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In the UK message I should have explained to you that I was only talking
about the earth bound human sprits who will go away if you ignore them
and not dimensional aliens some of whom are dangerous.


This vacation is a good thing. It will give me more time to think about all my "expierences" and write them for you.

<<Most important youforgot to tell me what kind of clothing the
shadow figiures of white faces and dark glasses wore. And what kind
autos they drove. >>

Most of the "people" I saw were male, on occasion female. All the males wore what looked like expensive suits. The females would be dressed very business like.......they were all very non-desript, does that make sense? Like nothing was so amazing that you would beautiful hair etc.....
All the vehicles were very fancy as well......jaguares, mercedes, rolls royce.....I have a repeated white limo with tinted windows that I see from time to time and can never see the driver. The plates are sometimes personalized and never from the state I am currently in. Today's "sighting" mercedes with Ohio plate that was HiOfcer. Husband thought it was funny.

I am not worried or upset, in fact quite the oposite.......for once I feel like I am not crazy.
I will try to get one more part out to you today before you leave.
Thanks for your help so far.


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