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Andthere are evil ones . It took me some time to bring this poor woman
out of her depths of dispair after what they done to her.


All that Korsmos said last night is not too convincing to me.... he sometimes
 I catch him in not a lie but not a fib but non consisting the same realm....
He said that the president is in a big nasty predictament and will not tell
me I would just have to see??? So what is this?? I told him... YOU MUST TELL
ME>? He said soon in time....

and I also asked him why they took out my insides? He said "didnt you figure
this out??? I said NO!!! he said to "enhance the universe" What is that
supposed to mean??

I said are you making alien children with my ovaries, eggs, etc? He said he
was not sure "What the others are doing in their "Secret" Rooms!!!

So you tell me Don what did he mean by secret rooms? He is getting quite shy
and quiet,,, he seems then to speak freely with me now he is tightened up...
I told him I would not reveal too much about him....

He told me WHY AM I TALKING TO THE "OLD MAN"??? I asked him who is the Old
Man.... the one who you give the questions and answers too... He apparently
knows about you.... it scares me.... but i told him you are my confidant...
and I really need Don to make sure I am not losing it... He said I am not
losing it... just everyone needs someone to talk to... dont you??? I told
him.... he said I got you dont I????
He is strange... he said for me not too reveal too much information about him
on what he looks like??? He apparently does not want anyone to know where he
walks and who he converses with.... He said he is VERY PROTECTIVE OF ME!!!
He also made his appearence difference too... his ears the last time was very
big... but then last night they were really tiny I told him where are your
big ears??? He Laughed and said I thought you would get a laugh, you know i
have very tiny ones... i just wanted u to know that Here I am different....
here are my real ears... they were kind of tiny with small bits of silver
inside... and a small pierceing hole... unlike ours... but they hear
everything fine tuned...

Asked him the questions #21.... the USA:..... The west coast of USA is going
through some hot weather and the earth is receeding... so that the earth is
spreading apart.... and England... is having some worst weather too...its
rainy season its not going to be.... more so its going to be dry and cold....
the government there is due to a new directior.... the queen will expire
soon, due to illness.... the fighting in other countries will continue... and
the pope will soon die....
the USA is coming to a halt in encomony...the rich get poor, and the poor get
wealth... we shall see, he said that the president is not for this world...
Chandra Levy girl was set up by the FBI he said to remove him from office...
the Republicans want him out so they can do their own thing.... The Great
lakes he said is very polluted with chemicals that are going to kill off all
the underwater animals... and its not safe to drink it... and Mississippi is
going to have alot of drilling off shore which is NOT good for the
enviroment... and that most of the people are hard headed there....

He told me to be careful of you.... I know I could trust you... i told him
that.... but he said Don likes to "fool" you.... he said he will tell me more
but needs to "TRUST me... right now he does not...

Don, when you get a chance send me the photo of the girl Plum article and
pict. and I may be able to tell you exactly where she is....
thanks... hope Jeanie is doing better.... I pray she is getting well!!!!!

tell here she is in Our Prayers... I told korsmo about to pray for jeanie he
said he would... He said he believes in a higher power too... so what gives
with this man, thing? thanks.. talk to you soon... Hugs... Linda

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