Dark Plasma Theory Model - Clarifications
Dark Plasma Theory (which was previously known as ‘plasma metaphysics’) was publishedin 2006 by Jay Alfred.DM particles within the scope of the DPT model are assumed to be:1.
Within the solar system.2.
Asymmetric dark matter (ADM). There is very little anti-dark matter in the samevicinity. Hence, annihilations are not considered.3.
 Non-baryonic, exotic BSM (Beyond the Standard Model) particles.4.
Self-interacting dark matter (SIDM).5.
Charged, with a dark U (1) charge 100 times weaker than ordinary U (1) charge.This means dark heat and light can be generated and transmitted by dark photonswhich cannot be measured or felt by scientific instruments composed of ordinarymatter particles except when certain events, such as the
 Dark Ionization Process
 takes place.Other assumptions:6.
Dark matter is composed of varying proportions of CDM (Cold dark matter),WDM (Warm Dark Matter) and HDM (Hot Dark Matter).7.
Dark matter has a different thermal history from ordinary matter and is not inthermal equilibrium with ordinary matter.8.
Thomson scattering occurs when dark photons bounce off dark matter particles,causing dark plasma spheres to contain a diffused light.9.
Some dark matter is within this universe (i.e. a 3 dimensional brane with one timedimension) but the bulk is in other universes with its gravity being felt in thisuniverse.10.
Atomized dark matter bodies are at the lower limit of dark plasma bodies wherethe degree of ionization is close to zero. In this case the dark matter body will becloser in structure and function with the carbon-based body.
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