AFU Newsletter

Issue 47 -- Febr. 2004 -- ISSN 0283-6378

Published by: Archives for UFO Research Foundation (AFU), P O Box 11027, S-600 11 Norrköping, Sweden

Donations from Hilary Evans and the Gordon Creighton’s archives

During a few days in October, Clas Svahn, chairman of UFO-Sweden, together with the editor of UFO-Aktuellt, Håkan Ekstrand, went to England to bring home to Sweden a major donation. Upon arrival it turned out they would receive an additional 100 books.

By Clas Svahn

Our goal in England was to meet with Philip Creighton, son of the Flying Saucer Review's recently deceased editor, and with Hilary Evans. Evans had contacted us a few months before and announced he had a large collection of books and periodicals he wanted to donate to Archives for UFO Research. We knew he had one of the greatest libraries in the world about the unknown, having met with him some years ago during similar circumstances. Hilary Evans also works with what's known as the Mary Evans Picture Library (named after his wife who is head of the office), where he markets and sells non-copyrighted images dating back hundreds of years. This business employs twenty people.

Our journey began with us taking the car down to Gothenburg, and then by ferry through Kristiansand to Newcastle on the northeastern coast of England. We arrived in the morning on the 16th of October, and immediately started off across a hilly England, along the wall of Hadrian, and on through Cumbria, down to Preston and our meeting with Philip Creighton.

We spent one day with Philip and became good friends. An agreement of co-operation between UFO-Sweden and Flying Saucer Review was made, and we were given ample opportunities to report on the work made by us and the Archives for UFO Research. We were also able to return three compact discs with scanned images from the FSR archive; scanned from original material we'd borrowed from Gordon Creighton at our meeting with him three years before.

FSR will continue publication

Philip Creighton has for many years been one of the main characters behind the Flying Saucer Review. Now that his father has passed away, he'll continue this work together with Paul Whitehead, among other people, who is an ex-journalist with a long interest in UFOs. Exactly what will happen with FSR is still uncertain, except that the publication will continue.

In the morning of the 17th we continued down to Rickmansworth, where Gordon Creighton had lived up until the time of his passing on the 16th of July, 2003. This was also the place where I and Håkan Ekstrand met and interviewed him in November 2000 (see UFO-Aktuellt 3/03). This time we'd been entrusted with the task of going through the entire house by ourselves in order to form our own opinions about the collections. Additionally, we were allowed to take with us back to Sweden one copy of all books with duplicates; a sum that appeared to be close to one hundred once we were done going through the collection. The house of Gordon Creighton turned out to be completely filled with books, magazines, and papers from his many years of UFO interest and editing the FSR. Simply trying to describe what we saw can almost not be done.

Put simply, we spent eight hours trying to go through the collections, a time during which we merely began scratching the surface of it all. Except for Gordon Creighton's own study and a glazed-in porch, which were both filled with material, we also investigated a shed out in the yard, that turned out to be packed with boxes of material, and a crammed room on the second floor, plus a library up in the attic. Besides all this, books were to be found in every hall and on every floor.

We also had time, with the help of Howard Raimbach, who is in charge of the FSR's subscriptions, to visit the Loudwater Farm, located on the outskirts of Rickmansworth. This is the place where FSR keeps back issues of the periodical. Unfortunately, only the volumes of the last fifteen years are kept there. The earliest volumes have long ago been lost. The storage space wasn't the best, exposed as it was to moist, which may seriously damage the issues stored there. Once we returned back to the hotel in the evening we came to the realisation that we hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, having had only some chocolate and a cup of tea. 

Despite all the hours of hard work in the house, we still had only seen a small part of the entire material. That made us feel somewhat bewildered.

Mary Evans Picture Library

Next day, on Sunday the 19th, we got back in the car and drove the M25 down, passed London, to its suburb Lewisham (which these days really has become part of the city), where we met Hilary Evans in his large and beautiful house. Hilary Evans has become famous for his books "Vision, Apparitions, Alien Visitors" and "Gods, Spirits, Cosmic Guardians", that both deal with sightings of beings seen from a wider perspective. He also recently published a book about ghosts entitled "Seeing Ghosts".

He's extremely knowledgeable and possesses what is more of a library than it is a house. On one of the top floors there's an entire room with UFO literature, and here Hilary Evans had gathered about 300 books and more than one thousand magazines that we carried down to the car. Since we still had some room left, we went up to the attic and filled some more boxes with books and magazines. When every space was taken we had about 400 books in the car.

Before we left this sympathetic gentleman we headed over to the Picture Library located in an old People's Palace a few blocks away. It's a fascinating feeling to wander about, among all the books and images in this old building. Here one can find hundreds of thousands of images and engravings, paintings and prints. Bound volumes of periodicals and magazines fill up the walls. We left some contributions: bound volumes of Swedish illustrated weekly publications from the end of the 19th and the early 20th centuries. The Picture Library has an endless amount of exciting things to show to anyone with a fortean interest, since Hilary and Mary Evans love their work and once started the business in order to meet their own collecting mania.

A packed car

Once we left England my Toyota Camry Touring was crammed, even the space where the passenger keeps his feet was taken. The proceeds of the trip were more than we could ever imagine. Back for AFU we had just over 500 books, and approximately a couple of thousand magazines and booklets in many different languages.

Anyone interested in learning more about this new collection added to the Archives in Norrköping, visit the Archives’ own webpage on where information will be posted. (Link added to web-version of the newsletter: the complete list of new book titles from the Hilary Evans donation).

Translation by Stefan Isaksson. Photos by Clas Svahn. 

Book cataloguing mania – or, my life as a "UFO librarian"

To enter the 21st century has meant a major boost for the AFU reference library. From 78 new titles/editions catalogued in year 1999 and 111 in 2000, acquisitions rose to 221 in 2001, to no less than 743 in 2002 and to a record of 776 in 2003. I have spent the past years thumbing through thousands of UFO-related books. It’s been an interesting (and frustrating) journey! I just wish I had had the time to read only 10 % of them!

By Anders Liljegren

The Hilary Evans donation in October 2003 (see the previous article by Clas Svahn) has contributed, without comparison, the largest number of new titles for the library, 354 new editions, plus another 60-70 "second or third" copies of previously catalogued titles. The AFU library aims to save three copies of each title, unless there are two or more similar editions (for instance an American plus a British edition, or, one edition in hardback and another as a paperback) of exactly the same text. In the latter case we aim only for two copies of each edition.

Extra copies, beyond the 2-3 copies that are kept, are sold through our own homepage, and on The Evans’ donation provided us with very, very few books in the latter category, so it was sort of a "95 % hit". Of new titles donated by Evans, six were in Dutch, 86 in English (59 of which from the USA, 14 from the UK, 9 from Italy), 45 in French, five in German, 26 in Italian, one in Japanese, 13 in Portuguese, seven in Polish, and no less than 207 in Spanish! A few Russian, and a Greek title, called for transcribing of the titles by "consultants" so they are catalogued as "late" newcomers in 2004.

Aside from the Evans collection many books and booklets, since 2000, have come from Ole Jonny Braenne (260 new), the heirs of Bruno R. Ericsson (142), the Gordon Creighton collection (37), and Loren Gross (also 37).

During the winter of 2002-2003 I spent many days and hours in the library, checking the entire book inventory against "the reality" in the shelves. Many previously un-catalogued items, such as books on parapsychology and esoteric aspects, channeling, science fiction, and popular science were now inventoried for the first time. These books had been dormant in an "aside" collection for many years.

The outer borderline for what we take into "the cat" has widened, considerably. We are saving literature on every aspect of UFO- and UFO-related folklore, not just the books we may have decided on as being "serious", or "scientific". If a future researcher needs to study the connection between, say, theosophy and UFO cults, we do need to save, in the open, basic books that touch on both these subjects, without, of course, becoming a specialised library on theosophy. UFO-related books are actively sought, books "in the outskirts" are catalogued whenever they become available.

2003 was a memorable year also in the sense that, for the first time, we could actively buy new and used books on, sort of, our own "media budget". We were no longer completely dependent on direct donations, but have been able to choose items of our own liking from the open market. Donations of money from UFO-Sweden, from the sale of Stefan Isaksson’s UFO cult dissertation through Arcturus Books, brought twenty fresh titles into our library, and donations by crime novel author Liza Marklund has made it possible to add no less than 276 new titles into our roster – so far.

Acquisitions from Marklund’s money, combined with our own sales on eBay, will continue to make it possible, within reasonable limits, to buy items & collections that we want to see preserved, when money is a part of the picture, as sometimes it is. It may also enable us to build a small fund for future acquisitions, not saying that the main principle for us is still, primarily, to accept items as donations.

The 2002-2003 collection of money for the French SOS-OVNI archives brought in more than 5.000 US$, money that are still resting on our bank account. We have, so far, been unable to reach a reasonable value-for-money deal with the seller. If this is not possible soon, there may be other collections that are equally (or even more) worthy of being preserved.

The Evans collection changed the Anglo-American-Scandinavian tilt of our catalogue. Of the 4.883 titles we have catalogued as-per-today, 788 are from Sweden (16%), 332 from the other Scandinavian countries (7 %), 2.004 items were published in the US (41 %), 857 in the United Kingdom (18 %), a sum total of 82 %. We have just about 127 titles (2,6 % of our collection) that were published in France and 171 (3,5 %) published in Germany, meaning we may be interested in acquiring collections in those languages. The 231 we have in Spanish (from Spain, Mexico and Latin America) represent almost 5 % of our collection, yet probably just a tiny speck of what has rolled out of printers in these areas of the world. The 47 titles in Italian (less than 1 %) would be excusable knowing that the Italians are into their own preservation program with a newly established CISU archive in Torino.

Although, as yet, unbalanced by country and languages, we know of no other attempt, anywhere in the world, to try to augment a truly international collection of this scope. Americans tend to regard ‘the world’ as being the land area between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, or, as the people who speak or write English. There are few open, specialised, catalogued UFO book collections in the world, if any.

The academic world (at least in our small Nordic country) works with "liability libraries", that is national/international collections that specialise in one (sometimes rather narrow) area where they try to become the best. In this way, huge parts of our literature & our research efforts as a human race, are saved by someone, somewhere. In Sweden, we have 6-7 university libraries, who, by law, receive free copies of everything printed, and two copies (of this newsletter, too!) should always be sent to the Royal Library in Stockholm.

But…who preserves ‘ufology’ in the broad sense? I made a check of the CSICOP library catalog ( and found a rather meagre (and very slanted) collection of UFO-related literature.

In our vision, AFU would become something like an international "liability library" for UFO-related research. A place where publishers, authors, editors and organisations – world-wide - would freely place one or two copies of their media for cataloguing, and future preservation. No war, or major terrorist act, has happened in Sweden for more than two centuries so, of all possible places to choose for a preservation programme, this may be one of the safest. With a simple copier, a scanner, and today’s Internet communications, this would become an effective player in the field. And we are already there, in part. In the past year AFU has made dozens of deals for copying, exchanges and/or selling surplus research materials.

A look at the Ufocode statistics for titles acquired in the last three years (2002-2004) show that out of 1.564 new books, booklets etc. 264 were concerned with what we classified as "O" subjects: Official policies & investigations of sightings in different areas of the globe, opinion and media. The second largest classification was "C": Contacts & communication with aliens, which includes contactee & abductee lore and cases of channeled contacts with "space beings", represented by 230 titles. The largest chunks here was America (North), "OA", with 72 titles, Psychic contacts, "CP", 92 titles, Abductions, "CA", 49 titles, and Contactee cases & claims (physical contacts), "CC", with 47.

Natural sciences & natural explanations for UFO reports, "N", tally 155 titles; Science, scientists & philosophy of science, "S", 88 books, and, behavioural & social sciences (psychology, psychiatry, sociology), "B", 29 titles. In these groups, literature on Astronomy and astronomical explanations ("NA"), accounted for 62 books, debunking, ("SD"), for 13 titles, and literature focusing on hypnosis ("BPH") for 15 books & booklets.

Of the more "ufological" sub-divisions we find General aspects of UFOs, UFO cases ("G") with 150 titles, Historical sightings & waves (pre-1947 phenomena) ("H"), counting 17 titles; Theories on origin & intent of UFOs, ("T"), counting 68, and Ufology, UFO research community, UFO research methodology, ("U"), with 64 catalogued works. 15 books focused on Crashes & retrievals ("GC"), eight of them on Roswell ("GCXR"), while 13 books were mostly concerned with USOs, submarine objects, "GU", to name but a few of the sub-categories. This latter group mainly involves Swedish literature on submarine violations of our coasts during the 1980s.

Of the "T" books, the most involved religious & "demonological" theories ("TR") and folkloric theories ("TF"), 20 books each, time travellers ("TT"), 8 books, and Nazi secret weapons ("TSN"), 4 books. 16 books were essentially regional & local analyses of a particular geographical area ("UAG"), with areas from Martebo in Sweden and Hessdalen in Norway to West Virginia, represented.

Parapsychology, paranormal aspects, occultism & esoterism, ("P"), accounted for 169 books, Religion, religious & philosophical aspects & cult groups, ("R"), counted 26, and Fortean phenomena ("F"), ended with 49 titles. 16 books concerned ghosts & apparitions ("PG") and 39 occultism & esoteric aspects ("PO"). Books published on, or by, more or less UFO-related cults ("RC") accounted for 15 books.

Finally, Literature & library, including fiction literature, ("L"), counted 166, with the important sub-group "LB", bibliographies, counting 12 and "LFS", science fiction with UFO motif, counting no less than 70 titles.

Design & propulsion, technical aspects & theories, ("D"), gathered 53 titles and Ancient cultures, archaeology & ancient myths, ("A"), collected 59 titles. Ufology involved almost all aspects of human life!


Recent and upcoming books 

- "Books that would find a home in the AFU library"

Per Andersen: SUFOIs historie 1975-2000. 2003, SUFOI, Gentofte, Denmark, 240 pages + CD-ROM. (Official history of the Danish UFO organization SUFOI; available in the AFU library).

Leonid (Anatoljevitj) Anistratenko: Gravitatsija i NLO: odin prostoj otvet na sotni neprostych voprosov. 2003, Jantarnyj skaz, Kaliningrad, Russia, 543 pages, ISBN 5-7406-0745-0. (Title translates as: "Gravitation and UFO: one simple answer to hundreds uneasy questions" according to the Russian National Library ( Thanks to Stefan Roslund for his work on this).

Lúcio Valerio Barbosa: UFO's no Pantanal: uma experiência real com seres de outros mundos. 2002, Brazil, 287 pages.

Michael Barkun: A culture of conspiracy. Apocalyptic visions in contemporary America. 2003, University of California Press, USA, 243 pages, ISBN 0520238052. (heavy on UFO connections).

Robert Bartholomew & Benjamin Radford: Hoaxes, myths and manias: Why we need critical thinking. Febr. 2003, Prometheus, USA, softcover, 229 pages, ISBN 1591020484. (chapters on Roswell, the airship mystery and black helicopters, AFU recently bought a copy).

Bernard Bidault: OVNI, attention danger! 2003, JMG ed., Agnieres, France, 435 pages, ISBN 2-912507-93-6.

William J. Birnes: The UFO Magazine UFO encyclopedia. The most comprehensive single-volume UFO reference in print. Jan. 2004, Pocket Books, USA, paperback, 384 pages, ISBN 0743466748.

David Blevins: UFO directory international. 1.000+ organizations and publications in 40+ countries. Sept 2003, McFarland, USA, softcover, 214 pages, ISBN 078641510X. (From promotion text: "It focuses on those groups that conduct field research or review investigations (locally, nationally, or internationally), such as the Archives for UFO Research, founded in 1973 and based in Sweden….").

Björn Borg: Onko ufoilmiössä logiikkaa? ["Is there any logic behind the UFO mystery?]. 2003, UFO-Finland, Jyväskylä, Finland, 230 pages, ISBN 951-98374-2-6. (One copy of this book has been donated to AFU by the author, who BTW, is not the Swedish tennis player).

Lars Bugge: Konspirationsteorier. 20 populaere sammensvaergelser. 2003, SUFOI, Denmark, softcover, 41 pages, ISBN 87-87628-80-5. (On conspiracies, in Danish, one copy donated to AFU by Ole Jonny Braenne).

Burleson, Donald R.: UFOs and the murder of Marilyn Monroe. 2003, Black Mesa Press, Roswell, N.M., USA, softcover, 95 pages, no ISBN? (The MUFON UFO Journal claims this is a serious book written by a Ph.D.).

Michael Busby: Solving the great 1897 airship mystery. Jan. 2004, Pelican, USA, hardcover, ISBN 1589801253. (Revised entry).

Ignacio Cabria Garcia: OVNIs y ciencias humanas. Un estudio tematico de 50 años de bibliografia (1947-2000). 2002, Biblioteca Camille Flammarion, Fundación Anomalia, Spain, 308 pages.

Tom Carey & Don Schmitt: Witness to Roswell. 2004, International UFO Museum & Research Center. Roswell, New Mexico, 56 pages, USD 9,95 + postage. (Summing up the famous case in 56 pages must be quite an achievement! Info on

Fina d’Armada & Joaquim Fernandes: Fátima nos bastidores do segredo. 2002, Ancora, Lisboa, Portugal, 316 pages, ISBN 9727800750.

Rosemary Decker: Thirty-five minutes to Mars. 2003, Galde Press, USA, softcover, 207 pages, ISBN 1-931942-04-8. (Classical UFO contactee story).

Juan Diaz Montes: Humanoides, los otros seres. 2003, Instituto de Investigación y Estudios Exobiológicos, Barcelona, 255 pages.

Jim Doerter: A study of UFO experiences and anomalies as reported by forest fire lookouts and forest workers. 2003, the author, Ashland, Oregon, spiral bound, 78 pages, no ISBN? (study of 84 reports from forest surveyors).

Patrick Drouot & Liliane Gagnon: Les Secrets stellaires de l'Ile de Pâques : Des Moai de Rapa Nui aux sites mégalithiques planétaires. Oct 2003, Editions du Rocher, France, softcover, 212 pages, ISBN 2268047733. (Do the authors mean that the statues of Easter Island have a planetary connection?)

George M. Eberhart: Mysterious creatures: a guide to cryptozoology. Dec. 2002, ABC-CLIO, USA, hardcover, 722 pages, ISBN 1576072835. (Documents 1.085 different cryptozoological creatures, costs 185 USD to acquire).

Tony Eccles: A different sky. Unusual sightings and strange phenomena over Merseyside. 2003, Bluecoat Press, Liverpool, softcover, ISBN 1872568947. (Another regional UFO study).

Joaquim Fernandez, etc: Fatima e a Ciencia: investigação multidisiciplinar das experiencias religiosas. 2003 (?), Ésquilo Editora, Lisbon, Portugal. (International anthology on the Fatima visions, including essays by UFO researchers).

Gabriel Gomiz Martin: Últimas investiga-ciones OVNI. 2003, San Vicente, Alicante, Spain, 201 pages.

Lynn Grabhorn: Planet two: earth in a higher frequency. March 2004, Hampton Roads Publishing, USA, softcover, 128 pages, ISBN 157174407X. (Fantasies – or channeled messages? – about a second earth and the people who live there).

Michael Godhe: Morgondagens experter: tekniken, ungdomen och framsteget i populärvetenskap och science fiction i Sverige under det långa 50-talet. May 2003, Carlsson, Stockholm, Sweden, softcover, 283 pages, ISBN 9172035501. (Ph.D. dissertation, at the Linköping University, on science fiction and popular science during the 1950s, touching on UFOs and contactee stories.)

Loren E. Gross: The fifth horseman of the apocalypse. UFO's: a history. 1956, May-June. Supplemental notes. 2003, the author, Fremont, California, booklet, continued by fifteen similar update booklets (all covering periods between 1956 and 1959), received from the author, no ISBNs.

Taina Haahti: Ufo tapaus eli arvoitus nimeltä Antero. March 2004, WSOY, Helsinki, Finland, ISBN 951-0-28880-2.

Leah A. Haley: Unlocking alien closets. Abductions, mind control and spirituality. April 2003, Greenleaf Publications, USA, softcover, 312 pages, ISBN 1883729084. (The struggle and life of being an abductee).

Ulf Harendarski: Widerstreit ist zwecklos: eine semiotische Untersuchung zum Diskurs "Entführt von Außerirdischen". 2003, Narr, Tübingen, Germany, 322 pages, ISBN 3823360116.

Paola Leopizzi Harris: Connecting the dots. Making sense of the UFO phenomenon. July 2003, Granite Publications, USA, 2nd edition, softcover, 256 pages, ISBN 0926524577.

Judith Herbst: Aliens. Jan. 2005, Lerner Publications, USA, library binding, ISBN 0822509601. (For young readers).

Judith Herbst: Ufos. Jan. 2005, Lerner Publications, USA, library binding, ISBN 082250961X . (Also for young readers).

Terence Hines: Pseudoscience and the paranormal. Second edition. March 2003, Prometheus, USA, softcover, 500 pages, ISBN 1573929794.

Robert Homir: Sokujici pravda o UFO. 2003, Eko-konzult, Bratislava, Czech Republic, 179 pages.

Matthew Hurley: The alien chronicles. Compelling evidence for extraterrestrial encounters in art & texts since ancient times. Sept 2003, Quester Publications, UK, hardcover, 168 pages, ISBN 0954190416. (More than 150 historical images pointing to ET contacts).

Joseph Intelisano: Extraterrestrial intervention / the enigma. Aug. 2003, 1st Books Library, USA, softcover, 216 pages, ISBN 1410718948.

Iker Jimenez Elizari: Encuentros. La historia de los ovnis en España. 2002, Edaf, Madrid, 384 pages.

Fabrice Kircher & Dominique Becker: Le secret des origines. Alchimie ufologie. March 2003, Ramuel, France, softcover, 166 pages, ISBN 2844610188. (One of the first on UFOs and alchemy (?), we’ve soon seen it all…)

Lynne D. Kitei: The Phoenix lights. A skeptic’s discovery that we are not alone. March 2004, Hampton Roads Publishing, USA, softcover, 304 pages, ISBN 1-57174-377-4.

Phillip H. Krapf: The challenge of contact. A mainstream journalist's report on interplanetary diplomacy. 2nd, revised, edition. 2003, Origin Press, USA, softcover, 209 pages, ISBN 1-57983-009-9. (The 9-11 terror attacks got the ET "Verdants" to rethink their plans, thus the new and revised edition, book is now in AFU library).

Lisette Larkins: Listening to extraterrestrials. Telepathic coaching by enlightened beings. May 2004, Hampton Roads Publishing, USA, softcover, 160 pages, ISBN 1571743987.

Antonio Las Heras: Presencia extraterrestre. De los OVNIS a las vacas mutiladas. Dec. 2002, Planeta, Buenos Aires, Argentina, softcover, 208 pages, ISBN 9504910211. (In Spanish, on the Argentinean cattle mutilation wave).

James R. Lewis (editor): The encyclopedic sourcebook of UFO religions. Nov. 2003, Prometheus Books, USA, hardcover, 530 pages, ISBN 1573929646. (Revised entry).

Leo Madigan: What happened at Fatima? 2002, Published in Portugal, 96 pages, ISBN 972958821X.

Paul Mason: Investigating UFOs. (Forensic files). April 2004, Heinemann Library, USA, paperback, ISBN 1403454744. (For young readers).

Ed W. Matthews: Katydids or UFO’s. July 2003, Trafford, USA, softcover, 124 pages, ISBN 1412003504. (UFO’s experienced and photographed in Oregon).

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network): MUFON 2003 international UFO symposium proceedings. 2003, MUFON, Morrison, Colorado, softcover, 245 pages.

Joe Nickell: The mystery chronicles. More real-life X-files. June 2004, University Press of Kentucky, USA, hardcover, 352 pages, ISBN 0813123186.

Kazys Paulauskas: NSO kasdienybė: įvykiai, pranešimai, hipotezės. 2003, R. Magilienės, Panevėžys, Lithuania, 155 pages, ISBN 9986-956-32-3.

Sixto Paz Wells: La antiprofecía. Revelaciones de los guías extraterrestres para el tercer milenio. May 2002, Planeta, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 284 pages, ISBN 950-870-069-6.

Michel Picard: Les Ovnis laboratoire du futur. March 2002, JMG, France, softcover, ISBN 2912507618.

Pavel Poluyan: The liquidation of the UFO. 2002, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, the entire manuscript is available at on the Internet – in Russian only. (Explains away UFOs as secret, earthly technology).

Juan Guillermo Prado: Raptados por un OVNI. El fenómeno de las abducciones. 2003, Alba, Santiago, Chile, 109 pages, ISBN 956-8001-12-3. Thanks to Diego Zuniga for his bibliography on Chilean UFO books!

Gian J. Quasar: Into the Bermuda triangle. Pursuing the truth behind the world’s greatest mystery. Oct. 2003, International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press, hardcover, 320 pages, ISBN 007142640X.

Benjamin Radford: Media mythmakers: how journalists, activists and advertisers mislead us. July 2003, Prometheus, USA, hardcover, 300 pages, ISBN 1591020727.

Stanislava Ramesova: Mytus UFO. Ufologie z pohledu skeptika. 2003, Paseka, Praha, 236 pages.

Jenny Randles: Supernatural Isle of Man. Oct. 2003, Robert Hale, UK, hardcover, 192 pages, ISBN 0709070764.

Jenny Randles: Supernatural Pennines. April 2003, Robert Hale, UK, hardcover, 256 pages, ISBN 0709071442.

Eric Raulet: Lumières obscures. Enquêtes sur les phénomènes inexpliqués d'après des témoignages inédits. March 2003, Editions Dervy, France, softcover, 229 pages, ISBN 2844542123.

Nick Redfern & Andy Roberts: Strange secrets. Real government files of the unknown. May 2003, Paraview Pocket Books, softcover, 336 pages, ISBN 0743469763.

Andreas von Rétyi: Streng geheim. Area 51 und die "Schwarze Welt". Geheime Experimente, unterirdische Anlagen, veborgene Sperrzonen. 2003, Weltbild, Augsburg, paperback, 253 pages, ISBN 3828934250.

Cristián Riffo: Encuentro OVNI en Putre. 2002, RIL, Chile, 108 pages. (Thanks to Diego Zuniga for this title).

Armin Risi: Machtwechsel auf der Erde. Nov. 2003, Govinda, Germany, hardcover, 596 pages, ISBN 3906347443. (A paranoic view of the world, including extraterrestrials).

Jean-Luc Rivera (editor): La Gazette Fortéenne, vol. 2. 2003, Les Editions de l’Oeil du Sphinx, Paris, France, ISBN 2-914405-14-6. (The second issue of a new annual anthology on Fortean subjects, more info can be found at

SCI-FI Network: The Roswell dig diaries. May 2004, Pocket Books, USA, paperback, 224 pages, ISBN 0743486129.

Robert Shapiro: Earth history and lost civilizations explained. Jan. 2004, Light Technology Publishing, USA, softcover, ISBN 1891824201. (Channeled messages from space).

Robert Shapiro, Wendelle C. Stevens, etc: Ultimate UFO series: Andromeda. Nov. 2003, Light Technology Publishing, USA, softcover, ISBN 189182435X. (Channeled messages that explain (?) the mysterious disappearance of a professor at the University of Mexico).

Michael Shermer (editor): The Skeptic encyclopedia of pseudoscience. 2002, ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara, USA, hardcover, 2 volumes, 950 pages, ISBN 1576076539.

Zecharia Sitchin: The Earth chronicles expeditions. Journeys to the mystical past. May 2004, Bear & Co., USA, hardcover, 304 pages, ISBN 1591430364.

Johan Söderberg & Lotta Lindström: Mystiska fenomen. 2003, Gleerups, Malmö, Sweden, hardcover, 48 pages, ISBN 91-40-64098-1. (Serious overview, for young readers, of mysterious phenomena, primarely UFOs).

Christian Sommerer & Werner Walter: UFOs and the Soviet Union. An untold story. A study project, issued by and in cooperation with the Committee for the Investigation of Exceptional Aerial Phenomena. 2003, document available at, 187 pages.

Jelaila Starr: We are the Nibiruans. Return of the 12th planet. Nov. 2003, Nibiruan Council Publishing, USA, softcover, 204 pages, ISBN 0965665704. (The author claims she is an ambassador for Zecharia Sitchin’s Nibiru planet).

Giuseppe Stilo: Ultimatum alla terra. 2003, Edizione UPIAR, Italy, 542 pages. (Documen-tary on UFO cases & UFO publicity from the year 1952, Italy & the world).

Terenz Sword: Battle of Los Angeles. The silent invastion begins. 2003, Inner Light, USA, softcover, 140 pages, ISBN unknown.

Thiago Luiz Ticchetti: Quedas de UFOs. Casos confirmados de acidentes com discos voadores e resgates de seus tripulantes em todo o mundo. 2002. CBPDV, Brazil, 320 pages, ISBN 8587362097.

David E. Twitchell: Global implications of the UFO reality. Oct. 2003, Infinity Publishing, USA, softcover, 176 pages, ISBN 0741417561.

Richard Vizzutti: Return of the Stargods. Sept. 2003, Trafford, USA, softcover, 261 pages, ISBN 1412005434. (Another book about the Bible and the Niphilim, and Satan’s New World Order).

Mats Wänblad & Kenneth Andersson: Allt om UFO. 2003, Rabén & Sjögren, Stockholm, Sweden, hardcover, 66 pages, ISBN 91-29-65721-0. (Another one for young UFO students).


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