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Posted By: Thu Feb 13, 2003 8:41 pm  |
re: astro-ph/0302131 7 Feb 2003

Max is not a Bohmian and does not always carefully distinguish the
hidden variable IT from the Bohmian pilot BIT wave. Also, he posits
micro-quantum unitarity with signal locality as an absolute truth.

He distinguishes "Four Levels" though "Level III" is ambiguous. One
cannot naively identify his model with the brane worlds as popularized
in Stephen Hawking's "The Universe in a Nutshell".

Tegmark's paper opens up with an endorsement of a materialistic IT
version of the original many-worlds theory of Everett in which there is
a "copy of you reading this article" in a parallel "Level I" IT
universe "Hubble sphere" that is out of light cone causal contact in a
simply connected non-fractal infinite spatially flat, uniform ergodic
matter distribution, 3D space ~ 10^10^20 meters away from you on a
single inflated "post-inflation bubble". However, Max seems to compute
this number in a way that conflicts with Lenny Susskind's "world
hologram" idea that the number of quantum microstates in a 3D Volume V
scales as V^2/3/Lp^2? The Bekenstein entropy of the volume is the log
of this number. This Level I picture of parallel Hubble sphere
universes on a single post-inflation bubble that is 3D spatially flat
on a large scale with deltaM/M --> 0 i.e. NOT a self-similar "fractal"
single post-inflation bubble, is vaguely consistent with David
Deutsch's "multi-verse" though that is really a BIT "Level III"
picture. There is deep confusion between material-geometrodynamical IT
and non-classical Q-BIT in both Tegmark's and Deutsch's models - at
least from a Bohmian POV. Nevertheless Tegmark's paper is important
because it shows experimental tests of different parallel universe
models. That there are parallel universes is now mainstream
"concordance" cosmological large-scale physics!

Note that the "simply connected" above would not exclude small scale
metrically engineered star gate time travel portals by Kip Thorne's
hypothetical advanced civilizations called "The Master of Hyperspace"
by Michio Kaku. Are the UFOs evidence of this?

Note also just in:

> The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News
> Number 624 February 13, 2003 by Phillip F. Schewe, Ben Stein, James
> Riordon
> A PINPOINT PRECISION MAP of the cosmic microwave background, reported
> this
> week at a press conference by scientists associated with the orbiting
> Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP), brings the early universe
> into
> sharper focus. The credibility of WMAP's pronouncement rests on three
> things: its angular resolution is some 40 times better than that of its
> microwave predecessor, the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE); it
> comprehensively surveyed the entire sky for a whole year (3 more years
> of
> data is yet to come); and it measures the polarization of the microwave
> radiation; the orientation of the radiation arises partly from the last
> scattering of light at the time of "recombination," when stable atoms
> formed for the first time, and partly from the time when ultraviolet
> radiation strewn by the first generation of stars ionized once again a
> lot
> of atoms in space. Here are a few of the salient numbers coming out
> of the
> WMAP analysis: the time of recombination was 380,000 years after the
> big
> bang; the era of the first stars was about 200 million years along
> (surprisingly early); the age of the universe is 13.7 billion years;
> and the
> accounting of matter in the universe is as follows: atomic matter
> makes up
> about 4%, dark matter about 23%, and dark energy 73%. (Websites:
> )

The foamy collection of post-inflation IT bubbles is "Level II".

Level I: Same laws of physics, different initial conditions inside each
causally isolated Hubble sphere on same post-inflation spatially flat
ergodic matter etc bubble. Direct evidence is from CMB NASA data. There
is now little disagreement about the very probably physical reality of
these parallel Hubble spheres. However these parallel Hubble spheres
are apparently NOT the 3-dim Dirichlet "brane worlds" that are the
"universes next door" separated by a thin veil of extra space
dimensions of hyperspace.

"In brane world scenarios, another three dimensional world could be
literally parallel to ours, merely offset in a higher dimension.
However it is unclear whether such a world ("brane") deserves to be
called a parallel universe separate from our own since we may be able
to interact with it..."

Level II: Chaotic inflation, many post-inflation bubbles sprouting from
each other. The space between them is continually inflating. Flatness
of 3D space on large scale in a single bubble is explained, so are
scale invariant quantum fluctuations tested in COBE CMB measurements,
no horizon problem, no magnetic monopole problem, no fine tuning
problem because weak Anthropic principle holds for this literally
infinite IT ensemble with all values of h, c, G, e etc and even all
possible dimensions, but same laws of physics.

Level III: Seems to be Deutsch's BIT "multiverse", but Tegmark says in
his Fig 1 makes no significant difference i.e. "same as Level II".

Level IV: Possibly different laws of physics? A-D-E? This is unknown
country, but Levels I & II seem now confirmed by observations!

to be continued.

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