The City Inside the Earth's Inner Sun
Note: The information contained in this article is speculative and may or may not be accurate.

Not only is the Earth hollow with an inner central sun, but this inner sun itself is hollow, and contains the inner island city paradise of our planetary God or Logos. This island/city is patterned after the island/city inside our solar system Sun which is in turn patterned after the Galactic and Universal Island City.

Every cosmic center, whether it be galactic, solar, or planetary, has this central island/city at its core. It's the the ruling center of that cosmic system, linked to all of the other centers in the great heiarchy of Creation.

The dimensions of this island or city can easily be calculated when we understand that all of the cosmos works on a system of twelve. Not only are there twelve heiarchies in the Creation and twelve planets and planes in our solar system, but each is divided or separated by a factor of twelve, as will be explained and depicted.

The Earth planet is 7920 miles in diameter. When you divide this by 12 you get 660 miles or the diameter of Earth's inner central sun. Divide 660 by 12 and you get 55 miles or the length of the Island City inside the Earth's inner Sun. Divide this by 12 and you get 4.583 miles or the length of the City of our planetary God at the center of the Island. Divide this by 12 and you get 2016 ft or the area of the Palatial Grounds. Divide this by 12 and you get 168 feet or the length of the Palace or actual residence of our planetary God. Divide this by 12 and you get 14 feet or the height of the Throne in the Palace as well the King Himself!

This seven-fold division or multiplication of 12 can be done on any planet or heavenly body.

In summary...

1. Earth's diameter
7920 miles
(divide by 12)
2. Earth's Inner Sun
660 miles
(divide by 12)
3. Island Paradise
55 miles
(divide by 12)
4. The City of God
4.6 miles
(divide by 12)
5. Palace Grounds
2016 feet
(divide by 12)
6. The Palace or Habitation
168 feet
(divide by 12)
7. God/King Himself
14 feet

Our hollow planet containing our hollow inner sun and the island city

enlargement of the island city

In her book, My Visit To The Sun(1933), Phoebe Marie Holmes takes an astral journey to the New Jerusalem city inside our solar system Sun. This is the "Father's House" where Jesus and His servants and angels currently live and from where they will come to govern the Earth at the appointed time. The City is built on a terraced mountain and is surrounded by twelve walls 1200 feet high and 100 miles apart just as described in John's Revelation. It is made of gold and jewels and precious stone and contains many mansions or abodes for all those who have successfully departed this Earth -or any of the other planets in our solar system.

an artist's conception of the New Jerusalem

In the Urantia book(1955), we are introduced to the Eternal Isle of Paradise, the central and guiding structure of the Creation itself, around which are the twenty-one Paradise spheres and the one billion Havona(graduation) worlds, followed by the the seven Super Universes -the 7th of which is Orvonton or our Milky Way galaxy. At the edge of Orvonton is Nebadon(local system of stars) containing Satania, a system of stars containing 666 planets -of which Urantia(Earth) is part. The central Isle of Paradise is an oblong disc of immeasurable size capable of sustaining all of the perfected souls of Creation, past, present, and future. It is the model or pattern for all other central paradises, including the Earth's, and is our ultimate home or destination.

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