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The critics and scoffers are quick to ask about where the bones are whenever the topic of Bigfoot comes up. Famous anthropologist Dr. Louis Leakey when asked about Bigfoot replied, “Show me the bones.” That reply could have been predicted. Well, there should be plenty of evidence but strangely it’s missing.  Plenty of graves, bones, and burials have been noted.  So, why no proof?  Seems all evidence mysteriously disappears or cannot be located again.
If you find something be sure to get photos and a receipt before taking it to be identified.   Biologist Dr. Bindernagel said, “…they are waiting for an actual body to turn up, dead or alive.”
Anthropologist Dr. Grover Krantz said, “I have spent a good deal of time trying to track down stories of enormous jaws and other bones, only to find that the specimen either was quite normal or else it could not be located.”
You should keep in mind that in nature, dead critters do not last long. There is a long line of things looking for a free meal.  After the larger types; bears, cougars, and ravens, then things like porcupines come to eat the bones for calcium.  Finally, even microbes and ants attack the tiny remnants.
It is not so strange then that many people suspect some sort of conspiracy or perhaps a rich collector offering cash for specimens.  So, maybe a partial inventory is in order, but please readers, keep your “skepticals” on for all of these reports.
Your author took a Western Bigfoot Society expedition to Mount St. Helens in Washington in 1998 to search pumice and ash ravines for BF remains that might have perished in the 1980 eruption when 57 people were killed. We had no success this time finding any bones though. Hikers should always be aware of bones possibly washing out along streams and rivers. Perhaps as a National Guard helicopter pilot once said, he had seen a family of six or seven Bigfoot traveling southwest from Mount St. Helens two days before the blast. Joel said that after the blast the area was crawling with Forest Service people, wildlife people, and scientists, all collecting evidence.  There were a lot of animal corpses; deer, elk, bear, and Bigfoot, all stacked in huge piles.  Maybe; but more about Mount St. Helens later.
John Green said that a couple working a trap line in the interior of British Columbia found a partial possible Bigfoot skeleton on the Toba River.  The bones were too heavy to carry, so the wife packed out a lower jawbone and kept it in their house for ten years, when it finally burned and the jaw was lost.
Vic said his uncle had found a Bigfoot skull by Antelope Flat near Lakeview, Oregon.  Taken to a Portland college, it was completely taken apart into pieces before being returned. There was a report, but that was the end of it and the uncle was miffed.
Dr. Morgan was backpacking in the Minaret Mountains, California, when his mule kicked up an unusual skullcap. He was at a boggy area near Hemlock Crossing, on the North Fork of the San Joaquin River.  The calvarium (top of the skull) had some unusual features and was sent to UCLA anthropologists who said it was from a young Indian, put it in storage, and it was never seen again.  Wonder if somebody bought it?
The British Columbia museum was said to have a huge jawbone but it had been crated and also lost in the museum archives.
Ivan Sanderson reported that Bigfoot bones shipped to the Wrexham Museum in England have evaporated, as no trace of them was ever found later.
Bill said three scientific aides and a biologist of Fish and Game, Region 1, Eureka, found bones of two adults and a juvenile Bigfoot. The FBI was notified and took the bones. A judge declared a gag order on disclosure of the find.  That’s strange.
Alan Landsburg said that a huge skeleton was washed out of a riverbank on Shushwap Island, British Columbia.  The eight foot skeleton had huge teeth in the skull.  Alan also said he saw at a college museum in Dublin, Ireland, an 8’6” skeleton.
Carene reports that a witness saw a small group of Bigfoot carrying huge bones in Northern, California. The four creatures walked in single file with a huge four foot bleached white bone balanced over its shoulder. The others also carried bones, but they were smaller.  Four feet?
There were three bodies reported in Morgan Lakes, off the Santiam Hwy, Oregon. The giant white bones were said to be four to six feet under water. It was once speculated that mysterious holes in lake ice might have been used by Bigfoot as a winter burial.
Dr. Bryan, University of Alberta, took good photos of a beetle-browed skull in Brazil.  Returning to study further it had of course, disappeared.
Ron reports that there is a report that some rich fellow shot a Bigfoot, sent the body to a taxidermist, and the Bigfoot is in some kind of east coast country club (skepticals on please).  Also it is said that uranium millionaire Steen had one of the giant skulls that he used as an ashtray.
So, are there bodies to be found?  Here are some possible road kill examples; maybe a few natural ones also. Near Happy Camp, California, John Green said two young girls saw a dead Bigfoot along a road in the woods. It was pretty rotted, the face gone and ribs showing, but the hands had dark fingernails – primates have fingernails.  “”Peee-yuu” on that, why would they get that close?
Peter Byrne said that two fishermen found a dead Bigfoot along a trail near Penticton, British Columbia. The corpse was rotting, and they heard something moving in the brush, and thinking it was another live Bigfoot protecting its dead mate’s body, or a bear, they left. Ten days later wildlife people could find nothing but a stain (amazing).  Byrne dug up the site later, but found nothing.  Maybe the companion Bigfoot buried the body?  But why not before it was rotting then?
Some boys out skiing found a dead seven foot Bigfoot near Electric Peak, Gardner, Montana.  It was decomposed and partly covered by a rock avalanche. The pelvis was crushed and the skull missing (headhunters).
Local newspapers report the finding of a decayed skeleton in what is now East Wheeling, West Virginia. The skeleton was 10 feet 9 inches tall.  When three bullets were found in the skull it was dismissed as a hoax (maybe a Capone execution).
Near Great Falls, Montana, Hiram said his dog brought in a body part – the foot to the hip was man-shaped and had flat toe-nails. It was given to a local college, but they did not return it and did not know what it was.  The dog found another portion of the possible Bigfoot, but it was so smelly that Hiram buried it in a plastic bag – coyotes dug it up for a tasty meal.  The Great Falls Tribune called it, “The Beast’s Foot.”
At Pybus Bay near Ketchikan, Alaska, a man found two dried out corpses, two to three feet tall with big jaws and big canine teeth, and with some skin and hair still attached to the bones.  They had been under the snow.  Called baby Koostikay’s, he would not give them to Fish and Game investigators.
A hunter near Roseburg, Oregon, found a dead Bigfoot lying near a stream. He poked and prodded it with no response. It was too heavy to drag out with his companions helping (700-900#). They returned to town to get help, but it was gone when they returned. They did find tracks of another BF, and the corpse was not dragged it was carried away.
From a Bob Slaughter book.  T-Jean reports a 400# Bigfoot shot by hunters with a dog pack and buried in an old well 20 miles south of New Orleans near Lafitte. It was an oversize hairy human and they feared they might be prosecuted. The seven foot skeleton with huge canine teeth in a brow-ridged skull was supposedly recovered later by Bob and students of Tulane University where the skeleton was taken afterwards, then sent to Ladonia University. Does not exist – a cover for secrecy? There is a Ladonia in Texas.  The skeleton had a quartz crystal on a chain (sure, sure). Some of the students still live in Lafitte and supposedly have photos.
I do not really know what to make of this report. You judge. Mike said two army buddies hiking in the Copper Mountain area near Brewster, Washington, had witnessed a Bigfoot battle.  There was wood breaking, screams, roars and they saw a twelve-foot Bigfoot and a smaller brown one rolling in the dirt, punching, clawing, and throwing dirt and logs. The little one tripped, and the big one jumped on top and pounded his head with a large rock – killing him. The big one screamed, then tore at the little ones middle, pulling out a handful of guts that he greedily ate.
An elaborate story or are there two types of Bigfoot? Dahinden recorded a Vancouver, British Columbia, tale of one large Bigfoot and a smaller creature with hands tied and on a tether. I once recorded two Bigfoot fighting over entrails in Klamath County, Oregon.
So, there should be bodies from traffic accidents, sure, but whatever happens to them? Interstate-84 in the Columbia Gorge of Oregon/Washington is an obstacle course for the Bigfoot heading for the Columbia River to fish or cross to the Washington blueberry fields. There have been oodles of sightings of live Bigfoot in this area; some even make it across the busy freeway without being hit.
Leroy heard on his scanner that on Highway 35 close to Odell Junction near Hood River, Oregon, a cop had hit a Bigfoot. It totaled the car and the cop was consigned to the hospital.
Craig and wife were on I-84 one half mile west of Cascade Locks, Oregon, when they saw a grey Bigfoot body in a fetal position off the side of the road.
Again Clarisa and her brother were on I-84 thirteen miles east of Hood River, Oregon, and saw a grey Bigfoot body, again in a fetal position only it had a long stretched out arm. The corpse was lying next to the freeway, she was sure it was not a deer or elk, and it was in the westbound lane.  Sounds similar to the previous report.
A year before, my wife Theata and I investigated a similar report from the same area, but could find nothing but Bigfoot tracks on the riverbank. Was this a road kill and somebody or something is picking up the bodies? Nothing is ever seen in the papers. You never hear anything about a probably very interesting news item – conspiracy afoot? Papers seem more interested in a good hoax though.
Near Willows, California, Chambers hit a Bigfoot at Elk Creek on Highway 261 off I-5.  The ten foot animal was gone when he returned two hours later to check.  Survived?  Maybe also carried away by a grieving mate?
Bob’s wife saw in a wooded area on Route-95 in Hartford County, Maryland, a hair covered human being lying in the road as they passed around the emergency vehicles.
Rob called the Art Bell Show and said that he had hit a 700# BF near Ironwood, Michigan, which was squatting in the road while he was doing 70-75 mph (musta’ given him some dents, car and his head).
A logger was barreling off a mountain road with a load of logs, and hit a Bigfoot with the right front side of his Peterbuilt, throwing the ten foot Bigfoot off the road into a ditch.  Two days later the body was gone with only some blood and hair remaining.  It is pretty well known that the carcass of an elk or bear can be completely gone by scavengers within 24 hours.
Here is a fun report.  A southbound Southern Pacific train hit a Bigfoot between Bend and Klamath Falls, Oregon, Mike said.  It was knocked into a canyon near Chemult. The body was said to be of an enormous ape that was stone dead. They did not report it as the crew did not want to be said to be drunk on the job.
Rich said an Amtrak train was at the depot in Omaha, Nebraska, and the front coupler of the lead locomotive was covered with a dark-colored mass of flesh. He thought that it might have been a Bigfoot hit at 80 mph, but the train left before he could collect samples. The crews tell of hitting some kind of animal almost every trip.
Maybe hunters could bring in a body for scientific study.  But they do not seem to have any more luck with a body than other people. Hunters should also be aware of a possible irate mate nearby – lone hunters might not be seen again.  Or, a wounded Bigfoot could wander for miles before finally dying a painful death.
Dr. Krantz tells of a hunter shooting and killing a Bigfoot near Spokane, Washington.  Seems they can be killed by guns, despite some supernatural reports.
Grumley says a hunter in Georgia near the South Carolina border shot-gunned a Bigfoot that was tearing the legs off of sheep and calves. Put in a pickup truck, it was larger than the box, and the reddish-brown corpse was said to be buried under a pile of rocks on the outskirts of town.
Jim said a Bigfoot was shot near Yankton, Oregon. Shot between the eyes four times, and then rolled off the road. Investigators came the next day, but of course the corpse was gone. A mate probably took it as there were tracks of a family group; male, female, and a child (wonder if the Bigfoot was the kid’s favorite uncle?).
Dan was on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon, as a boy. He heard a farmer tell of shooting a Bigfoot that he brought home with him.  That evening several creatures visited and threw boulders at the house and buried it (like at Ape Canyon).  The farmer got away, but the Bigfoot body was taken. The buried house is still visible near the motorcycle track in the town of Warm Springs.
Ray was told by a hunter on the phone that a very large male Bigfoot was shot east of Amboy, Washington, on an old logging road. Ray told him that by law there was a ten thousand dollar fine in Skamania County for killing a Bigfoot. The caller hung up on Ray.  Chuckle – Amboy is actually in Clark County.
A skunk-ape was killing a lady’s animals near Lafollette, Tennessee. The sheriff and his deputies with loud sirens were involved in shooting and killing the screaming Bigfoot just over the hill.  The woman left, afraid to approach the body, and someone, or something, removed the black body from her area in Campbell County.
Perry said a hunter near Green River, Washington, saw a bear digging for grubs.  He shot it, and saw to his horror he had killed a “hairy-man.”  He rolled a log over the body and did not report it until on his deathbed years later.
Northwest of Gila Dam, Arizona, the witness shot a creature. The female Bigfoot had been standing right above him while he slept.  When he woke and grabbed his rifle, it fled, but he shot it anyway.
There was a nine foot BF wading in six feet of water. When it charged the witness, he fired a shot at point blank range from ten or fifteen feet away. It let out a god-awful scream when it was hit in the chest, and the witness scrammed. Later a game warden tried to arrest him for shooting an endangered animal. He replied by replying, there was “…no such animal, so how could he shoot an endangered species?”
A Bigfoot, Chiye-tanka, was shot near Slim Buttes on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the Black Hills, South Dakota.  The body was sent to the School of Mines Lab to be studied and later given ceremonial rites by three Lakota elders.
The Billings Gazette, Montana, reported a Bigfoot shot, or possibly run over by a car – rumors varied.  It was on the Crow Reservation and the corpse was supposedly zipped up in a body bag and taken away by federal agents. This was near Pryor, some 40 miles south of Billings.
An elderly native on the Southwest coast of the Prince of Wales Island Wilderness Area, Alaska, says a Bigfoot was shot and buried at the head of an inlet.  The native came out of the forest onto the beach and saw a Bigfoot at point blank range, shot and killed the creature. Three others came to the shooting, and saw the horrible creature, and then buried the stiff on the beach.
The Bigfoot was named the “Abominable Chicken Man,” because it kept killing and eating local chickens. Tim, from Kiamichis, Oklahoma, saw four of them come out of the woods, and he shot one of them.  There was no body, and Tim said that the Bigfoot carry off their dead and bury them.
Shawn was near the Six Rivers National Forest, California, two miles from Bluff Creek at a bridge and saw upstream along the creek something move between trees and took two shotgun blasts at it. It was up a very steep incline and he did not go up to look for traces. Assume this one got away? Or maybe the poor thing bled out along a game trail.
Three years ago, your author was invited on the Art Bell show. One of the callers was “Bugs.” He and his two companions shot and wounded a Bigfoot. Following the blood trail into a plum bush, a very alive reddish female alongside a dead black male charged Bugs, and he shot her in the face three times with his pistol. After dragging the bodies out, they noticed that they were very human looking – maybe some farmer’s idiot offspring and they were afraid of being busted. So, the bodies are apparently still buried along Elm Creek, a tributary of the Red River in the Texas Panhandle.
In Panama a prospector along the headwaters of a small river emptying into Pinas Bay met a six foot, 300 pound black haired ape in a rage at his appearance. He drew his pistol and shot it in the head, and it tumbled down the bank. Spanish gold seekers reported they had shot fourteen of the apes near Pinas Bay.  A Frenchman claimed to have shot one in Ecuador.  
Perhaps the Bigfoot buries their dead companions, as was suggested earlier, even with reverence, with perhaps a “religious” rite of some kind? Does an animal bury its own dead? Elephants are said to push brush and leaves over companion’s bones.  It was reported by Galdikas that an orangutan baby had died, and the mother carried the corpse on her neck for days. The shriveled skin and bone body was eventually left in a very high tree nest.
Sometimes the creature deliberately hides when sick or dying. There was a dead gorilla reported by Fossy to be found in a hollow tree where it had crawled to die. Some animals even dig into riverbanks to hide until death comes – might be Bigfoot skeletons preserved there out of sight. Green reported that a Bigfoot would crawl into a cave along the river whenever it was hot. You’d think they would eventually wash out of the banks though – maybe they do.
Many animals mate for life, and apparently grieve for their dead mate. Anthropomorphically (given human qualities) speaking , I saw near the Metolius River, Oregon, a squashed chipmunk in the road, its mate standing guard faithfully on its hind legs over the squish mark and “chitterling” at approaching traffic. A bit further along, I saw two squish spots side by side in the road.
Nab said near Estacada, Oregon, a friend found a dead baby Bigfoot, a brown female, that had been left ten feet up in a tree and covered with limbs. Huge fecal droppings were found at the base of the tree, which drew his attention. You can imagine a grieving female Bigfoot guarding the dead youngster. Portland State University was contacted and he got the old horse laugh.  Last report was the corpse was in a friend’s deep freeze, and the witness has disappeared.
Patterson said a witness saw three Bigfoot burying a fourth, digging the grave with their hands. Perhaps it was to keep predators from eating them? Then they piled rocks on the grave. Green reported probably the simplest of death rites was when two older males and a female BF laid out a body of a young female high on the top of a mountain.
Again, near Estacada, close to Bagby Hot Springs, a hiker heard a “clink-clink-clink” of rocks. Curiously approaching he saw two larger dismal appearing Bigfoot and two smaller red colored Bigfootlets. They were burying another dead Bigfoot under a pile of stones alongside the river in a hole. Returning later to investigate, the river had washed the stones away, and he couldn’t find the site (yeah, yeah).
Thomas described where three Bigfoot adults dug a deep hole with their hands, and interred a fourth dead Bigfoot. After the hole was filled in, they rolled some huge several-hundred-pound boulders over the area.  Peter Byrne also said an elderly man in northern Washington saw three Bigfoot burying a fourth.  A Hopi Indian elder said that when a Bigfoot dies the survivors place the body under boulders.
The possibility of burial sites being protected is enhanced by some strange events.  Vic said a relative near Klamath Agency, Oregon, when constructing a road through the forest came upon a mysterious ring of boulders with smaller stones in the center. Clearing the stones with the dozer, he came back the next day and the stones had been replaced. This happened several times until he finally built his road around the site.  One can speculate that something pretty big must have moved the stones from a mate’s grave? How long would a Bigfoot maintain the grave of a loved one? Or might an intelligent being be playing tricks on one of those curious hairless human things?
Just east of Rock Creek in Stevenson, Washington, there is an old Indian legend that says it was the burial place of a giant in olden days.
Gold miners along the Calapooya River, Oregon, came across a 50 foot clearing in a forest of new growth where the treetops around a perimeter had been broken off.  There was an old deer carcass (offering for the afterworld?) and two piles of smooth five-inch cobble rocks in the center. The two and a half foot tall piles were separated by about twenty feet.  The miners heard strange screams in the night and the sound of breaking trees.
Chuck says he was on the lower Roaring River near Estacada, Oregon, when he found a five foot long earthen mound at water’s edge that was overgrown with weeds.  He dug in it for a short distance, but found nothing.
There must be other anomalies out in the forest waiting to be discovered.  Scott found strange gravel rocks in a clearing along with smashed trees near McMinnville, Oregon.  Sue reported several unusual cobble piles in the forest near Starkey, Oregon. Peter reported a mound on Alder Creek near Sandy, Oregon, and there was a 1953 report of a hunter shooting, killing, and burying a Bigfoot in the Alder Creek Canyon.
Perhaps we could consider the conspiracy theory, though it is hard to believe that so many witnesses could keep a secret like Bigfoot for very long – even if under hush orders.  Well, maybe. There are even tales of Bigfoot body parts stored in Area-51 by a father not quite so reluctant to talk. Really! His son told him in confidence and quite privately, that when he was stationed at Nellis AFB as a security guard and was called into a room where they were cutting up Bigfoot corpses, and several were in vats with formaldehyde. Suppose there are a lot of busy black helicopters that come and go with cargo nets at Nellis also. While on the weird topic, Fate Magazine, December 1990, had a long article of a possible government cover-up when something big was seen in a body-bag at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.
Mount St. Helens erupts and kills elk, bear, people and – Bigfoot.
After the eruption, near Spokane, Washington, the witness saw a double rotor helicopter with a big star pass between 100 and 150 feet overhead, with hairy arms, legs and disguising debris covered with volcanic ash hanging out of the cargo net.  The chopper was flying west towards the eruption and away from the thick choking ash fallout clouds and beds.
A crane dredging operation on the Cowlitz River by the Manatowaka Company found two bodies buried in the sand after the blast. The bodies were found two weeks after the blast and choppers flew them off. Jamie says a crane operator said while doing cleanup, he saw several unmarked choppers with nets hanging below them, arms and legs dangling out. He was cautioned to say nothing.
Terry said the Army Corps of Engineers took out two Bigfoot corpses two months after the St. Helens blast (is this the same report?).
Fred’s dad was a security guard at a National Guard camp at Green Mountain, Washington, and saw military helicopters bring large numbers of animals and Bigfoot bodies in cargo nets into the compound.  They were doused with napalm and burned, totally destroying the bones and carcasses. Is this the government covering up?
When the blast area was approachable again, roads closed to civilians, the National Guard (wonder which units?) was called in for the cleanup.  They hauled the dead critters and put them in piles; deer in one, elk in another, Bigfoot still another. Armed guards were around one of the piles, keeping curious people away. The piles were covered with tarps and then burned, and the remnants were trucked away. A witness when the tarps came off was told to keep his mouth shut after seeing the Bigfoot creatures. He asked a guardsman what would become of them, and he replied he, “Didn’t wanna’ know.”
A BF was hit and killed near Yale, Washington.  A County Roads Department worker was left to block the road until a Forest Service chopper picked the body up. No more details, of course.
Dennis said there was a Bigfoot problem and he and two friends were hired to hunt down the Bigfoot that was killing cows and goats by pulling off their legs. This was north of Casper, Wyoming, and they shot it dead. The body was picked up by helicopter and supposedly transported to an Alamogordo, New Mexico, research facility to be autopsied and destroyed. How did he know that?  And why not Area 51? Later his companions killed another Bigfoot in Alabama, only this killing the government objected to. I wonder why?
Talking to an Ohio Sheriff’s deputy about a Bigfoot sighting, the deputy said that he was not surprised at all, as he knew of several sightings in the county himself. He even knew of an incident where a Bigfoot was struck and killed by a car on a State Route. The deputy found a large black hairy man, not a bear, lying alongside the road. He called it into the Sheriff’s Department, and soon the Ohio State Patrol came and blocked off the road. Then a dark colored moving van arrived and three men in military outfits put the body in the back of the van and nothing more was heard of the incident.
Ron heard that the Forest Service Department was doing some clearing of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land and found a live juvenile Bigfoot in a shelter while it was asleep.  They roped it and loaded it into a truck that went to The Dalles, Oregon. He did not know what happened to the creature after that. Possibly dissection? We know where, Nellis of course.  
There Were Giants in Those Days – in America. One topic often discussed is the giants referred to by Native Americans.  Remains of these huge skeletons have been found in mounds throughout eastern America, and in cave burials in the west.
Near Lovelock, Nevada, guano hunters found giant bones of a race of people with red hair still attached to their skulls.  Local Paiute legends tell of the warlike cannibal Tule eaters that were forced into a cave and a fire set at the mouth of the cave to exterminate them.
The author once saw one of these 7’4” skeletons with some remaining wisps of red hair on the skull. The Mark Twain Museum in Virginia City, Nevada, had the seven foot tall skeleton that reportedly had been found in a cave by miners in the hills on the west side of Washoe Lake in the 1950’s. It has since been repatriated by local tribes in 1992.
In Indiana archeologists excavated an ancient burial mound at Brewsterville.  There was a 9’8” skeleton wearing a mica necklace around the neck. With the finding of the necklace and other artifacts, I’m inclined to believe that these redheads are a lost race of humans having nothing to do with our Bigfoot bone investigation. It is assumed that some now extinct American races of these humans were like the tall Masai of east Africa – born that way, just like some of today’s basketball players.
In summary, if you should be so lucky as to find a bone or a body, GET PROOF! Dr. Fahrenbach says security is important. Move the specimen to somewhere neutral if you can, where land owners, police, etcetera, cannot make claims. Take many photographs, include your tape measure and do not take film to Wal-Mart.  Put some body parts, a hand or foot, or even cut off the head (ugh) in baggies, and blood on a tissue. Even if rotten put any parts you can in your trunk; you can fumigate later. Do not leave without doing these important things first as the body would be gone when you returned, or if more than one of you stay and guard the body until scientists can be summoned.
Krantz once said, “You need a body, if you can’t find a dead one,” he advises hunters to shoot and kill one just to prove they exist and finally end the controversy (but I’m a no-gun advocate – author).  Krantz doesn’t expect a body to be found soon – not yet anyway.
Without proof, of course you’d get the standard “Ha-Ha.”  Friends would tell you of the hoax they saw on TV, or the fake tracks made by some guy out in California.
Personally I think that oodles of bones are available.  My theory is that the Bigfoot are surviving examples of Early Man – Neanderthal, “Homo erectus,” and such. Therefore, the museum basements should be full of these bones, and one should not have to worry about them being lost or mislabeled.
We hope hard proof is finally found, but possibly even with a body, “official science” would not be satisfied – just the way they are. Eventually we can hope there will be some inclination to investigate who or what these human appearing creatures are. This is especially true of the advocates of the “Ape Bigfoot theory” – they could be embarrassed – either that or say they knew it all the time.
For more information and details on the above reports, go to: North American Bigfoot Search, and inquire about the Track Record.  There are over 3000 indexed pages of lore available on a CD for only $20.  Amazon also sells the CD.
- Ray Crowe

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