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By Donald L. Worley, researcher 37 years, writer/consultant FSR London

Preliminary info on author-- In many facets of this vast mystery for 37
years. Specialized in abduction syndrome and Nordic-type aliens. About
50 successful articles written mostly in Flying Saucer Review ,London
England,Fate,Calif. UFO and several NY magazines. I have also
concentrated on helping troubled abductees and have had 171 cases.

Preliminary info on the Nordic-type aliens--Beautiful, human-like,over
six feet tall,long blonde hair,mesmerizing bottomless blue eyes, wear a
body suit or flowing white robes. Create an overpowering feeling of love
and awe in the abductee. Usually in charge when appearing with other
types of aliens. Are they angels? Its possible but some violate our
human morality and they are seen with other alien types who are
seemingly ruthless. Some seem benevolent and are lifetime mentors to
chosen abductees.


     Rev. 6:14, "And heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled
together and every mountain and island were moved out of their places".

    The big melt is on. Many scientists have now become convinced of
this. Does it foreshadow much more to come? In the experiences of
unknown number of alien abductees and contactees the apocalypse
scenario runs like a broken record.The similarities between modern and
ancient warnings are quite clear and frightening. I was not prepared for
the stunning truth that my data reveals.We have a persistent chorus of
warnings, often visually shown, of a coming time of vast earth
destruction mainly by the Nordic-type aliens. I have 55 cases involving
the Nordics and in 22 of them warnings of massive destruction is
presented .It is important that you realize that my data is only a
fraction of the total. Understand also that most of those receiving
these terrible messages had not heard of this before especially the
geographic details. The topographical details are all amazingly similar

End of part 1.


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