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  • Crop Circle/UFO

    (click on image for 640X480 size)

    The Crop Circles Page

    Crop Circles are those unique, fanciful designs that seemingly appear overnight in farmers' fields all over the world. Many researchers feel that they have identified the origin of these enigmatic, geometric patterns. True, many of them are admittedly done by hoaxers, or some other folks just having a good time. But can human design be the total source of these creations? All of these images are free to download, some are under copyright, but those are identified, and you can still download them for personal use, but cannot charge for viewing them in any way.

    Click on thumbnail for full-size image

    Intriguing New Crop Circle Picture (8-15-02)

    Crabwood Farm House, near Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 15th August 2002,

    credits: Lucy Pringle (Video/Images)

    Peter Vellacott, (helicopter pilot)

    Farmer Mike Burge, of Vale Farm, Pitt.

    Drayton Valley, Canada Midale, Canada Midale, Canada

    Some crop circles from Canada