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     In the famous deceased psychic Arthur Ford we have some disturbing
pronouncements.He told psychic Ruth Montgomery the following from "the
other side" . " When the major shift occurs the weather will be so
drastically altered that it will be difficult to recognize some
locations. Many people will not survive. Others will survive because
after a period of churning seas and frightful winds the turbulence will
cease, and these will live in a tropical climate and vice versa. "

     Among the many prophetic sources one would be amiss if he did not
discuss the Hopi tribes of Arizona in the USA who experienced the very
same Nordics my abductees did thousands of years ago.Here we have an
accuracy record that is most remarkable.Thousands of years ago the
ancestors of the Hopi indians called Hisatsinom in religious
mythologies, legends, pictographs, and petroglyphs recorded their
meetings with the tall,blonde, beautiful , human-like beings we know as
the Nordic-type alien. These entities flew in amazing aerial craft .
These magnificent beings that they called the Kachinas, imparted much
wisdom about future events to the Hisatsinom.

    I feel the need to stop here and explain how I acquired this
information about the Hopi. You cannot contact them directly and get
this information for they guard their sacred historical possessions and
do not want it exploited for profit. No, my information comes from a
North Carolina researcher, outdoor nature lover who actually who
actually lived with the Hopi for a period of time. He documented all of
this incredible information at the source.

    When the Spanish approached the Hopi ancestors across the mesa they
had for a long time known that the Spaniards were coming. In their armor
they looked like turtles and the Hopi ancestors already knew what would
happen to Turtleland (USA). When black ribbons (highways) crossed the
land and bugs (autos) crossed on them the first great earth shaking or
cleansing , as they called it ,was near. World War I came . When paths
in the sky (contrails) and cobwebs you talk on (telephones) along with a
crooked cross that appears in the east (Nazi Germany) and the sun arises
in the west (Japan),it would mean the second great earth shaking was
near . This was World War II.

    The Hopi ancestors foresaw the dumping of a gourd of ashes on the
land evaporating the sea, burning the land, and turning villages of
stone into dust (nuclear bombs) . In the end time they also foresaw a
brilliant blue star in the sky. In 1987 SN1987A , a rare blue supergiant
erupted in violent earth and was the brightest supernova in four
centuries and made world history. The ancestors also foresaw the house
of mica existing on the eastern shore of Turtleland ( The UN building
.Mica a stone reflects light as do the many windows of the UN
building.) They were were also told by the God-like blondes that when a
house shall be thrown into the sky and man shall live in it -- this will
be a time of eminent change. All the things in the this paragraph have

    It is the Hopi and Holy Bible prophetic agreement on the UPC bar
code (666) found on all items in stores that is utterly startling. A
bear marks its territory by making parallel claw marks on trees. The
Hopi ancestors place the marks in the final time of great cleansing.
Soon everyone will need to be computer identified , and the bible long
ago specifically referred to this.

Rev, 13:18, " And he that causeth all both small and great, free and
bond, to receive the mark in their right hand or forehead and that no
man might buy or sell save he had the mark, here is wisdom. Let him that
hath understanding count the number of man, and his number is six
hundred threescore and six"

    Let us look at several more important biblical forecasts of coming
stupendous earth change. When the scripture speaks of the stars falling
or moving this clearly is describing the effect of a change in Earth's
axis position. It does not mean the distant stellar regions are moving.
   In this vast upheaval time Jewish prophecy foretells the coming of
the Jewish Messiah. Old testament prophecy states that this coming will
be within a generation of the re-establishment of the Jewish homeland.
This occurred in 1948 and the Jews are so sure his coming is near that
they have the priests frocked and trained, and all the other
preparations made for his appearance . They need only to demolish the
Muslim Mosque or see it level by quakes , then build their temple as has
been foretold will happen in the scriptures.

end of part 3


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