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  3. Propaganda: Power And Persuasion at The British Library. los eventos de este lugar: 17 mayo 2013 a17 septiembre 2013: ... British Library: Más información en ... - En caché
  4. Propaganda: Power and Persuasion, British Library A thought-provoking exhibition looking at ways in which the state seeks to wield its influence - En caché
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  6. Publication shows how world governments, since the Ancient Greeks, have used propaganda to influence the way we think. Book focuses mainly on the 20th and 21st centuries. - En caché
  7. Exhibition review: Propaganda: Power and Persuasion (British Library, London) 3.00. ... But as a new exhibition at the British Library suggests, propaganda, ... - En caché
  8. The major new exhibition at the British Library offers some compelling insights into how the power of text and ... Propaganda: Power and Persuasion, British ... - En caché
  9. From the iconic depictions of Margaret Thatcher as Napolean, to the representation of the Olympics, propaganda comes in many forms and affects us all on a daily basis. - En caché
  10. The News Line Saturday May 25 2013 PAGE 7 . PROPAGANDA: POWER AND PERSUASION . BY A GUEST REVIEWER . Propaganda: Power and Persuasion British Library, Euston ... - En caché