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The Planet Mars & Its Inhabitants
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The Planet Mars & Its Inhabitants1
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the general plan, have been purposely omitted from the above to avoidconfusion. The circular spots and dots are the principal reservoirs used forimpounding water for use during the long Martian summer. The dark areasshown in the drawing are Mars ancient sea bottoms now covered withvegetation. It will be observed that most of the canals are double,paralleling each other at a distance of about seventy-five miles. Centers of population are not shown for the reason that space is not available on sosmall a drawing. The City of Urid is situated adjacent to the reservoir in thecenter of drawing, just north of the equator.CONTENTS
Chapter I.
-EROS URIDES, of the City of Urid, planet Mars, the Author, introduceshimself and his book THE PLANET MARS AND ITS INHABITANTS.
Chapter II.
-He describes the Population Centers, Temperatures and Climate. Thewhole Planet is gridironed with Canals. (See Diagram.)
Chapter III.
-He gives a full description of the marvelous Martian Canal System.
Chapter IV.
-Planetary Economy. No Worries, and the Wants of all are supplied by theCommonwealth.
Chapter I.8
Chapter V.
-Property and Property Rights. God, the Creator of it, is considered theOwner of all Property. Material things to the Martians are but Expedients.The Millions of Martians live as one great family, though divided intofamilies. And it is this solidarity and filial consideration towards each otherthat made the stupendous Canal and other Works possible.
Chapter VI.
-Trade and Barter are unknown. Transportation is by Flying Ships, andGravitational Pull has been overcome. Also, they use Cosmic or UniversalEnergy. All Distribution is from immense Warehouses.
Chapter VII.
-A great many Clairvoyant Visions were seen by the Shorthand Recorder,which make most interesting reading.
Chapter VIII.
-Knowledge of God comes from within. Selfishness has been eliminated;and the Martians require no Policemen, Watchmen or other Guardians of the Peace. Christ is known to the Martians as one of the great Powers in theUniverse.
Chapter IX.
-Mars has no Political System; yet it is controlled by the very Acme of System. Each Individual of their vast population is guided by "The LightWithin" and by "LOVE."
Chapter V.9
Chapter X.
-Mars is ruled by LOVE, their only law. There is no Evil, for all are Good;all are Equal. Truth is simple. The people of Mars are ready to stimulate theliving of the Christ-Life on other Planets. (This is a wonderful and mostInspiring chapter.)
Chapter XI.
-Education and Training of the Individual. They have a Spoken and aWritten Language; but Telepathy is often used. Set Rules of Discipline arenot required. There are References to Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Venus,Mercury, and the two Moons of Mars.
Chapter XII.
-Education and Training of the Individual (contd). VocationalDetermination. School Age. Marriage. Science and Domestic Science.Relativity of Time, Space, Motion and Matter. All in the whole Universe isETERNAL MOTION.
Chapter XIII.
-Music is an Expression of the Father. "All around us is a beautifulRAINBOW UNIVERSE". About Music of the Spheres, and that Singing ishighly developed.
Chapter XIV.
-Aeronautics. Inhabited Planets. Sectarianism. No Sound, no DiscordantVibrations disturb the Atmosphere of Mars.
Chapter X.10
Chapter XV.
-Life is an Attribute of the entire Universe. The Planet Jupiter is envelopedin deep gloom and Darkness. Gives much information. Vesta, an Asteroid,is about 500 miles in diameter. Says that communications between Planetsof our Solar System and our Earth will soon be realized, and that the initialMessage will be from Mars. It will herald a New Era for the people of Earth, and will break down our narrow-minded Theology.
Chapter XVI.
-The Risen Christ. All the Mars people have lived on other Planets before,except your Earth. On Mars they live the Christ-Life every day. 10,000years ago the Mars people accepted Christ as their Savior WITHOUTMURDER.
Chapter XVII.
-Physical Environment is the result of Spiritual Causes, and is the Result of our Mental Attitude.
Chapter XVIII.
-Material Life is a Lesson, and is necessary for the unfolding of Character.The Martians have mastered their Natural Passions.
Chapter XIX.
-Eros gives a graphic Description of a Martian Home and Surroundings,then shows how the Food is manipulated. It is brought from a CentralDepot in a Mechanical Contrivance which is run underground, thence up
Chapter XV.11
into the Dining room. The Soiled Dishes are run down and off the sameway. No Drudgery for the Housewife!
Chapter XX.
-"ART." The Martians have beautiful productions in Painting, Sculptureand Tapestries, some of which depict the Scenes and Episodes incident onChrist's Visit to Mars ten thousand years ago.
Chapter XI.
-Eros Urides has a good deal to write on the subject of "ScientificSophistry," which has mostly to do with our Earth.FOREWORDIt was Eros Urides, the real Martian behind the scenes, who dictated thecontents of this book through the medium to Mr. Kennon. It was furtherstated that "The medium was held in trance for short periods only, as themedium must necessarily experience the atmosphere of Mars which is morerarified than that of your Earth." Writes also that the medium seemed tohave some difficulty, and at first pain in breathing while in the trancecondition.Mr. Kennon also wrote in his foreword of the original book that it was notuntil January 4, 1920, it was decided to write the book in which the PlanetMars, its people, its form of government, its Art, Industries, Philosophy of life, etc. would for the first time in the history of this world be given.It appears that Jesus the Christed One of God visited the planets of ourSolar system, the planet Mars being one of those visited and investigated.And, as a proof of this it was Jesus Christ who functioned as chairman orpresidentat the great Peace Conference held in the vast coliseum on the first
Chapter XIX.12
sphere of the Heavens of our Earth. That was in the year 1912, as fullyreported in "World of Tomorrow," page 98. It was at that conference Hestated that Universal Peace must be speeded up, as there were other planetsto be investigated: and that the Earth stood in the way and was becoming amenace to neighboring planets.
THE PLANET MARS AND ITS INHABITANTSYears ago, as you measure time, I was an inhabitant of Mars, your sisterplanet. My name is Eros Urides (the latter signifying "of Urid"). But aphysical name is only an incidental in one's life.In the Spirit world we are given a name in accordance with our spiritualqualities and gifts and the kind of work we do.I came into material being as the fruit of the sacred union of my parents. Itis not necessary to say aught concerning their social status, for on Mars allwho unfold into a material expression of the Father are equal. Equal inrank, station, and in possession of the material fruits of earth.After my education had been completed I was, in accordance with theMartian system of scientifically determining one's rightful vocation,assigned as overseer to a section of one of the main canals supplying waterfrom the North Polar cap to an impounding reservoir near the city of Urid,the place of my birth.I was in the 36th year (Martian reckoning) of my physical life on the planetwhen my transition occurred, which event was the result of my inability toobserve, one night, warning signals sent out from a central station advisingthe eve of a tremendous drop in temperature. This occurred in the Martianautumn, and I succumbed to the intense cold. I was not married, so I left noimmediate family except my parents, brothers and sisters.
Chapter XI.13
I have come to your Earth to give your inhabitants some idea of theidealistic life lived by your more advanced brothers. I use the termidealistic in a relative way only, for in God's universe the degrees of material progress of His children are infinite in number.In giving this information to the inhabitants of your world I have beenassisted by the spirits of many former wise children of your Earth.The purpose of the information which I am about to impart to your peopleis mainly to stimulate and hasten into material expression the reign of God'skingdom on your Earth.Many will reject this information, but it is God's truth nevertheless. But onthe other hand, many of God's children now functioning on your planet willaccept the statements as true, and they will be helped and encouraged intheir hard struggle for material existence. This struggle, unequal as it is, isthe result of darkness engendered by the loss of faith in God.Man's faith in his Creator, in the ages preceding your present era of darkness, was sublime. Man's attitude towards, and his confidence in thepromises of God was as the faith of a child to its parents, whom it hasalways trusted. But selfishness has gained the upper hand, and is now man'smaster on your Earth. To break the chains now binding man to self is thepurpose of God's holy emissaries, who have descended from high spiritualspheres to your Earth to teach and show men the way out of bondage. Theywill succeed, for Omniscience has commanded it. It is under their directionthat I am now contributing my little part in this movement.I am only too glad to have been able to give the information contained inthis book, and I also appreciate the assistance of all those on your Earthplane who so willingly assisted; but of course we are all obeying theFather's command.As life is an attribute of the entire universe, the material aspect of all God'screations are the same. That is, life on another planet must be thought of asbeing no different from what experience teaches you.
All inspiration comes from the Father. Hence, the degree of a race'sadvancement in point of civilization is in proportion to its spiritualenfoldment. Therefore the material aspect of life, which includes God'sevolutionary and non-evolutionary creatures, is the same on every habitableglobe in limitless space.In telling the story of Mars you must be prepared to believe that, from aphysical point of view, the Martians are just human beings, differing littlefrom the people of your Earth.The same may be said concerning the activities of life enjoyed by all of God's creatures. Martians work and have their recreations. They enjoy thefruits of their earth just as you do the fruits of yours. They have inventedlabor-saving machinery, and indulge in a multitude of industrial pursuits,but with this difference: their economic system is such that the life of theMartian is not the struggle for existence you have created on your Earth.On the contrary it is a pleasurable life in which work is as much enjoyed asis recreation. This condition is due to two causes. First, Mars is muchfarther advanced as a world in its evolutionary career. Second, the Spiritualenfoldment of its inhabitants is proportionately advanced.As the Divine Plan is universal in its scope the physical characteristics of Mars, compared to your Earth are, in a general way, the same, with theexceptions shown later in this book.The inhabitants of Mars enjoy a blue sky, mountains, hills, rocks and dells,clouds, beautiful sunsets, and in fact most of the physical phenomenawitnessed by the dwellers of your Earth.The Martians live and have their being just as your people do, but they aresurrounded by a different spiritual and a modified physical environment.They take pleasure in music, art and the study of physical science, but withthis difference: the spiritual growth and enfoldment of the individual isconsidered as most important, and all material advancement as only an aidto ultimate ends.
With main points in view the reader can now readily comprehend the realMartian character, although it may be a disappointment to some who haveimagined the inhabitants of Mars as physically different from themselves;or perhaps, as semi-spiritual entities, who have possibly been transplantedfrom other worlds to undergo a sort of probationary life amid a Paradise of beautiful surroundings and things.
POPULATION CENTERS, TEMPERATURE, CLIMATEAlthough Mars is little more than half as large as your Earth, its diameterbeing 4,200 miles, it contains a larger area of habitable land than the latter,its surface area being approximately 212,000,000 square miles as against51,000,000 miles for your Earth. Hence our globe supports a largerpopulation about 13,160,000,000 people. Your population is in theneighborhood of 1,645,000,000. Your land area is 161,000,000 squaremiles less than the land area of Mars. This is for the reason that your oceansoccupy a vast surface of your Earth, and Mars has no oceans, as these driedup ages ago. Consequently almost the entire surface of our planet (withexception of some small areas covered with swamps, remnants of ancientseas and oceans, and portions of the extreme Northerly and Southerly Polarcaps) is utilized by the Martian inhabitants.Our planet is gridironed with canals, many hundreds of the main ones beingobservable through your telescopes, and the art of intensive farming ispractised by us to a degree of perfection never dreamed of by the dwellersof your Earth.Our winters, even in the Equatorial regions are severe, the temperatures attimes descending to as low as 80 degrees below zero. However, oursprings, summers, and autumns are mild and nearly twice as long as yourseasons, for the Martian year is 687 days long. We grow and mature manycrops of necessary cereals, fruits and vegetables during the spring andsummer months, so that want is never felt by our happy people.
Our method of irrigation is somewhat different from that practised in thearid portions of your Earth. We do not, except in a few instances, flood ourlands as you do. Owing to the fact that our atmosphere is much lighter thanyours, the normal air pressure being only about 8 pounds to the square inchas against 15 pounds on your Earth, evaporation is very rapid, and thedewfall, as a consequence of much moisture being in the air, is very great.This heavy humidity also tends to prevent radiation of heat, and thetemperature at night does not drop exceedingly low, although frost is notuncommon even in summer. As our vegetation is acclimated and adapted toour environment no damage is done to growing crops by reason of thesefrosts.The Martians experience no difficulty in living in a rarified atmosphere.Neither have they abnormally developed lungs. God has made ampleprovision for the comfort of His creatures throughout all of His infinitecreations, and we of Mars are not excepted from this Fatherly care andlove.Should an inhabitant of your Earth be suddenly transported to Mars hecould live but a few minutes, for the reason that his lungs could notassimilate enough oxygen from our light atmosphere.Economy is a science with us. Nothing is wasted. Every possible squareinch of ground produces food for man or beast. Even the north and southArctic regions, after their seasonal thaws blossom forth with vegetalgrowth, as astronomers on your Earth have observed. These regionsproduce their quota of food by being utilized as pasturage for our cattle.Immense amounts of forage are also gathered for the long Martian winters,when a greater portion of either the north or south hemisphere is coveredwith a mantle of snow.The equatorial regions are always pleasant. No severe wind storms areexperienced on Mars; neither do we have lightning or other magneticdisturbances such as you experience.
As a corollary to the tranquility of our inhabitants living in peace, Love andharmony, and the truths of God expressed in our everyday living, theclimate is equable, the atmosphere clear and beautiful, the sky serene andsapphire-blue: the severest winds but gentle zephyrs wafted towards theequator from the more remote portions of our globe. Cloudy skies are rareand rainstorms few.There is no lack of God's gifts on Mars. As intensive farming is a necessityon our planet, plant food or fertilizing elements are plentiful. One of thelarge white circular spots observed by your astronomers, located in a regionon Mars named by them Elysium, and which has been a puzzle to allobservers, is an immense deposit of fertilizing chemicals. An immense wellis located in this particular spot which gushes forth a never-ending salinesolution, highly impregnated with sodium nitrate, potash and other salts.The country for many miles around is covered with a white precipitatewhich has been carried by the moist air and deposited on the Martian earth.These chemical compounds are refined and used to replenish the soil withplant food.There are 153,000 centers of population on Mars, but these centers are notcongested cities similar to those on your Earth. Every individual has plentyof room to thrive and develop the best within him.Our cities are not crowded and our buildings are beautiful in theirsimplicity: large and roomy, with an abundance of sunlight and ampleventilation. White marble and metals are employed for building purposes.The inhabitants congregate in centers and, owing to our more perfectmethods of transportation, go forth daily to their tasks in field or factory, toreturn at the end of their allotted period to home and fireside.
The Canal system on Mars is comparatively new. The idea of constructinga planetary Canal system had its incipiency at the time of Christ's visit toour planet. The Master warned the people that they must make provisionfor their future water supply. At that time (10,000 years ago) the watersupply was becoming noticeably scarcer as time went on. It was nearly3,000 years after the Master's mission to Mars had been concluded thatactual construction of the Planetary Canal system was undertaken; andduring the intervening 7,000 years and up to the present time, constructionon the public waterways has continued.At the present day the system is most complete, but constant work isrequired to keep the canals in working order. In addition to the giganticCanal system, provision had to be made for suitable reservoirs to impoundthe water after the seasonal thaws at the poles. To this end immensereservoirs were constructed at most canal intersections. In some instancesthe reservoirs are established between parallel canals; but in every casesmaller canals, or laterals, always intersect at these points.Many of the canals on Mars are double, as they appear to your astronomers.These double waterways parallel each other at a distance of about 75 miles.The reason for this is that as the Martian population is absolutely dependentupon the Polar waters to irrigate their crops, any accident to a canal, such asa land- slide stopping the regular flow of water or the breaking of a lock orgate, would mean a very serious calamity to a great number of people. Andfor that reason, soon after the main canals were constructed, second andparallel waterways were made for the purpose of guaranteeing anuninterrupted flow of water from the Poles to the Equatorial regions. Theresult of this was that on many occasions the foresight of the Martianengineers who had the water supply of the planet in charge, saved immenseareas from drought.The rainfall on Mars is almost nil and the immense population (eight timeslarger than that of your Earth) is entirely dependent on the water supplyfrom the melting Polar caps. Water on Mars is a most precious fluid andthere is none to waste. Our oceans evaporated ages ago, and outside of theprecipitation of moisture at the poles in the form of snow, none is to be had
anywhere else on the planet except in very meager quantities.The astronomer Lowell of your Earth, who made a life study of our planet,called these reservoirs "Oases," but he was mistaken in his theory. Heconcluded that these points, which appear as round disks in the telescope,were centers of population. This conclusion is erroneous. The centers of population on Mars are scattered over the entire planet regardless of theposition of the so-called "Oases." It is quite true that owing to the rapidevaporation of water in the comparatively thin atmosphere of Mars, thedewfall for quite a radius from the center of the reservoirs is considerable,with the result that vegetation springs up, giving the "Oases" theappearance of a diameter of about 75 miles. The reservoirs are about 60miles across and hold millions of gallons of water.The same explanation may be given of the Canals. The dewfall on eachside is extensive, and the vegetal growth which extends the full length of the water-ways and for thousands of miles in some cases, is most prolific.The water in the canals, in most instances, is distributed by gravity; butrecourse is had to a lock system and to immense pumps for raising thewater to proper levels.The gates of the lock system and the pumps are operated by electricity, thecontrol of which energy is well understood by us. In fact, we are centuriesahead of your Earth people in the knowledge of the use of Electro-magneticenergy. (More will be given on the subject of Electricity in a later chapter.)Another source of mystery to your astronomers has been the appearance of triangular dark spots at the origin of some of the Martian canals. Thesehave been referred to by your astronomer Lowell as "Carets," named so byreason of their peculiar shape. These so-called "Carets" are the thoughtfulprovision for the impounding of a season's supply of water. In other wordsthey are in part a lock system for raising water to the level of some of themain canals, and embrace also a prodigious pumping system.
These so-called "Carets," as the telescope will show, are located at the edgeof some of what appear to you as very dark areas on our planet. These dark areas are Mars' old sea bottoms, and in many instances have been utilizedby our engineers as natural reservoirs for water. Their convenient locationnear the Poles has provided ideal facilities for the preservation of anadequate supply of water.The construction of Mars' gigantic Canal system, planetary in its extent,might seem to your Earth people an impossible task. And it might prove soto your Earth dwellers should you undertake a similar project in the ages tocome when your seas dry up, though it must be remembered that gravity onMars, compared with your Earth, is as 38 to 100. Excavations of largewaterways then becomes a comparatively easy task. We have no highmountains on Mars; in fact, none exceeding 3,000 feet in altitude. Owing tothe difference in gravity the angle of repose on Mars is nearly acute asagainst 45 degrees on your Earth, which permits of almost perpendicularwalls to the canals and lessens the danger of landslides and cave-ins. Butabove all, the biggest advantage enjoyed by us in the construction of largepublic enterprises, such as are embraced by our Canal system, is thesolidarity and unity of purpose on the part of the Martian people. As Loverules our planet no internal dissension or public misunderstanding existsamong its people to retard any undertaking that is necessary for the good of all. It is lamentable that the dwellers on your Earth are divided against oneanother. Not only are your false ideals of racial, sociological and religiousdistinctions a bar to your Spiritual and material progress, but your politicaland economic falsities are as millstones around your necks, which willultimately lead you to destruction unless you, as a people, retrace yoursteps and go back to the pathway pointed out by Christ the Master 2,000years ago, when He came to your Earth with a message from the MostHigh. The pathway is LOVE which leads to a true understanding of Godand the Kingdom referred to by Christ.The Martian canals, as telescopic observation will prove in almost all cases,follow straight lines. When necessary, mountains have been cut throughdown to a proper level. Where the canals cross depressions or oldsea-bottoms, immense aqueducts have been constructed of solid stone and
concrete in such a manner that the water, in most cases, flows to itsdestination by gravity.That this has been a stupendous task may be more readily imagined when itis known that the width of the main canals averages from one to twentymiles. This announcement might seem to many unreasonable, but it must beremembered that the volume of water distributed over 212,000,000 squaremiles of territory is immense. You might ask where this large volume of water comes from.The POLAR CAPS! During the Martian winter these extend down nearly tothe equator, and cover about five-sevenths of the planet's surface when atmaximum; and as the snowfall averages from six inches at the edge of thecaps to 50 feet at and near the actual Poles, some idea may be gained of theamount of moisture taken care of by these artificial waterways. Ten feet of snow will make 12 inches of water, so there exists on Mars an amplesupply for all purposes.(NOTE--The question as to why many of the canals germinate has been aperplexing one to our astronomers. Lowell observed that many of the maincanals germinated a short time after the commencement of the Martiansummer, and for a time it was thought that the phenomena might be anoptical illusion, and the latter theory was considered seriously by someobservers until the double canals were actually photographed at theFlagstaff observatory, but the cause of the doubling was never solved untilthe receipt of these revelations.)
PLANETARY ECONOMYEconomy is a virtue long cultivated on the Planet Mars. On your Earth youwaste more than you use, not only in food but in the fruits of the Earth. Youare using up your resources at a tremendous rate, and some day you mustpay the penalty. Witness the wanton destruction of your beautiful forests,
the depletion of your coal beds and crude oil deposits. All this waste is theresult of lack of Spiritual guidance; a gross materialism: an inordinateselfish greed. Instead of laying up Spiritual treasures you are worshiping atthe altar of Mamon. Ultimately you will find your hoardings nothing buttarnished brass--an illusion leading you on to Spiritual destruction.With the Martians the incentive to live is to express life and be in harmonywith the Creator, to develop spiritually and build for Eternity. On Marseach one strives to live for his brother to the end that all may inherit thepromised Kingdom when yet as a physical being. Commercialism with usis unknown, for no one works for profit. The products of the toil of all theinhabitants are for the public larder and other necessities and even luxuries.As a result of this system of public economy and industrialism,sweat-shops, child labor, poor houses, public reformatories, and the longlist of pernicious and iniquitous customs in vogue on your Earth areunknown on our planet.No worries mar the life of the people of Mars. Worry has no place in theMartian mind. The wants of all are supplied by the Commonwealth, andeach one contributes his best efforts to the common good, and in returneach individual is supplied his every want. This is in accordance withChrist's message: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness,and all these things shall be added unto you."
PROPERTY AND PROPERTY RIGHTSOn Mars all property is considered as belonging to God, its Creator, whoprovided it for the enfoldment and comfort of His creatures. No individuallays claim to property in the sense that you Earth dwellers do.Through God's love does man inhabit a portion of the material universe, butonly for a season. Man comes into material being to express life and
acquire an individuality, after which he passes out of material bondage,when his place is taken by another.At man's transition he takes with him only character, nothing else. If thethings he has striven for during his material life have been but chimeras: thematerial things of life: the fruits of the Earth, then in that case he will findhimself poor indeed. The only real wealth, the only thing worth striving for,is a knowledge of God and His Kingdom. And with us Martians aknowledge of God is the ultimate goal sought for. Hence all material thingsto the Martian are but expedients, soon to be forgotten.Material wealth is an abstraction. Its usual evidence is the possession of property, which may be money, land, goods or chattels, as the case may be.In final analysis this concrete evidence of wealth is not real.Money is nothing more or less than a stamped token entitling the possessorto so much human effort, for the real value behind money, after all, is butso much human energy or force, varying according to its quality and itsworth.Other forms of property such as goods and chattels, are the result of humanendeavor and may be secured by the exchange of money, or it may beproduced by the owner.Wealth represented by lands, which were created by God for the benefit of all humankind. and not for the individual, is the so-called right-secured bybarter, exchange or inheritance, to use or withhold from use, at the capriceof the owner--of a certain piece or portion of the planet. Under a legalfiction the title to land extends to the center of the Earth and to infinity inan opposite direction!The text: "Thou shalt earn thy bread by the sweat of thy brow" has a deepsignificance to one who has come into a knowledge of Truth. Drones haveno place in the Divine Plan. It is not only essential but mandatory, that eachone do his part for the common good. The non-producing rich man is asmuch a drone as is the vagabond who neither toils nor spins. The Biblical
test concerning the difficulty of the rich man getting into Heaven meansthat it is impossible for a drone or parasite to get into harmony with God.The possession of wealth is not in itself sinful, but the possession of wealthis a corollary to selfishness. He who is unselfish will spurn wealth. Theindividual who accumulates beyond his needs sins against Heaven when helocks up his goods in strong boxes. The act of hoarding deprives somecreature of his just portion, for God has planned there should be sufficientfor all who make the effort, and a system that permits an unequaldistribution of God's gifts is in opposition to the Divine Plan, and doublypernicious is a church organization that permits it.Only after Christ has taken up His abode in the hearts of the people of yourEarth will surcease come to the suffering millions on your planet.Happiness and selfishness are so diametrically opposed that the former isimpossible unless the latter is eliminated from your world, for only realhappiness comes after complete surrender to God. Surrender to God meanssubordination to His will. His will on Earth must be done as it is in Heaven.All must be self- conscious of this. If God's will was adhered to on yourEarth what a different place it would be! Instead of a shambles it would bea paradise, the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God a factinstead of the dream of a few.God loves all His creatures, both evolutionary and non-evolutionary. Hislove is infinite in extent. We are all His children. Everything has beenprovided for us. It is only man's selfishness that deprives any creature of his just dues. Man suffers want on account of his lack of faith in God! Beforeman lost his faith in God he walked and communed with angels. He coulddo it now if he would but listen to the Voice Within--if he would only openhis heart to Christ, for help is ready whenever one asks for it in sincerityand faith.One of the sources of great injustice to the majority of the inhabitants of your Earth is the belief in the dogma of Divine Right. This dogma includesnot only the absurdity of the Divine Right of kings, but the Divine Right to
the ownership of goods and land through the Creator's favoritism for a few.This dogma is the mother of untold misery and suffering. Out of thisungodly theory has evolved your shameful caste system; your shamefuleconomic ideas.Your ancient feudal system of government has been but little improvedupon today over its primitive status, for you still draw well-defined lines of class distinction between God's children--lines of demarcation based onwealth and natal origin. With your inhabitants, communal standing andsocial distinction is proportionate to the wealth of the possessor or to thewealth or social standing of ancestors.The monstrous heresy of Divine Right is an invention of the powers of darkness and must be eliminated from your world root and branch beforeyour progress forward is assured. God plays no favorites. His love isshowered upon all alike. His gifts are for all His children. It was never theDivine intent that a favored few should bask in the sunshine of His gracewhile the majority suffered want and deprivation. These false ideas havebeen the procurers of darkness: of the Stygian gloom now overshadowingyour Earth.Spiritual darkness has not always covered your Earth. In primitivetimes--ages ago--eras whose history has been lost to you, man on yourEarth was in harmony with his Creator. This was in the Golden Age whenman and the angels of God walked hand in hand; when man communedwith God, and when the Christ spirit was abiding in the hearts of thepeople. In this age man was spiritually developed to a degree almostunbelievable by you.Then the time came when man listened to the temptor (his baser self), andthrough the workings of the law of Atavism man degenerated almost to thelevel of his animal prototype.This incident in your world's history is the source of the legend of the "Fallof Man" in the "Garden of Eden." Man disobeyed God by listening to self,
by giving himself over to his selfish desires. He slew his brother,figuratively speaking, when he abandoned himself to selfish ends and took advantage of his fellowman. He has been guilty of that sin ever since. IT ISNOW INHERENT IN HIS MAKE-UP; THIS SELFISH INSTINCT MUSTBE ELIMINATED BEFORE HE CAN AGAIN FIND THE FATHER'SKINGDOM.No fences or other evidences of individual ownership surround the millionsof homes on Mars. No lines of demarcation divide one plot of land fromanother. The millions of beautiful homes--beautiful in their simplicity, forover-ornamentation such as the dwellers of your Earth practise, is nottolerated on our planet--belong to the Commonwealth. The same areallotted to the individual as a life tenure only.The same custom prevails in the matter of personal property. Should aMartian have use for a flying machine, also used by another, or other kindof property for personal use, he does not ask the use of same in the spiritthat your Earth dwellers borrow from one another. Use of the needed articleis requested with the idea that it belongs to the community: that all materialpossessions are the common property of the entire race.THE MILLIONS OF MARTIANS LIVE AS ONE FAMILY. IT IS THISSOLIDARITY, THIS FILIAL CONSIDERATION THAT ONE HOLDSFOR THE OTHER THAT HAS MADE THE STUPENDOUS ANDGIGANTIC PUBLIC WORKS ON MARS POSSIBLE.In the absence of a universal unity of purpose intelligent life on Mars wouldhave become extinct centuries ago, when the last remnants of its oceans andseas dried up and a planetary irrigation system became necessary in order toutilize the frozen Polar moisture.
Barter and trade are unknown on Mars. The entire race of Martians iscooperative, and the production of all necessities is based on the needs of the Commonwealth.Specialization in different branches of industrial activity is centralized, as isthe case of your Earth. That is, some particular parts of the planet, owing toclimatic and other conditions, are better adapted for the production of somespecial kind of raw material used in the manufacture of clothes or othernecessities of life, or the production of some particular foodstuff. But inevery case the incentive for industrial activity is not material profit. On thecontrary the real incentive is compliance with the Father's will.Transportation is effected by means of flying ships actuated by the controlof gravitational attraction. These vehicles of the air, beside your crudeaffairs[1] are most perfect, and the amount of freight carried is unlimited,for the reason that the gravitational attraction of the cargo is nullified aswell as that of the ship. (A more extended explanation concerning thismatter is given in another section of this book.) Another motive power usedis Cosmic, or Universal Energy. (We shall refer to this later.)[1] NOTE--Yes, 35 years ago, but not today, 1955.Immense warehouses and depots are scattered throughout the entire planet.These are centers of distribution. These warehouses are filled with what allthe people of the entire planet need in the way of food, clothing and othernecessities of life. These depots are in charge of trained and competentworkers who attend to the issuance and distribution of all commodities.When a Martian is in need of any particular commodity he makesapplication to have his want supplied to the depot nearest to his habitation.He immediately receives the needed article. If the quantity and nature of hisrequisition is too large for him to carry personally, the same is delivered athis domicile by the Commonwealth's Transportation Department.
CLAIRVOYANT VISIONS OF MARSIn connection with the revelation contained in this book concerning thephysical characteristics of Mars, the compiler of this volume, as well alsoas the medium, was given much information concerning this advancedplanet by means of clairvoyant visions. These pictures were given thewriter at different times, commencing early in 1920, and continuing untilthe book was finished.As has been explained by the controls who have been instrumental ingiving the information about Mars, the purpose of these clairvoyantpictures was to give the compiler of this book real visual evidence as to lifeon Mars; and in particular, real pictures setting forth its topography, whichcould be elucidated in no other way.Written descriptions of scenery and of human activities necessarily fallshort of the reality, especially when an attempt is made to record a series of events or a point of view outside the realm of our experience.The first picture realized by the writer, and for that matter the mostimportant one, was the view given him of Urid the Beautiful, one of themost Important centers of population on the planet Mars.It was while lying in bed one morning the writer was contemplating themany messages being received from the Martian, who is the dictator of thesubject matter of this book, that he found himself at a strange place,suspended as it were in the air over a beautiful lake of blue water, whosesurface was broken by gentle ripples, due to the soft, balmy breeze blowingover the surface of the water. The writer was facing what seemed to be awesterly direction; and at a distance of about five miles there arose a seriesof small mountains about 2,500 feet in altitude. These mountains skirted theshores of the lake. The sky was a beautiful blue, bluer than thesapphire-tinted skies of our own desert lands. The mountains were tintedred from base to top, except where the moisture near the shores of the lake
had stimulated a vegetal growth, whose green contrasted mostharmoniously with the red of the soil. Two white clouds floatedmajestically near the peaks of the highest mountains.The atmosphere was impressively clear and all objects seemed to stand outin sharp definition, a condition seldom seen by dwellers on our Earthexcept in extremely dry and arid regions.On top of a small plateau, forming the crown of a low-lying hill at the baseof one of the highest mountains, and about 1,500 feet from the shore line, Iwas startled to see a large city. The thousands of closely nestling buildingsseemed to be built of white stone. The writer was lost in admiration, forthere in front of him the pure white of the city, contrasting so vividly withthe red soil of this faraway planet, stood the habitations of an advanced racemany millions of miles removed from my own world.The writer was impressed with the fact that, with but few exceptions, thebuildings of gleaming white were all one story in height, and it becameinstantly evident that crowding is not tolerated by the inhabitants of thisprogressive planet. A few structures towered above the rest. These, as thewriter was informed later, were the public buildings dedicated to the use of the people as lecture halls, centers for music and art, etc.On a subsequent occasion the writer was shown a close-up view of Urid.Flowers, grass and green foliage abounded everywhere. The long streetswere broad and well paved, and flanked on two sides with long rows of one-storied buildings of white stone, beautiful in their simplicity. Noextreme ornamentation is carried out in the erection of buildings on Mars.On the contrary, the simple square outlines characteristic of our own OldMission architecture seems to prevail on the planet Mars. The same simplestyle prevails with the public buildings, except that massive stone columnsmarked the portals of same, reminding one of our own early Grecianarchitecture.Many palm-like trees grew all over the city, especially in the neighborhoodof the public buildings.
A week after the occurrence of the above incident the writer was shown, inthe same manner as before, one of the many canals that gridiron theMartian globe. This particular canal is one of the main waterways on Mars,and appeared to be about a mile wide at the point of observation. The waterwas of a deep blue color, denoting great depth. Along the banks of thiswaterway could be seen many houseboats or floating dwellings. Some of these houseboats were very large and evidently housed large families. Thewriter was informed that many Martians who have charge of the waterwaysdwell in these habitations.The banks above the canal were covered with green grass and manyflowers.On subsequent occasions I was shown other canals and reservoirs, and themanner in which some of the canals were cut through the mountains. Insome instances the walls of the canals were almost perpendicular. Steepcuts, even in soft ground, seemed to be characteristic of all the waterwaysobserved by the writer.On another occasion the writer was given a view of the North Polarregions. At that time the deep snows that covered the ground everywherewere melting. The country seemed to be very hilly. As far as the eye couldreach I observed low-lying hills covered with a white mantle of snow.Patches of reddish earth here and there indicated that the thaw was generaland that the snow had thinned out in spots. Between the hills I observed alarge body of water, and was informed that this was an artificial reservoirwhich had been created by the damming of a large valley. The sky on thisoccasion was hidden by a mist, a very natural phenomenon in view of thefact that many thousands of square miles of the country, covered with snowon this part of Mars, was undergoing a rapid thaw.That the large dark-colored areas on Mars, supposed by early observers tobe seas, are nothing more or less than low, swampy land covered with rank vegetation, was evidenced to me on one occasion when I was permitted tosee the true character of these portions of the planet.
The rank vegetation was about three feet high and of a greenish red color.Interspersed throughout the mass of coarse-leafed plants were high, drystalks the remnants of an earlier crop of Martian flora. The season seemedto be advanced and all plant life was taking on autumnal tints.It was in December 1919 that I saw the first close-up picture of aMartian--a woman. Her head was covered with a thin veil which camedown to her well-formed mouth. She seemed to be a most beautiful womanwith most expressive eyes. Her hair was black. Her skin was unusuallywhite, which contrasted with the dark hair. She wore no jewelry, or otherornaments that I could see.On a subsequent occasion I was permitted to see a Martian male. He wasplaying a flutelike instrument, and as he was quite close to me I couldobserve the wax-like texture of his skin. This semi-transparency of the skinis characteristic of the Martians, and evidences a life that is free from themany bodily ailments that afflict humanity on our Earth. The Martian wasdressed in graceful but loose-fitting clothes of a reddish-brown color. Hiseyes were a deep blue and his lips seemed to be unusually red. In respect tostature he was, I would say, about five feet nine inches in height. In fact, onsubsequent occasions I have observed crowds of Martians gathered togetherand they appeared no different from the inhabitants of our own worldexcept as to clothing, which is much simpler, but more graceful than ourstyles.I was informed by the spiritual control that the fauna of Mars is varied, butthat all animal life is domesticated, there being now no wild animals on theplanet.It was shortly after I had seen the Martians, described in the foregoingparagraph, that I was shown two cat-like animals, which at the time of myvision were engaged in playing about the feet of a Martian. They did notexactly resemble cats, but were more feline than canine. They were aboutthe size of a large Airedale, and of a dark, reddish-brown color with deepblack stripes, similar to the markings of our tigers. They were very playfuland cavorted about just as our own dogs and cats do when endeavoring to
attract the attention of their masters.On the morning of January 20, 1920, I was shown another Martian canal.On this occasion I observed a large building on the banks of the waterwaynear my point of vision. This building was more of a grandstand with a roof than anything else I can compare it to. It consisted of a large framework painted white, and was as high as our two-storied structures. A multitude of the people were inside the building, some sitting, some standing. They allseemed to be intently gazing in a Northerly direction, up-stream.Much green foliage and varied-colored flowers lined the banks of the canal,especially in the neighborhood of the building. The people all seemed to beattired in holiday garb, and it was evident to me that a celebration wasgoing on.Later I was informed that what I had witnessed was an annual celebrationobserved by the people of Mars on the occasion of arrival of the first waterfrom the North Pole after commencement of the Martian Spring. It appearsthat this occasion is a very important event with the Martians. as the arrivalof the life- giving moisture from the Arctic and Antarctic regions of theplanet insures a season of plenty for the inhabitants. The water arrives atthe equatorial regions in a little less than a Martian month (60 days) afterthe commencement of the Polar thaws and after a season of thanksgiving tothe Father has been held by all in appreciation of His bountiful gifts. TheSpiritual leaders of the different communities preside at these gatherings.The foregoing is in remarkable agreement with a statement on page 375 of the late Professor Lowell's book titled "MARS," as follows."The Canal quickening on Mars occupied 52 days, as evidenced by thesuccessive vegetal darkenings which descend from latitude 72 degreesNorth and latitude 0, a journey of 2,650 miles. The rate of progression isremarkably uniform, and this fact that it is carried from near the Pole to theEquator is sufficient tell-tale of extrinsic aid, and the uniformity of theaction increases its significance."
On the morning of January 21 I witnessed another interesting Martianscene, which was almost identical with the previous vision of the Arcticregions of this planet, except that the warm season was more advanced, andI was permitted to see the country from another angle. I was facing East.Most of the Polar snow had disappeared, and the low-lying hills were nowcovered with a growth of dark green vegetation, except at a few isolatedpoints which showed small patches of snow. The sky was less misty thanon the previous occasion.On the evening of January 21 I was shown a flock of Martian sheep. Theherd was small and I observed five of the animals at close range. I call themsheep for the reason that the animals resembled our sheep in everyparticular. The wool was very long and of a dark reddish-brown color,except underneath their bellies which was yellowish.On the evening of January 29 I had a vision of a beautiful woman with achild kneeling at her feet. She was seated on a chair and held a book on herlap. The symbolism of the vision was later explained to me by the controls.who said: "Verily I say unto you whosoever shall not receive the Kingdomof God as a little child, he shall not enter therein." God's truths areperceived only by those who can acquire the simple faith of a child.It was about the same time I had a vision in which I saw Sergius for thefirst time distinctly. He is the principal control dominating the writing of this book. He appeared very patriarchal with a long beard. His featureswere decidedly semitic. His countenance was most spiritual and beautiful.On February 10 I had my first vision of Mars' two moons, known to ourastronomers as Diemos and Phobos. The latter appeared as a satellite abouthalf as large as our full moon, and the former like a star brighter than thefirst magnitude, and could be compared with Jupiter as seen from our Earthduring a favorable opposition of that planet. The latter satellite shedsconsiderable light on her primary. An interesting explanation of these twomoons will be found in a later chapter of this book.
On February 17 I was shown the actual appearance of our sun from theplanet Mars. What I saw disproves the theory that owing to the distance of Mars from the sun the latter would be viewed by the Martians as a disk about half the size as seen from our Earth. The Solar Orb appeared as tosize and brightness, about the same as viewed from our Earth, and seemedto give forth its heat with the same intensity. I was facing the sun and itsbrilliance blinded my eyes for an instant.On the evening of February 29 I had a vision of a strange looking creatureape-like in appearance. The form was about five feet tall, very hairy, hisbody being covered with a thick coat of woolly hair of a grayish color. Hewas smoking what appeared to be a cigar-like roll of something, probablysome sort of leaves rolled up into a convenient form for smoking. On thetips of his pointed ears were little tufts of long hair, which gave his head alynx-like appearance. There were quite a number of large yellow spots onhis hairy chest. His nose was very stubby, and his entire face was decidedlyapelike.I was later informed that I had seen an inhabitant of the planet Mercury,where life has not yet evolved to a very high degree, and where man has notyet wholly emerged from his primary beast-like state.Concerning the flora of Mars I have on various occasions viewed orchardsof growing fruit trees. The trees were set out in rows similar to the methodsadopted in our own orchards. The trees were dwarf-like, being not over fiveor six feet high. I was informed that this particular species of tree wascultivated for its fruit and for the fiber obtained from its large leaves, whichis made into cloth, thread and cordage.On one occasion a short time after the chapter dealing with the transmissionof Electro-magnetic energy by wireless was received, I was shown twoimmense towers on the planet Mars which are used for the purpose of distributing power throughout the planet. The two towers were very closetogether, probably 100 yards apart and 100 feet high. They resembled twoimmense round smoke-stacks, such as are common in our factory districts.The tops of the towers were surmounted by oval caps, transparent as if 
made from glass, and protected by a system of grill work. While I wasintently observing the towers there occurred a blinding flash of lightsimultaneously from the two oval caps.The surrounding country was covered with high trees, and it wasimpossible for me to observe the base of the two structures.
KNOWLEDGE OF GOD COMES FROM WITHINMars, with its teeming millions of inhabitants, whose dwellings, factories,storehouses, etc. cover most of the entire area, has no watchmen, policemenor other guardians of the peace to prevent unlawful acts on the part of itspeople.As all property is considered as belonging to the Father, and is held incommon by the people of the planet, there exists no incentive for anyone tosteal. Each individual has all he requires for his comfort. Hence, whyshould anyone covet what is in the possession of his brother?There is no temptation on Mars for anyone to take more than he needs, forselfishness has been entirely eliminated from our planet. Selfishness has noplace among really civilized beings. It is a relic of the jungle where it isnecessary to perpetuate the lower animal life.You of your Earth have reverted or degenerated to a primordial condition orstate through the law of Atavism. This is a part of your fall from DivineGrace. And to induce man on your globe to realize his pitiful condition andredeem himself is the work of the Spirits from the higher Spheres who arenow with you.Mars has no Church system and no Ecclesiastical Hierarchy. All Martiansrecognize and worship one God, the Eternal Father. Each individual istaught from infancy to seek God through the doors of his own soul, which
is an institutional faculty possessed by everyone.Jesus Christ, who came to your Earth 2,000 years ago with a message, isknown to us. The Christ is one of the greatest powers in the Universe--nextto the Creator.Your sectarian church systems are a hindrance to the proper spiritualdevelopment of the individual. These systems engender an element of dependability on the individual which holds back his spiritual enfoldmentand perverts his true individuality, which must grow and unfold before realprogress upwards begins.All knowledge of God should come from within and not through theinstrumentality of imperfect individuals, such as your religious teachers are.The present lack of interest (in 1920) in sectarian matters on the part of theinhabitants of your Earth is evidence of a slow but sure disintegration of asystem that has held your people in mental and spiritual bondage forcenturies, and presages the dawn of a better day for humanity on yourEarth.
MARS HAS NO POLITICAL SYSTEMWhen Love rules a community of people there is no need of administrativebureaus for the regulation of the lives of the inhabitants who make up thepopulation of a planet. For the same reason Mars has no gubernatorial orpolitical administrative center.This announcement may, in a measure, be a disappointment to manyreaders who have imagined that no considerable number of human beingscould live and prosper without the aid and guidance of a complexadministrative system such as you have on your Earth.
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    good a book
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    definitely outrageous beginning, ie- no sound vibration in complete contradiction 2 tesla, astrophysic info, etc... + too clouded by earthly western theology- but still fun 2 read considering it came 2 fruition via an alleged 'clairvoyant.'
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