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     Due to my critical nature , a series of my earlier abductees who
recited to me what the Nordics had telepathicly and visually given them
failed to convince me of its reality. However ,some of my recent cases
and the enormity of corroborative information down through the years has
caused me to cross the line into total belief.Let us look at some recent
cases that certainly got my attention.

     In case #53, Ontario Canada , Penny, (A BA holder and long time
experiencer with the Nordics.) was alarmed yet fascinated by the vivid
scenes of dreadful devastation . Her Nordic urged her to move north away
from the lakes region for it is due for drastic change.She was also
shown what will happen to the North American Pacific and Atlantic
Coasts and the Mississippi Valley. Some scientists believe that a system
of deep faults stretches from Labrador to mid-USA and will be violently
affected by crustal havoc elsewhere.

     In case #79, Mississippi, Pamela (A normal housewife with no
knowledge of these matters.) was amazed as she received a two page
telepathic message addressed to me from a group calling themselves .
"The Lifeforce". I quote some of the message. " You know when our words
are coming to you for you recognize our energies and our style of
teaching. Now your friend the researcher has very good soul and has
done much in the ways of helping people ,so it is our desire to give him
some information that he can use and test as such. When such occurs
there will be tidal waves that will drown entire towns and earthquakes
of such proportions as to belie the Richter scale. These will be the
forerunners of the shift and once the Earth has regained her place upon
her axis pole , she will be under water for many days in a place known
as Oklahoma and New Iberia. The coming changes will be central to the
Midwest, but especially that know as the old west.The one known as
California will all but disappear soon after the forerunning disaster
occurs. She will indeed slip into the ocean. , but the ocean will
relocate during the shift and the deserts of Nevada and Arizona will be
a wastrel of water unfit. The lakes known as the Great Lakes will be
destroyed in the latter part of the shift by being distributed into
waterways that run toward what is now the ocean .

     In case #113, Virginia , Robert, a retired successful aeronautical
parts dealer has had so many episodes with his Nordic mentor ,that he
named "Thor" , that he has lost count of he total . Along with over 50
other abductees he was taken down into a rocky,subterranean , place and
through huge solid doors into a large room. On a large screen the group
was shown mountainous waves sweeping over the land,and buildings and
engulfing the hapless inhabitants. Robert didn't believe what he was
shown and the next time he was with Thor he began to question him about
it. The Nordic pronounced the whole scene as an inevitable act of nature
and said it was all for good in the end. At my urging he later asked
Thor just when all this was going to take place. Thor's answer was that
only the creator of it all knows when.

     I will now move on to some of the many modern prophets of doom
whose utterances support the Nordic warnings.
The multi-abductee episode that Robert attended reminds me of another
situation that I learned of. A psychiatrist with 28 years experience had
the compulsion to begin accepting patients who had some form of the UFO
experience. Patient after patient ,unknown to each other began to
describe images of a post-catastrophic planet of upheaval , flooding,
volcanism, and abject human misery, All including the psychiatrist were
very disturbed by this.

     There exists a very large amount of historical data supporting the
Nordic warnings. I will now move into that area of coming woes. Among
the many modern prophets of doom there are several that I should
mention. The first is mystic-healer, prophet, Edgar Cayce who foresaw
the breakup of western America. Movement of the vast Pacific Plate in
the tectonic subduction zone of he South Pacific and western South
America will precede the blows coming to the American West. The
rumbling, molten , clash of the Pacific Plate and the North American
plates will cause the rocky skin of the America plate to be subducted
under in a series of massive displacements. Fragile island chain Japan
will vanish into the sea.. Pole shift and deep fault convulsions will
see some regions sink and others be elevated so the fate of some areas
remains uncertain. According to Cayce Northern Europe will quickly go
under. Africa will become three land masses.

End of part 2


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