Steven M. Greer

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Steven M. Greer
Born June 28, 1955 (1955-06-28) (age 56)
Charlotte, North Carolina
Occupation Physician

Steven M. Greer (June 28, 1955) is an American physician and ufologist who founded the Orion Project and The Disclosure Project.



Greer claims that he is a contactee who has coined the term "close encounter of the fifth kind" to describe human-initiated contact with extraterrestrials.[1]

The Disclosure Project

The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project started by Greer in 1992 that alleges the existence of a US government cover-up of information relating to unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The Disclosure Project has been well-received by UFO enthusiasts, with speeches from Greer and various other witnesses being presented at various UFO-themed conferences. Greer has held press conferences and embarked on a continuing series of lectures and television appearances trying to raise popular support.[2]

Mainstream media coverage of the group mostly centered around a 2001 conference at the National Press Club[3] which was described by an attending BBC reporter as the strangest he had ever seen.[4] Greer convened the conference with more than 100 other contactees offering testimony. Among the contactees were "...about 20 former government workers, many of them military and security officials, who stepped forward...and called for congressional hearings about such sightings."[5] Such arguments were met with by derision by skeptics and spokespeople for the U. S. Air Force who maintain that there is no convincing evidence for the speculation that UFOs are alien spacecraft.[6][7]

Media appearances

Greer has appeared on Larry King Live,[8] CBS, BBC, NTV in Japan, Sightings, Encounters, Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM,[9] the Art Bell show, and the Armstrong Williams radio show and hosts an Internet radio segment called "Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer".


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