Poems by Eve Lorgan


True Love’s Promise

By Eve Lorgen


In time, you’ll see how I will win.
If I had a chance to do it over again.
I wouldn’t have missed you in between the times.
But someone else had plans for us,
And the poem doesn’t rhyme.

Only in dreams, my sweet of sweets.
Come lay upon my pillows
And rest your pretty feet.
You’ve been dancing for so long
Hoping that I’d see.
Singing the grasslarks’ tune
Hoping I’d set you free.

You must rest now
And wait for another song.
One that has us both in mind,
Take care my Beloved,
It won’t be long.


A Dreamsong of Tara

by Eve Lorgen © 7-19-05

I can show you a better way of dreaming.
Pray with me, as I sing.
Let our hearts weave and ring.
The heart's power is so profound,
healing all one's sorrows
until one is drowned
in tears of indescribable joy.
Clean white places and sheer fabrics blowing,
in the astral-karmic winds of knowing.
Bliss, warmth, freedom and peace.
"I want to stay in this place so safe.
Please don't let me depart back so soon", I say.
Tara answers in song
that we all must return
after being in the blissful place.
To share our joy and wisdom
to our prospective race.
" And it's been this way for now
ages and ages upon ages."


Lucid Bliss

by Eve Lorgen 
© 8-03-05

This feels like a dream.
But how do I know for sure?
Reality check!

Do lucidity cues catch my attention?
Whether it's a nightmare, or should I mention
being naked and exposed for all eyes to see...
Oh! Thank God! I'm dreaming!

Oh what joy I've found in this lucid dreamscape so real.
It could be dreary, bizarre or sexually appealing.
How profoundly empowering this awakened dream!
Traveling through the veils of the in-between.

What a delight to experience lucidity's paradoxical gift.
Good or bad dreams, they all can be apprehended.
As my heart lifts
in lucid bliss!


Mama’s in her moontime.
Gently breathing her sigh of Ahhhh…
Her blessings of wisdom’s essence,
She is near you-yet seems so far.

Moon of Wisdom come to me.
Can you not hear my call?
Why do you sometimes remain hidden, even sullen?
Keeping between us an iron wall?

How shall I present my offerings?
Would you like fragrant flowers of every kind?
Incense and snow capped mountaintops,
Jewels of opulence, a diamond in the sky?

Mama turns her head as she lets out a little huff.
Staring at me in the eye, as if she’s had enough!
She wants me to be still and lie with Her.
Take a nap and cuddle up close.
She first wants to sniff her own,
Her warm breath gliding over me like a ghost.

In the dreamtime she tells me a story,
Of how she was once swooned
By a suitor who made false promises
Claiming that his love was true.

In her blind trust she freely game him her light.
Spinning a fairy tale of magical awe.
A golden age of gifted children,
Where Love was the Letter of the Law.

The suitor became seduced
By his own beauty and power.
Selfish pride and aggression,
Ripping out Mother’s flowers

She became a homeless dog-bitch.
Her babies got sick and scattered.
No home in which to make her nest.
She resorted to begging and then was battered.

The beggar bitch became a reproach
With bloodstained tears on her face.
Her voice and song muffled,
Raped and shamed to the secret places.

Sometimes you can hear Her whimper at dawn,
At the foot of your bed.
She wants to lay her head by your side
To awaken your hearts from the dead.

She tells me of the true One she loves
Who promised her in His mysterious way.
She awaits His coming, always in His own time.
He holds the Diamond that shoots forth rays.

His insistent soft love awakened her -
quite by surprise.
His female helper whispers His will (in her ear)
What she should do; how to pray.
And His desire for her to stay
In His Presence.

“Ok, I must go now”. She says,
as she jumps off my bed and saunters off.
She stops, and turns her head to me
before daylight carries her memory off.
“Until then, in between the moons,
I send you many eagles.”

Eve Lorgen


           Exotic Flower         

    If I were a flower,
    what would I be?
    Fragrant and exotic,
    needing much warmth and watering.
    I’d live on a South Pacific island by the sea,
    amongst croaking frogs and buzzing bees.
    Thunder, lightning, wind and warm rain
    are my only lovers that can truly sustain
    the exotic life I was meant to be.
    A  merchant from the cold north sea,
    gazed upon my petals and fell in love with me.
    He transplanted me into a ceramic pot,
    took me home with him, by the roots.
    On a windowsill I sat and persevered the north’s seasons.
    Breaking into joy during the short summer,
    until the fall and winter freezings.
    My leaves slowly withered and fell one by one.
    My petals of bright color faded, until there were none.
    A  few seeds I dropped, yet they did not sprout.
    I  lost the desire for life, and wanted out.
    The merchant watered me with distilled water,
    he thought it was best and it wouldn’t matter.
    What I really needed was the warm sunshine,
    but that he couldn’t give me and thought I’d be fine.
    While he was away on a business trip,
    the flower angels of heaven carried me away on a ship.
    I sailed far away while in a deep sleep,
    awoke much later in the soils of a garbage heap!
    The seeds that once fell in my ceramic pot
    began to sprout when it was moist and hot.
    My ceramic pot had cracked and was long gone.
    My seeds scattered and I sang my exotic song.
    The garbage heap became a Garden of Eden,
    my fragrance and exotic life now had its freedom!
    Home at last amongst my true loves,
    who cuddled me with closeness in the warm tropic sun.
    I wondered how my seeds ever survived
    the north wind and the merchant -
    who never even noticed I died.

    The exotic flowers are my sheep
    The earth is the gabage heap.
    The sun and warm rain is my love.
    The Garden of Eden is from above.

    Thus sayeth the Lord God of Hosts: “DO YOU LOVE ME?  FEED MY SHEEP”

                                Eve Frances Lorgen  5/96



Ignore the Accuser; Choose the Beloved

By Eve Lorgen 6/4/01

The accuser stands before me
Behind masks of clever design.
Distorted perceptions constantly feed
To sever the ties of like minds.

Minds that know that something is wrong
In a world where true love is gone.
Purity of spirit drives the accuser mad.
As we sing our angelic song.

Trust in me, y Beloved says.
I know your heart is true.
Your spirit is like a laser beam
Piercing darkness through and through.

Don’t look for acceptance in their eyes
But only look up to Me.
Keep your mind focused on the sunrise
Of perfect love, that only then can set you free

Warrior Wisdom

By Eve Lorgen 5/08/01

Sinister surprises will beckon thee
to accomplish a feat of strength.
Fear not what “programming” had in store,
For you are brave and made of greatness.

Howl the winds and churning skies.
The transformation of darkness,
the beds of lies.
Wipe the slate and debris of fate,
To clear the air for Wisdoms grace.

You are bold and of warrior stock.
Your honor will never be defrocked!
Stand to attention as the gleaming Hosts arrive
To gather their kin
For the ride of their life!

Slash, circle, the glorious dance of swords.
Hear the mourning, the Anger of the Lord!
At the appointed time, the Fathers hour
All will be accomplished in Mighty Power.

Mr. Religiosity

By Eve Lorgen 5/9/01

Oh no! It’s Mr. Religiosity,
trying to make me better.
He parrots a shame-based dogma
Ripping my feminine intuition to fetters!

“Shame on you, false doctrine witch!
How dare you disgrace my God?
You question authority in a last chance ditch
Because the canonical Holy Scriptures sound odd?”

“Excuse me, Sir, but Jesus came to his own as friends,
praying they become One with the Father as He.
His humble respect for the poor and womankind
Got him into trouble with the Pharisees!

He preached of love and the spiritual mysteries
While he wept, laughed and walked
amongst true friends in humbled embrace.
Our hearts he knew how to unlock!

His purity of spirit, a fountain of life,
Rather than abiding by the “Letter of the Law”—
Graced us with the Spirit of Truth,
So that we could discern spiritual truth versus lies!

He acknowledged Wisdom in her grief and strength
Unveiling mysteries for the pure.
Baffling and confounding the “religious outer man”
As He put a mirror to their snake like wars.”

The lower archons sought to take revenge
By infiltrating the Holy Places.
His Beloved was once again raped and shamed
For expressing joyous gnosis on their mystical faces.

Hatred of Beloved Wisdom
In her feminine grace.
The repentances of Sophia
Silenced to the secret places.

The Serpent has reared its ugly head.
His mark is misogynistic religiosity.
He hardens hearts and causes lovers to fight,
To prevent the Gnosis that sets us free.


Sympathetic Mr. Nice Guy
Eve Lorgen ©1985
It's the story of the minister sympathizing after his flock,
thinking he's the mighty nice guy, while neglecting his own family's crop.

His children became sullen with a wanting look in their eyes,
as their mother became a lonely woman, only hoping to disguise
her true feelings.

"It isn't fair", she thought to herself.
"I think my cards weren't properly dealt.
Why do I always have to suffer and pick up the slack?
Be the one to give love, but never get anything back?"

She pondered on her feelings and decided to talk
to sympathetic Mr. Nice Guy, (whose stubbornness was hard as a rock.)
"It's time you understood your wifes' plight of affair.
It's time you listen and start to care!
Don't tell me I'm selfish and sinful; INDEEED!
You needlessly seek other's dependence, while allowing your own family to

Creating a soul's dependence, rather than being a true teacher,
doesn't make that soul self sufficient, no matter how sympathetic a preacher.
The need to be needed may only be a mask
disguising the desire to be recognized for seemingly sympathetic holy tasks.

All wisdom starts from a central core.
First, at home with a loving family.
It has always been; and always will be. Forevermore.


Beloved Son of Light

By Eve Lorgen 9/27/95

Highlander, timeless one, warrior of peace,
You've treaded the path of righteousness
with your own two feet.
You overcame the poverty of your tribe,
Replacing the emptiness with true love so alive.

They trampled you, struck you, leaving you for dead,
Hoping to destroy one of the chosen ones,
As your body and soul bled.
You cried out in pain, bearing it alone.
No one believing you, their hearts cold as stone.
The crown of thorns cut you so deep
Keeping you at the place of the cross.
The light of understanding can be bittersweet,
But Wisdoms' teaching will never be lost.

Highlander, timeless one, beloved full of grace,
Remember your brethren with tears on their face.
You are their strength, inspiration, example of love.
Now is the time to reveal God's truth from above.

Some will reject you as you speak through your soul.
But those who are called by God will once again become whole.
Your spiritual love is so strong and few comprehend
The perfect love that binds us has no beginning and no end.
The alpha and omega my beloved, my sweet,
Remember always to wash one another's feet.
Our heartfelt sufferings of this present time and age
are not worthy to be compared with the glory
which shall be revealed in us.




It Was Me 
By Eve Frances Lorgen 
Copyright 1997

It was me who walked home with you that day,
who urged you to go on,
to call on me and pray.
It was me, who was on the side of the road
in tattered and dusty clothes
carrying a heavy load.
You looked at me in the eye,
said nothing and wondered why
I looked so familiar.

It was me on that tearful eve,
as you peered out your window
in utter turmoil and grief.
I showed you a light in the sky,
as a symbol of your destiny,
because you asked me why.

They counterfeit me,
and so I must hide
in your humble heart Beloved,
to you in whom I confide.
I fell in love with you
when you came to me,
and so I called you out
while you were on your hands and knees.

That butterfly that landed
so near to you that day,
Did you know it was me
as I capriciously fled away?

When you saw that hawk
soaring in the sky,
you asked him if he had a mate.
And so I sent you a reply.
I swooped down within moments,
just to catch you off guard.
To show you that I hear your thoughts,
to prove to you I’m not so far.

I know of your hearts desire,
yearning for your Beloved so sweet.
Have you awakened yet my love
to discover that it was me?



The Holy Kiss

by Eve Lorgen

I feel the surges of your thrust
And must surrender to thee in whom I trust.
As your wave pulls me into 
The very depths of your being.
I can no longer stand in the sand
and hold on to the firm ground.
Like a dream I know I must surrender
To the pulls of the ocean deep
In my faith hoping that
This Love is for keeps.
As I flow into the swell of your being,
I am filled with the stars of heaven, sealing
The promise of your spiritual love so pure.
Oh how I long to indwell in your spirit!
Breathing your life, as we both share it.
Dancing in the heartbeat of your precious blood.
Where no evil can touch us; We are in heaven’s glove.
Surrounded by a holy kiss.
I remember your call,
That moment of bliss.
Your insistent softness of love,
Forgiveness of my debts, calling me your Beloved.
I’ll do anything for you.
I understand your creation in truth.
All I long for is to breathe in you.
My spirit is yours, with everlasting life renewed.
In graciousness and gratitude,
I commend my spirit unto thee.


Unrequited Love

Oh Beloved, one in a million
how my heart aches for thee.
It was unmistakable, the moment of recognition...
as if my own spirit was drawing nigh to me.
I was willing to risk - the only life that I had,
even begging God to strike me dead.
If we cannot meet to somehow carry out God’s will,
then alone and without true love I must tread.
As the veil lifted, my soul awoke
to feelings of a thousand sorrows.
Like a dancer without a song, a wheel without spokes
my soul shall bleed for thee into the morrow.
Time can be an avenging angel
to ones not of this world, such as we.
The test is always greater 
for those who have spiritual eyes to see.
Unrequited love is death
to those not living the will.
But the angels are really rejoicing with me,
For it is God’s command that my heart be filled.

Eve Lorgen 


Song of Eve

I arrange my fragrant spices for you
each for its own purpose.
Cardamom, cinnamon, and a touch of clove,
each in perfect measure, just to please my Love.

Come sit with me, my precious one.
We shall sip the finest Oolong tea from Taiwan,
It shall make our breath so sweet
to enjoy the finest pleasures of one another
as our lips meet....

Let's take a stroll in the garden outside.
The morning sun is glistening
as the hummingbirds dance and hide.
Come my Beloved, you must take a look at this...
Behold, two ladybugs on a blossom
joined in a loving kiss!
Tell me, what are they saying, as they embrace?
If he had a voice to woo her, what would he say?

"Ladybug, I've sought the ends of the earth for you.
Transcended the depths of time, just to breathe through you.
You cannot escape my love so strong
My wings will lift you, to me you belong!
I shall smother you, and enamour you with my soft caresses.
To prove my undying love for you, Ladybug, are the most blessed!"

And if so swooned, my dearest, what would Ladybug say?
What would she do, once I came her way?
"You've awakened me from my sleep so deep.
My heart is only yours to keep.
Your powerful love awoke me from my trance,
stirred up my passions; made me dance!
I had to stay hidden just for you.
Trapped in my dream cage; Until the awakened dream came true.
Others would have snatched me away
to steal the greatest love that could ever be,
that is meant for the healing of our hearts
to be expressed and shared beyond measure,
And to finally set us free!"

A man such as thee
with strength of love as I've never seen.
If you can wrestle with tigers,
you are strong enough for me!
Yes, you are my Adam
and I am your Eve!"

Eve Lorgen 12-24-95

A Tribute to Saint Catherine of Sienna

He or is it she, wearing a mask?
Depicting an era lost, long into the past.
Smiling pleasantly, awaiting each eve,
What is the purpose, who could it be?
Only Wisdom knows the right time to receive.
Something tells me to write and it will all just flow…
Give it a chance Love,
For when the right time comes, 
You will know.

And I think of all the times of being so blue.
So sarcastic and negative, ignoring the Truth!
God forgive me for all I have done.
For taking things for granted,
For insulting your Son!
And you still love me…
having infinite mercy, compassion and exceptional grace.
Am I really worthy to gaze upon your face?

When called to be an instrument, I ran off afraid!
So shaken to the core, that I prayed and prayed,
"Please keep me from fearing, from being so tense.
Allow me to be more daring, to get across the fence."
So frustrated was I that I decided to forget,
To relax, go to sleep, no longer fret.
Then one evening at 12 o’clock midnight
A sphere of white light came down within my sight.
It touched my crown and illuminated my soul,
Multiplying spheres within spheres, Lo and Behold!

The Kingdom of Heaven, I could finally see.
The reality was so deep, and I was so FREE!
But then I knew that if I stayed
amongst the heavenly spheres
I would have betrayed
Gods Will.
There was a task to be done
In that body below.
And we both knew it.
And when the right time comes Love,
You will know.

Eve Lorgen 1986






Angel in Disguise 

By Eve Frances Lorgen ©

I am the trodden one, with light in my eyes.
My stature is unassuming; my flesh a disguise.
I toss my seeds to all who can hear,
treading along with the lowly ones,
casting my Spirits' stare.
In your eyes I feel a burden so great.
A troubled spirit, in despairs' wake.
Overflowing my will for you of perfect love,
why do you run from me, oh my Beloved?
The darkness of this world comprehends me not,
but I know you hear me Beloved, don't you
know you've been bought
for a price?
The wisdom of the world and praise of men
catches many in His web again and again.
That is why I've come to you in disguise,
revealing my spirits' truth to babes, hiding it from the wise.
You have always been mine before you could even speak.
Why do you think you feel my Spirit, oh so deep?
All mine are bound at the place of the cross
for a time that seems like eternity.
With heartfelt sufferings and spiritual groanings too deep for words,
yet to be transformed into the glory of divine mystery.
Praise God and have gratitude that you can even feel at all,
and even hear the faintness of my voice.
For there are those who were created both in heaven and earth
who were not even granted the choice.

Your fellow Cross Bearer

Who Am I?

Who am I to take the lead
in the Kings Court they give me a talent.
I throw it in the roulette and take my risk
and am given a sheet to read.
I hurriedly sign my name Eve,
on the document that is the golden key.
At last I know the truth about me.
But was so busy marching as the leader
that I had no time to be the reader.
Shall I ever know
who I am?

Eve Frances Lorgen 12/96


His Vessel of Grief

by Eve Frances Lorgen 5/96

The eternal widow wishes to sleep,
I am but a reproach; my only desire is to weep.
My destiny is to be a vessel of the Lord's grief,
to impress upon this dark world
how he grieves for his lost sheep.
I was broken before I could even receive love,
damaged beyond repair, paralyzed before I could even move.
Oh how it rips open my wounds!
My soul bleeds with despair -
Lord, let me out,
protect me from their shaming stare.
How I despise the one who hurt me so!
Who stole me from my Beloved!
Turned my life into passionless woe,
Lord, I beg thee to let this cup pass from me...
They don't know who I AM.
My Beloved no longer recognizes me,
an angel in disguise; The darkness can't see.
I am the grief of Him who sent me...
The lamentation of him who was crucified
for you.
So that you may learn to love.

Your Created

You have created me, did you not know?
The purity of thought manifested down below.
Such strong desires and prayers to the unseen
called me out into this world of time, into your awakened dream.
Yes, I am real, and share the same desires.
But there's a responsibility to us awakened ones
or you're playing with divine fire.
Oh, the love is profound
catching me off guard.
The truth is convicting
as you draw your next card.
The deck has been dealt,
now were both in the game.
I'm afraid to pick a card
fearing it's the Ace of Spades.
In the world of dreams, death had no power,
yet in the awakened world of time, I could be devoured.
Water me, feed me, send me thoughts of love.
The promise to you will descend as a white dove.
Still yet to be revealed in that heavenly hour
that no man or angel knows, except the Father.
Beloved, see that no man takes your crown,
or my life has been taken in vain.
I'm here to persevere and bear the cross with you,
in Jesus Christ's name, there is no shame,

Eve Lorgen 10-4-95

Desert Flower - The Last of its Kind

By Eve Lorgen 5/96

Oh Lord I pray thee,
I beckon for thy mercy
to grant me wisdom and understanding,
to persevere the crucifixion...
to endure the sacrifice
of life’s passion and love.
I am but a desert flower
that is on the verge of extinction.
I am the last of my kind...
Open the doors of heaven and
let your rain fall upon me,
so that I may blossom into
indescribable beauty.
My only desire is to be the
rest and nourishment
of the butterfly who is to emerge
from his cocoon.
In a barren and desolate wilderness,
I will spring forth like a mother of all the living.
A sight to behold
for all who are able to see.
Some will travel from afar
just to gaze upon me.
Yet my desire is only for Him
whose Rest I was meant to be.


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