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Welcome! Please use the links above to navigate this site. Be sure to check out the Statewide Sightings Database and our personal Photo Research Journal. See below for information on site updates and reports recently added.

The purpose of this website is to inform the public about the many reported bigfoot encounters here in Oregon. We're located right here in Eugene and do much of our research in the Lane County area. is the first undertaking of its kind, compiling sighting information from multiple resources to provide a comprehensive guide to Bigfoot in our state. If you've had any type of Bigfoot-related encounter, please file a brief report. Your identity will be kept confidential.

If you have a question, comment or would just like to speak with me about Bigfoot, please feel free to email me

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07.10.02 - The dynamic database is finished! I'll be tweaking things over the next few days, so if you see something that doesn't work properly, please let me know.

07.03.02 - New section added:'s Online Bigfoot Book and Movie Guide

06.13.02 - Journal updated: Snow Peak, Linn County and Diamond Lake, Douglas County followup investigations with photos

I am currently switching the website from a flatfile to a dynamic database. This entails a lot of work, namely inputting each and every report into the database again. As such, reports submitted to us will be posted once the database is finished (in a month or two). At that point, new reports will be easier to enter and will be up on the site more quickly. (That means more work for me now, less work for me later)

If you are interested in volunteering for field study, please contact us. We are looking for a few volunteers to spend time in certain areas in the woods around Oregon. Please include information about yourself and your interest in the subject. Experience is not necessary, but an open mind, a brave disposition and a spare pair of shorts are a must. If your approach is compatible with our own, we will contact you for an interview.

05.29.02 - Research journal update ~ a possible track find near Oakridge with photos.

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Kudos and thanks: to Ray Crowe of the International Bigfoot Society for your support and cooperation in making available past issues of The Track Record to help make this database complete; to Mark Benedickson for all your help in transcribing and compiling information from the Track Records; to all those researchers whose hard work in showcased here; to everyone who has submitted a report; and finally to my husband, Bob, who lets me drag him to dark and spooky places, who doesn't complain about sleeping on the cold, hard ground, and who is so supportive of my interest that he has made it his own.

If you're not subscribed to Ray Crowe's Track Record, visit the International Bigfoot Society today and order! It's just $20 for a year and is full of the latest sighting info from Oregon and beyond.

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