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Yes there are angeles.


Hi Donald,

      Yes The Blonde Ellen was indeed beautiful, but so is my sister Ellen.  The Blonde Ellen had beautiful powerful eyes.  And yes, I have had a couple of close calls, where my life was in danger or atleast my welfare as a woman was in danger and I somehow managed to not be harmed.  

Let me tell you of when I first saw this "Nordic"/ Blonde Ellen.

I was little, again the first thing that pops up is nine years old, but all I really know is It was before puberty.  I dreamt that I had gotten up early like usual and went outside to wait for the world to wake up.  I was playing and drawing in the sand with a stick, when I looked up and saw this Blonde Ellen.  Only she was an angel because she had a long white flowing robe on.  She smiled so sweetly at me, and she was so beautiful!  Remembering the dream, it seems like she came walking down our road, or maybe from the woods across the road.  She said she had something to show me.
She held in her hands an old book, it was huge, it filled both of her arms, she opened it and motioned for me to come stand beside her.  The pages of the book had a foreign language, the letters were in beautiful script, and the words were written in GOLD!  I was amazed at the beautiful letters, and I touched them.  I asked her what it was.  She said the book contained all of my songs that I had sung to GOD when I was a baby, and all of my prayers.  I asked her, I could sing when I was a baby?!  She smiled a knowing smile and said Yes you could.  I was awe struck.  How was that GOD thought enough of me to save my prayers and songs!  I was beside myself.  I Begged her to come inside so my family could see her, she said NO.  Then I asked if I could take the book and show my parents, she frowned and said they would not understand.  I then begged her to stay put, and when she did not reply, I took it as a chance she w! ould stay, and took off like a flash to wake up my family and tell them there was an angel outside!  But try as I might, no one would wake up.  Defeated, I went outside to tell her, and she was already walking down the road to leave, I cried out DON'T GO! PLEASE!  but she did.  That was the first time I saw this Blonde Ellen.


Yes, I did receive question 18-21.  I have to tell you though, I am experiencing some sort of reaction to these questions.  It's Like I have done something really wrong by telling you the things I have.  Right now my heart is pounding hard.  I know this is irrational but is seems as if Im afraid of some sort of retaliation.  I'm afraid of going mad. I haven't feared this before so I am wondering where this is coming from.

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