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Donald L. Worley, investigator and researcher for 37 years .

     When Coral and Jim Lorenzen of the Aerial Phenomena Research
Organization sent me into the isolated strip mines area of southcentral
Indiana USA in 1966-67 , I was little prepared for the intensity and
boldness of the aliens . Domed discs and oval craft were being seen by
many persons and at close range. Many people though that the UFOs must
be hiding in he bottom of the strip mine lakes for that was where they
seem to come from . George Pratt , a nearby farmer had this round
yellow object arrive so often in the sky overhead that he used the
expression " It came up'"when describe its arrival. It came all sumer
long , sat there about 15 minutes tearing up his radio reception, then
moved off south. In daylight it was a round silver thing . Skeptics from
town would see it from the road on the way to his house. Then one night
three jets came roaring in from Terre Haute and chased the light. The
object flitted around the sky like a firefly and the jets never could
get near it. Did the aliens have a base in the strip mines? If they
didn't why did they alway come from there?
What is going on beneath the restless waters of Lake Ontario between
Oakville and Toronto? Many Canadians living on the shore are convinced
that a base for UFOs must exist there. For many years many witnesses
have seen lights shooting in and out of the lake and a number of photos
have been taken. Harry Picket, an aeronautical engineer, pilot , and
aircraft research firm owner , has watched the lights for years. The
orange lights hover, fly erratic patterns, and sometimes zip straight up
out of sight. Why are all these lights being seen in these locations?
South America has been an incredible hotbed of UFO activity for years.
near the little town of Demerval Lobo, in northeastern Brazil the antics
of egg-shaped craft were so bold that the field workers abandoned their
jobs and fled. Everyone believed there was a UFO base nearby in the
river. It was the same in the Amazon river basin towns of Odios, and
Santarem where the the fishermen pulled up their lines and gave up. In
another South American location so many UFOs were seen shooting out of
and entering the gulfs of San Maties and San Jorge , that they became
common place and received little attention. Several Argentine UFO groups
, after accumulating years of data, became convinced that submerged
alien bases surely exist off the southern coast of Patagonia.
Another type of phenomena that seems to be linked with underground alien
bases are the perplexing motor sounds.Campers around Big Bear Lake on
the eastern edge of the San Gabriel Mountains in California had seen
some 30 UFOs in three weeks. It was also discovered that you could pick
up strange mechanical sounds when you put a microphone on the forest
floor. The Yakima Indian Reservation located in
southcentral Washington State is a region of hundreds of square miles
of rugged forest land. During periods of high UFO activity forest
lookouts in fire control towers watched glowing objects maneuver over
distant ridges and move down into canyons. Chief Fire Control Officer
Bill Vogel wrote to me about a sound similar to turbines or large truck
motors which could be heard running underground. It sounded like a truck
laboring to get up a hill and never getting there. Meanwhile
just south of the reservation and north of the Columbia River , another
investigator who formerly worked twenty years in Los Angeles law
enforcement , reported yet another unbelievable situation. One ranch
family had seen much UFO activity for 10 years. They believed the UFOs
must be engaged in some kind of mining operation.. The source of the
machinery sound seemed deep underground. Ape like entities had shown up
so much at the ranch that the horses and dogs no longer went into panic
when they appeared.

End of part 1.


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