UFO Force, Alien Invasion - US Military Has Plan! (And Wont)


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  • We would get our asses kicked. Really Bad.

  • If aliens were to approach Earth with a goal in mind, that goal would never, ever, EVER be for war. That is the supreme failure of lifeforms and we know that as simple human beings. "Conquest for resources" is an equally stupid argument. Do these people understand the vastness of space and how easy grabbing resources could be?

    A visiting alien race would be so godlike they would have no reason to deal with the petty act of violence. It would be unfathomable to comprehend what they understand.

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  • If an alien race have the tecnology for com to the Earth, it`s logical to thing that they have too the tecnology for erase us in less of one second. It's TOTALLY RETARDED to prepare a plan for one eventual attack like this.

  • That is a fucking confession of a single Yankee for the crimes committed on the humanity, so motherfucker you confess that you killed and stole the other countries and finally you assholes invented a virtual Alien to defend the Earth HAHAH! it is Hollywood scenario .

    You remain first in classical grade of the world microbes and parasites and should be wiped then the world will be in peace forever and will be in progress and prosperous.

  • Thunderquake baby. look it up. we've had this covered since the 50's thanks to Ed Teller.

  • True, but it would be nice to not have to run when the lights come on.

  • Will they come in peace... or war....


    Of course americans we'll be like "They want our knowledge!"

  • I Know Right??!!XDDD

  • yah and they also went to that one ranch thing or whatever and prayed to a giant owl omfg must be a conspiracy to run the world.....

    honestly dude traditions are traditions all cultures have them alot are stupid and crazy but thats all they are.

    honestly stop being a poser dude learn your own facts dont follow self proclaimed profits and experts and do your own research.

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