The Feldenkrais Method
with Ralph Strauch

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How you make the
world you experience

By Ralph Strauch,
with a Foreword by
Joseph Chilton Pearce

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ISBN 0-9676009-3-6 $15.95
224 pages, 6x9, biblio, illus, index
Published by Somatic Options

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The external world is a "rich reality" -- offering a far wider menu of possibilities than most of us realize. This book examines how you filter and select among those possibilities, bringing into focus the particular world you experience, and explores the benefits of more fully understanding the collective illusion we call reality.

What others say about THE REALITY ILLUSION

"... a tool for bringing mind, brain, and body into alignment, that we might be at peace with ourselves and so with others...personal rewards are endless."

Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of Crack in the Cosmic Egg

" unusually clear, accessible account of the mysteries of the multidimensional world."

Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy

"A powerful learning tool...a clear guide for taking an important step towards an enlarged way of perceiving our lives."

Timothy Gallwey, author of The Inner Game of Tennis

"Physics and metaphysics . . . a bold attempt at synthesis"

Thelma Moss, author of The Probability of the Impossible

"...takes you to the boundaries of your own mind and occasionally makes you gasp with wonder at glimpses of what lies beyond"

Serge King, author of Kahuna Healing

"An important contribution to brain/mind and how reality is viewed."

Joan Halifax, author of Shamanic Voices

Chapter Titles

  1. The Nature of Perception
  2. Language as a Perceptual Process
  3. The Structure of Mind
  4. Perception and Reality
  5. Experiential Reality
  6. Science as a Form of Perception
  7. Different Drummers, Different Tunes
  8. Health and Healing
  9. Magic and Extrasensory Perception
  10. Learning and Growing

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