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Chronological List of Bigfoot Sightings 1978-1980

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Date Location Witness Incident
Early Jan. 1978 Nr Riceville, LA Hunter Saw tall, black Bigfoot with red eyes 3 times in same area. Once it leapt 6-ft fence after growling at him.
Early Jan. 1978 Newberg, OR - Same witness saw Bigfoot on 2 nights. It was 6 ft tall, 350-450 lbs, had a flat face and square teeth, and was covered with 4-in hair.
10 Jan. 1978 Fawn Grove, MD Man Saw 10-ft Bigfoot near high school. Its eyes seemed to shine white in the night, and it smelled.
16 Jan. 1978 Nr Crowley, LA Boy Saw 'big ape' eating minnows from stream. Had big shoulders, and was hair-covered except for buttocks and soles of feet. Hopped away on one leg when witness threw stones at it.
Jan. 1978 Nr Iliamna & Newhalen, AK - Several sightings in the area.
c.25 Feb. 1978 Pella Bridge nr Harvey, IA Boy (10 or 11) Saw Bigfoot on road near bridge; it looked at him, then went into woods.
2 March 1978 Nr Peach Bottom Atomic Power Plant, nr Delta, PA Norval Thomas Driver saw Bigfoot over 7 ft tall in truck headlights; large prints found later and squealing noise heard.
Early March 1978 Spring Grove, PA Woman motorist Saw Bigfoot on the road; police found tracks in snow.
6 March 1978 East Brewton, AL Ruth Mary Gibson, Luke McDaniel, Johnny Gibson (19), Lt Doug McCurdy Red-eyed Bigfoot visited rural house at night.
Late March 1978 Jay pipeline between Flomaton & Jay, AL 5 truckloads of men Saw Bigfoot and ran to fetch guns, but it could not be found later.
Late March 1978 Conecuh River, AL Man Saw Bigfoot standing in river picking something out of water.
30 April 1978 Rayner Park, Mason, MI Three men 8-ft black Bigfoot with green shining eyes seen in car headlights.
30 April 1978 Logy Creek, WA Yakima Indian Frightened by close Bigfoot sighting while fishing.
Late April or early May 1978 Nr Eel Air, MD Businessman & son Saw Bigfoot peering in at them through picture window. Its rusty-colored hair was matted with leaves and it had long chipped teeth.
April 1978 Granite, MD Farmer Saw 'bear' walking upright across field followed by 2 smaller creatures on all fours.
April 1978 North Branch of Patapsco River, MD Four young boys While camping saw 7-ft Bigfoot.
31 May 1978 Mason, MI James Jenks Watched Bigfoot enter shed.
Early June 1978 Central Cascades, OR Young couple Saw Bigfoot (possibly 2) walking fast towards forest.
4 June 1978 Nr Krotz Springs, LA Leonce & Mrs. Boudreaux Saw 7-8-ft Bigfoot with long, reddish-brown hair walking upright; it made nightly visits to garbage dump.
19 June 1978 North Tram Road, Vidor, TX Bobby & Beckie Bussinger Many sightings around their house, so witnesses moved out.
26 June 1978 South Crossett, AR Mike Lofton (10) Saw and shot at 7 -ft Bigfoot.
June 1978 Ohio 95 nr Richland County Line, OH Male motorist Had accident when frightened by seeing Bigfoot on the road.
8, 10 & 12 July 1978 Butler, OH Kline family & Ken O'Neil (15) 3 separate sightings of 'Bighead'.
13 July 1978 M-36, Ingham County, MI Francis Jones, & Michael Hacksworth Saw Bigfoot cross road in early morning.
27 July 1978 Ottosen, IA Donette Henkins (9) Saw 'short, hairy, apelike animal with fangs and deep-set eyes' which stood in shadows a few inches away and growled.
27 July 1978 Ottosen, IA Mrs. Jan Henkins & two others After Donette's sighting, saw similar creature between 2 buildings while walking downtown.
30 July 1978 Ottosen, IA Dawn Henkins (11), Mrs. Henkins & neighbor Apelike creature with wide forehead walked from between buildings on Main Street at night.
31 July 1978 Ottosen, IA Three or four boys aged 10-12 Saw Bigfoot in shed, and again later. It did not attempt to attack.
31 July 1978 Fowlerville, MI Boy (4) Told mother he had seen a 'gorilla' in front yard. Mother heard thud and scream and saw part of a possible Bigfoot on other occasions.
6 Aug. 1978 'Blue Hole' creek nr Athens, AL David Conley (17), Stanley Eastep (16), Ronnie Loonie (15) While fishing at night saw Bigfoot in car lights.
14 Aug. 1978 Oceana, WV Bill Pruitt Policeman fired at Bigfoot.
16 Aug. 1978 Fowlerville, MI Gary Browning Shot at Bigfoot which ran out of underbrush.
c. 19 Aug. 1978 South Sulphur, nr Commerce, TX Wayne Matlock In daylight, Bigfoot crossed road ahead of witness and went across pasture toward river.
Mid Aug. 1978 South Sulphur, nr Commerce, TX Harvey Garrison Driving at night, saw 7 -ft Bigfoot cross 42-ft road in 3 steps.
Mid Aug. 1978 South Sulphur, nr Commerce, TX Wayne Matlock, Anthony Wilson, Ray Rutherford 2 days after Garrison sighting, on same road, three boys saw Bigfoot around midnight.
Mid Aug. 1978 Nr Owensboro, KY Several men Cornered Bigfoot beside pond and shot it with pistol from 10 ft. It fled into woods, leaving no trace of blood.
21 Aug. 1978 Nr Minerva, OH Cayton family & six friends Two large cats seen with Bigfoot near house at night. Other sightings in the area.
24 Aug. 1978 Concord Township, MI Mindy Singletary At night saw Bigfoot drinking from swimming pool.
28 Aug. 1978 Concord Township, MI Dennis M. Heath Saw black, 7-ft (compared to height of green corn behind it) Bigfoot; non-human tracks found.
28 Aug. 1978 Dean Bottoms nr Moulton, IA Two students Saw 7-8-ft Bigfoot on dirt road at night; next day 3-toed prints 14 ins long found at the site.
29 Aug. 1978 Benton, AR Mrs. Mildred Wilton Saw 5-ft dark Bigfoot rattling chainlink fence late at night.
Aug. 1978 Nr Owensboro, KY Larry Nelson, brother & two friends Fired 3 .45 bullets into Bigfoot's chest from 45 ft; it ran away into woods apparently unhurt.
11 Sept. 1978 Ottosen, IA Anna Dodrill & Elery Lynch Red-eyed, blackfaced Bigfoot stared in at kitchen window.
Sept. 1978 Ottosen, IA Robert Newell IV (18) Watched tall, hairy, hunchback Bigfoot exploring farm buildings early in the morning.
25 Sept. 1978 Southern Curry, OR Barbara Megli Investigating when chickens and horses were disturbed, saw Bigfoot standing in a clearing.
27 Sept. 1978 Farm S of Renwick, IA Forty high-school students Saw two Bigfeet in cornfield, one with red eyes and one with blue eyes.
27 or 28 Sept. 1978 N-W of Renwick, IA Mark Thompson (16) Saw 7-ft, brownish-black-haired Bigfoot in soybean field. Moved away when witness flashed pickup lights and honked horn.
28 Sept. 1978 Kansas Turnpike, nr Bonner Springs, KS Motorist Saw 8-10-ft, auburn-haired Bigfoot in headlights at 2:30 am. Braked to avoid it, and it was lost in shadows.
c. 10 Oct. 1978 Nr Geraldton, Ont. Randy Corcoran (18) Hiker badly shaken after sighting of Bigfoot over 6 ft tall in woods.
12 Oct. 1978 Evart, MI Catherine & Robert Cook Massively built Bigfoot seen briefly as it walked into woods.
21 Oct. 1978 Millington, MI Rodney Gouine (19), George A. Proctor, Jr. (19), his father & sister Tracy (18) At 1:30 am saw Bigfoot walking across neighbor's lawn.
5 Nov. 1978 Krotz Springs, LA Jack Potter & girlfriend While driving, saw reddish Bigfoot running fast, and heard growling.
6 Nov. 1978 Skamania County, WA Jack Webb & four other hunters Saw 7-8-ft Bigfoot, brownish-black and with long arms and legs, standing near trees; it walked slowly into woods.
19 Nov. 1978 Fvart, MI Norman Lee Nowland & Chris A. Jirrard While deer hunting, saw heavy Bigfoot about 7 ft tall walking into dense forest.
Nov. 1978 Nr Margie, MN Richard Johnson Saw reddish Bigfoot in swamp.
2 Dec. 1978 Lansing, MI Morse Easterling Saw 7-ft Bigfoot near his apple orchard; it disappeared quickly.
13 Dec. 1978 Barnes Road, Millington, MI Mrs. Diane Meharg Watched Bigfoot near trees from kitchen window for over 15 mins until it walked into trees. It had heavy arms and legs, no neck, and was dark in color.
16 Dec. 1978 Kansas 126, Cherokee County, KS Man 6-ft, bad-smelling Bigfoot tried to run witness' car off road.
21 Dec. 1978 Toluca, NC Minnie Cook (88) Saw 'Knobby' outside her house. Tracks found and screams heard in the area of Carpenter's Knob, and other sightings reported.
Late Dec. 1978 Casar, NC Sammy Price While working in backyard, heard high-pitched scream and saw 6-7-ft 'tree' which started to walk.
Late Dec. 1978 Casar, NC Kay Price Day after previous sighting, heard scream and saw 'Knobby' eating soybean crop in field.
15 Jan. 1979 Casar, NC Mrs. Kay Price, Gaye (18) & Wanda Smith Saw 'Knobby' by road, Gaye went closer.
Jan. 1979 Polacca, AZ Hopi Indians Several sightings around village.
Early March 1979 Pennyrile Parkway, Christian County, KY Motorists Saw 7-8-ft hairy 'apeman' on several evenings.
9-11 March 1979 Flower Lake nr Tunica, MS Mr. & Mrs. Tom Goff, Rodney Goff & friend After 2 visits by Bigfoot, family lay in wait and shot at it.
28 & 30 April 1979 Dunn Lake nr Barriere, BC Tim Meissner (16) Fishing with friends, saw Bigfoot across lake; returned, saw it again and shot at it.
April 1979 Neahkahnie Mountain, Seaside, OR Monte Kauffman Saw 'great big, man-like ape' about 150 yards away; had dark coat with lighter face and chest.
Late spring 1979 South Mountain, NC Fisherman Saw black shape run into undergrowth; next day shot at same creature.
8 May 1979 Arlington, WA J.J. Senko Saw 7-9-ft hairy 'thing' run fast across Highway 9.
30 May 1979 US 395 nr Bridgeport, CA Bill Iffttiger Truck driver saw 8-ft Bigfoot dash across road.
June 1979 Mayville, MI Two teenage girls Saw 7-ft Bigfoot while playing hide-and-seek.
June 1979 Lancaster, CA Mrs. Shirley DeWolfe & family Four witnesses saw large hairy creature 7-8 ft tall striding along 140th Street East; similar creature seen in same place a few years earlier.
2 July 1979 Forest Township, Genesee County, MI Woman Saw tall, brown creature in swampy area near house.
10 July 1979 Nr Steinbach, Manitoba Member of farm family Saw '11-foot tall' hairy creature outside; next morning found footprints 18 ins long.
16 Aug. 1979 Hoosier National Forest nr Williams, IN Andy Keith (19) Saw Bigfoot smelling like strong dead fish cross road; other sightings in area.
Early Sept. 1979 Nr White House, TN Bill Cook Farmer wrestled with slant-eyed Bigfoot which escaped; local reports of animal killings.
Mid-Sept. 1979 Big Sioux River nr Bruce, SD Jeff Anderson (13), Carrie Williams (13) & others 3-ft, brown creature on 2 legs seen more than once on river bank.
Sept. 1979 Burnt Woods, nr Toledo, OR Mark Osborne & 4 other hunters Saw creature with orange-brown hair around camp; found large handprints on truck.
Sept. 1979 Nr Manchester, IA Jerry Erwing Saw 7-8-ft Bigfoot with 'topknot' walking bent over.
12 Oct. 1979 Nr Webster City, IA Bryon Davis At 3:30 am saw 7-ft, reddish-brown Bigfoot in woods. It got up and left, as if disturbed while sleeping.
Mid-Oct. 1979 Little Saskatchewan Indian reserve nr Gypsumville, Manitoba Clifford & Norman Shorting, Ivor Traverse, David Thompson & other Indians Green-eyed, black, 8-ft Bigfoot seen several times on reserve.
22 Oct. 1979 Rauville area, nr Watertown, SD Several Man and wife saw 5-ft creature with dark red eyes sitting beside Highway 81; other sightings of 4-5-ft, black creature.
1 Nov. 1979 Nr Wheeler, OR John Parson Hunter found large footprints; at night saw 7-8-ft Bigfoot with pointed head and no neck standing in moonlight near camper.
15 Nov. 1979 Minburn, IA Larry Wilson Saw dark, hunched Bigfoot in farmyard; officers found prints in grass but no creature.
22 Nov. 1979 La Grande, WA - At least 3 cars stopped on Washington 7 at midnight to watch 9-ft creature on road; had wide shoulders and reddish-brown fur.
14 Dec. 1979 Nr Rochester, MN Woman Saw 'ugly' 7-ft Bigfoot in car headlights; it covered its eyes with an arm.
Early Jan. 1980 Adel, IA Larry Wilson Farmer went outdoors when dogs barked and saw'hunched over, dark thing' in yard; police found foot-long prints in grass.
13 Jan. 1980 Nr Edgewood, IA Tim BuShaw & friend Saw 8-ft Bigfoot with 'topknot' and long hair within 6 ft of their car.
15 Jan. 1980 Nr Manchester, IA Cyrii O'Brien Railroad engineer on train saw strange creature on all fours eating carcass; 6-toed tracks found in area.
23 Jan. 1980 Nevada Test Site, NV Workman While driving in desolate nuclear testing ground, saw dark-haired, 6-7-ft Bigfoot walk across road and into sagebrush; no tracks found.
Jan. 1980 Nashville, TN Don Roberts Saw broad-shouldered animal with rubber-like face run through field on two legs.
3 Feb. 1980 Nr South Weber, UT Pauline Markham Saw black Bigfoot coming down ridge in daylight.
4 Feb. 1980 Nr South Weber, UT Ronald Smith By moonlight saw Bigfoot in field.
25 Feb. 1980 Riverdale, UT Lee Padilla Tall Bigfoot ran across road.
1 April 1980 Boone County, KY Jackie Jones & David Stulz Flat-faced, broad-shouldered, 4-ft Bigfoot prowled around mobile home; ran off on 4 legs when Stulz chased it.
Mid-May 1980 Mount St Helens, WA 2 men While trying to get off mountain after volcanic eruption, saw Bigfoot walk out of forest on to road, look at them, and return to forest.
9 June 1980 Scotts Valley, CA Dave Wilhelm & Ben Lawson On campsite noticed garbage smell, heard loud footsteps and heavy breathing, saw 12-ft creature in car headlights; next day found footprints.
16 June 1980 Snow King Mountain, Jackson, WY Glenn Towner & Robert Goodrich At 3 am saw 12-ft creature with hunch back, long dark hair and arms that hung to ground; made a long, drawn-out moan or growl with labored breathing and chased them off the mountain.
17 June 1980 Union County, OH Patrick Poling Working in cornfield, saw 7-ft creature walking with bent knees along fence-line.
19 June 1980 Russells Point, OH Ray Quay Part-time police officer saw 'big and hairy' creature near barn, smelling like 'limburger cheese on a hot muffler'.
24 June 1980 Union County, OH Mrs. Donna Riegler Saw Bigfoot lying in road.
26 June 1980 Logan County, OH Larry Hamey Working on tractor at night, saw Bigfoot come out of woods towards tractor, then return.
6 July 1980 Rainier, OR Bill Leon Buol Saw dark Bigfoot behind barn at dusk.
18 July 1980 Scotch Run Valley, nr Mainville, PA Rick Knovich Saw Bigfoot with long black hair in railroad bed by road; it walked towards him and Knovich grabbed gun, forgetting about his camera; creature went into bush as Knovich got out of car.
27 July 1980 Nr Granite Falls, WA Car passenger Driving in woods, saw giant gray figure with glowing eyes.
18 Aug. 1980 Jonestown Mountain nr Berwick, PA Bill & Tom Talanca Driving down mountain, saw husky black hairy creature standing in road.
28 Aug. 1980 Nr Grants Pass, OR Scott Ericson (13) Saw creature looking like Bigfoot when he went to post letter.
30 Aug. 1980 Mine Creek, nr Malad, ID Clynn Josephson & Brian Belnap While panning for gold, saw 9-10-ft, long-haired, black Bigfoot.
3 Sept. 1980 Lake Hughes, nr Palmdale, CA Clyde Williams Driver saw black, hairy Bigfoot with whitish hair around shoulders and human-like face; it ran in front of car, then up mountainside.
4 Oct. 1980 Maysville, KY Charles Fulton & Anna Mae Saunders Saw white Bigfoot in porch.
10 Oct. 1980 Nr Maysville, KY Woman Bigfoot chased her'round her car at Central Shopping Center.
10 Oct. 1980 Fleming County, KY J.L. Turney Bigfoot raided freezer; chased and shot at by Tumey.
Oct. 1980 Dabney State Park, Sandy, OR Kay Martin, David Brown & Claudia Herholz Teenagers in car saw tall Bigfoot cross road and climb bank.
Oct. 1980 Sitting Bull Falls, NM Gene Bryan & Mike Waldrop While camping with families, heard'loud and horrifying' scream and saw creature standing by tree.
Oct. 1980 Artesia, NM Marion Dean Saw black 7-ft Bigfoot with white eyes standing in alley near her apartment.
7 Nov. 1980 Battle Creek, MI John Pelfrey Saw three Bigfeet which ran off grunting.
22 Nov. 1980 Snohomish County, WA Steve Moro Saw dark Bigfoot standing by pipeline near creek, then walked away hunched over; had long arms below knees.

Data from "Chronological List of Bigfoot Sightings (1818-1980)"
(The Bigfoot Casebook, Janet & Colin Bord, 1982, New York: Granada Publishing)