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World Trade Center Terrorist Attack:
What next?

September 11, 2001: by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

When I got up this morning, I thought it was a normal day.

I was wrong.

I was drinking my coffee and perusing a most interesting book written by one of our group members this morning, when our youngest child (age 12) came tearing down the stairs to announce breathlessly that there had been TWO plane crashes in New York, and another somewhere else, and that a "tower" was on fire. "Turn on the TV quick!" she demanded.

"Yes dear! That's very interesting! Now run along, Mommy's busy." But something bugged me about it. I felt a momentary shiver and forced my mind back to my reading.

A few minutes later, the child was back: "Mom, you GOTTA turn on the TV! New York is on FIRE!"

"What in the world can she be talking about? New York on fire? That's impossible!" I thought.

But I hurried to the bedroom and turned on the television.

When the picture emerged from the blackness of the screen, I saw only a vast, seething, black cloud over Manhattan, dwarfing Lady Liberty in the foreground, looking as much like a crouching monster than anything.

I knew we had problems.

As I listened to the panicked voices of the news crew, trying their best to sound calm in the face of an event too awesome to even contemplate, like everyone else, I began to feel like a deer trapped in the headlights. But I shook off the freezing of my mind, and struggled to think. My mind raced back to the strange comments of the C's on several separated occasions, all of which suddenly coalesced into the vision of destruction unfolding before my eyes. I realized that we had been warned.

I am sick and distressed for the hundreds, even thousands, of people whose lives are being torn apart at this very moment that I am writing. Our hearts go out to them in support, and we pray that everyone will take the time to remember their sisters and brothers - for we are all One - in this time of tragedy.

But rather than freezing in terror, more than anything, we need to look at the energies unfolding behind the scenes here. It is all too easy to start to "blame" this or that group. And yes, one or another "group" is always involved in these sorts of things. But it seems to me that it is invariably, as it has been throughout history, that we are manipulated to act against one another from other realms. The battles at higher densities take place in and through us. We are, in a sense, the "playing pieces" on the board, moved by masters of the Secret Games of the Gods.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to be a game piece. So, for what it is worth, allow me to present some material from the Cassiopaeans here; some of which relates directly to this "Act of War" against our country, and some which is background to the overall strategy of the players of humans against humans. In the final analysis, it is an Act of War against humanity.

Our readers know that the C's don't really support the concept of prophecy in a general sense, as their perspective is that the "future is open." They have also pointed out that there is a concerted effort by some "groups," either of the terrestrial kind or the ultra-terrestrial kind, to confuse the populace by constantly "changing the rules" of the game. As they have said:

Cassiopaeans: The forces at work here are far too clever to be accurately anticipated so easily. You never know what twists and turns will follow, and they are aware of prophetic and philosophical patternings and usually shift course to fool and discourage those who believe in fixed futures. [96-01-07]

What's more, in terms of "prophecy" or prognostications, they have commented that even at higher densities, it is difficult to determine how certain "energies" will evolve and play themselves out. General patterns can be discerned, but specifics are always uncertain. Because, in the end, we do have some "power to change the future" at this level, limited though it may be. The following makes this point:

Cassiopaeans: Now would be a good "time" for you folks to begin to reexamine some of the extremely popular "Earth Changes" prophecies. Why, you ask. Because, remember, you are third density beings, so real prophecies are being presented to you in terms you will understand, i.e. physical realm, i.e. Earth changes. This "may" be symbolism. Would most students of the subject understand if prophecies were told directly in fourth density terms?
Q: (L) Is this comparable to my idea about dream symbolism. For example, the dream I had about the curling cloud which I saw in a distance and knew it was death dealing and I interpreted it to be a tornado, but it was, in fact, a dream of the Challenger disaster. I understood it to be a tornado, but in fact, what I saw was what I got, a death dealing force in the sky, a vortex, in the distance. I guess my dream was a fourth density representation but I tried to interpret it in terms I was familiar with. Is this what you mean?
A: Close. But it is easy for most to get bogged down by interpreting prophecies in literal terms.
Q: (L) In terms of these Earth Changes, Edgar Cayce is one of the most famous prognosticators of recent note, a large number of the prophecies he made seemingly were erroneous in terms of their fulfillment. For example, he prophesied that Atlantis would rise in 1969, but it did not though certain structures were discovered off the coast of Bimini which are thought by many to be remnants of Atlantis. These did, apparently, emerge from the sand at that time.
A: Example of one form of symbolism.
Q: (L) Well, in terms of this symbolism, could this be applied to the remarks you made about the two little boys who were missing in South Carolina.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And the symbolism was that you were reading the event from 3rd density into sixth density terms and then transmitting it back into 3rd, and while the ideation was correct, the exact specifics, in 3rd density terms, were slightly askew. Is that what we are dealing with here?
A: 99.9 per cent would not understand that concept. Most are always looking for literal translations of data. Analogy is novice who attends art gallery, looks at abstract painting and says "I don't get it."
Q: (L) Well, let's not denigrate literal translations or at least attempts to get things into literal terms. I like realistic art work. I am a realist in my art preferences. I want trees to look like trees and people to have only two arms and legs. Therefore, I also like some literalness in my prognostications.
A: Some is okay, but, beware or else "California falls into the ocean" will always be interpreted as California falling into the ocean. [94-11-26]

Now, of course, being literal minded Dr. Watson's, our friendly analysts of the Stargate Conspiracy, Picknett and Prince, would naturally demand that a prophecy be given in absolutely literal terms, with a specific day and time, and that every aspect of the event must match in every detail in order to be a valid "fulfillment." Of course, if it did, then they would declare that some evil force was behind it, and in some respects, we have to agree that this is possible, if not probable.

Since the nature of reality is "fluid," we ought to be rather concerned if prophecies manifest exactly as predicted. That suggests not only manipulation, but attempts to "induce belief" in the source as infallible. As the Cassiopaeans have pointed out: if you believe something because you have "proof," what then happens to your free will?

So, it seems that, in terms of prophecies and predictions we have some little difficulty in not only interpretation, but also timing.

Q: (L) I would like to know in terms of prophecy if the prophecies you gave us in the first session are still valid and upcoming?
A: They are evolving.
Q: (L) Does that mean that they are evolving to the point that they are going to happen soon?
A: Fluid.
Q: (L) Does that mean that some of them may not happen?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And the prophecies that you gave tonight, are they subject to change also?
A: Maybe.
Q: (L) Are they more solid?
A: Open. [94-12-03]

We do know, indeed, that our universe is "open," that we can act in certain ways to either receive creative energy, or to block it. Much of the material on this website has to do with discovering the exact dynamics of how this works, and how, very often, that which presents itself as "positive," may not, in fact, be so.

Late in 1998, the Cassiopaeans suggested that we review the prophecies given in the early sessions and observe the world around us for upcoming events that would relate to these. At this point, they again reiterated that the timing was the one thing that could not be ascertained, even if a certain "energy" in motion could be detected from the higher realms:

A: Suggest you review predictions made in very early transcripts for remarkable correlations to current events. As we said then, it is the time frame which is impossible to pinpoint in any sort of prophecy.
Q: Do you mean the storms in Florida and Alabama and Georgia?
A: Tornadoes.
Q: Does this mean that there is also going to be tornadoes in Texas? Is there anything that this relates to in specific? Does it go with the Denver Airport business?
A: Just review and contemplate. [98-04-11]

Well, it seems that a review is definitely in order at this point!

In the very first contact with the C's, a string of prophecies were given as though there was some concern that we might not communicate with them again and they wanted to provide some "markers" for what was most pressing for us to know. This first contact, curiously, was made at the very time that the Comet Shoemaker-Levy began its series of impacts on Jupiter. We were not recording via tape, and the transcript was reconstructed from the notes of the answers, with the best remembrance of the form of the questions that we could manage. At certain points, the planchette moved so fast that it was hard to keep up writing with one hand and managing the planchette with the other, so some confusion still exists about the exact terms of this (and several subsequent) session.

Q: (L) What are you here for tonight?
A: Prophecy.
Q: (L) What prophecies?
A: Tornadoes Florida - several.
Q: Where else?
A: Also Texas and Alabama.
Q: (L) When?
A: Sun is in Libra.
Q: (L) What else is going to happen?
A: Seattle buried; Japan buckles; Missouri shakes; California crumbles; Arizona burns.
Q: [Unknown question.]
A: Go to Denver airports.
Q: (L) When is all this going to happen?
A: Scandal - Scandal - Denver Airport.
Q: (L) What about the Denver airport?
A: Scandal.
Q: I don't understand.
A: New Denver airport.
Q: I don't understand.
A: Pay attention.
Q: Okay, we are paying attention. What are you trying to tell us?
A: Denver new airport big, big, big, big scandal.
Q: (L) What kind of scandal?
A: Government.
Q: (L) Specifically what?
A: You will see. Dallas airport is secret base; Orlando too; Miami Too.
Q: (L) What about Denver airport and how does it relate to prophecies?
A: Denver reveals the government. Look for it. Pay attention.
Q: (L) What else do you have to tell us?
A: Montana: Experiment with human reproduction. All people there - rays - radon gas.
Q: (L) How are they doing this?
A: Compelled - Don't trust - Don't ignore - too strong urges - sinister plots.
Q: (L) What do you mean? I don't understand?
A: Strong urge is directed by sinister plot.
Q: Plot by whom?
A: Consortium. [94-07-16]

The following session, was the second contact with the Cassiopaeans and, as it happened, took place on the last day of the impacts of Comet Shoemaker-Levy.

Q: (L) Do you have information for us this evening?
A: Space invasion soon. Four to six years. Battle between forces good and evil. Wait near. Look far. Listen. Mexico fall; Ethiopia quake; September - both - New Near - January- Paris bomb - London Blizzard - 109 die - Plane down -Tahiti - Cholera - Montana - January 1995 - government US - behind California quakes - Three soon - Oklahoma political abduction -February 95 - Big news.[94-07-22]

Now of course, pedestrian thinkers who read the above immediately think of a "space invasion" as a flotilla of alien craft overflying our skies, zapping people with lasers or EMP weapons, and just generally inspiring terror in the population. However, if we remember that we are supposed to be thinking in 4th density terms, we begin to understand that this might not be as simple as supposed. In one of the earliest contacts, we came back to this question of "space attack." The following will give some idea of just what we are supposed to be looking at when we "observe the signs."

Q: (L) Will there be a war in the sky with the aliens?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Will it be between Orions and the Federation?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Will it be visible on earth?
A: Oh, yes.
Q: (L) When will this be?
A: It has already started. Will intensify steadily.
Q: (L) Why are we not aware that it has already started?
A: Disguised at this point as weather. Fighting part still in other dimension. Will go to this one within 18 years. Anytime within this period. Not determinable exactly when. Could be tomorrow or 18 years.
Q: (L) 18 years from now is 2012. Is there some special significance to that time?
A: By then. [94-07-30]

And then, there was another similar remark about this that literally raised the hair on my head:

Q: (L) Was I correct in the flash of insight I had the other night that nearly caused a coronary, of seeing the skies opening and all sorts of beings just pouring into our reality?
A: Yes. But is it prophecy, or current reality?
Q: (L) Oh, god! (F) Well, the thought I was having just a couple of days ago, was along very similar lines. It is that everything is happening right now, it is just our perception of it that is lagging behind. Instead of what we have always thought, that one day the veil would be ripped open because of some cosmic event, it just may be that the veil is being opened individual by individual. Then one day it will be the last group that doesn't know anything and then it will fly open. What is really happening is not that the UFOs will someday be invading, it is just that because of some perception, we do not see that it is happening now. Karla Turner described it as the "End of the World," and for her and her family, it was. [95-04-18]

On September 1, 1998, I had a dream that I recorded in my journal as follows:

The dream was very realistic without any bizarre "dreamy" behavior or shifts. It proceeded more like a movie.

It began with Ark and me (and some or all of the children) leaving the house to go somewhere ordinary such as shopping. It was daytime - but suddenly we saw, as we were driving (seemed to be on Ridge Road or another multi-laned street), a big, round thing in the air like a perfect sphere of a gas cloud. As we looked in amazement, it began to roil and crackle like film versions of the smoke and fire of an atomic bomb. It seemed to be exploding outward as it became incandescent; but then seemed to implode to a certain extent. BUT - as this happened, I notice that people were stopping their cars to get out and look and point to the sky. I looked away from the explosion to see that there were thousands of little arrow shaped craft flying in groups - filling the sky - landing en masse.

The beings who got out of the craft immediately began to take charge of the stunned people. They were very human looking, except for some strange mechanical quality - in their eyes, voices and behavior.

They separated children from their parents in some cases; they took charge of all communication, taking C-phones, pagers, disconnecting cables and computers. There were several of them - male and female - "assigned" by some unspoken prearrangement to everyone's house. The people of the house had to become servants.

I was watching all and we were keeping a 'low profile.' Just as I was afraid they were going to take our youngest child away from me, a vehicle drove into the 'town square.' A man who had been out in the woods, drunk, when the takeover occurred, roared up in an old jeep type truck and announced that he needed another barrel of booze. He looked around at all the people who were 'frozen' with shock, and ignored them. He jumped out of his truck and went into a store and took a barrel of liquor. He put it in the back of his truck and roared off singing at the top of his lungs.

Everyone, including the 'aliens,' were in a sort of stupor. I realized that we had all thought the aliens would kill him and several had tried to warn him, but, after all, nothing happened and his boldness and attitude were what saved him.

So, I began to analyze the elements of what he had done and realized that there was a way to resist our captors - simply by resisting, doing the opposite of all they were trying to engineer - in specific: feel no fear or intimidation. Be bold and brazen and strong. I woke up.

Many members of our egroup and other readers have written to us telling us about their repeating dreams of space attack. I wonder if what we are experiencing, in terms of weather and other earth changes, are not part of this dynamic? What, exactly, IS going on in hyperdimensional space throughout our reality, of which we are unaware unless we observe the clues in our environment?

Yes, everyone wants to blame weather on HAARP, but isn't that just a handy scapegoat to draw attention away from the 4th density reality, as most other "explanations" for conspiracies and events always end up doing? We blame the government, (which is not to say that there is not a "secret government") and just about everything and everybody - including demonic shape shifting reptoids that "possess" human beings. In nearly every instance, the point is to distract attention away from the paraphysical, 4th density realm of the Matrix Control System.

Getting back to the little string of "predictions" given at the 94-07-22 session, wherein the following remark was made: Oklahoma political abduction -February 95 - Big news. The curious thing about this remark is that on February 25 of 1995, we were given a warning of a terrorist bomb attack within a month. Connecting that back to this mention of Oklahoma "political abduction," and we find a curious relationship to the Oklahoma Bombing in March of 1995. In one of the earliest reports of the capture of Timothy McVeigh, he was quoted as saying that he was under the control of an implant that was in his hip, and that he believed he had been abducted and programmed by the government. And it was, indeed, BIG news!

Here is the segment from the session of February 25, 1995:

A: There will be a terrorist attack in the U.S. month; bomb.
Q: (T) There is going to be a terrorist attack in the United States in a month? A: Yes!!! [planchette flies off board]
Q: (T) In a month?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Where in the United States?
A: Washington D.C.

And here we discover the "abstract painting" quality of predictions. Because the Oklahoma bombing did not occur in Washington. Yet, at the present moment, we DO have an attack on Washington and New York.

Q: (T) Well, they filed bankruptcy now they are going to blow it up and collect the insurance.
A: Trial ongoing.

The "trial" mentioned was that of the World Trade Center attack. And here we have a most definite connection of the above warning about a bomb in Washington related to the World Trade Center in New York. But, again, it has the "abstract painting" quality of a future reality that had not quite congealed.

Q: (TM) Oh, that's because of the terrorist trial? (T) Yes, the terrorist trial in New York. (TM) Yes, they are guarding Wall Street heavily because they are threatening to blow that up. (J) Oh, okay. (BP) Is the CIA or the FBI involved in this terrorist bombing?
A: No.
Q: (T) Do they know about it?
A: No.
Q: (BP) Is it Moslem terrorists?
A: Yes.
Q: (BP) Are we talking about a nuclear bomb?
A: No.
Q: (J) Can you pinpoint where the bomb is going to be in Washington? (BP) Congress?
A: No.
Q: (BP) Will it be in the Capitol?
A: No.
Q: (BP) Will it be in the White House?
A: No.
Q: (BP) Will it be in a federal office building?
A: Maybe.
Q: (BP) So, it is variable as to whether it will be successful or not as well as other aspects?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Do the authorities have an idea that this is going to happen yet?
A: Some.
Q: (T) Some authorities or some idea?
A: Idea. [95-02-25]

As it happened, the Oklahoma Bombing came along and really blind-sided everyone. We were sure that this was what the C's had been talking about, even if we were confused because no "Moslem Terrorists" were involved - so we decided to ask some specific questions about Oklahoma.

Q: (L) I want to go to the terrorist bomb attack that just happened. Can we talk about this?
A: You can always ask any and all questions, no need ask for permission, if unanswerable for any reason, we will let you know.
Q: (L) Okay. We received a prediction on this terrorist bomb attack on February 25th, at which time you said there would be a terrorist bomb attack in Washington D.C. within a month or thereabouts, which was related to an ongoing trial which was identified as the one of the Moslem terrorists who bombed the Twin Towers. Can you tell us if this is the bomb that was supposed to be set off in Washington, but was then moved to Oklahoma because of security intensification?
A: No.
Q: (L) Well, no terrorist bomb attack took place in Washington. Can you tell us why?
A: Yet.
Q: (L) It is yet to happen?
A: Open.
Q: (L) The bomb in Oklahoma is being connected to the Patriot movement. Is this, in point of fact, who is behind this attack?
A: There is no unified movement as such, in either purpose or direction. This is extremely fragmented!
Q: (J) I read that it may be related to the Branch Davidians. (L) Is that true?
A: No.
Q: (T) Are the one world government people behind it?
A: No.
Q: (L) Were the guys who did this just loose cannons?
A: Close.
Q: (L) So this was just... (J) A couple of fruitcakes got together and... (L) Fruited?
A: It is very easy to be manipulated, thus be confused and see demons where there are none and the opposite.
Q: (L) Are you saying that these guys were manipulated?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Can you identify the source of the manipulation?
A: Varied.
Q: (L) Can you give us a couple of hints, here. Name one of the sources of the manipulation?
A: Lizard race.
Q: (T) Name another.
A: All their agents conscious and otherwise. [95-04-22]

So we see that the Cassiopaeans said that the attack on Washington was yet to come. And we also see that it was directly related to the Twin Towers issue, and that they clearly identified the source of the attack as Moslem Terrorists, but that all of the different elements were scattered and in odd relationship to each other like a Picasso painting. Not only that, but we find this bit that connect for those of you who are "into" comparing dates and symbology. From

The date of the attack may have significance: On September 11, 1978, the first historic Camp David accords were signed. In June, a U.S. judge had set Wednesday, Sept. 12, as the sentencing date for an Osama bin Laden associate for his role in the bombing of a U.S. embassy in Tanzania that killed 213 people. The sentencing had been set for the federal courthouse near the World Trade Center. No one from the U.S. attorney's office could be reached Tuesday to comment on whether the sentencing was still on.

And now, we come somewhat closer to the present issues. In recent weeks there have been a spate of reports about new "Doomsday Comets" being discovered, and new reports of the certainty that we are going to get a "hit" at some point in the not too distant future. But all of that has faded into the background today, with the terror and emotion being evoked by this outrageous direct attack on our country - which is, in a certain sense, a definite "Act of War."

Relating to this "War" in terms of the "Space War" that was predicted to be fully visible by 2012, but was to begin within 4 to 6 years, disguised as weather. Adding 4 years to 1994 puts the "beginning" in 1998, as we see from the following excerpt in which the "space war" is also connected to the passage of the Sun's companion and the recurring Comet Cluster. The C's say that "activities" of the solar system are REFLECTED in the Human Experiential Cycle. And from what has occurred today, we do indeed need to keep watch and stay calm. For the full transcript, see Twin Sun.

Q: (A) But I understand that the distance between the sun and this brown star is changing with time. Elliptical orbit means there is perihelion and aphelion. I want to know what will be, or what was, or what is the closest distance between this brown star and the sun? What is perihelion? Can we know this, even approximately. Is it about one light year, or less or more?
A: Less, much less. Distance of closest passage roughly corresponds to the distance of the orbit of Pluto from Sun.
Q: (A) Okay. Now, this closest pass, is this something that is going to happen?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) And it is going to happen within the next 6 to 18 years?
A: 0 to 14.
Q: (A) Okay, that's it. I have some idea about this. Now, I understand that, either by chance or by accident, two things are going to happen at essentially the same time. That is the passing of this brown star, and this comet cluster. These are two different things?
A: Yes. Different, but related.
Q: (L) Is there a comet cluster that was knocked into some kind of orbit of its own, that continues to orbit...
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And in addition to that comet cluster, there are also additional comets that are going to get whacked into the solar system by the passing of this brown star?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) I understand that the main disaster is going to come from this comet cluster... A: Disasters involve cycles in the human experiential cycle which corresponds to the passage of comet cluster. [...] Suggest you keep your eyes open!
Q: (A) I am keeping my eyes open.
A: Did you catch the significance of the answer regarding time table of cluster and brown star? Human cycle mirrors cycle of catastrophe. Earth benefits in form of periodic cleansing. Time to start paying attention to the signs. They are escalating. They can even be "felt" by you and others, if you pay attention.
Q: (L) We have certainly been paying attention to the signs!
A: How so?
Q: (L) Well, the weather is completely bizarre. The fires, the heat...
A: Yes.
Q: (L) I notice that the tides are awfully high all the time with no ostensible explanation...
A: And low, too.
Q: (L) Yes. I have noticed that particularly. (F) I have too. Not too long ago I noticed that the tides were so incredibly low for this time of year. (L) And also the signs in people - these kids killing their parents, all these people going berserk - you know...
A: Spike.
Q: (L) What do you mean spike?
A: On a graph...
Q: (L) Just spikes, not the biggie...
A: Spikes are big.
Q: (A) I have a last question which I have prepared. So, we have these two physical disasters or events, the coming brown star and the comet cluster, but we have been told that this time it is going to be different because this time it is accompanied by a plane convergence.
A: Yes. Magnetic field alteration.
Q: (A) This plane convergence, or this magnetic field alteration, it's supposed to be related to realms crossing or passing.
A realm border.
A: Realm. What is root of "realm?"
Q: (L) Reality.
A: Yes. How does the magnetic field "plug in?" Other planchette, please. Carbon disturbance, as someone "melted" crystal on top. [We replaced planchette.] We want to stay on this general subject matter through this session, for your sake.
Q: (L) Okay, in terms of these signs, these things going on on the planet, these fires and so forth - you never said anything about all these fires in Florida. You said Arizona was going to burn, but you never said Florida was going to burn...
A: We did not say it would not.
Q: (L) I know. But, it is really oppressive. I have read a couple of signs in the last day or so that we are going to have a change in the weather, a break, is my little method of predicting...
A: Reverse extreme?!?
Q: (L) Oh! Floods again! Well, I guess floods are better than fires... but, maybe not!
A: Italy and Greece are burning too.
Q: (L) Yes, we noticed that in the paper today. Is there a relationship between Italy and Greece and where we are on the planet? Some kind of psychic link?
A: Just same current malady.
Q: (L) Okay, you just said we are going to have a reversal in our weather. Are there any other conditions that we should be aware of at the present time?
A: Point is to watch, look, listen.
Q: (L) When we are watching, looking and listening, is there some particular thing we are supposed to be watching for that is to give us a clue about something?
A: All.
Q: (L) Is there something we are supposed to do at some point when we perceive a particular clue or event at some point?
A: What would you suggest?
Q: (L) I don't know that I would suggest anything except to keep a low profile and keep on working until we figure out the answer. It is like a race against time. We have to figure out the answer because, obviously, you are not going to tell us...
A: No. No race needed.
Q: (L) Well, I sometimes feel completely inadequate for all of this.
A: Stop thinking 3rd density!
Q: (L) Well, I don't want to just live in LaLa land and say, 'oh yes, I'm watching. I see the signs! I'm looking! I'm listening! And then count them off on my fingers and say: but I'm not gonna think about it because that's 3rd density!' See what I am saying here?
A: No, because you are still thinking 3rd density. Better to have a "front row seat," and enjoy!
Q: (L) But I feel like I am not supposed to be enjoying myself so much! I feel guilty!
A: Why not?
Q: (L) Well! I'm supposed to be DOING something!
A: You are.
Q: (A) When you watch, look and listen, you are getting some signals, and these signals cause a certain pattern of thinking which were not yet able to emerge, but now, after you receive certain signals, you start to think in a different way. So, you cannot now think in a different way, but when you learn this and this has happened, then you start to think in a different pattern. So, you cannot now do things, but you always have to be ready to change your thinking at any moment when you understand more, when you see more, when you notice more, when you put things together which are not yet together. Then, there may be a big change of perspective, a total change. And this we have to keep our minds and thinking patterns open and ready to change, and work and put the puzzle and mosaic together. And, this is all that counts. It is this work that we are now doing that counts, not some future big thing: oh! Now we go on a ship! No, it is only doing our best, and what is it? Our best? It will change. I believe so. That is the idea. So, everything depends on this.
A: Yes. You see, my dear, you cannot anticipate that which is not anticipatable.
Q: (L) Well, swell. Okay, you want to stay on this subject, so let us move another step.
A: We are glad you noticed this birth of the spike.
Q: (L) Is that a clue? Is this one of those obscure remarks? Yes, I noticed, the kids killing their parents, all the shooting going on, the weather... is this connected in some way to some other event?
A: 27 days of record heat out of 30, oh my oh my! Suggest you awaken your internet pals, as they are too busy chasing "goblins" to notice.
Q: (L) So, I should have something to say about this?
A: In Florida now, where to next? How about a shattering subduction quake in Pacific Northwest of U.S.? We estimate 10.4 on the Richter scale. We have warned of Rainier. Imagine a 150 meter high tsunami in Puget Sound...
Q: (L) Does this subduction quake have anything to do with that UFO that buried itself in the Pacific?
A: All are interconnected.
Q: (L) Now, you have mentioned this earthquake. I know that you don't usually give predictions, why have you done so now?
A: We do not give time tables.
Q: (L) Anything else other than a tsunami in Puget Sound and a big subduction quake... 10.4 on the Richter scale is almost inconceivable.
A: Rainier... caldera.
Q: (L) What about the caldera?
A: Expect one.
Q: (L) Other than floods, anything else for Florida upcoming?
A: All areas experience accelerating "freak weather patterns."
Q: (L) Okay, all of these freaky weather patterns and bizarre things going on on the planet, how does it relate to the comet cluster and the brown star? Is it related?
A: Human experiential cycle intersects.
Q: (L) Any specific physical manifestation of either this brown star or this comet cluster or this realm border, that is related to these events on the planet?
A: Approach of wave stimulates precursor activity which in turn causes effects which in turn stimulates further "heating up" of activity... [...]
Q: (L) Okay, is there anyway we could graph this ourselves, and if so, what types of events would we include to create the background data?
A: "El Nino, La Nina," etc... [...] Global warming, a part of the human experiential cycle. [...] You may do as you wish, just keep one eye and one ear tuned to current events. And, very important, log dreams. Arkadiusz too!
Q: (L) Is there going to be some communication to us through our dreams?
A: Visions.
Q: (L) Where will these visions originate from?
A: Ether. [...]
Q: (L) My night is complete now! Now, when you were talking about the weather changing from one extreme to another, were you talking in a past sense or future sense?
A: Both. [98-07-04]

So, based on the weather patterns, we might think that the "Space War" has already begun. And, regarding the comment about the mind manipulation of various individuals by the "Lizard Race," we even suspect that this current situation is related to this Space War, using human beings as puppets. Because, we must remember that, until the "reality" shifts, the 4th density beings act by controlling the minds of their agents more than by any direct action, excluding weather which is representative of the battles of 4th density.

Cassiopaeans: Review: what did we say about weather. Why do you suppose "Opal" occurred at time, place reference point?
Q: (L) To put a stop to the UFO conference in Gulf Breeze? Does this mean we ought to stay home?
A: Up to you, but, suggest deferment, we could tell you of titanic battle!!!!
Q: (L) So, hurricanes are a reflection of battles at higher levels? Did the good guys win?
A: Yes, but not concluded, and we fear for those drawn to locator because of sinister plans by 4th density STS.
Q: (L) Plans such as what? More weather phenomena or something more direct?
A: Both, several options open to them, and in works; monstrous hurricane to hit during conference, or tornado strikes Embassy Suites hotel, or bomb blast levels conference center, of mass abductions and mental controls initiated in order to cause dissension and possibly violence, followed by extreme factionalization. [95-10-07]

Now, keep the above in mind relating to this current situation. If we always remember the "abstract" nature of predictions, thinking of them as a sort of Picasso painting, we have some better tools with which to understand the events of our reality. Perhaps the above "bomb" reference relates to the present situation? "Will this be followed by mass abductions and mental controls initiated in order to cause dissension and violence followed by extreme factionalization all over our country, or even the world?

But, moving along. A number of people have reported that the airliner that was hijacked to use as a "bomb" in the present destruction of the World Trade Center was flight 911. We also notice that the event took place on September 11, or 9/11.

Now, isn't that interesting?

Because, in fact, it brings us to that most interesting of predictions by Nostradamus that everyone was howling about back before the August 11 eclipse of 1999 which was supposed to be the "end of the world." . Here is our discussion with the Cassiopaeans about this:

Q: Apparently there is a newly discovered comet that some people are suggesting fits the prophecies of Nostradamus where he says in quatrain 10.72:
L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d'effrayeur:
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois,
Auant apres Mars regner par bon-heur.

which translates into English:

The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

The reason for the comparison of this quatrain [with the one about the coming eclipse] is because it is thought that Nostradamus was referring to September and NOT July, and, in point of fact, this comet will have made its circuit around the sun by September, and some folks are theorizing that it could be 'vacuuming' and picking up a lot of matter which could slow it down, change its direction, and cause it to interact with the Earth in a detrimental way. Is this, in fact, going to happen?
A: Nostradamus had a specific date tied to a vague prediction.
Q: You are right. Yes, that's true. Are you suggesting that there is some other event besides a cometary one that he is referring to in this prediction?
A: If he was, let it not be known. The question is: is "1999" a number, or is it more?
Q: You mean that 1999 could imply a code of some sort?
A: Perhaps it is best for you to see events in this subject unfold, then analyze later. Maybe it is a beginning of a cycle... [99-06-19]

Well, we certainly have some funny connections here. It is not only in the month of Libra, it is the "9th" month in our calendar, which was the 7th month in ancient calendars. It was on the 11th day at 9 o'clock in the morning, and I guess that a giant jet slamming into the World Trade Center could be described as a "king of terror."

But, is that all? Is this not an event of the "Human Experiential Cycle" that may presage something else?

After the "nonevent" of the August 11 Solar Eclipse of 1999, we asked some more questions about the matter. At this point, something truly strange was said.


Q: (L) There were several dark streaks seen in the sky at the time of the recent solar eclipse. There has been a great deal of comment about this at various sites on the internet including some of the 'hard science' astronomical ones, yet there is no general consensus as to what they were. There were also strange lights and objects seen around the sun, and later, crossing the surface of the moon. There is also an ongoing discussion about some sort of 'Incoming Object' as though there is an anomalous object in our solar system that is creating this effect. Now, I realize that you said before that we ought to watch for something AFTER Comet Lee, the exact words being ' Now, you need to know the composition of this comet... And any other closely following same. We have alluded to the increased cometary activity before. Oort, and that which cyclically disturbs it.' So, it does seem that what you were alluding to is transpiring at the present. I mean, 'closely following' probably means close in terms of time, also. And you did say that such comets as have been disturbed would approach in a 'scatter pattern,' which would mean from any and all directions. Can you comment on these current events?
A: Not yet.
Q: Why? Is there something we should be watching for?
A: Best to keep watching....
Q: Anything in particular we should be watching for?
A: No. Be open to all possibilities.
Q: Are we on the verge of a) an alien invasion; b) a cometary impact; c) the appearance of a twin sun, a death star in our solar system?
A: Wait and see.
Q: I don't want to wait and see! (A) Wait and see! When it hits us, we will know! (L) Let me ask this....
A: What a glorious transition to 4th density STO. With maybe a quick stopover in 5th just to pick up a few things for the trip!
Q: Are you saying that we are getting ready for the Big Kahuna?
A: Only Don Ho knows for sure.
Q: What?!
A: Well, you did say "Kaahuna," yes?
Q: Okay, you have repeatedly, in the past year, alluded to something that we are supposed to be watching for, that we are supposed to 'enjoy the show,' and all that sort of thing. Now you have made this remark about 5th density, where 3rd density goes at death. Are you suggesting that a lot of folks are going to check out?
A: Maybe we were trying to Lighten things up a bit!
Q: That's all fine and good, but I just want one word here, a clue about what is coming down in the near future that you are making all these hints about... just a one word clue?
Q: Now wait a minute! You can't DO that! What do you mean 'kaboom?' I changed my mind, I want two words! One more word!
Q: Okay, a word that applies to us sitting right here....
A: Florida.
Q: We KNOW its Florida! What about a word that will give me a clue about our location?
A: Hot.
Q: (A) I guess that means it will be hot here, but safe.
A: Okay. Hot but safe, maybe.
Q: Kaboom and splat? Does that relate to what you said about C____ last year when I asked if she had a plan to fulfill that she was not attending to at present and you said 'Fate will intercede,' When I asked HOW fate was going to intercede, you said 'Do you really want to know?' So, I said that I just wanted a one word clue, and you said: 'CRUNCH.' Is this what we are talking about here? Can we connect these dots?
A: Oh no, she is in the mountains. So of course, she is safe!!!
Q: (A) She is safe because she is in the mountains?
A: Humor, people!
Q: So that is a backward clue?
A: Open. [99-08-28]

Well, that sure sounds like an airliner hitting a building and a lot of folks checking out to 5th density, yes? I mean, "Kaboom! Splat!" And the numbers connect from the session before, as well as the quatrain from Nostradamus.

But, what is even more interesting, in light of these present events compared to remarks made by the Cassiopaeans throughout the past seven years, is the item that is related to the above "CRUNCH" comment. You see, the individual in question lives right next to the boundary between North Carolina and Tennessee. At a couple of other sessions, the C's made the following remarks:


Q: (L) Is Guyana a relatively safe place in terms of earth crustal movements, earth changes, etc?
A: What is? Earth includes all planet surface.
Q: (L) Are there any places that are going to be safer than others?
A: Changeable
Q: (L) Is the North Caroline/Blue Ridge Mountain area relatively safe?
A: What did I just tell you? Depends on vibrational frequency changes. No specific earth changes are accurately predictable until near event.[94-10-05]

The discussion to this point had been about DNA and Terry just tossed in a question about the upcoming Gulf Breeze UFO conference sort of our of the blue.
Q:(T) Anything interesting going to happen in Gulf Breeze? Of course, that depends on what I define as interesting. (L) Yes, Terry, you have to be more specific than that...
A: We see distinct possibility of major nuclear accident at Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
Q: (T) What's that got to do with Gulf Breeze? (J) I don't know. (L) They weren't talking about Gulf Breeze... (T) I guess not! (L) OK a major nuclear accident in Tennessee. I know that this is a really, really unacceptable question, but do we have a, in terms of 'photon belts' being fields of probability, do we have a time frame for this? Somewhere in there?
A: Near.
Q: (T) About the same time as the Gulf Breeze conference, this month? (L) Maybe that's what triggered it...
A: Possibly. [...] Radioactive fallout over East Tennessee and Western North Carolina and Virginia. Q: (T) What kind of accident is this going to be? Is this going to be a big explosion, a fire? Is it going to be like Chernobyl, or is somebody going to accidentally release radiation into the air?
A: First of all, it is possible, not definite. Second, if it happens, it will be bad!! [97-03-01]

Yes, indeed. A real Picasso!

There have been endless "prophecies" of "photon belts," of "mass landings," of Three Days of Darkness and so on and so forth. The arrival on the scene of the Hale Bopp Special, thanks to the hype of folks like Courtney Brown, Art Bell, Richard Hoagland, Whitley Strieber, and the gang of Stargate Conspirators, ended in the mass suicide of the members of the Heaven's Gate Cult. They were convinced that a spaceship had come to collect their souls and take them to a better life.

The problem is, none of them are really talking about what is actually going on. It is this deficiency that we hope to correct, with serious historical and scientific foundations, when we are finally enabled to post the new and revised version of Ancient Science. But, until that time, what the Cassiopaeans have said regarding this Cosmic Quantum Metamorphosis pretty much tells it like it is.

Everybody thinks that there will be a few days of really weird stuff, and then boom! Everybody will wake up to a fresh new reality, and all will be hunky dory. If everybody just holds hands, chants Oooom... and beams love from the heart to all the misguided and lost people on the planet, we can fix this thing in a jiffy and ride off into the sunset of whatever dimension or density is being promoted by whatever source.

It's not so simple.

Q: (L) Could you comment on the source of this book: "Three days of Darkness," by Divine Mercy?
A: Source?!?
Q: (L) Well, is there going to be 3 days of darkness in 1998 like it says?
A: Why does this continue to be such a popular notion? And, why is everyone so obsessed with, are you ready for this, trivia...? Does it matter if there is three days of darkness?!? Do you think that is the "be all and end all?" What about the reasons for such a thing?... at all levels, the ramifications? It's like describing an atomic war in prophecy by saying: "Oh my, oh my, there is going to be three hours of a lot of big bangs, oh my!!"
Q: (L) Well, you didn't say it wasn't going to happen in the fall of 1998. Is it?
A: First of all, as we have warned you repeatedly, it is literally impossible to attach artificially conceived calendar dates to any sort of prophecy or prediction for the many reasons that we have detailed for you numerous times. And we have not said that this was going to happen.
Q: (L) I know that you are saying that this 3 days of darkness is trivial considering the stupendous things that are involved in realm crossings. But, a lot of these people are interpreting this as just 3 days of darkness.. then wake up in paradise. I would like to have some sort of response to this question.
A: Trust us to lead you when and how it is appropriate. You should already know that to attempt apply 3rd density study and interpretations to 4th density events and realities is useless in the extreme... This is why UFO researchers keep getting 3 new questions for every 1 answer they seek with their "research." If you will trust us, we will always give you not only the most correct answers to each and every inquiry, but also the most profound answers. If the individual does not understand, then that means they are either prejudiced, or not properly tuned in. [96-01-27]

Here the Cassiopaeans issue a rather strong warning about being sucked up into panic and disinformation:

A: Now, for the remainder of this session, we wish to address the so called earth changes for your benefit, as you are stuck here. Those present need to be equipped to stop buying into popular deceptions once and for all! Reread Bramley.
Q: (L) OK, address the subject.
A: All such changes are caused by three things and three things only!
1) Human endeavors.
2) Cosmic objects falling upon or too near earth.
3) Planetary orbital aberrations.
Q: (L) All right, carry on.
A: Don't believe any of the nonsense you hear from other sources. It is designed to facilitate mass programming and deception.
Q: (L) OK, okay.
A: Just as your bible says; "You will know not the day, nor the hour." This means there is no warning. None. No clue. No prophecy. And these events... are of the "past" as well.
Q: (V) What events of the past, as well?
A: Cosmic and "man made" cataclysms. [...] Just remember: All prophecies attached to calendar dates are useless unless you wish to be sucked up by the 4th density STS forces! [96-03-23]

In September of 1999, after we already knew that the August 11 eclipse was not going to be the end of the world, we still realized that strange things were afoot in our world:

Q: Now, there IS an awful lot of weird stuff going on! There was the earthquake in Turkey; there was an earthquake in Taiwan; there were hurricanes; a fireball in Turkey; strange radar anomalies, as they call them. In fact, one of these circular things showed up on our local radar when the tropical storm was heading our way. Could you tell us what is behind all of these ...
A: Well, first of all, it is true that some heavenly bodies transiting the Solar System, such as some comets, do indeed interact electrically with the Sun and the planets. This does cause an increase in natural calamaties, but this is not new.
Q: There is also a theory of Paul La Violette, that there is a wave that comes from explosions in the galactic core, and that THIS is what is behind this increased activity.
A: Such waves exist.
Q: Are these waves part of the cataclysmic double catastrophes that are predicted to be "on the way?"
A: Who says?
Q: Well, Paul La Violette and Maynerd Most, and Alvin Wiley, for example.
A: You are not capable of predicting such things yet.
Q: (A) We are not able to predict many things. You are able to predict better than us.
A: Maybe so, but we do so oh so discreetly.
Q: When you gave the information a couple of weeks ago about the "Kaboom! Splat!" business, I put it on the website and explained that there was really no way of interpreting it exactly. Of course, there were the most dire interpretations put upon it by others. Could you clarify the "Kaboom! Splat!" remark?
A: We also said to "lighten up."
Q: Are you saying that you were joking?
A: Maybe.
Q: When you say that we should "lighten up," are you referring to our frequencies?
A: Well, it is important not to worry over that which is not changeable, and which is trivial in the really big picture. If the surface 3rd density realm of your locator is soon to be rent asunder, why does it matter to you, or more to the point, why does it frighten you so? You are supposed to be moving beyond this 3rd density STS thinking.
Q: What's the point of even talking to you guys, then?
A: Do you expect to stop talking to us after you transition?
Q: Well, I guess it depends on where I transition to. Are we going to make the big transition to 5th density...
A: Wherever you go, the communication will be more succinct. Now, even if "nothing happens," how long do you expect to remain in your present state? Can you remember "35 years ago?" Well??
Q: I am thinking! I was just a kid then. Yes, I can remember.
A: How long "back" does it seem?
Q: Sometimes it seems like forever...
A: No.
Q: In another way, it seems like yesterday.
A: Yes.
Q: It just depends on what mood I am in.
A: Not long, eh?
Q: Well, you are NOT improving my mood! I don't want to tell people things like that, that they have to see themselves as only souls and that the physical body is just a garment to be worn out and tossed aside. They can't handle it when they are faced with imminent possible suffering. They will get hysterical!
A: Maybe they will. And maybe they need to. Maybe they need to learn something. Nothing lasts forever, and thank goodness for that! [99-09-25]

And finally:

Q: Was, Nostradamus a time traveler into the past, which is why he wrote all these prophecies that were partially, or occasionally accurate, but in general, not? Is it because his travel into the past CHANGED the future?
A: Maybe, at the soul level. But then again, who is to say that the same does not apply to you all now!?! [00--1-22]

This last remark is most interesting. Perhaps, by listening to ourselves in the far future, we CAN change the near future - to some extent? Indeed, it may be so that some "patterns" of energy have evolved too far to be stopped, but sometimes only a slight diversion, or a slight shift in attitude and approach can change an entire outcome. Napoleon lost the battle of Borodino because he had a head cold and failed to go into the field to oversee the positioning of the artillery. Who knows what nonlinear effects can be initiated by keeping a cool head and NOT acting according to the program might accomplish?

But, even so, things do look a bit grim at the moment. It brings to mind all the issues of the ways and means of instituting a "One World Government," and that this is the plan of our official government from the word "go." Well, I don't think it is that easy. I keep reminding everyone that the workers in government are our neighbors, friends and family members. They are people just like you and me.

Yes, indeed, there seems to be significant evidence that there is some sort of "plan" afoot, but in the larger sense, perhaps few HUMANS are privy to it, and most people simply react "according to program."

That makes it even more problematical, as you can see. How to deal with a foe who has no face, no name, and whose presence almost cannot be detected? How to deal with mind marauding, time traveling Drachomonoid goons and their little Gray "probes?" How indeed!

But, do let me give you a small bit of hope for the future. For those who can maintain the frequency in the face of what may come, we can keep repeating: this will pass, this will pass. The Cassiopaeans have assured us that "Changes will follow turmoil be patient." The following is extracted from the passage on The Beast: 666:

Q: (L) Even if we moved to Guyana and built a log hut in the rain forest and didn't bother anybody, we'd still get sucked into this thing?
A: Laura you will feel the effect of the Lizard beings desperate push for total control no matter where you go.
Q: (L) That is inexpressibly depressing. Do you understand?
A: Why? Change will follow.
Q: (L) Will it follow soon?
A: You are slipping a bit. Refer to Literature "Bringers of the Dawn". Challenge will be ecstasy if viewed with proper perspective which is not, we repeat: not of third level reality, understand?
Q: (L) In the reference cited, Joan of Arc is described as feeling ecstatic while burning at the stake. Is that what you mean?
A: Sort of, but you need not burn at the stake.
Q: (L) That's small comfort. There's other ways to die.
A: We are not speaking of death, Laura. If you listen to those who are firmly rooted in 3rd level this is when you run the risk of slipping in your knowledge learned no matter how good the intentions.
Q: (L) What do you mean "Challenge will be ecstasy"? What sort of challenge?
A: Living through the turmoil ahead.
Q: (L) Several books I have read have advised moving to rural areas and forming groups and storing food etc...
A: Disinformation. Get rid of this once and for all. That is 3rd level garbage.
Q: (L) We feel pretty helpless at the mercy of beings who can come in and feed off of us at will. Do we have someone on our side, pulling for our team, throwing us energy or something?
A: Who do you think you have been communicating with?
Q: (L) Are you going to be able to assist us through this turmoil?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are you going to?
A: Up to you.
Q: (L) If we call, can we get your assistance?
A: All you have to do is ask.
Q: (L) Will we go through any periods when we may be cut off from help?
A: You are never ever cut off.
Q: (L) Oh, I don't want to suffer!
A: You need not suffer. Stop thinking 3rd level.
Q: (L) I don't want anybody I love to suffer either. I don't want any pain. I've suffered enough!
A: You are stuck at 3rd level tonight.
Q: (L) It's not just that. There is so much disinformation you just don't know who to believe... I mean, how do we know we can believe you? There are so many sources out there deceiving and they do it so cleverly. Look at the Bible... for 2,000 years people have been believing that...
A: They deceive when you allow it.

And finally, here's the deal:

Q: (L) Is it a fact, that exactly half of all that exists, is moving into imbalance, while the other half is moving into balance?
A: Close.
Q: (L) All the cosmos? All that exists?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is it possible that one area of the cosmos has more of the balance seeking energy while another has more of that which is seeking imbalance?
A: Oh yes!
Q: (L) Is the Earth one of those areas that is more imbalanced than balanced at the present time?
A: Yes, but rapidly moving back toward balance.
Q: (L) Is the Realm Border part of this balancing?
A: Yes. [...] We have told you before that the upcoming "changes" relate to the spiritual and awareness factors rather than the much publicized physical. Symbolism is always a necessary tool in teaching. But, the trick is to read the hidden lessons represented by the symbology, not to get hung up on the literal meanings of the symbols! [...] Learning is fun, Laura, as you have repeatedly found!
Q: (L) Okay, let's go back to the "balancing" of Earth. [...] The "buckets of love and light" group say that it is going to be balanced because everyone is going to think nice thoughts, and all of their buckets of love and light are going to eventually reach a critical mass and spill over onto all the rest of humanity and all of the bad guys are going to be transformed into good guys. This is the standard version. Is this what you mean?
A: No.
Q: (L) Swell! Is the energy that is being manifested in the positive, on and around the planet, is it going to reduce the level of negativity in the beings existing on the planet?
A: This is not the point. When "Earth" becomes a 4th density realm, all the forces, both STS and STO shall be in direct contact with one another... It will be a "level playing field," thus, balanced. [96-06-22]

And most important, here is a string of "marker events" that the Cassiopaeans delivered one night along with information about other events that would be associated. Keep in mind the probable nature of the future, the "Abstract" quality of the predictions, including the one about Princess Diana, and the fact that nothing is ever "written in stone." The date was 94-12-03:

A: Enough personal dilly dallys. Long message to follow. Pause:
Ukraine explosion; chemical or nuclear.
Hawaii crash; aviation, possibly involving military.
More California seismic activity after 1st of year: San Diego, San Bernardino, North Bakersfield, Barstow: all are fracture points. Hollister, Palo Alto, Imperial, Ukiah, Eureka, Point Mendocino, Monterrey, Offshore San Luis Obispo, Capistrano, Carmel: these are all stress points of fracture in sequence. "Time" is indefinite.
Expect gradual destruction of California economy as people begin mass exodus.
Also, Shasta erupts; Lassen activity. Ocean floor begins to subside.
Leave channel open and pause: Queen Elizabeth serious illness; blood related. Princess Diana suicide attempt.
Gas explosions winter in NE United States, Texas and other.
Supernova and unusual weather all over.
Memphis feels tremors.
Minneapolis banking scandal relates to mysterious Nordic covenant.
Evangelical sexual tryst exposed.
Gold is discovered in California after one of the quakes.
UFOs dramatic increase and Gulf Breeze gets swarmed, becomes massive "Mecca".
Laura sees much more UFO activity. Huge wave of UFO activity. All manner and origins. Just you wait, it will give you chills and that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Many aliens will appear and we will be visible too. Think of it as a convention. All must awaken to this. It is happening right now. The whole populace will play individual roles according to their individual frequencies. This is only the beginning. Just you wait "Henry Higgins," just you wait! [...]
Q: (L) Well, why is all this activity happening now?
A: The grand cycle is about to close presenting a unique opportunity.
Q: (L) Does this mean that this is a unique opportunity to change the future?
A: Future, past and present.
Q: (L) Well, that sort of makes me think that if things are not changed somewhat at this point on the grand cycle that things could get really direfully screwed up, is that correct?
A: But they won't. You have not grasped concept.
Q: (L) Yeah I have, I got you, I understand. It's just part of the cycle. It's all a cycle. I mean their being here is part of us being here...
A: You do??? [inscribed giant question mark on board]
Q: (L) Do what?
A: You said you understood concept. Really? Learn. [...]
Q: (V) I am just concerned about the previously mentioned "convention"...
A: Convention is because of realm border crossing.
Q: (L) And why is there a convention attending this realm border crossing? I mean, is it just a "reely big shew!"
A: It is an opportunity.
Q: (V) As in the windows are all opening at one time so that all these beings can get in at one time?
A: As in an opportunity to affect whole universe. Picture cosmic playing of "Pomp and Circumstance" AKA "Hope and Glory."
Q: (Laura) How can a convention with slews of different kinds and races of people, converging on a single little pin- point planet on the outer edges of an insignificant galaxy, at the farthest reaches of this enormous universe, affect the whole thing?
A: That is your perception.
Q: (L) Well, what is the correct perception? Is the planet earth and the people thereon, and the things that are going on in this spot, the earth specifically, more important than maybe we would ordinarily have thought?
A: The Earth is a Convergence point.
Q: (L) Has it always been a convergence point? Was it designed to be a convergence point? Or, is it just going to be a convergence point this once?
A: Too many questions at once.
Q: (L) Was it designed to be a convergence point from the beginning?
A: Natural function.
Q: (L) Has it been a convergence point all along? Is that why so many weird things happen here?
A: That is difficult to answer because you have no understanding of "time".
Q: (V) Has this type of convention thing happened on other planets with other groups of beings?
A: Has, is, and will.
Q: (L) If these convergence points are scattered around the universe, is the convergence of this realm border crossing going to occur simultaneously at all points in the universe that are convergence points?
A: No.
Q: (L) It only happens at say one, or selected, convergence points at any given point?
A: Close.
Q: (L) So, do realm borders have something to do with location?
A: Realm borders ride waves.
Q: (L) And where do these waves come from?
A: They constantly cycle.
Q: (L) Does it have something to do with the movement of the planet earth into it or does it move onto us?
A: Either or.
Q: (F) Does this convention or convergence have something to do with the fact that there are living beings on the earth?
A: Yes. And because you are at critical juncture in development.
Q: (L) In the book "Mass Dreams of the Future," there are 4 scenarios described; are all of these scenarios accurate in terms of general experience?
A: Possible futures.
Q: (L) So, when a person does a future progression, they are seeing a possible future and not necessarily...
A: Depends on quality of channel.
Q: (L) In talking about the new level of being after transition to 4th density, will this be something like what is described in the book "Celestine Prophecy?"
A: Close.
Q: (L) When was the last time a realm border crossed as far as the earth is concerned?
A: As you measure, on Earth, 309,000 years ago.
Q: (L) What does this wave consist of in terms of energy?
A: Feeling.
Q: (L) This wave is feeling? It is a wave of emotion?
A: Hyperkinetic sensate.
Q: (L) What does that mean?
A: All.
We see, from these transcripts, that there is more going on "behind the scenes" at other levels than we can even suppose. So, even though we may realize that we are, indeed, at war, the main question is, WITH WHOM?

And the bottom line is this: if our reality is, indeed, as the Cassiopaeans describe it; and if the events are representations of what they suggest they are, it means that we are now most definitely set on the course for transition to 4th Density.

It won't be easy, but childbirth never is. Perhaps that was the message of the Chilbolton Crop Glyph?


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