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By Donald L.Worley, investigator and researcher for 37 years.

   The great profusion of assorted UFOs and other eerie happenings in
the forested northwestern region of the state of New Jersey USA in the
1975-76 time period and the underground sounds caused one to wonder
about subterranean alien bases. This sparsely settled region of hills,
lakes, swamps and forests in the counties of Morris, Warren, Hunterdon,
and Sussex, was the site of another one of those macabre infestation

     Great sky flashes, brilliant ruby-red UFOs, and an estimate that
there could have been hundreds of ape-like entity sightings , gives you
some idea of the "problem" that afflicted the inhabitants. The hairy
ones seemed to do a lot of howling and crying all over the place and
left many tracks. We are primarily concerned here with the many "truck
climbing hill " sounds reported by so many citizens for several years.
Near White Meadow Lake NJ. witnesses reported sounds resembling
underground construction work or subterranean machinery . The sounds
would often last much of the night. The sounds would come in different
areas and no one could really pinpoint their location.

    Giving actual reality to the existence these bases are the
experiences of an unknown percentage of abductees who insist they have
been in them. About one quarter of my 171 cases have described this. I
look at the following three cases;

A. Abductee #78 , state of Georgia, called the beings she met in an
under-river base the river base people. It was 20 miles from her home
and she met tall,stately , blonde haired , blue eyed entities and some
she called the "high collar people". You could pass the blondes on the
street and not know it.t
They looked so human. Some were concerned about our Earth and thought of
us as a "war planet".

B. Abductee #101, state of Arizona, spent time in under-desert tunnels
and rooms escorted by her lifetime mentor a tall hybrid Gray. While
there she seen military personnel and a group of humans she thought
might be mentally controlled persons missing from Earth.While there she
also met Halflings (identical to humans) and female alien hybrids, that
she was told were hers by gene manipulation.

C. Abductee #114. state of Virginia was taken down into a subterranean
rocky place along with over 50 other persons ,through a large door and
into a large room .Scenes of cataclysmic destruction of Earth were shown
on a large screen. This abductee later asked his lifetime Nordic-like
mentor he called "Thor "about what he had been shown. Thor said that it
is an inevitable result of time on Earth's sustaining systems and
was for the
good. Only the creator of all knows when it will happen.

     What are our invaders doing in their secret centers of such busy
activity? Can Earth actually be honeycombed with such places?Are these
basis concrete physical or some kind of altered state dimensional sites?
The sound and testimony of those who have been there cause me to think
they are a physical place. Why the massive stereophonic sound
penetrating everywhere and appearing to come from the ground?

 Make no mistake about it.The alien intelligence is up to something and
and one day its sure to have a very profound effect on we sleeping
earthlings. In any even it is certain that covert government will never
reveal the truth about these awesome matters. They know that on the day
that earth's masses awaken to the realization of the presence of the
fantastic dimensional or stellar ultra-technology called UFOS social
disintegration will fall upon the human race.

End of part 2 and end of article


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