-degree angle, moving very slowly.

He does not remember opening the car door it simply opened, and he got out without thinking about it. An aqua green tunnel projected toward him from the object, winding like a culvert. A pilot, a very good-looking fellow, stepped out of the tunnel, chuckling, and told Dean that he had nothing to fear. The man was dressed in a burgundy flight suit, instructed Dean to follow him.

They entered the ship, which departed at high speed, although there was no sense of motion. There were elongated portals to look out of, but for whatever reason, Dean did not look out. They arrived at an earth like place and a couple of buildings were visible. He was told to walk toward a building and began to climb steps. Then out of nowhere a being named "Donestra" who Dean has had previous contact appeared.

He wore a one-piece blue jumpsuit. Dean was instructed to go over to a building and undress, then enter a cubicle. When he entered the cubicle a liquid more dense than water covered him and cleaned him. Water rinsed the other liquid off, and then suddenly he was dry. When he emerged from the cubicle, his clothes were warm and looked as if they had been to the cleaners.

Donestra explained that he had to be cleansed from internal ideas, then took him to a large stone table where five beautiful girls representing five races were talking and laughing, Dean wanted to talk to them, but his host said the time was not right.

He was told several things that he was not allowed to divulge. Soon Dean returned to the craft and the pilot returned, his does not remember the return voyage. He ended up in his car with the door closed. He could see the craft hovering above a nearby lake.

HC addendum
Source: Phillip Imbrogno, Marianne Horrigan
Contact of the 5th Kind Type: G

Location. Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Date: May 1985 Time: around midnight

Jenny was babysitting for some friends for the night, when she heard noises coming from the back garden, but when she looked out there was no one there. She checked on the baby and on her way back to the front room she heard footsteps from the kitchen, upon investigating she found nothing, she also checked the hallway but again nothing was there.

On returning to the front room she noticed that the radio had been turned on, she started to get frightened, but as she moved to turn it off, the room was flooded with a brilliant white light, when she tried to move she couldn't, she was paralyzed. There was a strange smell that accompanied the light; it was a sweet musky smell. Jenny could sense someone standing next to her, she could hear heavy erratic breathing, and she could hear voices in her mind but could not understand them.

She could feel her mind being probed and could feel parts of her body being removed. After what seemed like 15 minutes the ordeal finished. Her body ached and she was sweating profusely. She checked on the baby and noticed that it was 0414A, 4 hours had passed, and she had no recollection of it.

HC addendum
Source: Jason Eastwood Type: G?

Location. Near Haydock England
Date: May 9 1985 Time: 0430A

The witness had pulled over the side of the road on his motorcycle in order to smoke a cigarette and drink some tea when he suddenly became aware of a humming sound coming from an adjacent field. The witness walked over to the field to investigate. He saw a silvery glow emanating from a dip in the ground nearby. Two figures suddenly approached, as he attempted to leave a voice said, "Do not be afraid."

The figures were now a few feet away. They were both described as human-like of similar appearance but one a male and the other a female. The female was five-feet tall, and the male somewhat shorter. Both had straight shoulder length blond hair parted in the middle and were dressed in blue ski type suits. Each had an egg shaped implement attached to a belt around their waist.

The woman did all the talking and explained to the witness that they were from the "third solar system" (?) Later both figures walked back to the silvery glow in the field. Moments later the humming sound became more intense and the glow brightened. Then an object the size of two large sized buses shaped like an elongated rugby ball lifted from the hollow. It hovered for a few seconds then silently shot away at incredible speed.

HC addition # 1587
Source: Peter Hough, Jenny Randles, "Mysteries of The Mercy Valley" Type: C

Location. Roque Saenz Pena, Argentina
Date: May 31 1985 Time: 2030
Two boys playing in front of an abandoned house noticed a two and a half foot tall black humanoid appear out of nowhere. The being then chased a five-year old apparently attempting to capture him. No other information.

HC addition # 595
Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 11 Type: E

Location. Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Date: summer 1985 Time: night

The witness was alone at home meditating in order to relieve pain from a kidney infection when a tall human like figure suddenly appeared in the room. The next moment she fund herself in a circular room surrounded by several 7-foot tall, blue eyed, human like beings. Her next conscious memory was waking up the next morning in her bed and finding blood in the sheets. Later it was found that her kidney problems had disappeared.

HC addition # 963
Source: Lorne Goldfader, UFONS # 263 Type: G

Location. Montesanto, Vieques Island Puerto Rico
Date: Summer 1985 Time: 2330

Hunting for crabs in a sugarcane field, brothers Frankie Colon, 15, and Tato, 22, were examining the traps with flashlights when Tato noticed and pointed out three or four strange 5 ft tall figures standing on the nearby brush.

As both men pointed their flashlights at the beings, both lights suddenly malfunctioned. Terrified they ran away from the area. They described the figures as thin, with long arms that reached to their knees. Their heads were slightly larger than normal, and their eyes were large round and dark with a luminous pinpoint of green light in the pupil area.

The figures moved using strange sideways movements, very unsteady. The next day a circular area of matted down grass was found at the site, plus strange footprints.

HC addendum
Source: Jorge Martin, Vieques, Poligono del Tercer Tipo Type: E

Location. Bihar State India
Date: early June 1985 Time: before dawn

A 17-year old girl was found wandering and disoriented by a local farmer. Small patches of skin on her arms and legs appeared to be glowing. She was then rushed to a military hospital where intense "radioactivity" was found on the affected areas.

Later the girl recalled how earlier she had been walking in a field when a silvery disc shaped craft suddenly descended over her. A beam of light shone on her and she was unable to move and felt herself rising up towards the disc.

She found herself inside the object and two short dwarf-like beings approached her and assured her that she would not be harmed. She was then placed in a glass booth and a "machine" descended from her head to her feet, apparently scanning her.

HC addition # 990
Source: TUFOIC UFO, Tasmania UFO 1996 Type: G

Location. Roque Saenz Pena Argentina
Date: June 2 1985 Time: 1400
Several boys saw a short black skin humanoid that ran and climbed on top of a tree; it was hairy and black with large eyes and long pointed teeth. No other information.

HC addition # 596
Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 11 Type: E

Location. Roque Saenz Pena Argentina
Date: June 4 1985 Time: 0200A

A 22-year old man was walking home when he saw a little black colored man on a street corner, the witness stood motionless as the being walked away totally ignoring him. No other information.

HC addition # 597
Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 11 Type: E

Location. Roque Saenz Pena Argentina
Date: June 5 1985 Time: 2130

A teenager encountered a short black man-like figure sitting on top of a small mound. Moments later the little man ran away. Later at 2200 two other children saw a short black being run from behind a moving car and then hide behind a small cart. No other information.

HC addition # 598
Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 11 Type: E

Location. Valley Alabama
Date: June 15 1985 Time: 0130A

The witness was sleeping with her husband when she awoke to see a huge bright white light in the bedroom. Sitting up the 26-year old woman got out of bed and was then "paralyzed" while standing up. Simultaneously, she was levitated to about 6 inches of the floor.

Slowly, and while standing, she was then taken into the huge light, which was at the other end of the bedroom. She could not move or yell at her husband. She felt somewhat relaxed while being taken into the ball of light. After she reached the brightest part of the light, she saw a 61/2 to 7-foot tall entity.

The entity was apparently unclothed, its skin had a rough "burnt" or wrinkled texture and was brownish gray in color and had no hair. It had oval shaped eyes with no eyeballs. Moments later she blacked out. Sometime later she found herself being levitated out of the ball of light and again traveling very slowly towards her bed.

Upon lying down in her bed she immediately sprang up and found herself in a cold sweat. She could not account for at least 2 ˝ hours of time. Her husband still was sleeping next to her. Since her encounter she has had depression and suicidal thoughts and her artwork has changed radically.

HC addition # 2646
Source: Tom Sheets from MUFON Type: G

Location. Bairro Pombal Tucano Brazil
Date: July 1985 Time: midnight

Eurani C De Matos had stepped out of his home in order to pick up some clothes from the cloth line when he noticed a glowing white blue sphere floating nearby. The sphere suddenly flew towards him. Afraid, Eurani ran towards her home when a luminous woman shaped figure suddenly materialized in front of her, blocking her path.

The figure was about 1.5 meters in height, and was suspended about 15 cm from the ground. There was a brief telepathic conversation.

HC addendum
Source: GUG Type: E

Location. Near Greenwater Washington
Date: July 6 1985 Time: before dawn

Greg and Stephanie McKay were camping in an isolated area when an 8-feet tall bear-like creature apparently attacked their tent. According to both witnesses the creature talked to them and asked whether they had permission to use the campsite.

The creature told them to get off the property. It was described as about 8-feet tall, ugly, smelly and with curly brown hair; it also threw rocks at the couple. It spoke in a very high-pitched voice, very unlike humans. The couple ran from the area. Police investigated but could not find any evidence.

HC addition # 2934
Source: Creature Chronicles Type: E

Location. Crystal Mountain Washington
Date: July 14 1985 Time: 1430
A man walking up to a nearby chair lift remembers confronting a large metallic object that descended over him and took him inside through a large rectangular opening. He was taken into a compartment and made to lie down on a table.

Inside he saw five to six shadowy human like forms of average height that leaned over him several times apparently examining him. Later he remembers being taken back down to earth in an oval shaped glass top craft with two seats. Several scars were later found on his back.

HC addition # 953
Source: UFONS # 198 Type: G

Location. Vallgorguina Cataluna Spain
Date: July 21 1985 Time: 0800A
The witness had gone to visit a local area where some ancient dolmens were located. As he drove near the village his car seem to enter a peculiar mist, it then stopped, and he feels some foul tasting liquid fall on him. He left the vehicle and was confronted by two repellent 6-foot tall helmeted beings with claw-like hands, and a dirty gray scaly complexion, that apparently forced him to follow them down a nearby slope and into a dark cave.

There the beings communicated by using telepathy and take a camera that the witness had and began to tamper with it. The beings introduce the witness to a "man" that looks exactly like him and tell him that this man is a clone that they have made of him.

The witness later is released and realizes that he had lost 36 hours of time. He finds his camera and is able to obtain several intact negatives with several images apparently of the beings that abducted him.

HC addition # 799
Source: Antonio Ribera, FSR Vol. 31 # 4 Type: G

Location. Victoria Argentina
Date: August 1985 Time: 2100

Near the local golf course "Club Estudiantes" a witness encountered two strange black-garbed humanoids that apparently communicated with the witness by using mental telepathy, assuring him that they were peaceful and would someday return. The beings then apparently glided through a barbwire fence and entered a brightly silvery lenticular shaped craft that was resting on the ground. It promptly took off at high speed leaving the area.

HC addition # 4
Source: Roberto Banchs, Richard Heiden Type: B

Location. Near Ponte Di Piave Italy
Date: August 2 1985 Time: evening

A motorist reported seeing a strange humanoid that was crossing the road moving in jerky motions almost like a kangaroo. The humanoid entered a hovering disc shaped object that was motionless over a nearby field. A cone of blue lights came out from the bottom of the craft apparently sucking the humanoid inside. The craft then left at high speed looking like a fireball.

HC addition # 955
Source: UFONS # 198 Type: B

Location. Inchigeela County Clare Ireland
Date: August 5 1985 Time: afternoon

Two young girls had gone to a nearby grotto to pray, when they noticed the figure of a tall beautiful woman standing on a nearby hillside. Moments later the figure vanished in plain sight of the witnesses. The witnesses claimed further encounters with this beautiful female, which was identified by the locals as the "Virgin Mary."

HC addition # 1171
Source: Mike Dash, Fortean Times # 73 Type: E?

Location. Firenze Italy
Date: August 8 1985 Time: 0330A

The witness had been unable to sleep and went out on her balcony when she saw a slowly approaching object, which halted across from her and hovered above a small field. The craft was silvery and egg shaped and had a transparent glass cupola on top.

Inside she could see two man-like figures wearing some type of headgear that seem to be talking among themselves, upon noticing the witness these stared at her. Suddenly from the bottom of the craft three legs slowly began to emerge.

The witness panicked and ran inside to wake her husband, and then she ran back out into the balcony and saw that the object was now retracting its legs. The craft departed silently then shot away at high speed emitting a vivid light.

HC addition # 830
Source: Fabrizio Villa and Calogero Orlando, FSR Vol. 32 # 3 Type: A

Location. Ituzaingo Argentina
Date: August 24 1985 Time: midnight

A married couple, both doctors were on their way to the countryside to spend their weekend, when suddenly up ahead on the road a very bright light became visible. Their vehicle suddenly stopped. Soon standing next to their car window was a human like figure; it was wearing a short of silvery gray uniform.

In perfect Spanish he said, "Do not fear, don't be afraid of me I'm not of this Earth." The woman became hysterical and began to cry while her husband begged the stranger to let them continued on the journey. After telling the couple that he came from a planet similar to Earth he shook the man's hand.

The doctor then gave the stranger some personal belongings as a gift. The silvery clad man then walked back to the bright light on the road where several other men waited for him. The men then apparently entered the shiny object, which began to gyrate at a high rate of speed it suddenly took off and was lost from sight in a matter of seconds.

HC addition # 3461
Source: Eduardo Alfredo Lopez Type: C

Location. Sierra Nevada Mountains California
Date: Fall 1985 Time: early morning

The witness had gone bow hunting in an isolated area near the Yuba River and was walking along a deer trail when as he rounded a bend he was stunned to see six four-foot tall humanoids standing about 200 yards away. The humanoids wore military style silvery blue uniforms.

These turned to face the witness who was able to see that they had child-like bodies, grayish skin, and very large eyes. The frightened witness pointed the bow at the creatures but one pulled something from his belt and pointed it towards him. The witness remembers being struck by something resembling gas and passed out. He woke up hour's later lying face down on the trail.

HC addition # 549
Source: Tom Dongo, Alien Tide Type: E


Location. Lake Casitas California
Date: September 1985 Time: 0400A

The main witness was out camping with her family and some friends when they saw a huge yellow light descending over the area. The light was suddenly directly overhead and they could see a dark triangular outline with a circular protrusion outlined with lights in the center. The main witness then heard a sort of telepathic message form the craft telling her to drive to the nearby dam to meet "time travelers."

She made her husband drive, and she noticed that he seemed disoriented. They finally ended up in a field. She then lay down on the back of the pickup and spotted a light in the sky, at that moment she went to sleep. Next morning she woke up with a strange feeling on her spine and vague memories. Under regression she was able to recall sitting on a chair in front of a "U" shaped console talking to a tall slender man, with long strawberry blond hair.

There was a sense of quiet in the room with fairly dim indirect lighting. She was able to see lights flashing on the console in front of the man that was facing her behind the console. The console was fairly large with molded edges and sides from the floor to the top. It was padded with something like fabric. After awhile the man asked her what she thought about communicating with his world, she said that it was a good idea and to use music as a perfect medium.

The man told her that he was a biologist from the earth's future. He showed her a video like image of creatures of all kinds that were emitting different frequencies, pursuing survival, and mating. They talked about the survival of life and many other universal themes.

HC addition # 3881
Source: CAUS Type: G

Location. New Hope Pennsylvania
Date: September 1985 Time: night
A man encountered a landed dark oval shaped object ringed by several bright white oval shaped portholes. Near the object stood a tall thin female being with large black oval shaped eyes. The being had pure white skin and her body seemed to glow in a translucent colored light consisting of blues and reds.

The being's eyes seemed to hypnotize the witness and all his thoughts were apparently examined, he felt under the being's absolute control. This tall being was accompanied by three short gray skin beings wearing blue coat-like uniforms. No other information.

HC addition # 1359
Source: Linda Moulton Howe, Glimpses of other Realities Type: C?


Location. La Grela Military Base Spain
Date: September 1985 Time: night

A soldier standing guard one night was confronted by a tall white humanoid figure that apparently attacked him. The soldier fired all his rounds against the figure that suddenly vanished in plain sight. The rest of the sentries responded to the scene but did not see the humanoid. The spent rifle shells were also missing.

HC addition # 1717
Source: B Manuel Carballal, Samizdat Summer 1994
Vol. 2 # 1 Type: E

Location. Penamoa La Coruna Spain
Date: September 1985 Time: late night

Several residents were awakened by the hysterical barking of their dogs, upon investigating the commotion they saw several 6-foot tall balls of lights drifting silently at ground level. Several small ape-like creatures were seen walking next to the spheres.

Some of the witnesses fired countless rounds against the spheres and humanoids without any apparent effect. (During the same time there were reports of animal mutilations in the region.)

HC addition # 1716
Source: B Manuel Carballal, Samizdat Summer 1994
Vol. 2 # 1 Type: C


Location. High Point New Jersey
Date: September 1985 Time: after midnight

A man out camping in an isolated area suddenly woke up finding himself floating up, along with his tent and gear. When he finally stopped he felt cool metal underneath him. He then crawled to the tent exit and looked out to see a figure wearing a gray uniform and a fog-like filled room somehow lacking depth.

He went back inside the tent sat down and waited. Eventually the witness walked out and after relieving himself began walking around. Everything around him was gray colored. A powerful wind suddenly erupted throwing the witness in the direction of the tent. When he finally came to rest he began hearing loud explosions. Looking around he saw what appeared to be a battlefield. A broken chain link fence was in front of the witness.

He could still hear the explosions and could see flashes in the distance. He felt he was standing on hard asphalt and now was able to see helicopters with shining lights flying overhead. He looked behind him and noticed a lit open door; he crawled towards it and entered it. There he found himself in a hotel-like room with food on a table. He ate the food and went to sleep.

He later woke up and was compelled to press his pinkie finger against the wall, which suddenly became bright hot white and began enveloping the witness. He felt his body going through the wall then he found himself lying stiff on the forest floor. He hitch hiked back home and did not report the incident to the authorities.

HC addition # 1027
Source: Chuck Manetta, Computer Network Type: G?

Location. Sydney New South Wales, Australia
Date: September 11 1985 Time: 0230A

A bright light awaked the witness. She looked out the window and saw a flat green colored disc with flashing red and yellow lights. She went outside and noticed that the grass and trees were singed. She then saw three meter-tall gray thin figures standing nearby. There was a sudden flash and everything disappeared.

HC addition # 2791
Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico and The World Type: C

Location. Arica Chile
Date: September 15 1985 Time: morning

Bathers were horrified to see two small strange creatures come out of the ocean waters and hurl themselves over the sands scaring locals. These were described as being 25 centimeters in length by 10 centimeters in height.

They were pear shaped, with nipple like eyes, a nose, and a small hole for a mouth. They were black in color with yellow bellies. The creatures seemed to propel themselves using a protuberance in the rear of their bodies. A local angler, Angel Zamorano supposedly caught one of the creatures. Whereabouts of it is unknown.

HC addition # 3634
Source: Paranigma Chile Type: E

Location. Near Hidalgo Mexico
Date: October 1985 Time: late night

A local peasant couple were suddenly awaken from their sleep by a loud buzzing noise coming from outside. They saw bright flashing lights and walked outside to the yard to investigate. A giant nine-foot tall human like figure appeared and began walking towards the pair.

The husband apparently fainted as the woman was forced into sexual intercourse by the being. The woman reportedly became pregnant. No other information.

HC addition # 1373
Source: Lillian Crowner Desguin, UFOs Fact, or Fiction? Type: C

Location. Paka Terengganu Malaysia
Date: October 11 1985 Time: daytime

Several schoolchildren encountered near their school compound seven human-like entities only 4 inches tall, they were six men and one woman. One child grabbed one of the beings but was forced to release him when his hand became itchy. The beings were last seen hiding behind a pile of woods. A search of the area failed to locate the creatures.

HC addition # 785
Source: Ahmad Jamaludin, FSR Vol. 33 # 4 Type: E

Location. Paka Terengganu, Malaysia
Date: October 15 1985 Time: 1630
Witnesses encountered seven tiny beings in a field. One of the witnesses chased them and managed to catch one of them, but he quickly let it go. Also two days before another tiny being was briefly held by another witness but it was also released. No other information.

HC addition # 3438
Source: Ahmad Jamaludin Type: E

Location. Hengsle Honefoss Norway
Date: October 28 1985 Time: 1745

Several children were playing outside when they noticed a light coming towards them. As it approached, it stopped and hovered, it was a gray colored object that emitted a strong white light from underneath. One of the children shone a flashlight at the object then it shone a beam of light on them then ascended and disappeared. Suddenly on a nearby field numerous very small humanoids appeared, some of the children ran home to get adult witnesses but were not believed.

They then tried to approach the humanoids, but these ran and hid in dark areas. They were especially sensitive to the flashlights. The humanoids were very quick and were of different colors, some were black, others brown, and some white. All wore square helmets and mumbled in an unknown language. Some of the children were able to see the humanoid's eyes, which were described as white and scary. Two different types of tracks were found at the site.

HC addition # 625
Source: Ole Jonny Braene Type: C

Location. San Antonio Texas
Date: late October 1985 Time: night

Alton Carroll, Patrick Najera, and some other friends were sitting around one night telling stories by candlelight when one of them noticed a figure with red glowing eyes looking at them from the kitchen. One of the men went to investigate and saw a grotesque gargoyle like creature standing in the kitchen; it looked at him with red glowing eyes.

The man threw a chair at it, but the chair flew back at him landing on its feet. One of the witnesses claimed that the chair had stopped in mid-air before landing on the floor again. Others had reported strange creatures and incidents in the same house before.

HC addition # 2274
Source: Fate April 1995 Type: E


Location. Riverview Kentucky
Date: winter 1985 Time: 0300A

The witness was suddenly awoken by a low humming sound. A brilliant light flooded the room. The witness became angry and began screaming. Three beings now appeared and began walking in unison towards the witness. The beings were short humanoids with the tallest one in the middle.

They all had huge heads, large dark eyes, and long thin arms. Their skin was grayish green in color. The witness jumped out of bed and grabbed the tallest of the humanoids by the neck and squeezed. The being's neck instantly snapped like a twig, his head fell backwards.

The two shorter beings then proceeded to back away robot-like apparently holding the taller being. Then all three stepped backwards into the light and disappeared.

HC addition # 751
Source: Don Worley, UFO Universe Summer 1993 Type: E

Location. Between Frejus & Marseille, France
Date: November 1985 Time: 0130A
Five army recruits enroute home on leave were in a train when suddenly a tall blond man with light colored eyes entered their wagon. The men immediately stopped talking and became very quiet and did not move. All five sat there staring at the men's feet for 30 minutes.

One of the men (involved in a previous encounter) felt sick during this encounter and had the feeling that something was pressing down on him making him unable to look up the man. The man finally walked out of the wagon and the five men were able to talk and move again.

HC addendum
Source: GREPI Type: E

Location. Goya, Corrientes, Argentina
Date: November 5 1985 Time: 2330

After seeing a large pink-lighted object hovering above some nearby eucalyptus trees, 15-year old Osvaldo Gabriel Amarilla & his mother saw the figure of man wearing a phosphorescent silvery coverall walking in a field.

The figure suddenly disappeared in plain sight, and then there was a bright flash that illuminated the neighborhood for about 15 minutes. Others had seen the same or similar object flying low over the area, at one point it emitted a red ball of light that fell to the ground the rose back up to the object.

HC addendum
Source: Reinaldo Sanchez, ONIFE Type: D

Location. Near DeForest Wisconsin
Date: late November 1985 Time: late evening

A woman returning home late at night noticed a triangular shaped dark object hovering over a local farmhouse. As she approached with her vehicle she noticed red and white blinking lights. The object had a large window and a humanoid figure could be seen standing at the window. The frightened witness sped away at high speed. Possible missing time was reported.

HC addition # 1769
Source: Don Schmitt, IUR Vol. 13 # 1 Type: A or G?


Location. Kent Iowa
Date: December 1985 Time: night

The witness suddenly woke up knowing that there was a "spaceship" hovering outside her home, she looked out and saw a huge silvery craft with red lights hovering above a nearby field. The witness then drove towards the object and approached it on foot, she encountered a 4-foot, and a half tall entity with no hair, a small mouth, large eyes, and no nose, it was gray in color.

The witness entered the craft that appeared to be stainless steel. She was reportedly told by the entity to quit smoking.

HC addition # 169
Source: Connie Merckmann, Strange Magazine # 10 Type: G

Location. Near Middletown New York
Date: December 26 1985 Time: 0400A

Whitley Strieber who was staying with his wife and son at an isolated cabin in upstate New York suddenly found himself abruptly awake. He could hear a peculiar whooshing, or swirling noise coming from the living room downstairs. It resembled the sound of a large number of people moving rapidly around in the room. Strangely he settled back in bed, without bothering to investigate.

As soon as he did this, he noticed one of the double doors leading into the bedroom was moving closed. He sat up extremely frightened. He then saw a short compact figure edging around the door. In the ambient light he could see that the figure was roughly 3 ˝ feet tall. It wore a smooth, rounded hat, with an odd sharp rim that jutted out easily 4 inches on the visible side.

Below that there was a vague area; he could not see its face. As it got close to the bed Strieber could see two dark holes for eyes and a black down turning line for a mouth. From its shoulders to midriff was a visible third of a square plate etched with concentric circles, it stretched from just below the chin to the waist area. It resembled an armored vest. Beneath it was a rectangular object of the same type, which covered the lower waist to just above the knees. The next thing he knew the figure rushed at him.

He then apparently blacked out. His next recollection is of seeing numerous short squat beings wearing blue coveralls entering the bedroom, he then felt being in motion, like being carried, naked in a state of total paralysis. He then blacks out again. His next memory was of sitting in a small sort of depression in the woods. He sat on the cold ground with his legs partly bent and his hands on his lap.

On his left was a small figure wearing a gray tan body suit that sat on the ground with knees drawn up and hands clasped around them. It had two dark eyeholes and a round mouth hole. Strieber had the impression that it was wearing a facemask. At the same time Strieber was unable to move and felt under control of the entities. On his right there was another figure that was apparently working busily at something that seemed to have to do with Strieber right side of his head.

The being wore dark blue coveralls. Strieber had the distinct impression that the being on his left was feminine and that it seemed almost bored and indifferent. Suddenly he felt like he was moving up into the sky and caught a glimpse of the treetops below him. His next memory was of sitting in a messy round room, that had a distinct odor resembling "aged cheddar cheese." The small circular room had a domed, grayish tan ceiling with ribs appearing at intervals of about a foot.

There was some clothing strewn about and the room was stuffy with the air quite dry. Small figures were moving about at very high speed. Strieber noticed a type of lens at the point of the ceiling through which some colorful scenery could be observed. One being was on his right, another on his left. Soon he was shown a tiny gray box with a sliding lid. A thin graceful person that was not distinct in appearance was holding it. Next a short squat figure came before him, crouching as if huddled over something.

He now held the box and had slid it open revealing an extremely shiny hair thin needle mounted on a black surface. Strieber became terrified as he was told that they were going to insert it in his brain, he then began screaming. One of the creatures then asked him." What can we do to help you stop screaming?" Strieber replied that he wanted to smell them. The being agreed and held his hand against Strieber's face. Strieber reported that it smelled like cardboard and cinnamon.

The next thing he knew there was a bang and a flash and realized that they had inserted the needle in his head. Soon he was lifted up and taken to another room where he saw a table in the center, benches, and several huddled figures, some with round instead of slanted eyes. He recalled seeing four different types of beings. The first a small robot-like being that had initially entered his bedroom.

Then a group of short stocky ones in dark blue coveralls. These had wide faces, either dark gray or blue skin, with glittering deep set eyes, pug noses and broad human like mouths. Inside the room he encountered two types of creatures. One was about 5-feet tall very slender and delicate, with extremely prominent and mesmerizing black slanted eyes. It had an almost vestigial mouth and nose. The huddled figures were smaller with similarly shaped heads, but with round black eyes.

Soon Strieber was given a rectal examination by one of the short stocky creatures that used a narrow, triangular object. Then one of them took his right hand and made an incision on his forefinger. Abruptly his memories ended. He woke up the next morning in bed.

HC addition # 2980
Source: Whitley Strieber, "Communion" Type: G

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