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Chupacabras: And Other Mysteries
Chupacabras: And Other Mysteries (Paperback)
by Scott Corrales (Author) "For more than a century now, Puerto Rican peasants have sung fervently: Libranos, senor, de este terrible animal! (Deliver us, Lord, from this terrible beast.)..." (more)
Key Phrases: paranormal predator, mutilated animals, animal mutilations, Puerto Rico, San Juan, Jorge Martin (more...)
6 customer reviews (6 customer reviews)  

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Chupacabras: And Other Mysteries Cryptozoology A To Z: The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature
Buy Together Today: $28.10

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Editorial Reviews
Book Description
Chupacabras and Other Mysteries is a nonfiction work by a veteran bilingual researcher who answers the public outcry for more information on the "goat sucker" that has been mutilating animals and terrorizing the residents of Puerto Rico and other countries around the Gulf of Mexico, and about UFO encounters, government cover-ups, shape shifters, Bigfoot, and other mysteries. Photo section, notes, bibliography, index.

Product Details

      Inside This Book (learn more)
      First Sentence:
      For more than a century now, Puerto Rican peasants have sung fervently: Libranos, senor, de este terrible animal! (Deliver us, Lord, from this terrible beast.) Read the first page
      Key Phrases - Statistically Improbable Phrases (SIPs): (learn more)
      paranormal predator, mutilated animals, animal mutilations, cattle mutilations, puncture marks
      Key Phrases - Capitalized Phrases (CAPs): (learn more)
      Puerto Rico, San Juan, Jorge Martin, Puerto Rican, Civil Defense, Mayor Soto, Don Julio, New Mexico, Aguas Buenas, Latin American, South America, Mexico City, Dominican Republic, Salvador Freixedo, Air Force, Brother Carmelo, Laguna Cartagena, Lara Palmeros, San Lorenzo, United States, Elieser Rivera, Lomas del Viento, San Luis Potosi, Toa Baja, Vega Baja
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      Customer Reviews
      6 Reviews
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      Most Helpful Customer Reviews

      9 of 10 people found the following review helpful:
      ..., July 13, 2003
      By  Joe N. Ferguson II (Monticello, Indiana United States) - See all my reviews
      (REAL NAME)   
      I must admit I bought this book as a rather light read. I expected to be finished within a few months. Bathroom material only. However as I got past the first chapter I began to read it more steadily. AFter only three days of owning the book I had read the entirety of the book and had began to search for small details. Anyone interested in Chupacabras or crypto-zoology, or even "Goblin universe" phenomena should check this book out. It reads easily and has a very nice style. I thought something would be lost in the translation, however I do not think so. All ideas are given a footing here (although not always equal) and it makes the mystery of Chupacabras very intriguing.
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      3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
      Very enlightening look into the Chupacabra phenomena, March 17, 2006
      I must admit that I didn't really know that much about the Chupacabras phenomena before reading this book and what little I did know was apparently wrong (thanks to the "El Mundo Gira" episode of the X-Files). Although some of the phenomena shown in that episode does bear a very loose resemblance to some of the things which people witnessed and were reported on this book. This is a well written and very enjoyable book on a very complex topic. Here's a way to generalize the topic: imagine the Jersey Devil phenomena plus all the W.V. Mothman happenings occuring in Puerto Rico with John Keel reporting on it. The author writes in a style similar to Keel and much like The Mothman Prophecies, there are a lot of highly strange things going on in a relatively isolated area. I read "Phantom in the Pines" about the Jersey Devil prior to reading this book and was surprised at the similarity between the Chupacabra and the Jersey Devil. I am a cautious skeptic on some of these sightings and about Cryptozoology in general; but, I very strongly feel that the majority of people do "see" something. I'm not sure whether it's perceptional differences between persons or that some people truly have the ability to see things that others can't see. Then again, the Chupacabra phenomena could be the result of military experiments....the entire time that I read this book I could hear "Biotech is Godzilla" by Sepultura playing in my head. Regardless, this is a very good read and well worth the time.
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      2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
      A great work on the chupacabras, straight from the source, December 31, 2006
      Chupacabras and Other Mysteries by Scott Corrales was an excellent read. As the title suggests, this book focuses on the chupacabras, and its infamous exploits around Central America.

      The most outstanding feature of this book is, undoubtedly, the source of the information. The events detailed here occurred primarily in the South and Central Americas, in what are predominantly Spanish speaking countries. We English speaking earthlings from the north face two levels of difficulty in obtaining these extraordinary reports: The first, and most obvious, is that the accounts are natively documented in Spanish. Furthermore, there is a general lack of interest demonstrated by the northern media in publishing such events occurring in other parts of the globe. To put it another way, the stories here are rather unlikely to reach the English speaking nations of the world, and even if they did, you would need to speak Spanish to read them! Well, thanks to Scott Corrales, these barriers have been lifted. His work concentrates on translating and interpreting this valuable information into easily readable English. These are not your old rehashed tales from the States; these are fresh accounts which should grab the interest of any paranormal researcher. Furthermore, the text does not feel like a rough translation; it holds its own on a technical level and appears to be well edited.

      The depth of information in the book certainly adds to its value. It includes data from a variety of sources: indirect reports from researchers, first hand interview quotation, and direct entries from local news publications. At over 200 pages, this is not a cursory treatment of the chupacabras. The book really leaves you with a feel for the phenomena, and cements a lot of the bizarre details that are only often touched upon in more terse texts. Thankfully, the author trys to cover all the bases, and presents plenty of varying theories about the phenomenon at hand. Rather than telling you what to think, Corrales just presents as wide a body of information as he can, and lets you do the critical thinking. The inclusion of a few photos are a nice touch, although I wish they had a couple more pictures of the actual victims of the chupacabras (morbid as that may be, as evidence it's invaluable).

      A final point worthy of merit is that Mr. Corrales is not your run of the mill armchair investigator. He has worked on location as both an investigator and an interviewer. Although the majority of the book's text is the result of the direct research of others, it speaks to the character and qualification of the author that he has dedicated his time and talents to researching the field of which he's now writing.

      As good as the book is, it also had a few shortcomings, none of which were major, but which I felt worth noting here. First of all, the wealth of information mentioned above gets dry in a few places. One chapter focuses exclusively on chronological snippets from a news publication that documented the day-by-day exploits of the chupacabras, usually telling little more for a given day than the victim and what animals were attacked. Although it has the positive effect of giving the reader an unprecedented view of the breadth of the phenomenon, it gets pretty redundant after the first couple pages.

      Furthermore, the book does not flow very well between chapters, and it is hard to discern order from the arrangement of the information. Each chapter, as a self contained entity, is valuable and usually moves smoothly, but I often found myself wondering how I got from one chapter to the next. A couple chapters focused on specific months of the year, but none of the other chapters are chronologically organized. One chapter is snippets from a news source, another is an interview with witnesses, and yet others span events over longer time periods or locations.

      My final complaint is the "Other Mysteries" portion of the title. As it suggests, Corrales dedicates a couple of the final chapters to paranormal events other than the chupacabras itself. Again, the information in itself isn't a bad thing. In fact, as it too is from the hard to access southern nations, it is actually interesting and fresh material for the reader. My qualm is that it's just plain out of place in a book that's 85% dedicated to one beast. It has the feeling of being padding to the text, and personally I wish Corrales would have created a separate book for these stories, rather than tacking it on here and making it feel like an afterthought.

      All in all, Chupacabras and Other Mysteries is a highly recommendable read. It brings previously inaccessible information to the English speaking public in a way that is comfortably readable. Any paranormal researcher is likely to get something new and interesting here. If you think you know the chupacabras from reading a page or two here or there, chances are you've got a lot to learn!
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      A Good Book
      I fealt that Chupacabras and Other Mysteries was a good book if your into it. It had some loco information on the feared bloodsucker. Read more
      Published on June 13, 2001 by Joey

      Exposes the Chupacabras creature! (revised review)
      The Chupacabras remains a paranormal phenomenon not well understood where it appears, and even less so with interested US readers. Read more
      Published on July 21, 1999

      First substantive work in English on the Chupacabras.
      The Chupacabras remains a paranormal phenomenon not well understood where it appears, and even less so with interested US readers. Read more
      Published on September 26, 1998

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