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Richard Rose: Zen and Death (Second Edition)
Richard Rose: Psychology of the Observer (Second Edition)
Richard Rose: Peace of Mind: Success Without Regret


Richard Rose Teachings - Retrospective 2012

A "Retrospective 2012" has been posted for your viewing. Best wishes for a healthful, prosperous and insightful year to all of our visitors, friends and readers! And thank you for visiting Richard Rose Teachings.

The Observer's Nook

"The Observer's Nook" is an outstanding example of the dedication of writers that it takes to create an interesting and informative newsletter related to the spiritual search. Richard Rose encouraged those who inquired about, or studied his teachings, to leave no stone unturned on their path to "Becoming the Truth." This is the path our writers have taken. We welcome your responses and comments and hope that you enjoy the "Nook."



The Unpublished Works of Richard Rose, compiled and edited by Alan Fitzpatrick

This book is a little gem, illustrated with photos and full of short works such as prose, poetry and recorded dreams along with more in-depth material previously unpublished but left behind by one of the most profound spiritual philosophers and teachers of our time. This excerpt from his paper called “The Mind” reflects his desire to help others find their way along the labyrinth to Truth:

“...There is of course a certain absurdity about trying to define the mind by observing the reaction pattern, or by introspection. However, doing nothing is just as absurd. And we must continue to try to understand the mind, and to try to find words or diagrams to bring forward even simpler and clearer pictures of the mind’s strange dimension.”

The Unpublished Works of Richard Rose compiled and edited by Alan Fitzpatrick,
152 pages, paperback, $12.00, Published by Rose Publications, Benwood, WV. ISBN 978-0-615-42632-7.

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From the archives of the Richard Rose Lecture Audio Files, recently re-mastered, this approx. eight minute track contains a clear and concise exchange between speaker and audience on Richard Rose’s own personal experience with meditation and the ways and means of going within.

(This track was produced by John Rose using the latest digital editing software.)

Going Within Third Edition Now Available!

The original lecture called “Going Within” was recorded in the mid 1970’s at an informal gathering of students at Rose’s farmhouse in West Virginia, most likely, but no documentation was available. The re-mastering has greatly improved sound quality while maintaining the integrity of the entire spoken work. There are a total of 18 tracks, some of which include such topics as “Types of Meditation”, “Direct Going Within”, “True Psychology”, “The Energy Behind Attachment and Ego”, and two new Bonus Tracks of previously unpublished audio material. This CD provides excellent material for sitting in meditation and serves as the spoken word in conjunction with Rose’s Meditation booklet. TOTAL TIME - 68:05. Single Disc.

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Richard Rose: Peace of Mind: Success Without Regret
Peace Of Mind: Success Without Regret Now Available for Digital Download! has partnered with CD Baby to bring you this lecture as a direct download to your computer.

On this audio lecture Richard Rose discusses mental experiences and the formula for finding success on the spiritual path. His diagram of energy transmutation is discussed along with other stories and examples of finding Truth in spite of the rat race struggle for success.

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The Sex Connection CoverRose’s complete psychology in one book…

The Sex Connection logo

“There is a definite connection—the sex connection—between what a person does sexually and their mental troubles.”

“This book is about sex, and the way we think about sex,” says Alan Fitzpatrick in the opening lines of the recently published The Sex Connection: A Study of Desire, Seduction and Compulsion. I absolutely guarantee the reader that this book is different than any other book about sex you’ve ever read and, quite possibly, that has ever been written, and in that exclusivity it stands out as a courageous work beyond compare. Its message is direct and truly mind-boggling.”--Michael Casari, M.A. Psychology

“I am reading ‘The Sex Connection’ at the moment. This is an amazing book that brings up ideas I have wondered about. It is so good to have these things that aren’t quite clear in one’s mind be clarified in writing, by someone who really knows.” --Lucette S., Aptos, CA

The Sex Connection, A Study of Desire, Seduction and Compulsion
, by Alan Fitzpatrick,
Publ. by Rose Publications, 371 pages, paperback, $19.95, ISBN 9780977614714.


Farmhouse Meeting Cover“The Spiritual and Psychological Teachings of Richard Rose, Volume One”

Click image to view a clip. High speed internet required.

“Farmhouse Group Meeting, Friday Evening, April 17, 1987, Informal Discussions with Richard Rose”, 2 DVD Set

From the archives of videos spanning over 20 years of lectures and informal talks with students and audiences from across the country, Rose Publications brings you the first volume of “The Spiritual and Psychological Teachings of Richard Rose” on DVD. His views on spirituality, psychology and everyday living are brought to light in this rare glimpse of Mr. Rose at his best – during his most active years of teaching and lecturing. His wit and wisdom come through in a way sure to hold the interest of seekers of any generation.

DVDs that are purchased with Rose Publications are in NTSC format. NTSC formats are used in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and parts of South America. Europe and other areas of the world use PAL format for DVDs. If you live in a PAL format region and are purchasing DVDs from Rose Publications, please check the availability of NTSC format on your DVD player and television set since most new PAL DVD players and television sets will play NTSC format. $30.00


Rose Psychology

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