Interview with Kundra – A female Love Bite Experiencer

 Interview done by Eve Lorgen © 2001

--An in depth interview detailing manifestations of a Love Bite relationship, believed to be set up by "channeled entities", later unveiled to be reptilians. This interview exposes the motivations behind the manipulated relationship as a neutralization tactic designed to generate maximum emotional output, chaos and sexual energy. In several parts, this expose represents key components that demonstrate the connections between aliens

(Reptilians), the occult, channeling, Enochian magical rituals, hybrid "moon children", ancient Egyptian mysteries, initiatory rites and Kundalini. This is a powerful kaleidoscope view of alien intelligences engineering love bite relationships for specific purposes.

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The interview is broken into 12 parts, which can be read at your leisure. 


Part I – Questions 1&2

The pre-Love Bite state, etiology behind the original Love Bite set-up.


Part VII – Question # 13

The Cult Connection with S and his previous ties


Part II – Questions 3,4,5

The alien/ET connection, manifestations of paranormal activity and a tantric sexual love connection that is unlike any other!


Part VIII – Question # 14

Kundra’s alien encounters of past and present


Part III – Questions 6&7

Shaktipat energy, Tantric Sex and Kundalini


Part IX – Question # 15

Kundalini and sexual energy—the drug of choice for reptilians


Part IV – Question # 8

Channeled Entities propaganda and "mission" for the Love Bite couple. Egyptian Mystery Religion connection


Part X – Question # 16

Heightened awareness – the key to the beginning of self -empowerment


Part V – Question #9

Enochian magical rituals, Moon children and opening interdimensional portals to allow more ETs entrance into our world


Part XI – Question # 17

Protection from manipulation of love bite relationships. Can abductees have healthy love relationships free from alien interference?


Part VI – Question # 10 ,11, 12

The Reptilian masquerade behind channeled entities. Reprisals for challenging "Ra" and Kundras uncooperativeness to conceive a Moon child


Part XII – Questions 18-19

Hindsight is 20/20 Vision. Strengthening our love relationships to be more resilient from alien manipulation


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