Are Bigfoot Sightings Warnings About Geological Changes?

Possible Evidence for Connections to Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Aquifers, Sinkholes, and/or Other UnderWorld Activities...

By Sharon Eby 1/20/04...

Background on Bigfood Warnings | UNDERWORLD: Physical Evidences of the 5 Senses | MIDDLE URTH: Mental or Emotional Aspects, including the 6th sense intuition/gut feelings | UPPER WORLD: Spiritual Implications | Geological Changes |

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Background on Bigfoot Warnings

Having read from multiple sources about Bigfoot being called "Big Brother" or "Elder Brother" by the Sioux Indians, and that these creatures, when seen, are giving a warning of major change (in one's life, or the earth, or such... change of upcoming disaster, which is mentioned in the early American legends on the bfro site, for instance), I was intrigued.  But intrigue was only the half of it.  I was finding that through my research quite a number of sighting reports indicated a paranormal nature to these great beasts.  To cryptozoologists, they are simply ape-like animals or possibly a missing link between humans and apes themselves.  Still other reports and legends have told of such creatures kidnapping women, mating with them, and the woman later returning to bear offspring that looks "strange" but still can function in society, although tending to be a bit warlike in nature, and sometimes even kind.  One of the most detailed of such stories is covered by my friend and colleague Lloyd Pye in his book "Everything you know is wrong" about an Alma (another large human-ape like creature similar to Yeti, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, etc.) who lived in a village and bore more than one offspring.  But when it comes to actual sightings reports, and not special circumstances like that, the magical word seems to be CHANGE and sometimes even WARNING!

Certainly ones life changes dramatically after seeing such a creature!  Many many cases wind up with the witness(es) suddenly delving into research or asking questions or even joining a Bigfoot research type organization (such as I did) due to hearing, smelling or seeing one of these large hairy beings.  Perhaps that's all the change that occurs (for them), but in some cases, the story behind such sightings may be even more evident through further research and paying attention to the signs.  For me, it entailed my son's and nephew's Bigfoot sighting, which was MOST definitely a WARNING sound given off by the 7'-8' tall creature.  Fear struck the hearts of all of us at the time, mostly for our lives, even though no real threat occurred other than the verbal screams of an animal or being that was most definitely not any regular animal or human.  The animal did not attack, but then the boys did not stick around to find out either!

So what are the signs that we must watch for if we are to look beyond the realms of just the Underworld (physical), the Middle Urth (mental), and the Upper World (spiritual) and to the real meaning that encapsulates ALL of these Unified Worlds?  How does all of this point to geologic changes?  Let us cover the basics of bigfoot sightings briefly here.... and remember that in order to see a bigger picture we must realize that there is no such thing as coincidence!


UNDERWORLD: Physical Evidences of the 5 Senses

Sight: Actual sightings of the creatures, footprints seen, hair stuck on a branch, resting places imprinted on the ground or shelters made, caves in the area, water sources, burial spots, broken branches or shredded bark, animal carcasses or feathers, guts, or other signs of half-eaten or strangely mutilated animals, did you get photographs of visual evidence, etc.

Sound: Screams heard indicating either fear, warning, anger, calling out, joy, etc.

Touch: Close enough for contact with the creature, or something he/she touched or left evidence behind for (hair, broken nails, spit, blood, etc.)

Smell: Was there an odor, what did it smell like if so?  Describe it.  Many people describe the smell similar to VERY stinky armpits, skunks, wet dogs, dead animals, etc.

Taste: Smell is a powerful part of taste... was there a taste in the air?  Did you feel nauseous? Was there something left behind that you tasted on the tip of your tongue (hair, dirt, bark, etc.)?  


MIDDLE URTH: Mental or Emotional Aspects, including the sixth sense intuition or gut feelings

Mental/Thoughts about the creature(s) seen/reported:  Think about what he/she/it/they were doing, where they were, the name of the place (sometimes this is significant), the number of creatures seen, the approx. age(s) (baby or teenager or adult), if the creature(s) just seemed to magically disappear into thin air, appear to go underground where there are seemingly no cave entrances, did you experience missing time, hypnotic effects, levitation, strange memories that don't seem to fit the scenario, etc.  Are there any geologic fault lines running through the area?  Volcanic activity? Other paranormal or UFO related activity (note that some of these tall hairy beings have been seen in conjuction with UFO sightings)?  Other subsurface (including water, oil, gas, caverns, etc. etc.) activity or unique items of interest happening in that area?

Emotional aspects about the creature(s) seen/reported: Did you feel fear, an ominous presence, like you were being watched or spied upon, or was there love, peace, bliss, or even anger, humor, fascination, a drawing away (repugnant), ignoring (not caring), etc.?  Do you feel the creature was benevolent, friendly, or murderous, scared, evil, mean, happy, curious, just crossing paths accidentally, etc.?  What you feel from or about the creature may have to do with YOUR state, or something you're picking up from his/her state.

Sixth Sense/Intuition/Gut feelings about the creature(s) seen/reported:  Did you feel or sense that something else was occuring or do you KNOW within what the sighting was for or about?  Did you have prior warning?  Were you out looking for the creature on a hunt (and did you pray to see it?), or was it totally by "accident"?  Was there anything... ANYTHING about the creature that you somehow just "knew" or felt?

Portals and other strange phenomena:  Some people say they see the creature walk into or out of a portal of light which closes up behind them.  Others say they just saw him walk down into the ground.  They are used to living and hiding in their environment so are most likely masters of escape or camouflage, so make sure that no assumptions are made without investigating or considering the evidence highly in this case. 


UPPER WORLD: Spiritual Implications

With all Fear removed and replaced by Love:  Did fear rule your being during the visitation or sighting or was the fear removed (by your or it) and replaced by unconditional love?  If you go into a meditative state (or a conscious one without meditation or hypnosis) and you allow yourself to release ALL fear, then what is your reaction to this being then?  What do you think the purpose was behind why you were allowed to have this experience?  What is it teaching or telling or showing you?  

Other signs and "coincidences" (synchronicities) showing up: Are you finding suddenly that this subject is coming up more often without you doing anything towards it?  Are you suddenly meeting other people without trying, who have seen a bigfoot creature as well?  Have other clues "coincidentally" come to you about this event, or other things regarding it?  Write them down!!!  Include the dates... these can be very important later, even days or weeks, months, or even years later.

Messages from otherworldly/spiritual/inter-dimensional beings:  Do you feel that there was a message for you, by the way the creature stood, ran, screeched, walked, looked at you, etc. etc.?  What might that message be?  Sometimes it's good to rest on this one a while and see if the answer comes to you if you don't know right away.

Dreams/Visions: Have you had any visions or dreams, or other strange things happen regarding the earth, your local town, the area in which you spotted the bigfoot, or other things including caves, water, tunnels, lights, ufo's, aliens, sexual implications, birth, death, earthquakes, volcanic activity, earth changes, etc. etc.?  Did they happen before or after the sighting?  Write them down and keep a log of them all, no matter how insignificant it may seem.  Write them down immediately and include EVERY single detail you can remember.

The bottom line: The basic evidence is that "something" happened to you and now it's time to find out WHY.  Many times the meanings (if any) are elusive and so all of these details must be paid attention to at all times.


Honestly, for the most part, these beings usually appear to be physical ape-like creatures living in the hidden areas of the forest or even the desert (see my Desert Apes article for more information on this aspect), but there is also some amazing and very interesting evidence that points directly to a paranormal aspect of these sightings as well.  If one is not looking, or does not believe, in this spiritual or paranormal aspect then one will surely not ever see it, nor accept it!  I believe that everyone's view has meaning and purpose and that those looking for tangible, physical evidence, whether that be hair, footprint casts, a body, film coverage, etc. then that is where their duties must lie and be focused in.  For those who are more inclined to the mental aspects of it, and what it all means, what possible warnings or dangers might be entailed, etc. then that is what must be focused on and thought about until answers are found that feel "right."  If only the spiritual implications draw you then go that direction.  For me, I see harmony in balancing out all of these aspects by not discounting anything so that a bigger picture can be viewed.


Geological Changes

What are the most common aspects in Bigfoot sightings?  Typically they are spotted in wooded areas, on or near mountains, near cave systems (underworld entrances), near water sources (for drinking... or other???), and many times a calling out of some kind is heard (being anywhere from happy to sad to crying to moaning to yelling to warning of danger or a warning for you or another nearby creature) and stinky smells (typically a very horrible stench) often occur.  It is because of the lack of the woods in the "desert apes" sightings near El Paso, TX that caused me to believe that something else might be happening in this area.  Footprints are another dead giveaway towards geological changes... in the microcosm or the symbolic aspect of leaving behind a track or tracks that are photographical, measurable, that indicates an impression and change in the earth itself, causes our eyes to look downward toward this earth to look for clues, etc... well it all shows signs in and of the physical world and that perhaps more clues will be found there in that realm.  All of these aspects of bigfoot sightings (footprints, water, caves, roaming on the earth, smells, screams, etc.) all point to the lower realms of earth, the underworld (the physical world), but with highly significant middle urth overtones and spiritual implications which show more meaning behind it all than previously recognized.

Thanks to Don Blackmon who was with a few other men (covered in my Desert Apes article) back in the 1970's in the Horizon City area (east of El Paso) where they saw footprints that appeared to be from a bigfoot, I was able to find out more information that not only triggered some extensive research into the geological aspects of bigfoot sightings, but it brought out more meaning in a dream I had last year, and the implications of my son/nephew's sighting back in November of 2001 just north of El Paso, above Las Cruces, NM.  

Don Blackmon said: 

"There are caves in the surrounding mountains but as to specifically in the Hueco mountains, I don't know.  I do know that the Franklins have caves and multiple natural springs, as well as the Organs.  Beasley cave near Pyramid peak (at the N end of Anthony Gap) was a cave which at one time had stalactites and stalagmites.  If that was possible in the area then I suppose the Huecos could have the same.  There are also numerous rock caves and mines in the area as well.  My particular theory is that Bigfoot sightings are most often near geologic fault lines.  A fault line lies under El Paso and runs through the SW to California.  El Paso has had tremors throughout the years while I lived there but most hardly registered on any scale.  The desert to the West of El Paso in New Mexico has frequent tremors as anyone can tell you that has camped out overnight near the volcanoes."

I took Don's personal research and did some of my own, mostly because I knew for a fact that small tremors did happen in El Paso, as well as there being numerous friends of mine who have been in the caves in the Huecos (near where I live) as well as what my brother describes as "the wettest cave I've ever been in" concerning a cave at Anthony Gap on the north side of the Franklin mountains.  That doesn't even include the cave(s) that have been spoken of around the Horizon City area SE of El Paso which at least 2 primary (and separate/unrelated) sources know about, but no one else has been able to prove yet.  

To follow up on this theory, I, along with my nephew Derek Eby, first went to the Texas Bigfoot Research Center ( website, who I am a West Regional Leader for, and read up on some other sightings in other states around the country.  It was apparent that we would need a LOT more information so we then scanned over the Bigfoot Research Organization ( website and discovered the convenient color-coded maps showing sightings in each county of each state in the union.  Obviously some areas have more sightings than other places.  We first looked at Alaska and Derek drew up a map (he used to live there) of where the fault lines run in that part of the country.  Three separate plates connect in this area.  Our hypothesis was that we were going to find more bigfoot/yeti, etc. sightings in areas where more geologic activity was occurring.  We plotted, using the BFRO sighting cases along with earthquake "shakemaps", all of the areas where sightings had occurred and it was immediately apparent that the greatest sightings (obviously in populated areas) were along the fault lines with the MOST earthquakes happening near Fairbanks, AK and also the corresponding majority of sightings also happening in the Fairbanks area!

We then moved on to Washington State, Texas, New Mexico, and Ohio.  Again, it appeared that we were seeing some correlations to bigfoot sightings and geologic activity, at least in way of earthquakes.  We did not rule out volcanic activity (which obviously plays a role) as well as water aquifers and cavern systems.  Where this hypothesis on the bigfoot-geologic connection was not disproved, it was not exactly "proved" beyond a shadow of a doubt either.  The evidence POINTS to this direction, but so far much more research and comparing of maps needs to be done.  It would be hasty to say that our hypothesis, based on Don's research, was foolproof or conclusive yet.  I'm sure there are even some aspects I am missing at this point.  Even the lists compiled by the BFRO and the TBRC are not comprehensive enough to satisfy my research requirements.... for instance, the El Paso County TX map on the BFRO site shows no sightings even though I've compiled MANY of them from different sources over the last 6 months, all ranging from 30 yrs ago or so up to the present.  Although we didn't check into the extreme details of California, it is well known that the San Andreas fault is HUGE and runs right through there, and that also there are numerous bigfoot sightings in that state as well (barely falling into second place behind Washington, which is #1).  The areas of geologic activity as well as bigfoot sightings also coincide with each other in California... running in the same visual pattern, minus the areas near the coast (filled with cities?), because of course, it would be rare to see a bigfoot in the middle of a populated city!  Interestingly enough, there were 15 sightings listed on the BFRO site as being near Los Angeles alone.

I would like to note that I checked areas such as MI and FL where there seems to be little to no real earthquake activity, and yet they have multiple bigfoot sightings in both of those states (50 in MI and 53 in FL thanks to BFRO).  I noticed too, that both states are peninsulas, surrounded by water, and that FL (at least) has a TON of sinkholes and caverns (indicating karst areas).... I'll have to check up on Michigan concerning that issue (UPDATES: website on this topic and another one and MI geology and MI geology maps).  Sinkholes in Florida have eaten entire houses and neighborhoods in rare cases.  I lived there for 7 years and we had a small sinkhole in our front yard that I filled in with rocks and dirt/sand hoping it wouldn't keep dropping.  So far, as it stands all these many years later, it hasn't sunk any further (to my knowledge) but one never knows when the land will stop sinking or when it will suddenly give way to the forces of gravity due to emptied caverns and areas under the ground that are being pumped dry due to wells, etc.


My Dream of Earthquakes and Water

I am going to place in here a dream that I had last year sometime (foolish me, I failed to write down the date even though I remember the dream well!  I believe I had this dream around summertime of 2003, around the same time that I dove into Bigfoot research head on)...  

In the dream I was driving down the road in El Paso and I came up to an intersection where a car was parked in front of a red light.  The light turned green but the car did not move and I noticed the driver coming up to my car waving his hands frantically.  I poked my head out the window and saw that there was a FLOOD of water, much like a river, rushing through the intersection and that one vehicle was half stuck in it and others were all parked around so that no one could possibly pass without endangering their lives.  I could see that the pavement had totally and completely split apart and thought that the water might have come from water mains breaking.  What could have caused this tragedy?!  I then noticed that another car was coming down the road behind me so I took "my turn" and waved to him to stop his car and I explained to him what was the matter.  

After that I went to the mall and was walking around with my family and others.  Suddenly there was an earthquake that shook the entire building.  Things were falling and it was HARD to stay standing up.  I saw people running everywhere, falling down, screaming frantically, etc. and even though there might have been fear that the roof would fall in, I somehow had no fear and found the situation of not being able to keep my footing almost amusing.  I kept trying to walk and keep my footing so I wouldn't fall down, but certainly I saw no reason to freak out and run around screaming.  I knew that it was an earthquake and that it would soon be over (minus, perhaps, some aftershocks).  Then I woke up.

What did the dream mean?  Well certainly the "earth" quaking or shaking is an obvious symbology of our inner earth, or body, having a major change or shifting within.  This can be a lifestyle change, bodily or mental change, or such, but the fact that this dream was soooo vivid, and out of place with anything else going on at the time (minus checking into bigfoot sightings that summer... which I had NOT made any correlation to earthquakes or geological anything at the time!).  I woke up thinking that perhaps a real earthquake was to occur soon in the El Paso area, but was not sure since earthquakes just simply don't happen here... at least not on a level which can be felt!  The other thing was the water gushing forth out of the split pavement.  Was that from a prior earthquake that I simply didn't feel?  What caused this subsidence to occur anyway?  Both things, the split in the earth causing the water to gush out at the intersection (please note that this "intersection" could also point to ley lines or geologic fault lines, or subsidence itself), and the earthquake in the mall, happened within the city of El Paso, where people live and work and play and are busy all of the time.  Was this a prophetic dream?  It FELT like it was (I am inclined to have them occasionally, having found lost puppies, dreamed of a friend of the family's death 4 hrs before she died with a message given to me for her family - which I delivered at the funeral), and it was not the first time for me to have such a vivid and extraordinary dream out of the blue like that!  Many of my dreams have come true, although not always are they seem in the dream at the time... we must always be careful with interpretations of dreams for many times they are symbolic of physical things or may be emotional/mental things.  Incredible still, was the timing of this earthquake dream around last summer's investigations into the bigfoot sightings... and like I said, I had NOT even come close to connecting these two things in my mind until this week, a full 6 months or so later!

I also find that the timing of the bigfoot article in the El Paso Times (again see the Desert Apes page which covers this) in 2003 which came to me by way of others was more than mere coincidence.  It all brings up thoughts now of things like "was the warning sound by the bigfoot above Las Cruces really a warning for something else?".  Is this something which covers a greater area than just Horizon City or El Paso?  Can it truly extend into southern NM or beyond?  There have been sightings on the Mescalero Indian Reservation in NM (near Ruidoso) as well which seem to tie into this.  From the Sacramento mountains, to the Franklin and Hueco Mountains lies an area of mystery and intrigue concerning these bigfoot sightings and possible connections to the geological aspects here.  

Below are some outside links to information and maps from UTEP, etc. and the geology of the Franklin Mountains, El Paso area and such concerning fault lines, etc.



Franklin Mountains Geology & Fault Lines

Franklin Mountains:

Kaiwen Wu Thesis:

GeoBiological Groundwater Research Group:


Sunday, June 15, 2003 - Juárez Disputes U.S. Water Figures
By Rene Romo   Journal Southern Bureau 

Chaparral Area Geological Studies and Notes - Geological Society of America, South-Central Section Meeting, El Paso, Texas. March 1997 

Rio Grande/Rio Brave River Basin Coalition: Region Braces for Water Shortage  February 4, 2002  By Dan J. Williams  EL PASO TIMES 

NM & TX Basin Map: 

Philip Goodell Geochemist at the Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso

UTEP Tectonics Research Group:

Kidd Memorial Seismological Observatory:

Tectonics of West TX:

Faults of West TX:

East Franklin Mountain Fault:

Worldwide Plate Boundaries:

Thesis involving Seager and others on tectonic history of Franklin Mountains: 

I am going to now include some follow-up information on geological issues in the regional El Paso area.  Each paragraph or section is from actual internet sources "in the know."  I have not listed sources but you can do a quick highlight of a sentence and place it in quotes on a search and you'll find the pages very quickly.  I am just putting the information here for reference and to get some bearings on the geology of the area and how it might possibly tie into bigfoot sightings.  Please note that I am not only looking for volcanic or earthquake activity, but also cavernous, water (aquifers, bolsons, etc.), and more.  To read more on the bigfoot sightings themselves please see my Desert Apes page.


In the El Paso region, the highest density of fault scarps is along the eastern margin of the Franklin Mountains that run through the center of this city with a population of ~700,000. Integration of the imagery with gravity data show that these scarps are mostly along the a major fault zone that bounds an asymmetrical graben that contains the major ground water resources for El Paso and Juarez, Mexico. This fault zone has experienced over 3 km of movement.

Four small earthquakes occurred near El Paso on May 12, 1969. The first two shocks, 23 minutes apart, were measured at magnitude 3.3 and 3.4. One house in El Paso had hairline cracks in the ceiling and cracks in the cement driveway (VI). These earthquakes were also felt at Newman.


Q: Are there earthquakes in Texas?A: Yes (Figure 1). In historical times no earthquake with magnitude larger than about 6 has occurred in Texas. However, seismographs near El Paso record small earthquakes with magnitude of 2 or smaller every few days. Nearly every year earthquakes large enough to be felt by ordinary citizens occur somewhere in Texas.

Q: What is the largest earthquake in Texas in recorded history?

A: The largest earthquake in Texas history had a magnitude of about 6.0 and occurred on 16 August 1931 near the town of Valentine, 220 km southeast of El Paso. It caused severe damage to adobe and brick structures in Valentine, and was felt by Texans as far away as Dallas. Texas' second largest earthquake occurred on 14 April 1995, also in west Texas. It had a magnitude of 5.8, and was felt in Austin.

Q: What is the highest death toll from a historical Texas earthquake?

A: Only one Texas earthquake ever took a human life, and this wasn't in Texas. On 6 March 1923 an earthquake with magnitude of 4.7 occurred near El Paso and Juarez. Juan Ortiz, a Mexican tenant farmer who lived in Mexico six miles from Juarez, suffocated when his adobe house caved in during the quake.

Q: What was the most damaging earthquake in Texas history?

A: No Texas earthquake has caused much damage as compared to some earthquakes in other states or throughout the world. The most damaging was the 16 August 1931 earthquake in Valentine, Texas, where "all but frame houses were badly damaged, and all brick chimneys toppled over....The schoolhouse, consisting of one section built of cement blocks and another of brick....required practically complete rebuilding."

Texas Earthquakes Occurring Since 1990

Date                            Magnitude     Nearby    City                     Remarks
1991     July 20                  3.6            Falls City  
1992    January 2               4.5            Midland                                 Slight damage
1992     August 10             2.8           Jourdanton  
1993     April 9                  4.3            Fashing                                 Slight damage, some aftershocks
1994     September 27       2.5            W of San Antonio                   Not felt??
1995     January 4             2.5            Hallettsville                            Quake or sonic boom?
1995    April 14                 5.7            Alpine                                    Some damage, some aftershocks
1995    November 12         3.6            Alpine                                    Felt In Alpine
1997    March 24              3.8            Alice                                      Felt In Alice
1997    May 31                 3.4            Commerce                             Felt In Commerce

Although earthquakes are not common in the El Paso area, El Pasoans have felt a few notable tremors. On May 3, 1887, a major earthquake registering more than 7.0 on the Richter scale occurred near Bavispe, Sonora, Mexico. Everyone in El Paso felt the shock. Buildings shook, cracks formed in walls of buildings, large safe doors swung open, plaster fell from walls and ceilings. Several buildings were so badly damaged that they had to be condemned. Many people were so frightened that they ran outdoors or even jumped out of windows.

On August 16, 1931, the town of Valentine, just southeast of El Paso, was rocked by a quake that measured 6.5 on the Richter scale. This is the largest quake measured in Texas in historic times. In El Paso, chairs moved, lights swayed, and some people left buildings out of fright.

In 1994 a series of minor earthquakes rocked the West Texas community of Alpine. Although they were not felt in El Paso, some minor damage was reported in Alpine due to the Richter 4.0 quake.

There are many active faults in the El Paso area, especially on the east side of the mountains.
The Franklin Mountains continue to rise while the Hueco Bolson sinks. On average, an earthquake in the 3.0 to 4.0 magnitude occurs in El Paso every 10 years. The last such quake occurred on December 8, 1972 (magnitude of 3.0) near the Texas-New Mexico border in Northeast El Paso. Geological evidence seems to show that a major quake occurs along the Franklin Mountains every 5000 years or so.

While irrigation is the biggest use of Rio Grande water in both the U.S. and Mexico (accounting for more than 80 percent of all the water taken from the river), municipal needs are competing more and more. Both Albuquerque and El Paso/Cuidad Juarez have already exhausted much of the area's readily accessible groundwater. Given the anticipated rapid-growth for these urban areas (Doña Ana County, El Paso and Juarez are expected to grow from about 1.8 million people now to about 4.8 million people in 2020), future groundwater supplies come into question.El Paso already is converting some irrigation water to municipal use — about 43 percent of the city's annual supply comes from the Rio Grande. Las Cruces hopes to start doing the same within 10 years. And, it is projected that the Hueco Bolson, an aquifer or underground lake which supplies Juarez and El Paso with all of their domestic water, will run out of economically recoverable water by 2025. Both cities will look to rely on surface water from the Rio Grande.No new water supply sources are available to offset this growth. Right now, the water in the Rio Grande is fully appropriated, which means that every drop is claimed by somebody. To accommodate growth, ways will have to be found to use the river's water more efficiently, or other sources must be found.      

65 earthquakes over a 3.0 magnitude had occured within 200 miles of Sierra Blanca the previous 70 years. High rates of erosion were prevalent when digging, due to the desert winds and sandy soil. The 100-year floodplain of nearby Grayton Lake was adjacent to the site, and undergound fractures and faults promised a pathway for contamination to infiltrate the groundwater. In 1997, the City of El Paso had bought land near the site from which they hoped to pump El Paso's future drinking water.

Thesis Abstract; Proposal Approved 1995
A Study of the East Boundary Fault Zone of the Franklin Mountains and Associated Fracture System, and Their Effects on the Hydrology of the Hueco Bolson Smith, William R.

Department of Geological SciencesThe El Paso, Texas region is an and environment that gets the bulk of its domestic and industrial water from the Hueco and Mesa Bolsons. Groundwater resources in the area are rapidly being depleted due to the consumption rate being much greater than the recharge rate. The majority of the recharge comes from the bounding mountains. Mountain topography and fracture flow play a major role in controlling the distribution of water flow to the bolsons. The major bounding faults and their fracture systems are important in determining the distribution of the water once it reaches the basin. Major boundary faults are complex structures composed of long, stepping faults connected by crossing faults and secondary fractures. This study will identify the details of the East Boundary Fault Zone and fracture system in the northeast Franklin Mountains. The study will utilize structural data using geological (field) mapping and geophysical techniques including shallow seismic, gravity, and magnetic data. The structure data will identify and hydrogeologically characterize the fracture systems exposed in the mountains and possibly establish relationships between fracture systems and geomorphic features identified in the mountains. The shallow seismic, gravity and magnetic data collected will characterize the East Boundary Fault Zone and extend the fracture systems identified in the mountains into the basin deposits. By establishing the fracture related recharge pattern, this research will improve our ability to site water wells and better plan aquifer usage.

Do a search for: Hsieh, Paul Anthony, A Reservoir Analysis of the Denver Earthquakes:  A Case of Induced Seismicity, December 1979, M.S., Hydrology, advisors: T. Maddock III, J.D. Bredehoeft.

Do a search for: Monitoring aquifer compaction and land subsidence due to ground-water withdrawal in the El Paso, Texas-Juarez, Chihuahua, area
Charles E. Heywood

In 1995, a magnitude 5.3 earthquake struck the Alpine-Marathon area of Texas. The largest historical earthquake, magnitude 6.4, to strike this region occurred in 1931 near Valentine. Both earthquakes caused damage; however, neither was large enough to rupture the ground surface. Large, surface-rupturing earthquakes (magnitude greater than 6.5) have not occurred in west Texas in historic times, but geologic evidence suggests that they might have in prehistoric times. The USGS, in cooperation with the Bureau of Economic Geology, has recently completed a compilation of data on potentially active faults in west Texas and adjacent Mexico. The compilation includes a conventional map (1:500,000 scale) and fully documents published information on 24 faults with evidence of surface rupture within the last 1.6 million years. The compilation is particularly useful for seismic hazard evaluation of regions, such as west Texas, that have low seismicity. The compilation is the first of many similar State and regional compilations that are planned for the United States

A second earthquake-causing mechanism, with particularly far reaching implications for Texas and other oil-bearing locations, is that of fluid injection and withdrawal. This a common retrieval technique used in areas where oil that is under insufficient pressure to be pushed to the surface (typically when a well has been pumped for an extended amount of time) is re-pressurized by injecting water or steam into the oil reservoir, thus exceeding the previous limitations on withdrawal. As the fluid injection/retrieval process is continued, the earthen masses around the oil reservoir weaken and may eventually collapse. When this happens, the collapse is felt as an earthquake on the surface.

Fluid withdrawal is also associated with tremors and land subsidence [sinking] near Beaumont. At one oil field, a 5 acre plot of land sank 160 feet in October 1929. A 7 foot drop in the Houston area between 1943 and 1974 has also been measured. Both of these subsidence actions are thought to be the result of massive withdrawals of oil and water from the underlying strata. Fluid withdrawal, though a major contributor to East Texas seismic activity, does not account for all earthquakes in the region. During a 5 month period in 1964, more than 70 earthquakes with magnitudes up to 4.4 were recorded near Hemphill. Though these tremors are thought to have been caused by sediment loading, "the reason for a burst of activity opposed to random seismicity, is unexplained" (Davis et al. 1, 17-18, 21).

Q: Where can I get a map showing the geologic faults of Texas?

A: The University of Texas at Austin Walter Geology Library ( has a geologic map of Texas which has the major faults on it (but not all the faults). You might also check out the Bureau of Economic Geology:

Land Subsidence from ground-water pumping (these open up new windows):

  Please realize that subsidence (land sinking) happens when water/oil is withdrawn from the ground and aquifers/reserves are depleted, causing an open space underground.  The roof of the space collapses and the earth above falls in to create a sinkhole.  Sinkholes are often found in karst areas where acidic water dissolves limestone and creates underground caverns which may or may not be filled with water.  Carlsbad Caverns is one such cavern which has been empty of water for a very long time.  Most of the karst caves all over Florida are water-filled due to the high water table.  

With subsidence one can also find fault movement, and therefore, earthquake activity being activated.  Regarding earthquakes and wells (water or oil)... correlations show that reinjection of wells can also cause earthquakes.  Some of these can be semi-controlled to cause mini-earthquakes on purpose to relieve some of the tension that has built up along fault lines, but no one knows if reinjection could also cause a major slip resulting in a major earthquake.  Studies in Colorado showed that this correlation exists, and when reinjection of water into the local wells ceased, so did the earthquakes.  When the reinjection was resumed, the earthquake activity increased markedly.  It's a risky game as an earthquake control protocol.

One fear of some of the locals in El Paso is that the new water desalinization plant (R.O. - reverse osmosis) which is already underway (note that the reinjection wells on Ft. Bliss are already drilled as of this writing! (12/15/04)) will cause some major issues in the geology of this area which could affect the economy as well.  In particular, I am speaking of the deep basement fault lines which exist in the Hueco Bolson (see west TX fault lines map below) which may be affected with the reinjection of the wastewater from the desalinization process.  A local business owner who owns a deep water well (with a very low TDS count - very good water!) is worried about contamination of his well with the movement of this wastewater into his area within the aquifer area.  The problem is, if the wastewater is not reinjected we will have to deal with subsidence in a major way.  If the wastewater is reinjected as planned then there is potential for contamination of the regular groundwater in the area, as well as increased earthquake activity.  The problem doesn't lie so much in the potential for small earthquakes caused by reinjection, but rather than potential for a large earthquake in the El Paso region due to the fact that we are so well OVERDUE for an earthquake which is at least a 3 or 4 on the Richter scale or higher.  Note from above that an earthquake occurs approximately once/month (so small on the Richter scale that they cannot even be felt) in El Paso.  Also realize that approximately every 10 yrs an earthquake occurs here that can be FELT (3 or 4 on the Richter scale).... IT HAS NOW BEEN OVER 30 YRS SINCE THE LAST EARTHQUAKE WHICH COULD BE FELT.  What does this mean?  It means that if, for the past 30 yrs, the stresses within the earth have stayed at the same rate as has shown prior to that, then the strain on the rocks within the fault zones is most likely ready to snap like a rubber band being suddenly pulled past its equilibrium... letting go of the stresses in one big movement!  Could reinjection of the wastewater be the trigger for such a seismic event?  Could the so-called "solution" to our water problem here on the border actually be the cause of other geological problems in our near future?  Is it possible that an earthquake could be triggered that will exceed the typical 3-4 on the Richter scale, especially since we are so overdue for one?  

My dream mentioned above is now seeming more and more likely all of the time.  Perhaps the water flowing down the street (which I thought was a water main broken due to subsidence) was pointing to fresh water that is available to the public is being wasted.  Subsidence is already occurring in El Paso because of the fault-block mountain ranges in this area (the Franklins are ever-growing, while the Hueco Bolson is steadily sinking)... will this subsidence rate increase soon?  Will our desire for more and more water here in the desert be our demise as we try to remedy the situation?  Studies show that even though population has increased at a steady rate, water usage has actually remained the same the last number of years.  This is due to the effective water conservation plan that is in effect in the El Paso area.  But we are still running out of water and SOMETHING has to be done.  The removal (new deep water wells which will remove saline water for the desalinization plant) of salty groundwater from the aquifer and the reinjection of less saline water will still produce an imbalance within the earth, possibly causing a bulge in one area, or a cone of depression in another, putting stresses on the rocks/aquifers subsurface and therefore possibly causing a shift in the weakest areas.... at the fault lines!  Movement of the faults results in more earthquakes.  This is bound to happen anyway (we ARE overdue for an earthquake after all), although I'm not even hesitant to say - even as a fairly new student of geology - that the implementation of the desalination project and subsequent well reinjection plan may ultimately be the trigger for our next seismic event(s).  It may only happen once, or it may prove to be a continual problem.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, how do we deal with a plan that is already in existence and being implemented as I write this?  The hands are already in the cookie jar regarding the politics of this decision for increasing potable water availability in El Paso.  Under no uncertain terms are the "powers that be" willing to change their minds!  In fact, they know of the potential problems that could arise (it's written in their recent publication book that was handed out at a public meeting - I have the title of it for anyone interested... getting a copy of the book so far has not been easy however) and have all but ignored the potential danger signs.  Perhaps all will go as they hope and nothing will happen.  It's possible... but is it probable?  (Note 5/30/05: I have since found out that reinjection of the wells on Ft. Bliss via the R.O. desalination plant will NOT be reinjected under pressure!  This is good news, since I was told that it is the "under pressure" part that we have to worry about.  I have also spoken with a geophysicist who has students working with the geological aspects of this plant and have investigated it fully and are not worried about earthquake possibilities from reinjection.  I am not saying reinjection will or will not cause/trigger an earthquake, just that the experts on the subject do not think so.  I have no reason to disagree, but I'm going to keep my eyes and ears open as I feel that SOMETHING will ultimately be the trigger for our next earthquake here in El Paso... but it may or may not be related to this.  Earthquakes happen all the time, and all over the world, regardless of reinjection.)



IF all of this is a sign that we should be looking further, deeper (perhaps geologically deeper within the earth), and for upcoming changes or a warning of a potential disaster if we (humans) do not change our ways, or what we are doing to the earth, then perhaps we should listen!  Could it be that the threat of running out of water by 2025, and draining the entire Hueco Bolson, etc. might cause subsidence, and possibly a larger earthquake and disaster for the region in and near El Paso?  Seems pretty fear-based to me, however, fear is what is commonly instilled within people when they encounter a bigfoot.  Perhaps, then, we can turn to our spirits and listen carefully and heed the call to take care of our earth, recycle and waste-not, use more alternative energy sources, conserve the energy we do use, and keep an eye on the earth below our feet, the sky above us, and what God is telling our spirits within us.

As for the theories presented here are no conclusions yet.... but they are being worked on.  Until then... keep your 6 senses open and also your spirit listening for the answers!



Compare the plotted map of bigfoot sightings compared to geological maps below, or go to the Desert Apes page for bigfoot sighting reports in the El Paso area.


Please note the El Paso area where bigfoot sightings occur in comparison with the geological maps below... (note that no BF sightings occur on the Military Reservation (gray area) due to lack of people on those desert lands)... 



NM & TX Rio Grande Basin Map


Earthquake Activity Map


Enlarged View below

(There appears to be no definitive conclusions for earthquake activity in the bigfoot sighting areas)

West Texas Fault Lines

Note the fault lines in the area of the map below (left)

as compared to the Plotted Map of bigfoot sightings (on right)


Full West Texas Fault Lines Map



I KNEW IT!  I knew there was a geological connection.  All the clues told me to look down at the ground... there's LOTS more I'm sure, but I had been checking out so many things and one thing led me to another and finally I came across a website where another bigfoot investigator had discovered a bigfoot-geological-connection!  Here's what I found, and my subsequent research since...

Does GRANITE hold the key to predicting where bigfoot will show up?


I would like to give credit where credit is due (see link above).  This information (by Pearl Prihoda) concerns rock stacking, granite-laden areas, mineral deposits, potassium, rock crushing/eating, mineral/vitamin supplementation, etc.  Although I think highly of the GREAT WORK that Pearl has done in finding geological maps which correlate with the maps on the BFRO (Bigfoot Research Organization) website (which was what I was also working on), I am not of the same mind (in part, but not completely) when it comes to the conclusions as to why granite seems to be the common bond here between bigfoot sightings and geology.  Why?  Read on....

First, here's what Pearl's osareal page suggests on Rock Mapping (direct quote):

Rock stacking, yes Bigfoot stacks rocks!  On this page you will, find my theories and research (which I have copyrights to ! ) explaining  this phenomena. I can physically map Bigfoot. By this I mean that I have been able to directly link and correlate Bigfoot sightings/encounters with certain mineral deposits. I can take the deposit maps and lay them over sighting maps AND THEY MATCH!  The Bigfoot are stacking the rocks to mark essential mineral deposits for future use or maybe even for other Bigfoot. They grind and crush the rocks down by beating them together then consume the grounded bits of granite/Potassium.  Gorillas engage in a very similar act, they eat clay. The clay is eaten for the minerals that the gorilla cannot obtain from its regular food sources. Nonhuman primates supplementing  their diet,has been well documented ( Geophagy ) eating earthy substances (as clay) to augment a scanty or mineral-deficient diet;   Primates practicing coprophagy can obtain B12 from their feces , could be why more feces samples are not found. Chimps use tools/rocks to crack open nuts,Bigfoot uses tools/rocks for grinding. Bigfoot getting potassium from rocks/granite ? You bet ! They are grinding the rocks by banging them together and they are also marking for future use.  Rock stackings are a  food/mineral source marker and quite possibly a migration trail marker maker as well. Imagine the implications associated with such evidence! Is this proof of their existence? Well, it's much more than that it is a way to map track and predict their movements!  OSAR will not attend any meeting where the subject of possibly killing one is even open for disscussion ! I don't want to hurt them , I want to help them !

These links (as shown on the site mentioned above) open up new windows so you can compare similar state maps without losing this page

My Own Hypothesis:

by Sharon Eby 5/21/04

According to the hypothesis above, the reason for bigfoot showing up in areas of granite abundance is possibly due to the creatures having a physical need for potassium as a supplement, which they get from bashing rocks together and eating the rock-meal as a dietary supplement.  While this hypothesis appears to have some merit, and is certainly not discounted, I would like to propose another hypothesis for the granite abundant areas coinciding with bigfoot sighting areas..... a more para-normal kind of connection!

I would like to cover some of the natural as well as magickal (scientific) properties of granite so that we have a basis of thought on the matter and what we're dealing with here.  Read on...

From Mr. Harrington (alchemist):

Granite is very hard as it is laced with Quartz. AS such it may have any magickal properties in a far lesser degree than would a quartz crystal.  Basically it is created as a very dense volcanic rock which cooled very slowly and then became impregnated with quartz, as water permeated the pumice lattice and left mineral deposits.  Outside of being very hard and durable, I know no other properties.

Interesting info on granite... comparing the literalist (Creationist) view of the earth's age vs. an old earth...
Equal Time For The Origin Of Granite - A Miracle!

Click here to read WHY the Magic Vs. Magick aspect is important in this... it has to do with the magickal properties of granite and why I consider such things in this research.


More on granite... (from many sources unnamed)

Magickal properties of granite:

abdundance, balance, change, negativity, protection, wealth

GRANITE - Light colored with flecks of black, red, brown, gray. Conglomerate of many minerals. Aids in dealing with relationships with many different personalities.


Granite's direction is WEST


Granite is composed primarily of quartz and feldspar, ranging in color from black to white with tones of white, pink, or yellow-brown. The Incas and Aboriginal tribes revered it as a protective and fortunate stone. It is a stone of increase and generosity.

Granite can assist in seeing the "big picture." It banishes skepticism and allows its user to learn the difference between beliefs and knowing. Relationships and cooperative efforts are maintained by this stone as it encourages diplomacy and discretion, and it also allows its user to nip difficult situations in the bud before they become a problem.

The head, face, and hair benefit from the use of granite. Bones, muscles, and soft tissues are also supported by the use of granite. It works well in combination with flint.


What is the difference here?  I thought granite was a rock with much potassium??? Below is from an informative page: 

ACIDIC ROCK A type of igneous rock (e.g. granite) that consists predominantly of light-colored minerals and more than 66% free or combined silica. (1)
ALKALINE ROCK A rock containing more than average amounts of potassium- and sodium-bearing minerals. (1)




So what is the big deal about granite?  

Perhaps it's not the granite itself, but other aspects and what is found within granite!?!  Quartz (used in clocks/watches to keep efficient time, in rods, prayer, etc.) is found within granite, as well as magnetite, etc. (see BLT Research on magnetite found around cattle mutilations... more below on this... just keep reading...)  

Also, Dr. Bruce Cornet, the PhD in geology I've been speaking with on a continual basis (a personal colleague of mine, and Saber Dream Team Member) did a geomagnetic reading series on the UFO hot spot of Pine Bush, NY and confirmed that granite was the common rock in the area.  In that particular case there were UFO's/AOP's appearing to fly straight into the ground, indicating that something more was going on.  

Here is a snippet from Cornet's webpage...

If the geomagnetic anomalies are caused by magnetic iron deposits within granitic intrusions, then an association between most AOP activity on the map and granitic intrusions is implied.  Why would there be such an association?  There are several possible reasons:

1)  AOP lights are really Earth lights, and there is some unusual and as yet unexplained phenomenon occurring between the atmosphere and iron-rich deposits in the ground.

2)  If the AOP represent intelligently controlled craft using an unknown or poorly understood source of energy, the use of iron-bearing (mildly magnetic) granitic intrusions for underground dwellings might be due to structurally- and electromagnetically- desired qualities of that rock as wall material for underground chambers.  One could argue that surrounding fissile black shales of the Ordovician Snake Hill Formation make notoriously poor wall material due to their poor tensile strength in planes of cleavage.   Therefore, the preferred type of rock in the valley for excavation would be the granitic masses.

3)  Entrances to underground dwellings are intentionally located where geomagnetic anomalies occur at the surface as a means of camouflage. If the brightening of a plasma envelope around an AOP has something to do with opening a portal to an underground chamber, there may be residual effects that can be detected magnetically.  The association of entrances with natural geomagnetic patterns could be for both physical and psychological camouflage, given the propensity of humans to accept "rational" or acceptable explanations over an explanation which would challenge dogma and beliefs.


Does the above evidence point to the possibility of bigfoot (being commonly associated with the paranormal) having the ability to transport dimensionally, walk into the ground (or appearing to), etc.?  Keep reading... more clues are still being found...


According to "in consideration of the high quartz content of the granite blocks in the main chamber and the incredible pressures those blocks are subjected to, ... the main chamber may have been the focal point of a powerful piezoelectric field; magnetometer measurements inside the chamber indeed showed higher levels than the normal background geomagnetic field."

Granite is a common and widely-occurring group of intrusive felsic  Felsic is a term used in geology to refer to silicate minerals, magmas, and rocks which are enriched in the lighter elements, such as silica and oxygen, aluminum, and potassium. The term combines the words "feldspar" and "silica."

Felsic minerals are usually light in color and have specific gravities less than 3. Common felsic minerals include quartz, biotite, muscovite mica, hornblende and the orthoclase feldspars. The most common felsic rock is granite.

LODESTONE/MAGNETITE This mineral can be used for dispelling grief, fear, anger and attachments. It helps one to attain a deep meditative state. Also is excellent when used for grounding and protection.
This mineral is rusty-metallic and magnetic.

(magnetite) EMF & UFOs? 


Research has been conducted over a ten year period with samples and thorough laboratory testing carried out by the biophysicist Dr. Levengood, Nancy Talbott, and John Burks -- the BLT Research Team, and a small army of volunteers worldwide. Their findings include enlarged cell walls, expulsion cavities in the nodes of the plant stalks, significantly extended node lengths, and changes to the soil composition (ie. vastly higher level of magnetite concentration) from samples taken within the crop formations in contrast to the control samples taken from outside the circles. 


From Chris O'Brien's site: 

In 1996-97, the tiny magnetic beads that had been noted in crop circle formations, started showing up at animal mutilation sites. Imbedded beads of magnetite were found in plants near a mutilated calf in Red Bluff, California. The magnetite concentration around the animal was about 10 times higher than the control samples. A similar case in Papoose Meadows, California revealed "higher concentrations within proximity of the excision points around the animal." In April 1997, researcher Christopher O'Brien (author of The Mysterious Valley) sampled a mutilation case in Colorado's San Luis Valley. The magnetite sphere concentrations around the dead cow were the highest yet recorded (over 500 times greater than what would be expected from normal soil). In a January 1997, mutilation case investigated by Jean Bilodeaux, the magnetite particles clustered in higher concentrations "within proximity of the excision points around the animal."

A surgical pathologist colleague of Dr. Levengood's examined tissue samples from the large black bull and found "evidence of heat cautery artifact and 'blistering' of the epidemis at the edge of the tissue." In 1991, tissue samples from a mutilated steer found near Portland, Oregon, were analyzed by the Veterinarian Diagnostic Laboratory at Oregon State University. The lab concluded that the tissues exhibited "a band of coagulation necrosis consistent with a heat induced incision, such as an electro-surgical unit."

Dr. John Altshuler, a doctor of pathology and hemotology in Denver, has examined tissue samples from more than 40 "excised" animals since 1989. He has concluded that the cutting was done with "high heat." Dr. Altshuler has consistently observed "cooked hemoglobin" indicating "high heat as in laser surgery . . . probably above 300 degrees F." Have there been eyewitnesses to any of these events? Linda Moulton Howe told me that she has accumulated a dozen cases over the last 18 years involving "the raising and/or lowering of animals to or from an unidentified craft by a beam of light." Howe's research is detailed in her books, Alien Harvest and Glimpses of Other Realities (Volume One and Two). George Wingfield, one of England's top crop circle researchers told me: "One man in particular, Ray Barnes of Wiltshire, who struck me as highly credible, claims to have seen a circle form. The circle just 'opened up' in a matter of five seconds or so." Another man from Warminster described his experience: "Suddenly, the grass began to sway before our eyes, and laid itself flat in a clockwise spiral, just like the opening of a lady's fan. A perfect circle was completed in less than half a minute, all the time accompanied by a high-pitched humming sound."

[Note: iron particles are naturally found in the soil around the world, but they can change into magnetite once heated to over 300 degrees F.... causing the particles to magnetize... more on this soon...]


I recently met with Nancy Talbott, BLT's field research coordinator and spokesperson, to obtain a summery of the group's findings. According to Talbott, Dr. Levengood has now done extensive testing on "over 200 crop formations, five or six possible UFO trace sites and about a dozen animal mutilation cases." Almost 90% of the samples tested showed significant physiological changes "at the cellular level" compared to normal or "control" samples obtained in the same vicinities. Among the anomalous findings in the crop formation samples, Dr. Levengood immediately noticed "altered embryo development." Many seed-heads were stunted, malformed or entirely devoid of seeds. When seeds were present, they were smaller and weighed less than the control seeds. Germination tests revealed that many of the seeds did not germinate at all or, when they did germinate, "exhibited grossly depressed seed vigor and root and shoot development." Under the microscope, Dr. Levengood noted "charred epidermal tissue" and an abnormal enlargement of cell wall pits in the thin membrane which surrounds the seed head. Also of interest was the "gross enlargement" of the plant stem nodes. Most puzzling of all was the marked bending of the stem nodes often in conjunction with "expulsion cavities." These cavities were actual holes blown in the nodes from the inside out. Apparently the water in the plants had been heated to steam temperature and literally blew a hole in the nodes. In the redox test, a procedure devised by Dr. Levengood to measure plant respiration, it was found that the mitochondria (the tiny organelles that regulate respiration) were "burning themselves up biochemically." According to Dr. Levengood: "We're seeing a lot of indications of microwave damage, a transient, very rapid, high-heating energy."

So where is this microwave energy coming from? The "chief candidate" for its origin, in Dr. Levengood's mind, is an ion plasma vortex. According to his theory, these vortexes (rotating whirlwind-like systems) most likely form in the unstable regions of the upper atmosphere. The highly charged and thermodynamically unstable plasmas are then drawn to earth and shaped by variations in the Earth's magnetic field. Microwave radiation, known to be associated with ionized plasmas, emits intense bursts of heat. This would account for the physical changes in the crop circle plants. An English wheat crop formation in 1993 seemed to strengthen Dr. Levengood's plasma vortex theory.

A "magnetic glaze" was found on the plants which Dr. Levengood and John Burke determined to be of "meteoric origin." Iron oxides (magnetite and hematite) had become fused and apparently impacted the ground in a semi-molten state. Since the event happened within a few days of the Perseid meteor showers, Dr. Levengood hypothesized that the meteoritic dust had been sucked into a plasma vortex system where it had been heated by microwaves to form "spherules." Intrigued by these findings, the BLT Team devised a more sophisticated protocol for gathering soil samples.

In early 1995, the producers of the TV show Sightings had asked Dr. Levengood to analyze grass samples from four reported UFO landing traces near Qadima, Israel. One local Bedouin family was terrified when "small whitish entities" suddenly appeared in their house. Dr. Levengood's report noted collapsed nodes and expulsion cavities in the plants suggesting "a rather prolonged localized heating." He concluded that the "twisted nests" within the formation and other alterations to the plants were "similar to those observed within many crop circle formations." A second circle in the grass he analyzed contained pure silicon crystals. Since silicon does not occur naturally in this form, and is very expensive to produce, Dr. Levengood had "absolutely no idea" what it would be doing there. Meanwhile back in the States, a double circle formation was found near Inman, Kansas in June, 1995. At the time the circles were believed to have been formed, Inman resident Chad Thiesson observed 8 to 9 strange lights hovering about 10 feet off the ground and stirring up dust where the circles were later found. Once again, Dr. Levengood examined the plant samples and found evidence of "transient heating."


Interesting note about granite and the pyramids:
There is an equally serious difficulty that precedes the transport and lifting of megaliths that takes place in the quarry. The only tools the ancient Egyptians had were very small copper chisels and rounded hammer-stones. The inflexible and insurmountable problem that the Great Pyramid presents is the fact that 43 blocks of granite weighing from 30 to 70 tons were quarried, lifted out of the bedrock, transported 500 miles and raised 150 vertical feet to the King's Chamber.

Several years ago Egyptologist Mark Lehner spent five hours in the Aswan quarry with a hammer-stone pounding against the granite bedrock (copper is too soft to cut granite). He was trying to prove that the ancient tools could do the job. He managed to excavate a one-foot square hole one-inch deep for his efforts. The granite blocks in the King's Chamber were 17' long and the trench that had to be dug around to them was about 8' deep. No one has ever shown how these megaliths were undercut and lifted out of the quarry.


A Primer: UFO's Throughout History
The sighting of strange objects in the sky may actually predate the emergence of modern man. Perhaps the earliest depiction of cylindrical objects resembling spacecraft, with what might be their extraterrestrial occupants, are those carved on a granite mountain and on rocks on an island in Hunan Province, China. They have been assigned a tentative age of 47,000 years, which puts them within the time-span of Neanderthal man, predating modern Homo sapiens.
Ancient times
Now, he can indulge every day in the passion his one-and-only sighting 28 years ago fired off in him-thanks to his job for the last eight years as director of the UFO Fureaikan (House of UFO Interactions) located near to the mysteriously pyramid-shaped Senganmori mountain in Iino, a small town near Fukushima City in Fukushima Prefecture.

``Since ancient times, nobody has been sure whether Senganmori is a natural creation or a man-made pyramid. But we do know that a lot of UFO sightings have been reported around here-and while I was digging for clues on the mountain, I noticed that my compass went haywire in several places.

``What I found,'' he says, warming to his theme as he pulls out from underneath the table a hand-sized rock, ``was granite-with a very high level of iron. This causes the force fields to change, and maybe that's what attracts a lot of UFOs.''

Although notions like these surely raise skeptical eyebrows among most of Iino's 7,000 citizens, that hasn't stopped the town office and business council trying to cash in on the area's apparent attraction to aliens.

By dubbing Iino ``UFO no sato'' ( Home to the UFOs), and spending around 30 million yen in the construction of the UFO Fureaikan's facilities in 1992, they transformed what was a nondescript little country town into an otherworldly tourist attraction.

Like most of the area's bus stops, public toilets, car washes, streetlamps and store signs, the UFO Fureaikan is constructed in the likeness of such alien spacecraft. The resulting effect on visitors confronted with these often rustic and fading UFOs set against the backdrop of rice paddies and lush mountain greenery can be like having stumbled onto a slightly surreal movie set.

The UFO Fureaikan, which attracts around 20,000 guests a year, is a large, cherry-colored two-story building, with a museum space on the first floor and, surprisingly, a public bath and two tatami-room rest areas-with names like Ginga (Milky Way) and Uchu (space)-on the second. Although not quite what might be expected from a ``House of UFO Interactions,'' these more earthly delights are regularly used by elderly locals, for whom discussion of UFOs, or any of the mysteries of the universe for that matter, pales compared with the pleasure of a simple dip in the tub.

For Kinoshita, though, the UFO Fureaikan is first and foremost a place for discussion and research. In particular, based on his national and local records of documented UFO sightings, he has plotted those in the locality of Iino onto a large-scale map he spreads across a 10-tatami room.

Straight lines

``I found a pattern emerging on the map,'' he says. ``The locations of all the sightings can be connected by several straight lines-all of which lead to Senganmori.''

Spurred on by his find, Kinoshita, with the help of several young townsmen, decided to trek into the surrounding mountains to see if any of these places from where UFOs were reportedly seen would reveal undiscovered clues.

Indeed they did, because time and time again what the group's weekend searches uncovered were incongruously and mysteriously ``placed'' formations of massive granite blocks. Most of these rocks, numbering more than 20, are within a 5-kilometer radius of Senganmori, jutting out from mountaintops, rural sidestreets, ancient tombs and temple grounds. Moai Ishi (Moai Rock), for example, found on a hilltop, was so named by Kinoshita because of its likeness to the Moai statues on Easter Island, while Kujira Ishi (Whale Rock) is found breaching from a paddy field.

While justifying Moai Ishi's resemblance to its South Pacific counterpart may require some imagination, the beautiful, panorama from it of what resembles a natural version of the Great Pyramids-with Senganmori and Megamiyama to the west, and Ikkanmori to the east-is ample reward for the visit.

Another strange discovery made south of Iino town is what locals call the ``Spaceman's Gravestone.'' Hidden in the remote depths of a densely forested hilltop, the front of this small weathered standing stone (with Chinese characters carved on the back) shows what appears to be a petroglyph-like image of a one-eyed alien being.

Although many of these mysterious rock formations show traces of having had a sacred significance to ancient mountain cultures-as some now do to various new religious groups-none has ever been examined or studied by archaeological experts. In short, the riddles remained unsolved-while theories abound.

``Maybe if these finds were given some historical credibility, more tourists would feel compelled to come and see for themselves,'' says Kinoshita, adding, ``but what we must not do-at all costs-is trivialize our local culture by building theme parks, just for tourism's sake.''


There's more... do a search on google for:

ufo granite "magnetic field"

Is the search over now that we know about the granitic and paranormal connection?




Back to the subject of caves, underground caverns, subsidence, sinkholes, etc.  I decided to check out karst maps.  

What is karst you ask?

"Karst refers to the pitted surface over limestone formations containing networks of underground caverns and tunnels carved out by water.  The pits are due to sinkholes that formed when near surface cavern roofs got too thin and collapsed.  Thus, karst topography occurs in areas where there are underground rivers and caverns" ..... Dr. Bruce Cornet

The first is a history of the process and the second is the USGS National Karst Map update. 


Consequently, I did not find a positive link between karst areas and bigfoot sightings.... however, I DID find out some interesting thoughts from Dr. Cornet on bigfoot possibly traveling underground like in the Horizon City bigfoot sighting on my Desert Apes page.....

My inquiries to Professor Bruce Cornet, who has a doctorate in geology:


by Sharon Eby


Dear Professor Cornet,

I have a question concerning geology and bigfoot.  There "appears" to be a geological connection of some kind, however, until more evidence is found and all of the t's crossed and i's dotted then I dare not make any assumptions so soon.  As a geologist, which is the expertise I am in need of concerning this, I would like to ask you some questions if I may?

Do you think that such underground caverns (empty) and fault line areas might be one of the ways that these bigfoot creatures might travel?  Some evidence shows that they disappear into the ground, in cavernous areas (or areas purported to have such caverns even though no opening has been found by myself yet - the openings have been found by other separate witnesses though).  I am thinking they MAY travel underground, come above in areas where they close off or drop in size to fissures, and then go underground again once the caverns open up again.  This would have to be either a technology or in-born/in-bred gnosis of knowing where the caverns start and end and might point to why these creatures are seen near fault lines, cave areas, and come above near subsidence areas (they cannot travel underneath if one is collapsed).  Perhaps to transport(?) to the below from above ground requires technology, or a "trap door" of some type.  There are certainly many more questions here than answers.  I am looking for connections but must first understand the geology of such before putting my fingers on any hypotheses.  I need to check not only into basin areas, but also underground cavern systems in this area.  A speleological society might be of some use........

Thanks for your help!  I look forward so much to hearing back from you.

Comments from Dr. Bruce Cornet:


Posted with permission

Dear Sharon,

Regarding associations between bigfoot and faults or sinkholes, what faults and sinkholes have in common is that they are like wounds in the earth.  And from wounds leak fluids and gases from the earth.  If bigfoot has an acute sense of smell, it might be attracted to odors and gases coming from fault zones or sinkholes.  If bigfoot uses underground passageways and chambers for shelter, hiding, and/or undetected movement, it could use its sense of smell above ground to find those chambers and passageways, and follow the scent until it can locate an access point.  Much like a bloodhound, it might be able to detect trace amounts of earth gases such as methane, ethane, propane, pentane, and hydrogen sulfide, although it might also be able to detect other odorless - to us - gases such as helium, radon, argon, and hydrogen.  It might also use gas seeps as roadmaps, much like we use roads and trails to find our way around.

Also, if it traveled underground, it would have to do so in the dark.  Its eyesight might be enhanced in the infrared range (accounting for its red eyes), allowing it to see changes in temperature below ground.  Its acute sense of smell might allow it to maneuver in total darkness below ground and not get lost. 
Clearly, bigfoot has a hunting capability unlike any other big predator (based on that report you sent me), and an intelligence high enough to know to conceal its leftovers, droppings, and dead. 
As I had stated awhile ago, if bigfoot is telepathic, and can read minds to the extent of detecting danger or a human presence, it might be able to induce a negative hallucination in an observer.  That could account for descriptions of it suddenly disappearing.  It might still be there, but camouflaged through psychological deception.
Bigfoot clearly knows its superiority over humans, because I have read few reports where it became startled and appeared defensive or afraid of humans.  Its size and strength may give it confidence, but there seems to be more operating here.
It must owe a great part of its survival success to acute perception.
Yours Sincerely,
Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.
Deputy Administrator
National Institute for Discovery Science
4975 S. Polaris Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89118



The map below shows it, and the contained text explains it...


UPDATE ON MY DREAM (from above)


For nearly two years I've been watching, listening, and waiting to see if my dream about a water main break, or an earthquake, would occur in El Paso.  The keys to the water part of the dream were these:

1) Located within, but on the outskirts, of the city

2) Near a main road and/or intersection

3) A sinkhole, ravine, or washout occurred due to water flowing through

4) My feeling was that it was caused by a water main break

5) It happened suddenly/unexpectedly

6) The cause of the water main break was unknown

7) A vehicle got stuck in the sinkhole, people were trying to help

8) Cars were backed up (could not pass) and had to be diverted

9) Flooding, like a river, was occurring

10) People were being rerouted and told to turn back

This actually came to pass on March 26, 2005!  On this date (just 2 months ago as of this writing) a water main break occurred at Zaragoza Road just south of Escobar Dr. in accordance with all the details of my dream above.

I don't know the reasons why I was given the dream, or why the dream came to me (who knew!... but evidently someone did... I am merely the messenger), and I doubt there was anything I could do but watch and wait, and post what I continue to find out, as it occurs, onto my website in hopes that someone will read it, pay attention, and be in a place of power to make a difference in the upcoming future for all who live in the El Paso area.  Is anybody listening???  You can see for yourself, some pieces of the articles from the El Paso Times (below).

The water main break CAUSED the sinkhole in this case.... the question is, what caused the water main break??? (Note: I spoke with El Paso Water Utilities a couple weeks ago and they said that the break occurred in heavy iron pipe, that it had no signs of rust or damage, and that it occurred within the main pipe and NOT at a joint (weak spot).  They did not know what caused the break to occur.... for now it remains a mystery!)  A thought of mine is that perhaps shifting of the earth due to subsidence might be a factor, but that is speculation for now. with keyword "sinkhole" found these:
1. Man drowns in sinkhole
March 26, 2005 •• 520 words •• ID: elp16082443
El Paso Times A man died Friday after his pickup fell into a sinkhole as he drove around barricades blocking a flooded area in the Lower Valley. It was about 2:30 a.m. Friday when Andres Jurado, 57, apparently ignored warnings from water utility crews and drove his pickup around a barricade into a sinkhole in the 9300 block of Roseway Drive, which was created by a water main break, El Paso Police Department spokesman Javier Sambrano said. His body was recovered by firefighters about 13...

2. Zaragoza main breaks
March 26, 2005 •• 266 words •• ID: elp16082623
El Paso Times A rush of water damaged homes and turned a neighborhood into a muddy, soggy mess Friday afternoon when a water main broke, creating a huge sinkhole that swallowed a section of Zaragoza Road, one of the main streets in the Lower Valley. Utility workers were working overnight to repair the 36-inch pipe, which burst about 2:30 p.m. for unknown reasons on Zaragoza just south of Escobar Drive, El Paso Water Utilities spokesman Hector Gonzalez said. An estimated 3 million to 5...

5. Families try to recover after water floods homes
March 27, 2005 •• 503 words •• ID: elp16081079
El Paso Times The Rivera family members were all set to celebrate Easter in Carlsbad this weekend. Instead, they stayed in El Paso to clean up the mess left behind by a water main break on Zaragoza Road in the Lower Valley. The Riveras, who live in the San Marcos apartment complex near Zaragoza Road and Geranium Drive, lost most of their clothing, bedding, furniture and electronics when their apartment was flooded after a water main burst around 3 p.m. Friday. Saturday morning, they...

Water, and the lack of it, is a big issue here in the desert.  The Rio Grande just north of here is full of water, to its banks, but once you get down to the El Paso/Juarez area the Rio Grande is nothing but a trickle, with sand bars and banks being more visually prevalent than the river.  El Paso (population 800,000) gets at least 50% of its water from the Rio Grande (the majority of it is used in agriculture, second usage is commercial, and lastly residential).  Juarez, Mexico which is the sister-city of El Paso (Juarez population exceeds 2 million now, and growing) gets the majority of their water from the Rio Grande river.  It's no wonder that the river is nearly dry!  If you go south of here, to the Big Bend area, then runoff and small springs, etc. feed the Rio Grande and replenish it to its banks once again, but as for El Paso, we are going dry.  One major problem locally is the subsidence occurring in El Paso and Juarez due to the aquifer compaction from too much well pumping.  El Paso will slowly sink just like Mexico City is sinking.  That is bad news.  If Bigfoot sightings are indicative of geologic change, as Native American legends (and my dream) suggest, then I suspect that BF sightings are going to continue since BF is always associated with the earth, water, and the like. 

Here's a resource link mentioning subsidence here:
Groundwater Resources for the Future; Land Subsidence in the United States; page 2, Figure 3; PDF: 
Notice this too: keyword search "subsidence" brought these up:
1. El Paso homes, roads damaged by drought
March 16, 2004 •• 1335 words •• ID: elp6559759
People who live in the Cedar Grove subdivision near Riverside High School know something's wrong. And they're right. The problem, apparently, is subsidence -- a gradual sinking in the area caused by the shrinkage of the underground clay strata as it dries out. In Cedar Grove, the streets are strangely uneven. Rock walls crack and sometimes fall down. And many of the homes have cracks in floors, walls and ceilings that keep getting bigger. Maria Elena Luna took out a $35,000....

2. Leaders call for study of sinking home problem along Rio Grande
May 19, 2005 •• 351 words •• ID: elp17506604
El Paso Times A handful of community leaders announced the start Wednesday of a campaign to focus the attention of the city and other taxing jurisdictions on the property damage experienced by homeowners who live near the Rio Grande. Homes in the Cedar Grove, Riverside and Lakeside areas are cracking and, in some cases, slowly sinking along with the ground and streets around them. For that reason, former school Trustee Roberto Lerma said, the El Paso Central Appraisal District should....

If Bigfoot sightings are indeed indicative of earth changes, locally or otherwise, then how do we look for such correlations between anything people are doing, or not doing, at these times, which coincide with these geological "coincidences"?  I think that seeing Bigfoot is a very personal thing.  If Bigfoot is the messenger (of some kind) then perhaps those who see him, or study him, are included in that picture?  Things we can look at in those who see Bigfoot are their ideals, beliefs, plans, disturbances, need for change, bad habits, good habits, etc.  Anything going on underground in the area sighting locations could be key.  I know that this may all seem strange, but since these things happen in or around these areas of subsidence, sinkholes, fault lines, etc. I am looking for other clues in symbolic areas.  I've found that with UFO sightings the WITNESS is the common denominator.... like when someone (like me) has multiple sightings throughout their lifetime and others who would love to see a UFO somehow NEVER see one.  There are astrological reasons for that.  According to Lorraine DiFelice, 11's show up in the natal charts of those who see them (UFO's), AT THOSE SPECIFIC TIMES/DAYS that they show up!  I am working on pinning this info down with Lorraine presently so I can start looking for what it is that shows up for people who see Bigfoot... that may sound crazy but something inside of me tells me it's true, and because UFO's often show up in the same areas Bigfoot does I wouldn't be at all surprised if it's the 11's also, although it could be something else entirely.
On a personal scale... Bigfoot is indicative of  the underworld... symbolic of the body, health, conditions, the gut, muscles and bones and skin tissues.  On a less personal, and more global scale, we realize that the EARTH is the body (when we die our bodies turn back into the earth)... or the "skin of the earth (crust)", "the muscles of the earth (mantle)" and "the bones of the earth (core)."  Have you ever seen the "Basin and Range" section of the southwest, west of here in El Paso, on a geologic map?  It is the "stretch marks" (skin stretching) of the earth due to a near horizontal subduction of the plate that occurred under the west coast of North America, causing all this folding and faulting throughout the area from CA to TX.  This happened a LONG time ago (late Cretaceous-Tertiary).  But Bigfoot shows up in areas of tectonic settings, rifts, volcanism, mountain building areas, folded and faulted areas, etc., including along the Rio Grande rift zone.  I still think that a lot points to the earth, earth changes, might very well be specific to local incidents.  I don't believe in coincidence, and see meaning in all things that happen, both small and large.  Is there anything going on, geologically speaking, in the area where you live?  Lots can be checked on here.  I've covered some of this on my website.... caves, granite, sinkholes, etc.

On the radio, just like I heard about the Zaragoza water main break, I heard about another break, although I failed to hear the info on just where this occurred.  Evidently it was not as major an issue as the Zaragoza break since it didn't show up in the El Paso Times online articles, etc.  I do not know what caused that break either.

Just Friday (day before yesterday), I heard on the news (radio) that a sinkhole had occurred at Esther Lama and George Dieter, just north of where the water main break had occurred... same side of town.  No idea on how this one occurred as there was no water main break (known to be associated with it) as the road just fell in(?).  We drove down there yesterday and only found two huge metal plates over the road to "cover it up" so cars could drive over it again.  Strange!  I should have taken a picture of it but it just seemed so small and insignificant at the time.  Now I'm sorry I didn't.  Perhaps I can go there another day and get a picture of it.   Then I have to realize that in Horizon we have found gypsum outcrops... if this is the trend on the east side of town then we can expect MORE sinkholes and underground cavities to have been slowly leached and washed out over time.  Limestone caves in this entire area are also possible. 

Perhaps I'm crazy for "seeing" it all this way (Bigfoot-geology connection), but wow, the first half of the dream I had has already come true... so how crazy is that?!  Am now just waiting for the earthquake next.  It took almost 2 yrs for me to realize the water main break occurred just like my dream.... we are most certainly overdue (over 20 yrs overdue in fact) for an earthquake. 

PREDICTION FOR AN EARTHQUAKE IN EL PASO (written 5/29/05)... updated since!

It is a matter of when, not if, an earthquake occurs in El Paso; and just when it comes I do not know, but if the second half of my dream is correct (as the first half was) then I predict that the magnitude of the earthquake will be in the range of a 4.0 to 6.5 (possibly around 5.4 to 6.1) on the Richter Scale rather than the expected 3.0 - 4.0 like it usually happens here. 

Also, on the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale I think it will FEEL like it is about a V to a VIII (probably around VI or VII).... people screaming and running and falling down (hardly able to stand up), minor or no damage to large well-built buildings (not sure on homes though), the majority of the damage will be most likely occur within the city limits, possibly felt like this on the east side of town (I have not checked at all to see where the actual epicenters typically are located in El Paso earthquakes though), all based on my dream, of course.  

This, is all considered towards any possibility of an earthquake epicenter being IN the El Paso area, but the fact is that I do not know where the epicenter will be!  Most of the bigger ones do not originate here, so if this type of intensity/magnitude is felt in the El Paso area, it could be that a much larger earthquake occurs somewhere else (could be hundreds of miles away even), which could be worse news for that area.  Heaven help places like Juarez, where the people are clustered together so tightly (over 2 million people are packed into a space equal to where only 800,000 people in El Paso are), and the buildings are not very strong, and help from organizations like FEMA are not as well established.  The Mexico government will be ailing, as will the people, if this earthquake does indeed occur as it did in my dream (but what can we do about it???).  I pray we can help prevent or minimize any potential damage, if at all possible. 

Source for Richter/Mercalli Scales:

Richter scale

This scale doesn't have divisions in degrees, inferior limits, (if not of the tools) and superior. The appraisal of the energy freed from a seism is associated to an index, by definition magnitudo, it has drawn to divide the decimal logarithm of the maximum ampleness of a shake and the logarithm of a shake champion. The zero of the scale is equivalent to a freed equal energy to 105 Joule.

Mercalli scale

degree tremor description 
I  instrumental  People do not feel any Earth movement.
II  lightest  A few people might notice movement if they are at rest and/or on the upper floors of tall buildings.
III  light  Many people indoors feel movement. Hanging objects swing back and forth. People outdoors might not realize that an earthquake is occurring.
IV  mediocre  Most people indoors feel movement. Hanging objects swing. Dishes, windows, and doors rattle. The earthquake feels like a heavy truck hitting the walls. A few people outdoors may feel movement. Parked cars rock.
V  strongly  Almost everyone feels movement. Sleeping people are awakened. Doors swing open or close. Dishes are broken. Pictures on the wall move. Small objects move or are turned over. Trees might shake. Liquids might spill out of open containers.
VI  much fort  Everyone feels movement. People have trouble walking. Objects fall from shelves. Pictures fall off walls. Furniture moves. Plaster in walls might crack. Trees and bushes shake. Damage is slight in poorly built buildings. No structural damage.
VII  strong  People have difficulty standing. Drivers feel their cars shaking. Some furniture breaks. Loose bricks fall from buildings. Damage is slight to moderate in well-built buildings; considerable in poorly built buildings.
VIII  violent  Drivers have trouble steering. Houses that are not bolted down might shift on their foundations. Tall structures such as towers and chimneys might twist and fall. Well-built buildings suffer slight damage. Poorly built structures suffer severe damage. Tree branches break. Hillsides might crack if the ground is wet. Water levels in wells might change.
IX  disastrous  Well-built buildings suffer considerable damage. Houses that are not bolted down move off their foundations. Some underground pipes are broken. The ground cracks. Reservoirs suffer serious damage.
X  most disastrous  Most buildings and their foundations are destroyed. Some bridges are destroyed. Dams are seriously damaged. Large landslides occur. Water is thrown on the banks of canals, rivers, lakes. The ground cracks in large areas. Railroad tracks are bent slightly.
XI  catastrophic  Most buildings collapse. Some bridges are destroyed. Large cracks appear in the ground. Underground pipelines are destroyed. Railroad tracks are badly bent.
XII  great catastrophe  Almost everything is destroyed. Objects are thrown into the air. The ground moves in waves or ripples. Large amounts of rock may move.

magnitude Richter
degree Mercalli
< 3.5
< 1.6 E+7
1.6 E+7
7.5 E+8
4 E+9
2.1 E+10
5.7 E+11
2.8 E+13
2.5 E+14
2.3 E+15
2.1 E+16
> 1.7 E+18
> 8.1

earthquake severity

Richter magnitude
earthquake effects
less than 3.5
Generally not felt, but recorded.
Often felt, but rarely causes damage.
under 6.0
At most slight damage to well-designed buildings. Can cause major damage to poorly constructed buildings over small regions.
Can be destructive in areas up to about 100 kilometers across where people live.
Major earthquake. Can cause serious damage over larger areas.
8 or greater
Great earthquake. Can cause serious damage in areas several hundred kilometers across.
magnitude Richter
TNT equivalent
6 ounces
30 ounces
320 pounds
1 ton
4.6 tons
29 tons
73 tons
1000 tons
5100 tons
32000 tons
80000 tons
1 milion tons
5 milion tons
32 milon tons
160 milion tons
1 bilion tons
5 bilion tons
32 bilion tons
1 trilion tons
160 trilion tons

presumed that one ounce of TNT exploded below ground yields 640 million ergs of seismic wave energy


El Paso Area Earthquake Map 

Time WILL tell!!!  If my dream is wrong, then so be it, but if it is right then...

2nd Update For My Earthquake Dream

I do not know the full significance of this dream because it was "short and sweet."  On February 2nd, 2006 I dreamt that an earthquake occurred and that it was much smaller in magnitude than I had expected.  In fact, it was so much smaller than my expectation that I was amazed and relieved, both.

Now realize that I'm NOT in the "business" of claiming to be a prophetess, or a seer of the future, by any means.  I do also realize that many, if not most, of our dreams (as humans) are from an inner knowing, and also about our very own personal experiences.  Many times, the symbolic meaning of earthquakes is a "shaking" of our own inner being, our bodies, or something occurring within our own lives, rather than an outward event in the world around us.  With this in mind, as well as any possible worldly, regional, or local consequences, I'm glad to know that the "earthquake" was/is/will be much smaller than previously thought.

On the side, there are many light workers who are praying continually for a lessening of the effects of earthquakes.  Scientific studies have shown that prayer DOES WORK (although they don't have a good theory as to why yet!).  Could it be that via prayer, the earthquakes and fault lines are being "relieved" in their pressures?

Again, time will tell....



Earthquake History of El Paso 

5/30/05 (update regarding my dream)

Typically, earthquake epicenters move around due to a relief in localized pressure in areas which have already slipped/shaken.  This is true for El Paso earthquakes also, except that they have all hit around the fault line areas on the east and west of the Franklin mountains (with a couple exceptions, and those are close by).

EL PASO, TX - LATITUDE/LONGITUDE: 31.80 -106.50 (southern tip of Franklins near downtown)

Historical quakes in El Paso:
May 31, 1889  Lat/Long 31.8 -106.5
March 7, 1923 Lat/Long 31.8 -106.5
May 12th, 1969 Lat/Long 31.8 -106.5
Dec 9th and 10th, 1972 - Lat/Long 31.8 -106.4
Years apart:
1889-1923= 34 yrs
1923-1969= 46 yrs
1969-1972=   3 yrs
1972-????= 33 yrs and counting...
                                                              NFPO          km
SRA   1889   05 31 20                   32.00 -106.50                                    5... .......     
SRA   1923   03 07                       31.80 -106.50                                     4... .......     
SRA   1923   03 07    0503            31.80 -106.50              4.30 FASRA    4... .......     
SRA   1969   05 12   082619.60     31.85 -106.52     13     3.40 MLSRA     5... .......     
SRA   1969   05 12   084916         31.80 -106.40     3.60          MLSRA     5... .......     
SRA   1969   05 12   084917.20     31.84 -106.56
    14     4.30 mb     GS   .... .......     
SRA   1969   05 12   0851            31.80 -106.40                                      .F.. .......     
SRA   1969   05 12   1039            31.80 -106.40                                      .F.. .......
SRA   1972   12 09   055844.30    31.80 -106.50                                       4... .......      
SRA   1972   12 10   143750        31.80 -106.40               3.00  MLSRA     3... .......      


NOTE: From this website the 1972 earthquakes of Dec 9 & 10 had the lat/long location of:

09 Dec. 1972 05:58:44 31.75 106.40 3.0 IV 1,500 T El Paso El Paso
10 Dec. 1972 14:37:50 31.75 106.40 3.0 III 100 T El Paso El Paso

This would put the epicenter closer to the Lakeside area (shown at the very bottom/right section of the map below) in El Paso, south of I-10 not far from the river.  Please keep in mind that subsidence (land sinking) has been occurring in that same area.  The epicenter would have been, if the 31.75 coordinates hold true, just on the north side of Lakeside, whereas the subsidence occurs very close by, just SE of Lakeside... all within the same vicinity.  Both subsidence and earthquakes are qualified as "movement of earth" regardless of the cause. 

For the map below I did not include the 31.75 latitude coordinate, but the 31.80 lat coordinate instead (based on the national USGS information rather than the state of TX info) figuring it may be more accurate, but that is my own personal preference.  I just felt that people should know about the Lakeside possibilities so that they can keep it in mind.

Map of El Paso Earthquake Epicenters

BLUE: Latitude/longitude of epicenter(s)

DARK BLUE: Magnitude (if applicable) and Date

RED CIRCLES/AREAS: Actual epicenter location(s)

GREEN NUMBERS: Sequential numbers of earthquakes (earliest to latest)


The trend for over the last century or more has been a magnitude of about 3.0 to 4.3, and we are well within average range for another one to hit.  So why all the caution?  For me, it was solely due to my dream, which came unexpectedly, and BEFORE I had ever done any research into earthquake history in the El Paso region, not to mention that it was "one of THOSE dreams" that hits you completely different than regular dreams or wild "spaghetti dreams."  Even so, are we due for a much larger earthquake?  I think so.


"Only one Texas earthquake ever took a human life, and this wasn't in Texas. On 6 March 1923 an earthquake with magnitude of 4.7 occurred near El Paso and Juarez. Juan Ortiz, a Mexican tenant farmer who lived in Mexico six miles from Juarez, suffocated when his adobe house caved in during the quake."


"Two regions, near El Paso and in the Panhandle, should expect earthquakes with magnitudes of about 5.5 - 6.0 to occur every 50-100 years, and even larger earthquakes are possible."

So what has been the uniting factor of past El Paso earthquakes that has kept them rumbling around the same area (east & west sides of the Franklins, and even further east by the airport) on the map?  Note that the epicenter areas are near a BOUNDARY ZONE by these four main features:

MAGMATIC INTRUSION - Mt. Cristo Rey is a laccolith (emplaced late Cretaceous, early Tertiary), like a turtle-shell shaped magmatic (andesitic) intrusive which acts like a cap, or a huge bulbous restriction to upwards movement of any deeper igneous activity.  Mt. Cristo Rey itself has been magmatically dormant since it was emplaced and cooled 50 million years ago, as far as we know.  It is located just west of downtown El Paso, north of Mexico, in the southeastern most corner of NM where TX, NM, and Mexico meet. 

FAULT BLOCK UPLIFT & BASIN SUBSIDENCE - Franklin Mountains are growing/pushing upward, while north-south running fault lines on both the east & west sides of the mountain indicate boundaries to the sinking Hueco Bolson/basin.

RIVER DOWNCUTTING - Rio Grande river, which cuts right between Mt. Cristo Rey and the Franklins, and runs from Colorado all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.  The downcutting is slowed due to pumping of the river water for agricultural, commercial, and residential use; however, due to additional pumping and depletion of the aquifer subsidence (sinking of the land) is occurring in the El Paso area.

RIFTING/TENSIONAL STRESS - Additionally, this north-south area following along both sides of the Rio Grande river and literally pulling the crust apart is the extensional Rio Grande Rift zone, which extends all the way to Colorado.  Much like the Dead Sea in the middle east, active extensional rifts eventually (in millions of years) become narrow seaways, and if they continue to open up further they become oceans, like our Atlantic ocean is today (which started out as a rift zone in the middle of the ancient supercontinent Pangaea).  Igneous activity from within the earth (indicated by hot springs, volcanoes, earthquakes, magmatic intrusions, etc.) is a key factor in rift zones.  Even though it could take (and has taken) millions of years to see any great trends of activity, we can see by the maps below that El Paso (and UFO/Bigfoot activity) is dead smack in the middle of the Rio Grande Rift zone.  See maps below (not on scale to each other).

Rio Grande Rift Rio Grande Rift Basins

The white outline shows the general boundary of the rift.  Notice El Paso in green (added for clarity) and its placement in nearly the center of the rift.  The Rio Grande rift continues down into Mexico (not shown) and is actively extending today to the east and the west.

This map shows the basins (dark grey areas) and the mountains (dotted gray areas) within the Rio Grande Rift.  I have added words (colored) to show paranormal/UFO/Bigfoot types of activity within the rift zone, as well as adding in the towns of Corona (actual "Roswell crash site"), Roswell, Carlsbad, and Colorado Springs/NORAD (in black). For a more thorough explanation of paranormal/Bigfoot activities and their correlations to geology please see previous writings on this page.


Rio Grande Rift (cross-cut view)


Similar problems in Las Cruces, NM

Darlene Boekenkroeger of Las Cruces, NM (facilitator of the Paranormal Chat Club meetings) contacted me and said that they also have been having water main breaks on her street (no additional information is presently available for other possible breaks in the Las Cruces area).  Here is a direct quote of what Darlene told me (posted 6/5/05):

"Both homes on either side of me had a break as well as the one across the street.  The other one was way up at the end of the street.  I do not think I would get any help from the water company since they blamed the builders.  Like I said we have had 5 breaks on our street alone.  If you go to mapquest and want to see where we are in location to hwy 70 you can type in intersection of hwy 70 and Sonoma Ranch.  I was wondering if there was anything special  about our street because all of the homes are built by different builders and it just seems odd that our street got hit harder then anywhere else.      Darlene"

And a subsequent addition: "I recounted and we have 6 water main breaks.  All but 1 are on my side of the street.  The one I missed was 2 doors down from me.  So we have 4 homes in a row, the one across the street from me and the one at the north end of the block.  Across our intersection we have 2 more and several others in the near area."


6 water main breaks on Darlene's street alone... builder issues or subsidence related?

We can only wonder how many other breaks have hit the rest of Las Cruces recently... it would be good to compare older homes with newly built ones to rule out the "builder's fault" or compaction of newly hauled-in soil hypothesis.


Just north of Darlene's location, past Dona Ana, but before Radium Springs (east side of I-25) is where my son, Tyler Eby, saw Bigfoot, along this same part of the rift zone.


Note that subsidence occurs nearest the Rio Grande River.  I-10 and I-25 both follow along the river, and also are located in the middle of the Rio Grande Rift.  Not "proof" by any means, but interesting to note nonetheless, and so these trends will continue to be watched.

Additionally, if the data is being properly collected and represented, what in the world is going on in Deming, NM, located west of Las Cruces? (outside link):


Earthquake Prediction (6/5/05)

To admit that having a dream of something and then telling everyone it's going to come true is hard for me.  I was conservative enough to just tell the dream, and not say it was going to come true originally, although I eluded to it via the evidence I saw concerning the Bigfoot-geology connection (covered above on this page).  But it was still a wait-and-see issue for me.  Once the water main break occurred AS IT SHOWED IN MY DREAM then it hit me very hard and I was 90% sure that the rest of my dream would occur as well, hence this entire section on the earthquake prediction for El Paso.  I am careful to not interpret my dreams wrong, as that has backfired on me in the past by reading into things which appeared to be one thing when they were actually another.  All I can do is to stick with the details of the dream and be careful about them.  At the same time, I feel that if we're given such dreams, we are obligated to tell them to those who have the ears to hear and take heed.  I found a lost puppy that my daughter had hidden away due to such a dream (I had no prior knowledge that the puppy even existed).  I also spoke up publicly because of dreaming about a friend's death 4 hrs before she died, and gave her friends/family (at her funeral) her message that was told to me in the dream, "Tell everyone to WAKE UP, and realize I'm OK."  I have learned the difference between regular dreams and divinely given dreams.  As with the death/life-beyond dream, I feel that some of us are the messengers, to deliver the messages that are given to us.  Perhaps this is why my nickname is Star Angel.  "Star" means a person of great brightness/light, in Biblical symbology, and "angel" means messenger (not a winged being, and BTW cherubim are not angels).  If I am a messenger-person, then I am obligated, when given the message, to deliver it.  So..... with great concern and conservativism....

If I HAD to attempt a loose prediction on where the next epicenter would be I would, now that I am semi-equipped with at least some partial knowledge of earthquake history in the El Paso region, suggest it would be along the current fault areas, perhaps combined with current subsidence areas (doing the research after the dream has only confirmed the possibilities of the dream actually occuring).  This would be along the river (or not far from I-10) sections of El Paso, and due to the dream of me being "in the mall" (which at the time I interpreted to be the Cielo Vista mall, not far from the airport/Hawkins/I-10 area) could very well be near the mall, although Basset Center mall could also be applicable since it is not far (Geronimo and I-10, also not far from the airport area) away from Cielo Vista.  The point is that I just don't know for sure except to go on my original feelings (for instance, the water main break part of the dream was a "feeling" as I really wasn't "told" or shown where the water was coming from, only that it was flowing down an intersection and down the street).  My location in the dream for the earthquake was in the mall, so all of this is an educated guess only, based on my research that was inspired and directed solely from the dream.  Nothing is written in stone metaphorically speaking, although the next point of slippage IS written in stone, within our earth.  Stresses and strains are presently occurring SOMEWHERE beneath the surface and will eventually slip to cause the next earthquake.  But all I can do is hope the dream is correct so people can properly prepare, or even better, hope that it doesn't occur at all so we don't have to worry with such things!  Geologic history, however, says another earthquake is inevitable, at least eventually.  Just like the water main break though, I was given information in the dream about WHAT, and partly WHERE (outskirts of town near an intersection) but NOT WHEN.  Same goes for the epicenter.... IF the rest of the dream comes true.  The what being an earthquake of a greater magnitude than "normal" and the where being on the east side of town, possibly near a mall.  When is anybody's guess. 

The only person I am in occasional (rare) contact with concerning seismic activity or geology related topics is Randy Keller at UTEP.  I was emailing him this week and our conversation was as follows...

I asked Randy Keller: "Any idea what makes the one [epicenter] near the airport and at the southern end of the Franklins keep slipping?"

Keller's response: "It seems likely the cause for the earthquakes is slip along east boundary fault, which extends along a line that approximately follows Alabama Street but extends up to the White Sands headquarters area. This is a big fault that is still active on a geologic time scale."

Then I asked him: "Do you know of any main faults in the Hueco Mountains also?  How much of the fault movement could be due to the Rio Grande Rifting vs. other factors?"

Keller's response: "The fault is a Rio Grande rift feature. The main fault on the east is buried and is only about 1/2 way over to the Hueco Mountains."


Conclusions (for this section)

We have a mountain range (the Franklins) which are bounded by fault lines on both sides and is continuing to uplift, along with a solidified andesitic intrusion (Mt. Cristo Rey) near the southwestern tip of the Franklins, and a river and the basin areas on both sides of the Franklins which are subsiding (naturally, and now accelerated due to man-caused aquifer depletion problems), and lastly the Rio Grand Rift zone itself which is extending to the east and west, placing tension on the underlying strata with increasing magmatic activity in certain areas.  All of these factors combined, in a relatively close-knit place make for an unsettled area.  The weak spot is logically where all of these boundaries would coincide.  There may be (surely are) other factors as well, which I am yet unaware of.  I will place them on this page as they come in.  Luckily for El Pasoans, all of this geologic activity is relatively slow when thought of in a day-to-day or year-to-year time scale, as compared to a geologic time scale, so even though different stresses and strains and upwelling from beneath the earth are occurring simultaneously, they are not always indicative of a sudden or drastic change that would put people into panic.  In other words, Chicken Little, the sky is not falling.  Chances are, when the next big earthquake comes, it will cease for yet another 50-100 yrs or so (most things are cyclical, its just they come in spurts; sometimes small ones, and sometimes larger ones).  These incidences are just not something we need to lose sleep over, although it couldn't hurt to fortify our homes with decent construction and added earthquake preventative features.  That is just good common sense.  Another thing that should be focused on is the water needs/waste of these twin cities here on the border to reduce subsidence and possible earthquake hazards.  Both water related problems and movement of faults will undoubtedly occur in our lifetime.  Nobody knows when (to my knowledge), but we now have a good idea of what is going to occur, and possibly even where.  It is, unfortunately, still going to be a wait, watch, and see-what-happens event.

(c) Sharon Eby 2005


Earthquake Work: Easing the Pressure & the "Triangle of Life"

I was led, through another article on a separate topic, to "Earthquake Work" by Nora at  Intrigued, I emailed her and her response about my dream (above) is as follows:

Hi Sharon -

Wow - okay - the quake you saw in your dream has to be larger than a 5 in order for you to have trouble walking. My initial feeling was that this quake originates in Mexico. I'm not 100% sure about that.  You are much more familiar with the geology and history of the region than I, and you could probably make a better assessment of that.  I do sense that you're following your inner guidance in doing what you're doing and that's wonderful.  Your dream has lots of detail, and that's why I am with you about taking it seriously. (I have a page on my site that includes some of my dreams that later came to be, you might find a lot in common with them http://www.vibrani/com.futurevisions.htm )


Thanks to Nora/ for sending me this practical and insightful article on how to save your life during an earthquake:

Edited by Larry Linn for MAA Safety Committee brief on  4/13/04

My name is Doug Copp. I am the Rescue Chief and Disaster Manager of the American Rescue Team International (ARTI), the world's most experienced rescue team. The information in this article will save lives in an earthquake.

I have crawled inside 875 collapsed buildings, worked with rescue teams from 60 countries, founded rescue teams in several countries, and I am a member of many rescue teams from many countries. I was the United Nations expert in Disaster Mitigation (UNX051 -UNIENET) for two years. I have worked at every major disaster in the world since 1985, except for simultaneous disasters.

In 1996 we made a film which proved my survival methodology to be correct. The Turkish Federal Government, City of Istanbul, University of Istanbul, Case Productions and ARTI cooperated to film this practical, scientific test. We collapsed a school and a home with 20 mannequins inside.  Ten mannequins did "duck and cover," and ten mannequins I used in my "triangle of life" survival method. After the simulated earthquake collapse we crawled through the rubble and entered the building to film and document the results.  The film, in which I practiced my survival techniques under directly observable, scientific conditions, relevant to building collapse, showed there would have been zero percent survival for those doing duck and cover. There would likely have been 100percent survivability for people using my method of the²triangle of life." This film has been seen by millions of viewers on television in Turkey and the rest of Europe, and it was seen in the USA, Canada and Latin America on the TV program Real TV.

The first building I ever crawled inside of was a school in Mexico City during the 1985 earthquake. Every child was under their desk. Every child was crushed to the thickness of their bones. They could have survived by lying down next to their desks in the aisles. It was obscene, unnecessary and I wondered why the children were not in the aisles. I didn't at the time know that the children were told to hide under something.

Simply stated, when buildings collapse, the weight of the ceilings falling upon the objects or furniture inside crushes these objects, leaving a space or void next to them. This space is what I call the² triangle of life". The larger the object, the stronger, the less it will compact. The less
the object compacts, the larger the void, the greater the probability that the person who is using this void for safety will not be injured. The next time you watch collapsed buildings, on television, count the "triangles"you see formed. They are everywhere. It is the most common shape, you will see, in a collapsed building. They are everywhere. I trained the Fire Department of Trujillo (population 750,000) in how to survive, take care of their families, and to rescue others in earthquakes.

The chief of rescue in the Trujillo Fire Department is a professor at Trujillo University. He accompanied me everywhere.  He gave personal testimony: "My name is Roberto Rosales. I am Chief of Rescue in Trujillo.

When I was 11 years old, I was trapped inside of a collapsed building. My entrapment occurred during the earthquake of 1972 that killed 70,000 people. I survived in the "triangle of life" that existed next to my brother's motorcycle. My friends who got under the bed and under desks were crushed to death [he gives more details, names, addresses etc.]....I am the living example of the "triangle of life". My dead friends are the example of "duck and cover".


1) Everyone who simply "ducks and covers" WHEN BUILDINGS COLLAPSE is crushed to death -- Every time, without exception.  People who get under objects, like desks or cars, are always crushed.

2) Cats, dogs and babies all naturally often curl up in the fetal position. You should too in an earthquake. It is a natural safety/survival instinct. You can survive in a smaller void.  Get next to an object, next to a sofa, next to a large bulky object that will compress slightly but leave a
void next to it.

3) Wooden buildings are the safest type of construction to be in during an earthquake. The reason is simple: the wood is flexible and moves with the force of the earthquake. If the wooden building does collapse, large survival voids are created. Also, the wooden building has less
concentrated, crushing weight.  Brick buildings will break into individual bricks. Bricks will cause many injuries but less squashed bodies than concrete slabs.

4) If you are in bed during the night and an earthquake occurs, simply roll off the bed. A safe void will exist around the bed. Hotels can achieve a much greater survival rate in earthquakes, simply by posting a sign on the back of the door of every room, telling occupants to lie down on the
floor, next to the bottom of the bed during an earthquake.

5) If an earthquake happens while you are watching television and you cannot easily escape by getting out the door or window, then lie down and curl up in the fetal position next to a sofa, or large chair.

6) Everybody who gets under a doorway when buildings collapse is killed. How? If you stand under a doorway and the doorjamb falls forward or backward you will be crushed by the ceiling above. If the door jam falls sideways you will be cut in half by the doorway. In either case, you will be killed!

7) Never go to the stairs. The stairs have a different "moment of frequency" (they swing separately from the main part of the building).The stairs and remainder of the building continuously bump into each other until structural failure of the stairs takes place.  The people who get on stairs before they fail are chopped up by the stair treads. They are horribly mutilated. Even if the building doesn¹t collapse, stay away from the stairs. The stairs are a likely part of the building to be damaged.  Even if the stairs are not collapsed by the earthquake, they may collapse later when overloaded by screaming, fleeing people. They should always be checked for safety, even when the rest of the building is not damaged.

8) Get Near the Outer Walls Of Buildings Or Outside Of Them If Possible
- It is much better to be near the outside of the building rather than the interior. The farther inside you are from the outside perimeter of the building the greater the probability that your escape route will be blocked;

9) People inside of their vehicles are crushed when the road above falls in an earthquake and crushes their vehicles; which is exactly what happened with the slabs between the decks of the Nimitz Freeway. The victims of the San Francisco earthquake all stayed inside of their vehicles. They were all killed.  They could have easily survived by getting out and sitting or lying next to their vehicles, says the author.  Everyone killed would have survived if they had been able to get out of their cars and sit or lie next to them. All the crushed cars had voids 3 feet high next to them, except for the cars that had columns fall directly across them.

10) I discovered, while crawling inside of collapsed newspaper offices and other offices with a lot of paper, that paper does not compact. Large voids are found surrounding stacks of paper.


Bigfoot and Low Frequency Sounds/Harmonics

The sounds of the earth, and the sounds of Bigfoot, are strikingly similar in some of their qualities.  It may seem strange at first, but to those of us who have researched the Bigfoot-geology connection, it is no wonder that Bigfoot sightings are often located near where earth-moving is occurring, mines and quarries, and earthquake prone areas, etc.  So far we (co-researchers and myself) have seen a connection of Bigfoot to earth geology, i.e. fault lines, granitic plutons and volcanic rock, tree covered areas (as a trend, but not without exception), caves (above or below ground), rivers and other bodies of water (specifically groundwater higher in potassium (K) and sodium (Na) and sulfur (S) (and/or H2S - hydrogen sulfide) as contrasted to calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) groundwater areas), etc.  The connection is uncanny, in that Bigfoot seems to appear, or live in these areas... the other connection (of water and earth as the main "elements") we've seen has a lot to do with hot springs and geothermal pockets, current magmatic (subsurface) activity, rift or subduction zones (tectonics, where plates are either colliding at convergent boundaries, or pulling apart at divergent boundaries - both boundaries being associated with magmatic/volcanic/earthquake activity and are loaded with (and create) fault lines).  There are always exceptions, however, but the sounds of the earth, and the vocal sounds of Bigfoot begs the question..... Why are the two so similar?

What I've noticed about the vocalizations that these large creatures/beings exhibit is that they tend to have TWO DISTINCT QUALITIES about them.  A high pitched oscillation that reminds one of a whale song or the whistles in natural radio, and a quality of depth (ELF/VLF range) that is like the heartbeat of the earth - penetrating those who hear it and resulting in a very physical/kinesthetic effect which is felt deeply (bringing on a severe sense of fear in many cases).  If you were to hear the clicks and swooshing noises of the latter (using natural radio - ELF/VLF which is below the range/level human hearing) it might sound like the heartbeat of a baby in the womb, as depicted by a sonogram given to the pregnant mother (any parent who has heard this will understand what I am speaking of here).

Note the names of these sounds that nature makes...

Whale songs... often referred to as clicks, whistles, pulsed calls (similar to bird chirps), moans, snores, and groans.

Bigfoot vocalizations... often called whoops, howls, moans, hoots, whistles, etc.

Natural Radio... often referred to (coincidentally?) as whooping and hooting tonal emissions, low-pitched roaring, whistling, sliding-tone emissions, and clicks and chirps.

Earthquake Harmonics... siren-like or whistle-like sounds, etc.


Designation Frequency Wavelength
ELF extremely low frequency 3Hz to 30Hz 100'000km to 10'000 km
SLF superlow frequency 30Hz to 300Hz 10'000km to 1'000km
ULF ultralow frequency 300Hz to 3000Hz 1'000km to 100km
VLF very low frequency 3kHz to 30kHz 100km to 10km
LF low frequency 30kHz to 300kHz 10km to 1km
MF medium frequency 300kHz to 3000kHz 1km to 100m
HF high frequency 3MHz to 30MHz 100m to 10m
VHF very high frequency 30MHz to 300MHz 10m to 1m
UHF ultrahigh frequency 300MHz to 3000MHz 1m to 10cm
SHF superhigh frequency 3GHz to 30GHz 10cm to 1cm
EHF extremely high frequency 30GHz to 300GHz 1cm to 1mm


Note that AUDIBLE sound is a pressure wave with frequencies between 20 Hz to 20 kHz (a dog barking is around 1750 Hz, the human voice is around 2700 Hz).  Ultrasonic sounds made by bats, dolphins are much higher at 1-20 MHz.  High frequencies like bird whistles and the chatter of chimps are not the same as low frequency animal calls (e.g. lion roars, and elephant rumbles)  Elephants can be heard up to 6 miles away, and in a 110+ sq. mi. area, at 5 Hz below the level of human hearing - a great tool for long-distance communication! 

Keep in mind both types of sounds TOGETHER... the high-pitched oscillation (upper range) as well as the lower pitched sounds, their similarities, and their differences.  It seems that, whether via the sun (solar/plasma) and the electromagnetic spectrum, or by animals using ultrasonic, audible, or very low frequencies, the sounds of nature coincide and have a similar patterning.  Notice this in the sounds below...


Whale song recordings

(ultrasonic sound - above the range of human hearing - used by bats, and whales, etc.)
Quote: "Orcas produce a wide variety of clicks, whistles and pulsed calls. They vary in frequency from 1 to 25 kHz. Individual pods of whales have their own distinctive dialect of calls, similar to songbirds. Some such calls are known to be stable over a period of 10 years. Humpback whales produce a variety of moans, snores, and groans that are repeated to form what we might call songs. The frequency of these songs range from about 40 Hz to 5 kHz. Singing whales are usually solitary males who exhibit it in a shallow smooth-bottomed area where sound propagates well. They are interpreted as territorial and mating calls. Whales are also known to produce some very intense low frequency sounds which they may use to stun or disorient small fish for prey. Bottlenose dolphins produce sounds in the range 7 to 15 kHz which are continuously variable in pitch. In addition, they produce short burst from 20 to 170 kHz, presumably for better echolocation.  A dolphin's clicks come from small knobs near its blowhole. There are no vocal cords.


Click to hear whale vocalizations from Maui, Hawai'i using Realplayer. Get Realplayer-Free.

Here are some sounds we recorded from the Whalesong hydrophone during our first season on April 5-6, 2001.

4/5/01 11:19 AM
4/5/01 11:20 AM
4/5/01 11:21 AM
4/6/01 12:19 AM
4/6/01 12:20 AM
4/6/01 12:19 AM



Typical Bigfoot vocalizations

(audible high pitched oscillations - "whoops, howls, and moans" - very possibly with VLF range inclusions)

Quote: "Sound Recordings

               Spectrograph (Ohio):










Compare the sounds of natural radio

(ELF/VLF range - whistlers and other sounds)

Quote: "'Natural Radio' describes naturally-occurring electromagnetic (radio) signals emanating from lightning storms, aurora (The Northern and Southern Lights), and most importantly, the Earth's magnetic-field (the Magnetosphere).

This is a presentation of Earth's natural radio emissions that occur in the extremely-low-frequency to very-low-frequency (ELF-VLF) radio spectrum--specifically, at AUDIO frequencies between approximately 100 to 10,000 cycles-per second (0.1 - 10 kHz).

Unlike sound waves which are vibrations of air molecules that our ears are sensitive to, natural radio waves as received at ground-level are vibrations of electric and magnetic energy (electromagnetic waves) which--though occurring at the same frequencies as sound--cannot be listened to without an audio-frequency ELF-VLF radio receiver to convert the natural radio signals directly into the same sound frequencies. Another amazing realm of nature is thus ready to be explored and observed.

Naturally-occurring VLF radio emissions are being studied both via ground-based receiving systems as well as orbiting spacecraft receivers such as the POLAR spacecraft. Much of these phenomena begin as plasma waves in Earth's magnetosphere....

24 August 1996 at 1500 UTC -Strong, low-pitched whooping and hooting tonal emissions of 1 kHz or less, and very-weak background low-pitched roaring hissband. One of my favorite segments! 24a1500.wav, 14 sec., 161140 bytes

June 1996 Alberta ELF-VLF radio phenomena audio file: View spectrogram of 24 August 1996 - 1500 UT recording  Spectrogram of 24 August - 1500 UTC recording

ABWT001.WAV, 156 sec., 1727030 bytes
An incredible-sounding 2 1/2 minute recording of spectacular wavering-tone periodic emissions. Wildly varying upward and downward pitched whistling and whooping sounds. Similar phenomena to the "Kenai Crazy Whistlers/Hooks" audio files below but even more spectacular sounding. Well worth the download time! Recorded in a remote location by the Whitemud River in northwestern Alberta, Canada, about 45 miles/60 km north-west of Peace River, AB on 02 June 1996 at approx. 1030 UT (4.30 a.m. MDT).
HUGH_WHI.WAV, 7.5 sec., 82724 bytes
Huge whistler (very strong), moderate diffusion recorded 17 Sept. 1993 20 mi. west of Wendover, NV at around 6:30 am PDT (1330 UTC).
PURENVWH.WAV, 19.5 sec., 215012 bytes
04 June 1993, 60 miles NNE of Reno, NV, 1430 UTC, 7:30 am PDT. Weak Dawn Chorus (minor mag. storm in progress with weak background layer of sferics plus very strong sferics from lightning within 100 mi. of receiver. A strong, pure whistler of slow descending rate occurs after one of these semi- local lightning sferics.
AB_CHOR2.WAV, 62 sec., 683532 bytes
Beautiful Alberta Auroral Chorus taped during a visible display of Aurora (Northern Lights). I was located 150 miles east of Red Deer, AB Near Consort, AB. In this segment, squawking "chorus" is accompanied by a multitude of "sliding-tone emissions." When these sliding- tones would be heard, the aurora would suddenly brighten up and move more quickly. Taped 26 Sept. 1993 at 1110 UTC.
AKAUCHO.WAV 1008740 bytes, 92 seconds
06 September 1995, 40 miles (65 km) NE of Fairbanks, Alaska. 2030 UTC during major magnetic storm. Recorded by the Chatanika River deep in the Interior of Alaska, this strong mid-day Auroral Chorus phenomena presented loud hissband centered on 1 kHz; chorus trains of low barks and high chirps centered at 1.5 and 3 kHz, and other tonal emissions above 3 kHz. This location is within the Auroral Oval, and such phenomena is audible during the daytime at these high geo-magnetic latitudes. Recorded using the McGreevy WR-3E hand-held ELF/VLF receiver with 1 meter long whip antenna into Marantz PMD-212 cassette recorder.

Naturally-occurring ELF/VLF Radio emissions such as these occur in the 0.1 to 11 kHz radio spectrum--essentially, they are audio-frequency radio (electromagnetic) waves as received at ground level. Most of these emissions begin as PLASMA WAVES within Earth's magnetosphere. This is just a small variety of fascinating 'sounds' to be received at these ELF/VLF frequencies. You must be located at least 1 to 2 miles from any power-lines so their 'hum' is not received (this is why I make my recordings in the California, Nevada and Oregon high-desert and associated Great Basin region, as well as western and central Canada--plenty of open spaces away from electric lines to make decent ground-based recordings and observations."



Now compare with the sounds of earthquake harmonics

(whistles and other sonogram-like swooshing "heartbeat" sounds)

Quote: "What you are hearing
The constant low frequency explosive sounds are the myriad of small earthquakes occurring in the dome area and are part of the dome forming process. The siren-like or whistle-like sounds are the harmonic tremors. Think of air flowing through a pipe organ. As the air flows through it sets up pressure waves within the confines of the pipe that resonate to a specific frequency depending on the dimensions of the pipe. In the case of a volcano, magma flowing through the magma channel is setting up vibrations that resonate through the channel. However, in the case of Mt. St. Helens, the sound is around 15 Hz, but since these recordings are sped up 50 times, the tremor is shifted to around 750 Hz.

These files are in standard windows WAV format, 5000Hz/16 bit.
Saint Helens West (SHW) [973,088 bytes] - June Lake (JUN) [972,372 bytes] - Both in Stereo (SHW on left, JUN on right) [1,946,132 bytes]"



Did you hear the similarities and the differences between all of these sounds?  Which one was the sound of Bigfoot most like?  Let's break it down (note that I have reversed the original chart, placing the lowest frequencies at the bottom, and the highest frequencies at the top):
Designation Frequency Wavelength (variety)
Natural Radio EQ Harmonics Humans Elephants Bigfoot
EHF extremely high frequency 30GHz to 300GHz 1cm to 1mm              
SHF superhigh frequency 3GHz to 30GHz 10cm to 1cm              
UHF ultrahigh frequency 300MHz to 3000MHz 1m to 10cm              
VHF very high frequency 30MHz to 300MHz 10m to 1m              
HF high frequency 3MHz to 30MHz 100m to 10m X            
MF medium frequency 300kHz to 3000kHz 1km to 100m X            
LF low frequency 30kHz to 300kHz 10km to 1km X           How high?
VLF very low frequency 3kHz to 30kHz 100km to 10km X X     20 kHz (highest audible)
3.5 kHz
(highest normal voice)
ULF ultralow frequency 300Hz to 3000Hz 1'000km to 100km   X X   2700 Hz (normal human voice)   audible
SLF superlow frequency 30Hz to 300Hz 10'000km to 1'000km X X 300 Hz (lowest normal voice)65 Hz (lowest singing voice - bass) audible
ELF extremely low frequency 3Hz to 30Hz 100'000km to 10'000 km       15 Hz
(Mt. St. Helens)
Below hearing range
 20 Hz
(lowest audible - below that is infrasound)
5 Hz
(lowest made)
Below hearing range

How low?

Below hearing range

Remember that Bigfoot is known widely for his ability to whistle as well as hoot, groan, and howl so most of his/her vocal range falls in the human range; however, can Bigfoot hear, and vocalize in frequencies within and outside of human hearing range?  Based on many witness reports of the physiological effects, I think so.  People who have heard a Bigfoot scream can tell you that the high pitched oscillation is common to them, AS WELL AS the very low frequency (unheard by the human ear, but is FELT instead - my own nephew and son heard a Bigfoot scream a warning to them; they felt a deep resonating within that struck a chord of incredible fear in them) that emanates from these creatures, sometimes through ground-pounding as well (remember that sound travels faster and farther through solids than they do through liquids or air/gas), or perhaps by an energy they give off, and often associated with the terrible smell (H2S) they emit (possibly due to fear, or as a warning to those nearby).  Any ability for an animal/being to create a noise (sound) that is in the very low frequency range is not unsimilar to geophysical electrophonics that we find in nature.

"Geophysical Electrophonics" Definition: The production of audible noises of various kinds through direct conversion by transduction of very low frequency electromagnetic energy generated by a number of geophysical phenomena.

Geophysical electrophonics includes "animal alarm" where animals sense (by hearing) earthquakes before they occur.

Sources: and

Elephants have known of, and given warnings in (or run from) areas that were about to have earthquakes.  The evidences we've seen with Bigfoot, are not unlike elephants in the apparent ability to sense/hear and give off sounds below the level of human hearing, and with particular synonymy with the elements of water and earth, together.  It would make sense that Bigfoot could hear and/or feel/sense the very lowest of vibrations (infrasound), such as what an elephant would make or hear, or earth tremors (specialized infrasonic/acoustic seismic waves - i.e. seismic communication) and magmatic/hydrothermal activity within the earth, etc.  Additionally, sounds above 1 kHz tend to thin quickly in forested environments, whereas infrasound does not.  This makes infrasound very useful for communicating the dense forests where Bigfoot is so often spotted by witnesses.  Infrasound, is therefore one of the best methods for long distance communication, it appears.  Infrasonic signals could also be important in keeping mother-to-infant contact, as well as the movement and locations of other individuals in a group who are separated.

What is the conclusion?  Perhaps none, yet, other than a philosophical one, but we do think that this is just another drop in the bucket of evidence towards a Bigfoot-geology connection.... that there is very possibly a much deeper reason for their appearances worldwide, why they , like humans (although for different purposes), might be a physical manifestation (biological entity) of a spiritual truth and energy (all things being mirrored/formed on both sides of many facets of multi-dimensional realities), possibly serving as, or the use of, a warning of localized earth movement, activity, or change (or a quality associated with a particular area) as originally claimed by Native Americans in their lore.  Another possibility, besides territorial-warning type of meaning, the sounds of vocalization may simply be a way of connecting with other Bigfoot who are within hearing range of such a great and long-distance-traveling holler.  If it can't be heard (e.g. by humans), then certainly it may be felt.  Either way, there is obviously much to learn about the vocalizations of these elusive Bigfoot.  These interesting, and seemingly coincidental correlations and similarities between sounds in nature (including Bigfoot) are just the tip of the iceberg in cryptozoological evidences.  Perhaps, the next piece of equipment that field researchers need for recording and analyzing Bigfoot vocalizations is the same instrument(s) that scientists use to analyze low-frequency elephant calls (and other infrasound-producing animals). 

For recording protocols, equipment needed, and calibration information please see sections B and C near the bottom of this page where equipment was used to record infrasonic sounds made by giraffes: 

by Sharon Eby (c) 2005

Bigfoot Chirps, Chatter, and Grunts (SOUND FILES)

by Sharon Eby Feb 2006 - Many thanks to Charlie Palmer who provided the sound files

The following sound clip is from Charles V Palmer who fitted a tool box and mail box setup as a recording device and feeder, respectively, near St. Louis, MO.  His intention was to get a voice recording of the Bigfoot that are in the area, which he puts food out for on a regular basis.  Please note that these chirps and chatter and guttural sounds follow similar patterns as the comparisons I draw in the article above titled Bigfoot and Low Frequency Sounds/Harmonics except that this is the first one I've ever heard with the chirps that match the higher frequency sounds I have examples of there.  If this is truly a Bigfoot, then there is certainly more that we all need to study and analyze.  Also, note that Charlie thinks they may have two voice boxes.  I don't know if such an hypothesis is provable one way or the other (yet), but it is interesting to note that Siamangs (lesser primates related to Gibbons) have a throat sac that enables them to make sounds similar to what people have claimed Bigfoot makes.  Could it be that Bigfoot has such a throat sac, as Siamangs do?

Source: (Section: Mammals, Siamangs)

"Siamangs have throat sacs that are inflated during vocalizations. Species and sexes can be identified by these sounds and territories are claimed by the group call. Females are responsible for the longest calls and most distinctive sounds. The calls can be heard for 2 mi (3 km). An early morning visit to the El Paso Zoo often is rewarded by the calls of these very vocal primates. Siamangs' throat sacs allow sound to resonate, making booming and barking noises."

Now a throat sac would explain booming and barking noises, and perhaps even a Bigfoot whoop whoop or long-call vocalization.  But what about high-pitched chirping?  Listen for yourself and decide....


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(or is it a raccoon, chipmunk, or squirrel? Listen to the grunts!)
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Please note that Charlie Palmer is on our team at Saber Enterprises.  He gave our CEO, Derrel Sims, a hair that he found at one of the alleged Bigfoot localities (prior to this article) which in turn has been handed over to a forensic expert.  The forensic expert (unnamed here) is interested in this work of ours, and particularly the scientific and medical approach to strange phenomena, and is an MD at a major university.  No word back on the laboratory results of this hair sample yet, but we will keep the public abreast as we know more.


Disclaimer: I do not claim to agree or disagree with the beliefs of CV Palmer below regarding Bigfoot, nor do I claim that the recordings here are absolutely known to be Bigfoot since there is no video accompanying the sound clips, or other further conclusive scientifically documented evidence.  I simply place it here for your viewing.  You decide for yourself.

About Charles V. Palmer

Status:  Married with three children.
Education:  B.S. Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of Minnesota 1975.
Work: Lab Engineer, McDonnell Douglas Corp, St. Louis, MO, 1976 to 1994. Personal patent work 1995 to 1996. Government contract engineer (Army Aviation and Troop Command in St. Louis) 1996 to 1997. Lutheran Church janitor/maintenance man from 1997 to present.
Started BF research in 2002 in Missouri.  Have found evidence of BF activity in many conservation areas visited within 100 miles radius of St. Louis. I am currently in St. Charles County feeding a group of BF several times per week. St. Charles County is the fastest growing/developing county in Missouri.
I have a (modified) mail box feeder and tool box (for IC voice recorder) strung between trees at 8 feet distance from the ground. The mail box is fitted with a sheet metal shroud to keep any animals walking the rope from getting to the door. The tool box door is wired open several inches to allow sound to enter.  The tool box and mail box are approximately four feet from each other.
I now believe BF has psychic abilities!  Also, the BF seem to keep track of me telepathically - I only sense that someone is listening in, never hearing anything except a tone once in a while - and when I get in my car for the 30 mile trip to their domain, I many times get the feeling they are anticipating my arrival! I always bring them food and treats, along with a Panasonic IC voice recorder to hide in the tool box. I feel they have accepted me only after telepathically "checking me out first," and, they trust me only to a point. They are intelligent but, know I am up to something that is not in their best interests.
I feel they are just as smart as we humans, but... they have no understanding of human technology, in my view.  They used to find my voice recorders when I first used to hide them on the ground, and thus, they would usually get wet and become un-operable, so I came up with the idea to put a tool box up for protection. They rely on their psychic abilities to avoid humans and may have good remote viewing skills.
They may also be inter-dimensional beings and/or capable of invisibility in our 3-D world.  We have recorded photos of orbs at the feeder site with deer cameras. I have also seen very faint lights hover over the creek water and follow me as I move along.  Objects have zipped by my head in the dark, footsteps have run circles around me, the sounds of branches breaking in front of me and something hovering around my head giving me prickly sensations (like a cloud of gnats biting me all over, but no bites can be found later).
The research areas I've studied the most have a history of Native American settlement and there seems to be energy associated with these areas too... Earth energy lines and vortexes possibly? Lots of springs, flowing creeks, rugged terrain and... underground Karst formations are suspected.
We have found hair entangled in parts of the feeder and have forwarded these hair samples to experts for their analyses; no reply yet however on results.
Lots of unusual sound recordings. I have a theory that BF is capable of sending/receiving burst communications - high speed chatter sounds, like coons or squirrels.
One fellow researcher I work with has had over 25 years of experience with BF in Missouri and has had several close encounters... so close - and terror filled - that he now carries extra underwear on his excursions. I have been lucky myself so far and have not experienced episodes of fear in the field; YET!
Oh... I also believe that US secret military groups that work with the ET situation, also put bigfoot in the same category and have a mandate to collect/steal/confiscate all bigfoot evidence discovered. There may even be genetic experimentation being conducted with bigfoot genes (they do have several bigfoot cadavers to work with I believe) on primates!  Could these secret groups be trying to engineer super human soldiers of the future and are now applying experimental results on human subjects?
Charlie Palmer


I believed these chattering sounds I recorded were other creatures in the woods at first also!
However, the ladies in Tennessee, whom I learned the most about BF in the beginning (2002), have now heard these recordings and believe it is BF making them. 
Now, when you think about it, if you were a smart, thinking being with consciousness, trying to be as stealthy as possible... you would learn how to mimic all the natural sounds around... and then, try to use some of these sounds to communicate with! 
I think I was lucky in catching these sounds for these reasons:
1) Small, quiet, very sensitive digital recording devices are now available! It picks up even BF whispering softly.  Old technology might not pick up this stuff you are now hearing... not a high enough signal to noise ratio, I would think.
2) During the early going, I could sense BF still thought he had me fooled, that he was doing a good job making it look like other critters were eating the food.
3) The sense of telepathic monitoring. I have never had any psychic stuff happen to me until I started doing BF research! The ladies in Tennessee confirmed to me that this also happened to them, throughout their researching activities!
4) BF didn't know what the device was that I kept putting in the tool box. It's possible he didn't see me put it in or take it out for a month, or so. He did find it on the ground (before the mail box went up) and later, when I use to just stuff it in the mail box first (before the food went in)... even before I hung the tool box.
5) I was lucky to get a BF who went for the food; which I failed to do on a consistent basis for the two years prior.
Well... people still want a photo... and don't understand how it could be so difficult to do!
I now have an appreciation of how difficult it actually is going to be.  Maybe I will get one someday, lets hope so! 

To see pictures of the feeder and recorder, plus more information please go here:


Personality of Bigfoot Based on Esoteric Symbolism

Many people have pets (not Bigfoot though, ha!), and whether they are our own pets, or other peoples' pets, or simply animals we've encountered from time to time, I'm sure that most everyone has noticed that animals, like people, tend to have differing personalities.  Some dogs, for instance, come up to strangers wagging their tails and desire to be patted on the head, or have their bellies scratched.  But then there's the dogs that you have to carry a high-pitched dog whistle/warning device, or a squirt gun, to ward off dogs who you just know would take your head (or other parts) off in one bite if given the chance! 

Of course, we must also take it a bit further... dogs are but one species out of many.  Cats have entirely different type of personality tendencies.  Where dogs are considered loyal, man's best friend, protective, and will leave their feces anywhere (surely you've stepped in it before?!), cats are considered independent, thinking of themselves as royalty, and habitually bury their feces.   The basic nature of different species of animals is a tendency, or generalized directive force, towards certain personality traits.  We can pretty much depend on a dolphin acting like their kind (e.g. a dolphin will not behave like a muskrat), and will doubtfully ever witness a flighty, nervous bird acting like a slow-moving tortoise.  So how about Bigfoot?  Where does he/she fit in?  First of all, based on eyewitness testimonies from every single major continent on the planet, Bigfoot and their kind (this would include Sasquatch, Almas, Yeti, etc.) are huge hairy ape-like mammals who, more often than not, have a half-human-half-ape-like face.  We understand the basic nature/tendencies of apes, as well as humans... so could we use this knowledge to enhance and further our understanding about possible personality traits of these giant hairy beings?  What would the basic personality of Bigfoot be if we could use a combination of human-based personality profiling and applications, a little reverse investigations (forensics), and some esoteric symbolism to determine if he/she has tendencies toward being a loner or socially oriented, or mean or nice, etc.? 

First of all, let's get acquainted with the four main personality types of humans.  In Taylor Hartman's book The Color Code, these personality types are displayed via four colors, Red, Blue, White, and Yellow (see: to take the test).  The driving core motives for these color/personality types are as follows:

Red = Power "They bring great gifts of vision and leadership and generally are responsible, decisive, proactive and assertive."
Blue = Intimacy "They bring great gifts of quality and service and are generally loyal, sincere, and thoughtful."
White = Peace "They bring great gifts of clarity and tolerance and are generally kind, adaptable, good-listeners."
Yellow = Fun "They bring great gifts of enthusiasm and optimism and are generally charismatic, spontaneous, and sociable."

Interestingly, these four personality types also correspond to the same four basic personality types that use names, rather than colors, to distinguish them apart from one another.  Some psychologists will use these terms for personality types:

Choleric = Red
Melancholy = Blue
Phlegmatic = White (or Green)
Sanguine = Yellow

Additionally, there are other aspects to personalities, from a more esoteric (symbolic) view.  These same exact four personality types correspond to the "elements" of Fire (Red), Earth (Blue), Water (White - also sometimes referred to as Green, which is what we will use here), and Air (Yellow).  On top of that there are parts of the body (organs), temperature and water vapor content, seasons, etc. associated with these same four traits.  Look at the chart below to find out more...
Element Qualities Season Humor/Association


Temperament Influence
Fire warm and dry summer yellow bile gall bladder Choleric quick to anger, control, leadership
Air warm and moist spring blood liver Sanguine warm, courageous, hopeful, fun-loving
Earth cold and dry autumn black bile spleen Melancholy melancholy, deep thinking/feeling, sleepless
Water cold and moist winter phlegm brain/lungs Phelgmatic placid, sluggish, calm, unemotional, peaceful

So how do we interpret this for Bigfoot?  Where do we start?  Since this is a creature/animal/being of nature, it would be wise to stick with the "elements" as a starting place.  Why?  Well certain animals already have an element that is their main one.  For birds, since they fly, their element is air.  This would correspond to the color yellow, which is about hope, enthusiasm, fun, optimism and "higher things."  Fish, of course, are in the element of water, which is about peacefulness, etc.  You get the picture.  Bigfoot, on the other hand, is a land animal/being so his primary element would be earth.  When I first started with investigations into Bigfoot I noticed something about the sightings locations themselves, where they tend to originate (near mountains and areas with a lot of vegetation (earth)).  Additionally, nearly all sightings were close to waterways (rivers, lakes, streams, swamps (water)).  So based on sightings alone (the Texas Bigfoot Research Center - TBRC - has a very good map showing the greater vegetation, rainfall amounts, and waterways associated with Bigfoot sightings at this link: we can conclude that the strongest connections we find concerning Bigfoot is that of the earth and water elements.  Bigfoot is most often associated with the characteristics of the geology-connection that I (and others) have found... that being earth (fault lines, granite, mountains, etc.) as well as water (streams, lakes, bodies of water, hot springs areas), and then fire (igneous rock, volcanoes, hydrothermal vents), and lastly air (hydrogen sulfide gas (sulfuric smells they give off), etc.).  This would indicate a strong sense with these personality styles, in this order:

Bigfoot's associative personality
Earth (the body - solidity/strength, cold and dry, black bile, melancholy, sleepless) MELANCHOLY - a thinker (practical)
Water (the emotions - fluid/movement, cold and moist, phlegm, placid, peaceful, calm, sluggish) PHLEGMATIC - unemotional (avoids conflict)
Fire (the will - desire, warm and dry, yellow bile, quick to anger, control, leadership) CHOLERIC - a doer (active)
Air - (the spirit - life, warm and moist, blood, warm, courageous, hopeful, fun-loving) SANGUINE - a friend (communicates)

How does this compare with zodiac/astrological knowledge of personalities?  See this chart:
Zodiac Element Humor/Association Temperament
Aries Fire yellow bile Choleric
Taurus Earth black bile Melancholy
Gemini Air blood Sanguine
Cancer Water phlegm Phlegmatic
Leo Fire yellow bile Choleric
Virgo Earth black bile Melancholy
Libra Air blood Sanguine
Scorpio Water phlegm Phlegmatic
Sagittarius Fire yellow bile Choleric
Capricorn Earth black bile Melancholy
Aquarius Air blood Sanguine
Pisces Water Phlegm Phlegmatic

Bigfoot's personality would be correlated with the following:

PRIMARY: (Earth/Melancholy) Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn (practical, stable)

SECONDARY: (Water/Phlegmatic) Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (emotional (can also be unemotional), intuitive)

THIRD: (Fire/Choleric) Aries, Leo, Sagittarius (active, enthusiastic)

LAST: (Air/Sanguine) Gemini, Libra, Aquarius (intellectual, communicative)

Now for the more esoteric/symbolic side of things!

Next we'll compare the Zodiacal descriptions for personality traits...
their symbols on
Ezekiel's wheel in the Biblical book of Revelation...
their link to the
12 Disciples/basic personalities...
Gender showing...
leaning towards left-brained, compartmentalized, rules/laws, square/rigid or sharp boundaries, sun/gases, soul, fire and air, outer directed, strong through action;
leaning towards right-brained, spatial/encompassing, anarchy/freedom, circular/harmonic or soft boundaries, mother nature, spirit, earth and water, self-contained, strong through inner reserves
and zodiacal
Qualities of...
CARDINAL - enterprising and outgoing, initiators
MUTABLE - flexible, versatile, and adaptable, able to adjust to differing circumstances)
FIXED - resistant to change, perfectors and finishers rather than originators:

PRIMARY: (Earth/Melancholy - a thinker (practical))
Taurus (
Ox on Ezekiel's wheel) - Simon: Feminine, Fixed sign, PERSONAL POSSESSIONS, dependability
Virgo - Philip: Feminine, Mutable sign, WORK & SELF-IMPROVEMENT, conscientiousness
Capricorn - Matthew: Feminine, Cardinal sign, PUBLIC LIFE, steadiness

Field investigations show that Bigfoot is likened to earth-moving.  They leave deep footprints and are attracted to areas with earth movement such as fault lines, where mountains have been built up, so are movers and shakers in their territory(ies), with great strength.  Earth is POSITIVE and necessary for daily activities.

SECONDARY: (Water/Phlegmatic - an emotive/unemotive (avoids conflict))
Scorpio (
Eagle on Ezekiel's wheel) - Thomas: Feminine, Fixed sign, LEGACIES & SHARED POSSESSIONS, idealism

Pisces - Judas Iscariot and Matthias: Feminine, Mutable sign, DREAMS & SELF-DELUSION, compassion
Cancer - Andrew: Feminine, Cardinal sign, HOME LIFE, loyalty

Field investigations show that Bigfoot is likened to waterways.  They have a great need for plenty of water (like the earth is 1/3 land and 2/3rds water, and so are our bodies) their great body mass probably requires vast amounts of water to survive, and evidence has shown that water high in potassium is preferred.  Water is POSITIVE and necessary as a source of life.

THIRD: (Fire/Choleric - a doer (active))
Leo (
Lion on Ezekiel's wheel) - John: Masculine, Fixed sign, PERSONAL PLEASURE & CREATIVITY, exuberance
Sagittarius - James (the Greater): Masculine, Mutable sign, PHILOSOPHY & HIGHER THINKING, optimism
Aries - Peter: Masculine, Cardinal sign, SELF, courage

Field investigations show that Bigfoot is (lesser) likened to fire.  It is debated as to whether or not he/she knows how to harness fire for use.  In some sightings they appear angry like a blazing fire, but yet other sightings they are peaceful, so this lesser element could be situation-dependent.  Igneous rocks are associated with magma/volcanoes and granite rock (containing potassium feldspar) and rock bashing/stacking.  Fire is either POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE, depending.

LAST: (Air/Sanguine - a friend (communicates))
Aquarius (
Man on Ezekiel's wheel) - Jude (Thaddaeus): Masculine, Fixed sign, HOPES & IDEALS ON A LARGE SCALE, friendliness

Gemini - James (the Less): Masculine, Mutable sign, SELF-EXPRESSION, responsiveness
Libra - Bartholomew: Masculine, Cardinal sign, PARTNERSHIP, charm

Field investigations show that Bigfoot is (lesser) likened to air.  Although air is breathed to stay alive, the main correlations of air is that with gaseous emanations of H2S (hydrogen sulfide) odors, which Bigfoot gives off when he/she feels threatened.  This stench is often used as a warning sign against intruders into his/her territory.  Air is typically NEGATIVE and is used in defense and/or for communication.


The characteristics below are strong through inner reserves (feminine), these would be due to inner sanctions, self-conceptualized realities that are either inborn, or have become habit:

Based on all of the above information, the personality styles of Bigfoot begin to take shape.  We can first realize that both the primary (earth) and secondary (water) signs are both FEMININE, so these creatures/beings would tend to lean strongly toward the freedom-loving living style, purposed by boundaries that they prefer to make, rather than having others impose boundaries or rules upon them.  They would not thrive in a society that would bind them into a small place or cage of any kind (literal or otherwise).  They would be very close and in tune with mother nature, highly intuitive, and self-contained (self-sufficient).  They would likely have a very high sense of spirituality (remember also that even Neandertals buried their dead with flowers, indicative of a belief in the afterlife and beauty), and are likely very gifted/talented in the psychic and spiritual realm, probably more so than humans would like to admit or believe.

Primarily, and in the real world of daily life, they are very dependable (Fixed - as a major component of their personality).  They think about what they do with intentional purpose, and are steady as a rock, so to speak, in their daily habits and living style.  If one were to know their ways, and habits, they would have a dependable insight into how they live since it doesn't change much.  The EARTH is their home and they make good use of it, as well as the resources it provides (Mutable - dependent on personal ethics).  They tend to like to use, and keep to themselves, their own personal tools and useful knowledge about the world, and how they go about living in it.  They live in the world, and hold it in their hands (Cardinal - enterprising), but are not part of what is outside of their own reality or community.  They are progressive and inventive, but yet separatists.  They tend to have melancholy tendencies, are very tactile/kinesthetic, feel deeply, and are sleepless (and tend to roam) at night.

Secondly, they are very loyal to their kind and family (Cardinal - initiates, forward in their approach) is important to them.  They stick closely to their young, as well as to sources of WATER.  They likely travel and walk a lot, and yet enjoy going back to their own territory to rest.  They have ideas and dreams, although these don't always surface as well as they wish.  Full of compassion (Mutable - dependent on mood), they care deeply for their kind, but sometimes make emotionally-driven mistakes and regret it later.  When it comes to family and home, all things are shared equally within the group, including food (Fixed - as a major component of their personality) and goes along with the "hunting and gathering" type of lifestyle where tyrannical rule is nonexistent.  They are keen on mating, and can be very territorial on the outside, but on the inside they tend to be phlegmatic, unemotional, sluggish, placid, calm, and peaceful by nature.

The characteristics below are strong through action (masculine), these would be due to outer sanctions, outward expressions due to intervention or influence by others (friends or strangers alike):

They take pride in who they are; however, they are not very friendly (Fixed - friendliness is a lesser, and unchanging component of their personality) or responsive (Mutable - dependent on how they tend to express themselves) to outsiders, and they lack the ability to swoon or convince strangers of their self-worth or abilities as individuals, nor would they care to try.  They live highly within (inside of) themselves, and their inner circle and world/reality, and although they get out and about, they are more of the voyeur type, and are like secretive spies instead of participants or exhibitionists.  They would make keen hunters.  They are loners (Cardinal - initiator) and like it that way.  Any violation of that, unless initiated by them first (which is unlikely), could end in a loud and frightening episode, although outright attack would be avoided (at all costs!) unless they were violated first.... then their extreme loyalty to their own, and protectiveness (loaded with fear, a deadly combination) might end in a negative way for anyone who they feel is a direct threat.  It would take an extreme threat to bring out their worst (since the quickness to anger - flaring up like a FIRE, and controlling side of their Choleric personality tendencies is low on the list), but their first inclination is for peace, avoidance (which they are expert at), and general separation from any potential problems.  They would hate confrontations, but a threat to their family could spell danger.  If an outsider who crosses their path emanates love and peace, rather than fear or anger, then the chances for a positive situation are improved.

They tend to lack the warmth, hopefulness, and fun-loving aspects of the Sanguine personality type (this being lower on the list).  Their courage (Cardinal - outgoingness), optimism (Mutable - dependent on ideals) and importance on independence is moderate to low... meaning that although they love freedom, and the happiness that comes with it (Fixed - personal pleasure is a lesser component of their personality) they still have doubts, concerns, and fears, so tend to go back home for their sense of security... they would rather avoid conflict and hide or run, rather than face their opponents in a fight.  They are not very outgoing and will use their AIR aspects in negative ways if provoked or threatened.  It would be wisest to meet them on neutral, common ground, rather than very close to their home territory.

The conclusion to all of this Bigfoot personality profiling is fascinating!  This reversal of investigating Bigfoot's personality tendencies as a species, based on associated elements, and finally to personality styles (human-based, since Bigfoot are supposedly very close to us in their nature and facial features) is what would be considered "common sense" or "perfectly logical" by some, and considered nothing outside of extraordinary, or even downright scary by others.  Indeed, since we started with left-brained (facts) field evidence/physical evidence (Bigfoot mapping, footprints, etc.), interpreted it, associated it with its right-brained symbolic counterparts, and finally revealed its mirroring-personality-aspects, we find that all of the data matches as compared to primary source, eye-witness sighting accounts of Bigfoot's observed behavior.  They most often travel alone (unless there is a juvenile, which shows their attention to family-oriented values/habits), and many experts/cryptozoologists have discovered that they tend to act in a threatened/threatening way when people are too close to their own territory, rather than when they are just "passing through."  Many times, they are seen leaning down by a river or other body of water for a drink, etc..  Most often they will run away (peace-loving, avoidance) and disappear instead of attack.  If they are attacked first, however (like in the case of the Ape Canyon account), they will defend their kind with understandable hostility.  They tend to be omnivorous (some prefer meat more than others though) and are known to take/hunt domestic/wild animals and eat them. 

As a final word I would like to say that these kinds of esoteric/symbolic connections, associations, and interpretations are often used, by myself, as a means to discover more about those things for which we (as humans) lack more evidence for.  These same patterns are, interestingly enough, found in the UFO phenomena, and other paranormal/supernatural activities, and they all correlate to aspects within ourselves as well (earth being the physical/body, air being the inspiration/spirit, water being the emotions/psyche, and fire being the mind/will).  There are spiritual implications here as well, but that is a subject for another article at another time.

by Sharon Eby (c) 2005




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