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    Now in our present time frame can global warming be a prelude to
what the Nordics and these prophecies say is coming?The warming is
certainly accelerating . Carbon Dioxide is only one of the greenhouse
gases bringing ruin, but with half a billion auto engines and countless
factories spewing it out we now see its effects. Forestland is being
lost at a rate of one USA state the size of Iowa per year. A world
population of over six billion is relentlessly habitat destructive
especially to food and water resources. Long time records of northern
tundra show the Earth's temperature is slowly rising. According to the
Scripps Institution of Oceanography(Using Carbon dioxide records.)
spring now comes a week earlier in the Northern Hemisphere. Vegetation
above the 45the. parallel has increased 10% since 1950. Since 1980 there
hae been 20% more storms a year with extremes like 1100 American
tornadoes and Britain's hottest year since 1659. The hottest world year
in 130 years was 1995 running 59.7 degrees Fahrenheit. The glacial mass
of the Alps is 50% of what it was 130 years ago. Alaskan glaciers are
melting. Artic and Antarctic ice is thinning and departing in immense
chunks. Several years ago one the size of Rhode Island departed.Recently
a cleavage that scientists dubbed C-16 , 345 square miles in area
,splintered off the Ross Ice Shelf. A polar flip causing the equatorial
sun to beam down would by rough estimates see sea levels range from 500
to 700 higher .

    Meanwhile rising tides in he Caribbean and South Pacific alarm
nations there. These islands have pleaded their cases in the United
Nations to no avail. Earth's rotation has slowed and magnetic polar
wandering has increased 400% since 1950. The recorded and archival
evidence of periodic polar movement is too extensive to cover here.
Tropical foliage and coral reefs found in the Artic circle tell us that
Earth has shifted on it's axis before . The last full reversal is said
to have been 12,400 years ago with one brief relapse about 860 BC. Some
scientists believe that another one is overdue.

    A far superior intelligence is expending prodigious effort and knows
what is looming ahead for this little isolated planet. We have the
relentless, secret , alien project of temporary human abduction, the
acquisition of our reproductive egg/sperm resources , and the creation
of untold numbers of hybrids that are alien-like hybrids or human-like

    Most important we have the monstrous warning of coming destruction .
I have listed only a few of the early harbingers of a coming time of
peril. The reason for the whole terrible scenario is sure to come
crashing down on us one day . Until that fiery, violent time I wonder if
certain secret, elite, groups already know the unspeakable truth. Have
they protected it even resorting to deadly methods if necessary? Do they
have their secret places of refuge all prepared? Meanwhile we peasants
,not realizing what it all portends remain in unprepared ignorance.

    Let me end with one final thought . Yet another Holy Bible scripture
that certainly applies today .
Gen. 6:5, "And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the
Earth, and that every imagination of the thought of his heart was only
evil continually" . Yes, this is generally true of most of the
complacent,rich revellers of Earth. Little do they suspect what is
coming. The Apocalypse warning message has been repeated and repeated.
in exact undeniable form in ancient and modern times. We see it clearly
given by the Nordic aliens in all centuries.

End of article.


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