An overview of Sequential-Eternal-Monotheistic-Holism (updated 1/15/2011)

by David M. Petersen

All religions are attempting to describe the same "Supreme Being."

This Supreme Being is a completely integrated part of the universe.

The universe is half organized and half chaotic at every level.

The universe is both a 'sequence of interactive three dimensional events' and an 'eternal four dimensional energy structure' at the same time - an existence similar to the so-called wave-particle duality observed in quantum physics.

Individual freewill is a deep-rooted and completely necessary part of this total interactive energy system.

The universe is an integrated series of physical systems, including consciousness, that are "spun" around nonexistence (absolute nothing) and interconnected.

The definition of physical energy should therefore be expanded to include consciousness.

The fact that consciousness is physical energy in no way detracts from its intrinsic spirituality.

There is life in other galaxies at around the same stage of evolution as we are, and when viewed as an unfolding three dimensional energy structure this entire universe is evolving into the Supreme Being, which in reality is the 'Super-Conscious Unity' of all the energy in the universe.

The true connection with the Super-Conscious Unity is through the (well documented) mystical experience.

Everyone and everything is absolutely necessary for the entire system to exist at all.

There is a form of eternal life but not eternal consciousness for us, there is only eternal consciousness for the Super-Conscious Unity. However, this eternal life state is more real than we can imagine.

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