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By Donald L. Worley, Researcher for 37 years. Consultant/writer to
Flying Saucer Review London England.

An epic ,unseen , struggle has been raging for many years. Large
intelligence groups in Earth's leading nations and the valiant forces at
their disposal are locked in a hopeless struggle with a foe whose power
is unsurpassed. Sleeping humanity little suspects what lies in its
perilous future. It is much like the falsely secure revellers on the
doomed Titanic. If some miraculous help does not finally intervene it is
probable that our cherished values and even we ourselves will be
annihilated You think the preceding statements are the babblings of an
irresponsible fool? Please read on and then we shall see what you think.
I fear we must objectively face what the true verified data tells us
even though it is profoundly disastrous to us.

In this article I want to acquaint you with some very disturbing
elements in the alien's huge ,relentless, human abduction operation ,
and briefly discuss their final results. The alien's ruthless, skilled
abduction project presents major problems for our beleagured forces who
do not have even the slightest chance of ever coping with this cunning
para-physical form of alien penetration. Within the abduction syndrome
are the following ominous activities which I will take a brief look at
using my own cases numbers 102, 94, and 55 as illustrations;

A. Military personnel and civilians in underground/undersea bases or in

B. Hybrids and Halflings and the gene business in fetus production.

C.The clones.

By way of further explanation I will briefly touch on implants, cerebral
programming, terminal abduction, and hidden alien bases.

In case #102 (Wanda), I was asked by the abductee to do an evaluation
and try to answer some of her questions about her incredible
experiences. Her lifetime Grey alien mentor's name was Valic. We do have
some persons who are protected and guided throughout their lives. This
alien will be a Nordic or the taller-type Grey . Wanda describes Valic
,who had a human father and so is a gene blend hybrid , this way;
"Slender,5' 6", bald,greyish-tan skin, nearly regular sized eyes with
little white showing, tiny nose, ears, and slit mouth. He wore a knitted
grey jump suit. He tries to smile but can't for he don't have the
facial muscles for it. I have never seen him eat but have seen his food
that looks like blue pudding."

Wanda is Valic's special Earth assignment and a valuable one for the
aliens for she has produced 25 fetuses for them.Please note my next
startling statement.Some of these are Halflings , an alien gene-mix
predominantly human, who are indistinguishable from a human unless maybe
you check their genes.We can't know what may be concealed in their
minds. They may be leading a life of normal existence by daylight, and a
life of alien activity by night and not even be aware of it. Wands's
other fetus's nurtured in the alien environment were all alien-like
hybrids. They were about 5' 3" , grey-tan skin, had teeth, and can smile
and laugh. They have emotions due to the human genes.

Underground Wanda has seen dark-haired humans bossing some short Greys,
and one human who had black-grey hair He seemed to be in command. In
dirt and finished tunnels and large rooms she seen captured humans that
she thought might be homeless people and run-away kids who would not be
missed in society. In her home she was guarded by what she believed were
human-like genetically altered beings. She called them "hunks", and they
were all tall identical beings that she believed were cloned.

At this time I want to discuss some of the important things we can learn
from this case. You do realize that there are many other cases that do
have similar corroborative ingredients. Off-hand I'm thinking of cases
like those of Katrina Wilson, Melida Leslie, and Leah Haley. In all
these cases when we exclude all the virtual reality screen illusions,
shape-shifting, school sessions, and crafty lies, we have the aliens
central motive exposed. It is the acquisition of human reproductive
material and the use of it to accomplish their aims. For a moment lets
think about Wanda's guardians and cloning. Since the guardians were all
carbon copies of each other it is apparent they were cloned. In the
interest of space I won't describe some of my other cases where clones
were involved. We would be very foolish to not realize that the aliens
must be very proficient at cloning. So the aliens are no doubt cloning
untold numbers of soul-less beings and thereby introducing another
profound threat to our wellbeing.

In case #93 (Kim), had lots of experiences with a variety of the Grey
type. Some wore medical gowns, or form fitting suits. She also saw human
males ,aged 25 to 35, wearing lab coats and preforming medical
procedures.One time there was a human gentleman who looked just like
Einstien or David Jacobs bushy hair and all. She was told one hybrid as
her daughter. This being had an aged look, thin long hair, was
anorexic-looking, and wore a sheer dress. Kin said, " The Zetas with
whom I am in contact with have
many adults and children living on board. They are from genetic material
that has been collected from we Earthlings. I have met some of these
people , both human and Halfling, and they seem genuinely happy people.
Communicating by voice and telepathy I was told they were happy where
they were and had no desire to be in the chaos of Earth. I was shown
living areas and a recreation park-like area under construction with
scaffolding present. I don't think they are being treated like slaves.

End of part 1 of article .


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