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If my first version of The Free Energy Encyclopedia version 1 I mentioned an idea said to have been given to Brazillian Author Dino Kraspedon on how U.F.O or flying saucers were propelled through the Atomospheric . Interesting flying saucer design

From the index selection below are further articles exploring the idea with the (reproduced with kind permission of the author). ,that may stimulate your interest and all credit is given to the Author G.D. & C.M Mutch if you wish further information may I suggest you contact the author directly for the email addresses on each page of the articles

Geoff Egel

Vacuum Thrust Aircraft Propulsion.

G.D.Mutch 11-11-97

The following is an outline discussed on an internet email list about 'Vacuum Thrust Aircraft'. The topics discussed should lend the researcher towards a new paradigm of understanding. The following material may offend some of those people already indoctrinated into the currently held belief system. At most the material will complement your existing research: at worst the material may teach you very little. The topics discussed are only brief outlines into the available research data overall. I hope in the future with the help of many others, to be able to expand this web page further with more concise detail functional information.

Topics covered include:

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