10 de Mayo de 2005

Eighth Expedition UPDATE:

Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise


From Rodney M. Cluff,

        author of World Top Secret:  Our Earth is Hollow!, 

        and co-organizer with


        Steve C. Currey of The Expedition Company of Provo, Utah

        of the upcoming Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise ...


To All Interested Scientists, Explorers and Tourists of our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise,

***** Eighth UPDATE *****


RE:     Our upcoming Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise,

scheduled for June 26 - July 19, 2006.

Our ship is ready for Booking!  All Aboard!

We still have room for more voyagers.  So if you’re still interested in joining us on this, the greatest expedition of all time, by we, the common people of outer earth, then do please give Steve Currey, our expedition organizer, a call right now at 1-800-937-7238!  You do NOT want to be left behind on this voyage! 

Steve is providing expedition members Pre-departure Instructions with all the details of getting ready for the trip and what you can expect before and after you board the ship with all the particulars of what you should bring.  Expedition members are encouraged to print these instructions and study them carefully to get ready for the trip.  There are some very important things that must be done before your flight to Moscow/Murmansk.  I am providing these instructions here in PDF and HTML formats.

The voyagers going on this expedition are very special people – we will be the first persons this century visiting the paradise of Inner Earth -- that we know of.

If you would like to get an idea of what the paradise of Inner Earth is like, you may want order Lost Horizon, the full color 1973 version, at
www.moviehunter.tv.  I was able to get this video at that website after searching for 20 years for it.  It is not sold in any store.  It’s the story of Richard Conway and his 4 fellow travelers that were kidnaped and flown into the Himalayan mountains where the pilot from Shangri-La crash landed their DC-3 in a canyon and was killed on impact, but the passengers were unscathed and rescued by people from a nearby Lamasery in a valley of the mountains called Shangri-La.  After walking through the blizzard and snow up the mountain, the rescuers of Shangri-La took Conway and his friends through a cavern.  The blizzard was blowing fiercely as they entered the cavern, but when they emerged on the other side, there was nice sun shinny weather with flowers everywhere in blossom – a veritable paradise.

Lost Horizon was based on the Tibetan legend of Agharta.  This cavern actually does exist.  But it is not near the top of a mountain, but behind a hidden falls that our expedition organizer, Steve Currey found in the year 2000 while river rafting down the Tsangpo gorge in Tibet.  He was told by the Tibetans that behind that falls is a cavern that goes to Agharta – their name for Hollow Earth.  And the cavern isn’t 500 feet long, as in the movie, but goes through the 800 miles of the earth’s shell to the inner surface of Our Hollow Earth.

Agharta is not just a legend, but an actual place.  It is a paradise – the location of the Lost Garden of Eden.  To think that next year we can actually visit this place – a place where there is no sickness or disease, where people live to be hundreds of years old with perfect health – is just mind boggling.  I would not miss this for anything in the world.  I have been dreaming about going there for over 30 years.  And now it is possible. 

Down through the ages, the lost Garden of Eden has been sought by many explorers.  Christopher Columbus was in hopes of finding it when he discovered America.  Bernardino de Sahagun recorded in his History of the Things of New Spain that the original settlers of America, the ancestors of the American Indians, came in boats from the East in search of the terrestrial paradise. They settled in Central America near the highest mountains they could find, because they had with them an account that the earthly paradise is a very high mountain.

Indeed, the Garden of Eden is located on the highest mountain plateau of the Inner Continent.  The lost Garden of Eden – the home of our first parents, Adam and Eve – was found in Our Hollow Earth in 1830 by Olaf and Jens Jansen, the story of which you can find on my website.  My estimate of it's location is 800 miles beneath Independence, Missouri, USA. 

Olaf Jansen described the Garden of Eden saying that in this place  "...all manner of fruits, vines, shrubs, trees, and flowers grow in riotous profusion. In this garden four rivers have their source in a mighty artesian fountain. They divide and flow in four directions. This place is called by the inhabitants, the 'navel of the earth' or the beginning, 'the cradle of the human race.' The names of the rivers are Euphrates, the Pison, the Gihon, and the Hiddekel." (
THE SMOKY GOD, p. 114) Olaf reported that the capital of the inner world is the City of Eden, which is built around this primeval garden.

Olaf Jansen was never a Christian. To his dying day, Olaf Jansen was the ardent worshiper of the Norwegian gods, Odin and Thor – his ancestors. His purpose was not to advance the reality of religion, but in recording his experience in the Garden of Eden, he was reporting exactly what he saw and what the people who live there told him. They explained to him that the garden he was taken to inside Our Hollow Earth was none other than the "navel of the earth," and "the cradle of the human race," and is called "Eden."

In the Book of Genesis we read about the Garden of Eden which Olaf Jansen discovered to be located inside Our Hollow Earth:

"And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there he put the man whom he had formed. And out of the ground made the Lord to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became four heads. The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah where there is gold, And the gold of that land is good; there is bdellium and onyx stone. And the name of the second river is Gihon; the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia, And the name of the Third river is Hiddekel; that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria, And the fourth river is Euphrates." (GENESIS 2:8-14)

The directions in Our Hollow Earth are the inverse of the directions of the compass on our outer world.  Like an
electromagnetic coil, where the flux inside the coil flows from the south pole to the north pole, the north pole of the hollow earth is our south pole and our north pole is their south pole.  The magnetic flux of the earth’s electromagnetic field flows out of their north pole, which is our south pole, continues north on the outside surface of the earth and then flows into our north pole, which is their south pole.   When Olaf Jansen and his father entered the hollow earth near our north pole, they discovered the River Hiddekel – the river that flows out of the Garden of Eden towards their south pole – which is our north pole.  So the first river mentioned in Genesis, the river Pison flows towards their north pole, which is our south pole.  East is towards the right of the north pole of inner earth – just as it is on our outer earth.  The earth turns towards the east, and because, as Olaf Jansen described it, the Inner Sun is divided between it’s day and night sides.

Olaf wrote, "In the meantime, we had lost sight of the sun's rays, but we found a radiance 'within' emanating from the dull-red sun which had already attracted our attention, now giving out a white light seemingly from a cloudbank far away in front of us. It dispensed a greater light, I should say, than two full moons on the clearest night."

"In twelve hours this cloud of whiteness would pass out of sight as if eclipsed, and the twelve hours following corresponded with our night. We early learned that these strange people were worshipers of this great cloud of light. It was 'The Smoky God' of the 'Inner World.'" (THE SMOKY GOD, pp. 102, 103)

He further writes, "The great luminous cloud or ball of dull-red fire--fiery-red in the mornings and evenings, and during the day giving off a beautiful white light, 'The Smoky God,'--is seemingly suspended in the center of the great vacuum 'within' the earth, and held to its place by the immutable law of gravitation..."

"The base of this electrical cloud or central luminary, the seat of the gods, is dark and non-transparent, save for innumerable small openings, seemingly in the bottom of the great support or altar of the Deity, upon which 'The Smoky God' rests; and, the lights shining through these many openings twinkle at night in all their splendor, and seem to be stars, as natural as the stars we saw shining when in our home at Stockholm, excepting that they appear larger. 'The Smoky God,' therefore, with each daily revolution of the earth, appears to come up in the east and go down in the west, the same as does our sun on the external surface. In reality, the people 'within' believe that 'The Smoky God' is the throne of their Jehovah, and is stationary. The effect of night and day is, therefore, produced by the earth's daily rotation." (THE SMOKY GOD, pp. 108-110)

The apparent size of our sun is ½ degree. The moon is only slightly larger in apparent size and thus can eclipse the sun. On the other hand, if the interior sun is 600 miles in diameter and is 3,000 miles from the inner surface of the planet, it's apparent size would be 11.5 degrees viewing it from the interior surface -- 23 times bigger than the apparent size of our outer sun or moon. If you took a 5 inch disk you would need to move it 25 inches from your eyes to give you the apparent size of the inner sun. So the inner sun would appear to fill more of the sky than does our outer sun. As such, the bright side of the inner sun would appear to come out in the morning on the east side of the inner sun's disk, move across the face of the disk and disappear on the west side of the disk of the inner sun in the evening.  Thus, the effect of night and day is given in Our Hollow Earth – just as it is on our outer world except the Inner Sun still gives of heat at night although less heat, and much less light.

Olaf reported that the inner earth inhabitants “worshiped” this Inner Sun, and said that it was the throne of Jehovah.  In my study, I have concluded that this Inner Sun is the location of the Heaven of this earth.

In the Genesis account of creation, the Lord spoke to Moses saying,

"In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth."

Notice that "heaven" here is singular. So Our Hollow Earth does have a heaven.  It is the central sun inside the hollow of the earth.  It is also the physical location of Paradise in the spirit world of this earth.  It is the “light” that lit up on the first day of creation.  The Bible calls it the “firmament” or “heaven” and was located in the midst of the waters above it and below it on the inner surface of the planet.     

"And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven.”

According to the Bible, God lives in "everlasting burnings" (Isaiah 33:14), which reads,

"The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites. Who among us shall DWELL WITH THE DEVOURING FIRE? WHO AMONG US SHALL DWELL WITH EVERLASTING BURNING?: He that walketh righteously, and speaketh uprightly; he that despiseth the gain of oppressions, that stayeth his hand from holding of bribes, that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil: He shall dwell on high..."

Joseph Smith, the American prophet taught,

"The angels do not reside on a planet like this earth; But they reside in the presence of God, on a globe like a SEA OF GLASS AND FIRE, where all things for their glory are manifest, past, present, and future, and are continually before the Lord."

"The place where God resides is a great Urim and Thummim."

"This earth, in its sanctified and immortal state, will be made like unto crystal and will be a Urim and Thummim to the inhabitants who dwell thereon, whereby all things pertaining to an inferior kingdom, or all kingdoms of a lower order, will be manifest to those who dwell on it; and this earth will be Christ's." (D&C 130:6-9)

I have thus concluded that our Inner Sun is a crystal ball, and is probably hollow also.

Indications that our outer sun is also a crystal ball, is the fact that it has a very strong magnetic field.  Astronomers believe stars are gaseous and planets have liquid interiors so they cannot explain the observed magnetic fields in suns or planets.  From the Scientific American comes this significant confession: "In 1934, Thomas G. Cowling of the University of Leeds in England proved that single, symmetrical fluid flows cannot generate magnetic fields...Astronomers cannot explain the galaxies or solar magnetic fields." (Mystery of the Missing Dynamo, Scientific American, p. 24, January 1995)

In order for the sun to have a strong magnetic field, it would have to be hollow with a solid shell and an inner sun inside of it that is also a solid crystal – the shell rotating at a different rate than the inner body.  So I did a calculation of the mass of the sun to see if it could have a solid shell.  Indeed, the calculation showed that if the sun has a shell that is 10% of the diameter of the sun in thickness – it would have a density of 2.86 gm/cc – which is about the density of glass with a few impurities.  So the sun has a solid surface.  In fact, it has been recognized that the sun has a cooler surface than it's upper atmosphere.  The sun has also been discovered to have
coronal holes at its poles.

In a book written by Phoebe Marie Holmes in 1933, she tells of her visit to the Celestial City of God within our outer hollow Sun.

Phoebe describes how she was taken in the Spirit by angels to the "heart of the Sun" where the New Jerusalem is being built.  It will be brought to earth after the earth's resurrection when the earth becomes celestialized and becomes the abode of the righteous.  Since it is so big, 1,500 miles long, wide and high, it will probably take the place of the earth's inner sun.  Christ, on his Sermon on the Mount said the "meek" shall inherit the earth, and indeed they will.  A mansion is being built there right now for each of us, in the New Jerusalem, by our good and noble actions here on earth.  Phoebe was taken to visit her unfinished mansion by the angels of God, where she found her husband, who had already passed on.  She then was brought back to earth to finish her life's work.

Interestingly enough, Phoebe reported the city in the Sun is the New Jerusalem, as described by the Apostle John in the Book of Revelations Chapter 21, and as I had concluded, is a giant terraced "mountain" with a square bottom -- having a pyramid shape.  Perhaps the ancient Meso-Americans, Chinese and Egyptians knew the New Jerusalem would be like a pyramid, and so built their temples with that shape.

Also, as I had concluded in Chapter 8 of my book, the angels told Phoebe that the Sun is a giant crystal.  Scientists, on the other hand, claim the Sun is entirely gaseous.  But if it is hollow and has a shell thickness 10% of its planetary diameter, that would give the Sun's shell a density of 2.86 gm/cc, and so would have a solid surface.  Glass has a density of 2.6 gm/cc.  And it's not hot inside as scientists claim either, but a nice warmth is provided for the celestial city suspended within the Sun's hollow interior.  You can get Phoebe Marie Holmes book, "My Visit To The Sun"  at

In my research, I have concluded that the Inner Sun inside Our Hollow Earth is the Heaven of this earth – the “paradise” where the spirits of the righteous go at death to await the resurrection.  Christ told the thief on the cross, "Today shalt thou be with me in paradise," (Luke 23:43), and earlier He had told the Pharisees, "For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights IN THE HEART OF THE EARTH." (Mathew 12:40), and the Apostle Paul wrote of Christ saying, "Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high (referring to the ascension into heaven after his resurrection)...Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also DESCENDED FIRST INTO THE LOWER PARTS OF THE EARTH?..." (Ephesians 4:8,9)

Our earth is a living body. And just as our physical human bodies have spirit bodies in the same form and likeness of our physical bodies, so does the earth have a spirit body in the same shape and form as the physical world. The earth's spirit body is the spirit world – the habitation of the spirits of all who die.  The scriptures indicate that at death, the spirits of the wicked are “cast down to hell.” So somewhere inside the earth Paradise and Hell must be separated by a space – the hollow in the earth.  Indeed, Luke calls this separation “a great gulf.”

Abraham told the rich man in hell that between him and Lazarus (who was in Paradise) there was a great gulf fixed so that none could go from Paradise to Hell or from Hell to Paradise. Abraham said, "And beside all this, between us and you there is a GREAT GULF FIXED: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence." (Luke 16:26)

So the scriptures in describing the spirit world of this earth describe a
hollow earth.  We can thus conclude that since the spirit bodies of living beings have the same shape and form as their physical bodies, this earth being a living entity, also has it's physical body in the same shape and form as it’s spirit body – which the scriptures describe as being hollow – the location of Paradise being in the “heart of the earth” separated from Hell in the shell by a “great gulf” – the hollow of the earth.

When we reach Inner Earth on our upcoming expedition Voyage to Our Hollow Earth, we will have the opportunity to ask the inner earth inhabitants concerning their beliefs that will confirm this conclusion that the Heaven of this earth is the Inner Sun, and that the lost Garden of Eden is located on the inner surface of our planet within Our Hollow Earth.

Another item of interest we will be able to investigate with our friends of Inner Earth is that of the age of the earth.  Scientists claim the earth is millions of years old.  However, if we are to believe the Bible, and other scripture, scientists must be mistaken in their estimates -- which they have conjured up to support their false and evil theory of Organic Evolution -- which has been used by the Illuminati to replace belief in God in our educational institutions.  This is important because it is from God that we obtain all our rights and freedoms.  Organic Evolution has changed this to a belief in No God and that all our rights come from the State so that the Illuminati can then subject us to their godless governments -- because if our rights come from God, no-one can take them away from us.  But if our rights come from the State, then whoever is in power can take those rights away from us and we are their slaves.  Our Founding documents state clearly that our rights come from God and cannot be taken away from us -- because we, the people, are the sovereigns, and our servants in the government must follow our constitution and do what we tell them to do, not the other way around.

We, the people, have paid good money to our servants in the government, to tell us the truth about Our Hollow Earth -- and they have

not.  Therefore, it remains to us to prove it exists -- by going there.

As to the scriptural age of the earth, the earth was created by Jesus Christ in His premortal existence state as “Jehovah,” in 6 days of the Lord – which are defined as being 1,000 earth years long (2 Peter 3:8, Abraham, 3:4).  The planet where God resides, Kolob, according to the ancient text found in Egypt called the Book of Abraham, and translated by the American Prophet, Joseph Smith -- is located in the center of our galaxcy, and is the largest star in the Milky Way Galaxcy.  It is actually a double star system -- both stars being of equal size.  These controlling stars rotate at a rate of once every 1,000 earth years -- which is a "Day" of the Lord.  Our earth was created in six Days of the Lord -- which comes to 6,000 original earth years. 

And God is still operating on the 1,000 earth years = one Day of the Lord.  In the Book of Revelation it talks about 7 seals representing 7,000 years of earth’s temporal existence that occurred after the fall of Adam when the earth and all that is on and in it became mortal -- subject to death (
D&C 77).  According to Biblical chronology, Adam fell and was expelled from the Garden of Eden with his wife Eve for having disobeyed God in partaking of the forbidden fruit – about 4,000 years before Christ.  There have been just over 2,000 years since Christ, so that now we are in the beginning of the 7th millennium since the fall. 

Even as Jehovah rested from His labors of creation in the first 7 thousand years – the 7th day of the Lord’s creation period -- on the first Sabbath, we are now in the 2nd Sabbath of the Lord.  The scriptures say that the Lord Jesus Christ will come to reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the beginning of this 7th millennium – at his Second Coming in glory, which I estimate to be in October of the year 2020 – the half hour (Lord's time) of silence before the face of the Lord is revealed to all mankind at His Coming (
D&C 88:95).  Then in the 8th millennium – on the Lord’s Day – the earth will die and be resurrected to immoral glory for the righteous “meek” to inherit with Christ – just as Christ himself was resurrected on Sunday – the eighth day.  The earth's destiny is to become a Celestial Kingdom of God to be inhabited by the righteous followers of Christ.  Although the earth will die, it will be resurrected together with all the righteous Saints of God -- and will shine like the Sun with immortal glory.

I have received an interesting email from a Hollow Earth contactee in South America, regarding our expedition to Our Hollow Earth.  We have been assured that we have done good research and will be welcomed by the people of Inner Earth and met at the North Polar Opening and escorted in by one of their space craft.  All those voyagers that want to stay in Our Hollow Earth may, and those that want to return to outer earth will be permitted to do so.  You can read the email on my website, on my New Items page,
Interesting Hollow Earth Emails.

If you are interested in joining our expedition, paid for, and sponsored by ONLY we, the people of outer earth on a friendly visit to Our Hollow Earth on the Russian nuclear icebreaker, the Yamal, you are encouraged to contact Steve Currey at your earliest convenience to book your passage and reserve your cabin.

You can find a full color expedition brochure in Adobe PDF format online at

Join us today on our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth!

Next Year In Eden,

Rodney M. Cluff, author
World Top Secret:  Our Earth Is Hollow!



Steve C. Currey, President
Steve Currey's Expedition Company

To reserve your place on the Voyage to Our Hollow Earth expedition cruise, call Steve Currey toll free at 1-800-937-7238, or fill out and mail in the reservation form on his website at:


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Steve or write him at


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Respetado/a Amigo/a:

Mi nombre es Marcelo G. Martorelli. Soy Profesor y Director General de Fundación PEA (PAZ, ECOLOGÍA & ARTE)  la cual es una ONG que llevamos adelante desde hace casi 7 años con mi esposa y un bellísimo grupo de amigos trabajando en Educación con niños, adolescentes y público en Gral dedicada a la Educación para la Paz, la Ecología y el Arte.

Nuestro trabajo Institucional en...  www.fundacionpea.org 

Es tan conmocionante los acontecimientos que están sucediendo en un Orden Planetario, Social e Individual que como bien comprenderás, pocos podrán entender verdaderamente la enorme proyección y magnitud de este proceso que intentaré compartir lo mas claramente posible al dejar expuesta a toda la humanidad a un nuevo "Paradigma Geográfico y Social", que este fantástico desafío puede disparar.

Dados los acontecimientos que vienen sucediendo y la excesiva "SINCRONICIDAD", sé positivamente que pocos podrán comprender completamente este proceso, pero de todas formas, debo intentarlo. Sé también que muy pocos comprendieron en su tiempo a Giordano Bruno, Copérnico, Colón, etc.,por ello considero muy importante colaborar Informando a la Humanidad ya que es a ella a quien pertenece nuestro posible descubrimiento.

¿Que pensarías si te dijera, que dentro de la Tierra, existe un Continente totalmente desconocido e inexplorado por el Hombre?

¿Que pensarías si te dijera que dentro de nuestro Planeta existe una Civilización Antiquísima, muchísimo mas avanzada que la nuestra que habita en este Continente Interno de la Tierra?

Desde tiempos inmemoriales la Humanidad ha enfrentado Grandes Misterios. El Hombre se ha visto expuesto a todo tipo de desafíos, ha posado sus ojos en las Estrellas, ha salido de su Planeta y ha puesto sus pies en la Luna.

Intentará sin duda en un futuro no muy lejano alcanzar otros Planetas y tocar las Estrellas.

La Humanidad siempre se ha visto conmocionada por el Misterio del Espacio, y por el desafío que éste representa para el Hombre.

Sin embargo muy cerca de él, bajo sus pies, un Antiquísimo Legado descansa pacientemente, un Milenario Misterio, profundo y revelador, tan desafiante como alcanzar las estrellas, tan abrumador como posar sus pies en la luna.

Este Desconocido Continente dentro de la Tierra, está entramado por una vastísima Red de Túneles que conectan con decenas de Ciudades Intraterrenas, alguna de ellas habitadas por seres de un altísimo grado de conocimiento, que custodian y preservan la Evolución Planetaria.

Diferentes Culturas de todo el Planeta han legado importantes referencias, acerca de este profundo y revelador Misterio,

¿Existe un Continente dentro de la Tierra?

¿Hay otras Humanidades dentro de nuestro Planeta?

¿Habría bajo nuestros pies civilizaciones más avanzadas que la nuestra?

Trataré de relatarte rápidamente los acontecimientos que me fueron sucediendo. El día 26 de Septiembre de 2003 llegó a mi casa un sobre con un folleto de una expedición turística y científica invitando a la primer Expedición a la Apertura Polar Norte y al Continente Interno de la Tierra, que contará con un grupo de renombrados científicos y psíquicos internacionales quienes trataran de comprobar la Teoría de la Tierra Hueca (Hollow Earth).

CLIQUEAR EN LA IMAGEN para mayor información sobre la Expedición.

Contacté inmediatamente a Steve Currey, Organizador de la Expedición, le comenté del material relacionado que tenía, y tambien que disponía de unos mapas muy especiales sobre el tema. A la semana siguiente, de la manera mas increíble me llama desde E.E.U.U. que venia para Buenos Aires a encontrarse conmigo, que había visto todo mi trabajo en la web, y que lo consideraba de lo mejor sobre el tema en nuestro país. No lo podía creer, era lo mas maravilloso y lo mas fuerte que me habia pasado en toda mi vida. Finalmente, y luego de un sinfin de "SINCRONICIDADES" tengo que confesarte amigo mio, que lloré de alegría por una semana seguida.. Y todavía lo sigo haciendo, por el inmenso agradecimiento que siento al ver manifestado el mas grande de todos mis Sueños.


Solo puedo decirles que desde que recibí la invitación:

"Cada DIA de mi vida, es el DIA mas feliz de mi vida"

En esta carta encontrarás mas información...

Respetados Amigos:

En nombre mío personal y de todo el equipo de www.erks.org desde lo mas profundo de nuestra Alma y nuestro Corazón Sinceramente, "Infinitas Gracias... Steve Currey & Rodney Cluff, por dar esta enorme oportunidad al Género Humano".


Gracias también por estar ahí, educando en Valores, investigando y soñando con el Nuevo Mundo, con un Mundo Mejor, como yo lo he hecho durante toda mi vida.


Demás esta decirles lo importante e impactante que es para mi y nuestro equipo recibir semejante noticia, como algo que siempre soñábamos pero que solo estaba relegado a nuestra imaginación.


Ahora se que existe una concreta y real posibilidad de que nuestro sueño pueda ser una revolucionaria realidad.


Al grano. La cantidad de coincidencias significativas es abrumadora. Sin lugar a duda esta oportunidad, resonó en mi interior  como el cierre de todo un profundo proceso de Transformación, Expansión de la Conciencia y Servicio que venimos realizando desde hace ya mucho tiempo.


Me he entrenado en observar atentamente esas profundas intervenciones de la Inteligencia de la Naturaleza que ajusta nuestros Destinos claramente, produciendo Sincronicidad e Interconectividad en nuestras vidas para poder alinearnos aun más a un Orden Cósmico Mayor.


Siempre supe en mi corazón que debía realizar el viaje físico a nuestra Tierra Interna, pero que primero debía aprender a relacionarme y a conocer mi propio Mundo Interno y desde allí tomar conciencia que sin este requisito, ellos jamás nos dejarían acceder a su Mundo Interno de la Tierra en el Plano Físico.


Hace unos pocos días atrás, justo el día antes de recibir el sobre del Milagro, como me gusta llamarlo, escribí:


"El Llamado de la Tierra Interna" Parte lll:  www.erks.org/homellamado.htm


No me cabía la menor duda, durante 20 años de mi vida, me he dedicado a investigar apasionadamente las civilizaciones desaparecidas, y en especial todo lo referido a: Shambhala, Agharta y ERKS (Ciudad Intraterrena Argentina ubicada debajo del Cerro Uritorco en la provincia de Córdoba).


Quien escribe fue uno de los convocados que estuvo presente allí, cuando fui invitado por el Dr. Ángel Acouglanis descubridor de la Ciudad Intraterrena de ERKS, en donde comenzó lo que marcó mi vida para siempre, allá por 1986. Hace casi 7 años Dirijo paralelamente el desarrollo de estos sitios Web.









Hace 7 años tuve casi un mes de Alta Sincronicidad en la cual me fue legado un material absolutamente ORIGINAL que data del año 1929 que es perteneciente al pintor y explorador Ruso Nicholas Roerich y Al Dr. Ricardo Rojas (prócer Argentino), que revela sucesos totalmente desconocidos para la sociedad que no daré a conocer hasta llegado el momento.


La evolución y transformación de mi vida continuo su proceso, hasta que nuevamente un flujo mas intenso todavía de coincidencias significativas se apoderó de mi nuevamente y me fue legado de una forma extremadamente extraña, hace 5 años, un juego de tres mapas totalmente diferentes entre si, del Interior de la Tierra Interna.


El fin de semana del 4 y 5 de Octubre de 2003 luego de una cantidad abrumadora de Sincronicidades, vino a visitarnos a la Argentina un ser Humano verdaderamente extraordinario, un serio y respetado profesional, nuestro amigo Steve Currey quien es el organizador de la Expedición a la Tierra Interna, con quien compartimos diversa información correspondiente.


Nuestra sorpresa fue conmocionante cuando descubrimos, que los mapas que estaban en mi poder completaban claramente los mapas que Steve tenia tornándose necesarios para poder acceder con menor riesgo dentro de nuestra Tierra Interna y realizar el viaje con total éxito.


Todo fue y va Sincronizando en forma vertiginosa e increíble sin duda podría decirles que ya se acerca el Tiempo, de completar la Masa Critica necesaria para que pueda introducirse en la Humanidad el nuevo paradigma que esta 1er Expedición al Mundo Interno de la Tierra pueda revelar a nuestro regreso.


¿Puede imaginar amigo lector, lo que puede suceder en la humanidad toda a nuestro regreso, de ser permitido nuestro acceso al Mundo Interno de la Tierra Físicamente?.


Un sueño de hace 20 años ha comenzado a hacerse una verdadera realidad, la aventura recién comienza...



Y por supuesto también Infinitas Gracias señor lector por estar ahí desde siempre acompañando nuestro trabajo y nuestros sueños mas preciados.

Intentaré en lo posible ir relatando los sucesos paso a paso no deje de chequear nuestras actualizaciones en esta web y nuestras actividades a realizar próximamente.


Hermanados en el Arcano Conocimiento

Prof. Marcelo Martorelli (Eshael)


Buenos Aires

Capital - Argentina



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