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About this word

(Primal Substance) 

Partiki or Primal Substance are units of conscious energy that exist as omni-polar points of fixed vibration.

Partiki units are omni-polar (containing the polarities for all polarities or none) units of vibrating energy that perpetually cycle back and forth between a state of BI-POLAR LIGHT RADIATION (scalar-standing-waves) and OMNI-POLAR SOUND VIBRATION.

Partiki units are the smallest building blocks of matter, and they form the template upon which consciousness in all forms enters manifestation.

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course– Page 12)

One of the 6 primary elements in the Science of Keylonta.

A Partiki  (an Ultra-Micro Particle) is an electro-magnetic energy (Conscious) unit and are the organizational intelligence and operational "life-force fuel" behind and within all manifestations and consciousness.

Partiki operate as a minute self-regenerating "fission-fusion generators." Through the dynamics of their interaction they create and maintain the electromagnetic fields of sound frequency and light spectra of which the cosmos is composed.

It is the smallest unit of energy in the cosmos (one could find 800 billion billion Partiki units in an average 3-dimensional photon). They exist within and beyond all particle and matter structures and represent the "divine substance" out of which the cosmos is composed.

Partiki are the primary units of energy that form all matter, anti-matter, pre-matter and non-matter substance.

Partiki units are OMNI-POLAR (containing the potentials for all polarities or none - positive-negative-neutral).

Through interior polarization and replication, created through self-generated fission and fusion, Partiki manufacture two intrinsic sub-unit of crystalline morphogenetic substance that serve as blueprints for rhythms of pulsation through which particles (Particum) and anti-particles manifest (Partika).

Each Partiki perpetually breaks down into Particum and Partika, particle and anti-particle, while simultaneously replicating the original Partiki, through the act of internal fission.

The replication serves to retain the pattern of the original, while the Particum and the Partika serve to draw other Partiki units from the Unified Field.

The Particum and Partika are them magnetically drawn back together in an act of fusion, through which they merge with the replica of the original Partiki out of which they were created.

Partiki can be viewed in spiritual terms as units of the identity of God, the central creative source.

All things are composed of Partiki and thus all things, beings and consciousness are intrinsically holy, as they are composed of and united through the eternal substance of God. (See: Primal Order)

(Voyagers II – Page 453) 

They are electrotonal unit of energy identity that emanates from the central source called the Yunasai. (God) They operate as minute fission-fusion generators. They maintain the electromagnetic frequency fields upon which the Universe and all structure are built. They exist within and beyond our matter forms, pre-matter and anti-matter and consciousness. They form and sustain something called Morphogenetic (form holding) Fields (Electromagnetic Fields) for all forms and sub-particles. Everything has a morphogenetic field because everything is composed of these basic units called Partiki. A morphogenetic field is a basic energy field, energy structure behind a manifest form, which allows that manifest form to keep its shape. Everything in the universe has one. They are groups of Partiki units that form those morphogenetic fields. (Even a Partiki represents a morphogenetic field by itself)

They are the organization intelligence within all things. In spiritual terms they are living units of conscious identity and energy. Partiki are the consciousness of the Yunasai, or what is commonly called God. We are made of the substance of God.

It has to be understood that Partiki are not just energy units, they are conscious identity units and when they are grouped they form different types of consciousness. They don’t “think” the way we do but we “think” because we are composed of them. They are a continuous and direct connection to the centralized source of all creation that we call God. And our existence takes place within IT. IT is not out there somewhere. All of reality takes place within IT.

Knowing this through Keylontic Science we understand and know that spirituality and our spiritual identity are as real as our leg or our arm because they are composed of the same substance, of the same particles, and these particles are Partiki.

When you think a thought, you use Partiki and create a morphogenetic field and you plug it into the already existing morphogenetic fields.

There are two types of sub particles that are formed from the Partiki.

The first one, called Particum. (PKM) It’s a Partiki unit but the Particum Partiki is slower moving and contains half of the electrotonal (which is electrified sound trust or force) of its twin Partiki sub unit. (It pulsates half as fast). They make up the particles in our universe, the sub-atomic units that we know of are composed of Particum-Partiki units.

The other Partiki sub particle are called Partika. (PKA) These are anti-particles of the particles that we are composed of. This implies the existence of a parallel universe, and therefore a parallel self. Partika-Partiki vibrates twice as fast as the Particum-Partiki units. These two universes are intimately intertwined, they are taking place in the same space put on different pulsating rates of consciousness, so we perceive one set of pulses here but we don’t see the other and vice-versa. 

Partiki Cycle: (Cycling or Partiki Phasing) A Partiki unit, the unit of electrotonal pulse that emanates or comes out from the Yunasai, get projected into the 15 dimensional structure universe system and when intercepts with the 15 dimensional system it undergoes fission and it breaks apart and replicates itself into two pieces, the Particum particle and the Partika anti-particle at the same time, one goes to our universe and the other to the parallel universe. Then they return back to the original Partika unit, through fusion,  creating a back flow of energy that return to the Yunasai. This flashing on and off, creates a particular pulsating rhythm or cycle that is very, very fast.

Also called Partiki Phasing rhythms or Partiki Pulsation rhythms- that is - rhythms of expansion and contraction of energy.

(The Amenti Series 1 Classes - DVD 1)

Consciousness in the form of Partiki Units is the PRIMAL SUBSTANCE of which the cosmos is structured and Partiki Phasing is the perpetual PRIMAL ACT of reciprocal fission and fusion through which PRIMAL SUBSTANCE is brought into manifestation.

The mathematical and geometrical interrelationships of energy that consciousness takes in order to enter the holographically projected experience of external space, time, matter and individuation is the PRIMAL ORDER.

(Masters Templar Stewardship Initiative - Page 19)



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