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By Bill Chalker

Selected Bibliography Of Bill Chalker's Writings

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"Beyond the CE3 down under - Notes on the apparent absence of contact, time lapse and abduction cases in Australia", 1977, UFO conference paper, Surfers Paradise, Qld, UFOCON 3.

"The Macleay UFO Window", in 2 parts, Psychic Australian, March & April, 1977 (re Kempsey, NSW, flap area. "UFOs - the psychic connection - an Australian Perspective", Psychic Australian", January, 1977 1976:

"UFOs - the psychic connection", Psychic Australian, December, 1976 "Road hazard down under", Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 22, No.5, 1976

"The Tyringham-Dundurrabin UFO Flap", report held in UFOIC and personal files (also covered in APRO Bulletin and Official UFO magazine during 1976). 1975:

"The UFO Flap - a context for scientific study", 1975, UFO conference paper (UFOCON ONE). 1973:

"Tractor driver under "cold scrutiny" by UFO", Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 19, No.5, Sept. Oct. 1973

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Bibliography Of Bill Chalker's Writings

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