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Hi Donald,
I live in Cocoa, Florida about 12 miles from Kennedy Space Center.
There is some additional information to add to what I sent you. Implants are taping into the abductees nervous system and drawing energy from them. One of my abductees has an implant that draws so much energy from her that her body temperature is always around 95 degrees instead of 98.6. By certain means we were able to get it to shut down and her body temperature went back up to normal and she stopped feeling physically drained. (Your nervous system is an electrochemical system that does create electrical power, that's how hospitals can measure your brain electrical activity with an EEG and your heart electrical activity with an EKG machine.)  So when the implants are removed from an abductee, they will probably cease operation. Some implants seem to work on a timer and only come on late at night. Other implants seem to work only when they get a signal sent to them to turn them on and then they act as a locator transponder to allow the aliens to find the person so they c! an reabduct them.
I added your screen name to my MSN Instant Messenger list so we can chat live if you want.

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