Missile hits world trade center!


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  • this should be changed to plane hits world trade center

  • The missle is under the planes dickhead the 'extra' equipment which boeing refused to comment on. As for the guy saying the missle would have had a 'bigger explosion.. They were deployed mili seconds before the aircraft hit the towers.

  • your missile has awfully large wings

  • @nelil101 it was 2 767s i believe...

  • this should have wayyyyyyy more views

  • Wake up sheep

  • you dman fuck, it wasnt a missile it was a fuckingairplane you motherfuccker

  • "a FOX reporter" I loled!

  • at 1:00 that flash was a reflection of the sun off the cockpit and onto the tower,

    it's funny how some truthers (people who only want their opinion to be the truth) claim that it was a missile that hit the south tower even though most of the world witnessed that it was flight 175, and yet he will probably claim that there were planted explosives based on eyewitnesses that can't I.D. what they heard. talk about a conspiracy. the truth movement is the only conspiracy.

  • at 1:30 the "missile" so called has jet ingenes and bigger wings! are u stupid?!!!

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