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By Donald L. Worley, Researcher for 37 years . Consultant to FSR London

Abductee #55 (Sarah- had no knowledge of these matters before it began
to happen to her.)has been inside bases in state of Alabama USA. She
talks about the "under river base people" and other types. At one base ,
the entities were all human-like blonde,blue eyed, Nordic types. She
states that some of the blonde groups are good and some are bad. There
is a dislike by the good kind for what the bad kind are doing, but not
any open conflict between them.Some of the shorter people she calls the,
"high collar ones", are friends with the blondes and the red eyed apes.
They all work together. There was an 8 year old Halfling traveling with
one of the blondes. In one base .she knows of , the aliens had detained
a military man. His vocal chords had been removed but not a thing could
be done about it. He knew about jets and was listed a missing. She gave
me his description.

As we think about all these reports of military men and civilians on
board craft or underground what should we think? I am aware of abductee
Kim saying that those she observed were normal and happy. However it is
my belief that no one in the clutches of the aliens ever retains his own
normal cerebral functions. There are many reports of military personnel
preforming tasks in the alien environment. In one case there were up to
50 observed! Knowing the alien's awesome control of the human mind I'm
convinced that all such persons are really under alien command.

Earlier in this article I said that I would mention some of the other
malevolent methods of envelopment. In my total of 171 cases ,skin
disruption, and insertion of tiny implants is common. A disturbance of
EM devices such as street lights , computers and similar devices is also
often seen.If you have this effect you need to find out what is going on
in your life for you too are part of their control.

Another insurmountable situation is that appalling form of alien instant
translation resulting in what can be called terminal abduction. Terminal
abduction happened to the pilot of an Air Force jet on March 9, 1955
near Paris Illinois. Eugene Metcalfe watched the giant bell shaped UFO
swallow the jet. Over Bass Strait in Australia a Cessna was shadowed and
captured by a UFO. Two other aircraft also vanished at the same
location. In December of1988 many witnesses in the Puerto Rico towns of
Lajas and Carbo Rio watched two Navy jets being taken by a gigantic
glowing triangle. I've mentioned only a few of these events.

There is another kind of terminal abduction by the heartless aliens that
is no believed and not mentioned to any extent. Some of we humans vanish
mysteriously and there are witnesses to this. In 1978 Eva Rencher, of
Dej, Romania went to ge a soccer ball, turned, and vanished as friends
looked on. Burn marks remained at the spot.In 1987 Matthias Gramson,42,
Arkanes,Iceland, skydiving with friends, vanished at 300 ft. below
friends who were coming down with him. In World War II on Ewo Jima, 7
men of the 24th. US Marines , watched a dazzling white light envelop 5
officer and men standing on a rise overlooking the ocean . In an instant
they vanished . I have only skimmed the surface of this phenomena.

Another stark fact of life in our deplorable predicament are the secret
alien terrestrial bases. The data is very clear on this. Craft have been
seen entering and leaving them especially those under water. Many
abductees talk of being in them. The "truck climbing hill sound" is
sometimes heard with them. In a short article I identified 15 localities
and no doubt this is only a fraction of them. Quite literally one can
say the aliens are "into us like mice in swiss cheese".

I have pointed out to you how the silent tentacles of an insidious
monster now moves in the midst of sleeping humanity while helpless
authority pretends nothing is happening. Two monumental questions
present themselves;

A. What is the true nature of the main invading force that we can never
hope to resist?

B. What final plan does this intelligence have for us?

Eve though we see isolated instances of this power having done good, the
vast overall scene shows it as ruthlessly violating many of the
life-sustaining principals of civilized man. The destruction of a human
soul's sovereignty is a supremely evil act in the Universe.The
kidnapping an vile violation of an innocent child is a criminal act.
The creation of pitiful hybrids , or control of human Halflings , not to
the mention the imprisonment of many of the human species who have been
mentally altered , is a cruel injustice. It would seem that compassion
is totally missing from parts of the alien psyche. Of course for
functional and confusion purposes it will show us a gentle loving face
at times.

What is its ultimate plan for us? When we look at the aliens awesome,
frightening, creative, and cloning abilities, and the immense effort
that we see them putting forth, it is clear that they have created so
many billions of entities itt is beyond our comprehension . Are all the
perfected hybrids being held in readiness somewhere? What is the real
number of Halfings in our midst.? What could the abductees really be
programmed to do that will only emerge at a certain signal?

When we view the terrible facts of the alien enigma it is apparent that
what we have to fear is not a satanic scenario in which the skies
suddenly fill with alien craft, disgorging hoards of invaders,while
armies of trained Halflings ,clones,and abductees are activated to do
their tasks. No, this is not the way we dangerous aboriginals of Earth
will be delt with. We know that now because we already see the modus
operandi of the real plan in action! IT IS THE GRADUATED NON-STRESS OF

By steadily over a long period of time , infusing human Halflings and
their seed into our society a time would arrive when some of humanity
would have become a subtle alien-controlled genius-breed able to take
control of all centers of power. The bulk of humanity being then
relegated to an inferior breed status.A one-world,, one-religion ,era
that would see the fond days of human freedom only a memory. Once in
clandestine control the takeover agenda could be stepped up with
increasing numbers of alien lifeforms pouring into the mainstream of

The cunning and skill of he aliens would be such that humanity would
never suspect what was happening to it untill it was far too late. This
would be the time of the cashless society, and individual economic
control .If you didn't embrace or cower before the powers of darkness
and opression and take the UPC 666 codemark in your hand or forehead you
would perish. Among the teeming, hapless inhabitant of Earth all the
devilish, destrucive, things possible would grow and move toward a
crescendo- the breakdown of law and order, loss of morality, the
scourage of drug and aids and finally the slaugher of nuke exchanges.

One thing is certain in our present circumstances. If our precious,
beloved, planet does not finally experience the arrival of a glorious
rescue force of superior power and love, as described in the Holy
Scriptures, I am positive that the tiny glowig light of humanity in the
Universe ,will be suffed out.

End of part 2 and the article.


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