Julian Isaacs: The Mind-Body Problem (excerpt) - Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove


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Subido por el 01/09/2011

NOTE: This is an excerpt from a 30-minute DVD.

Most brain researchers believe we will eventually explain the mind in terms of neurological functioning. According to Dr. Julian Isaacs, Ph.D., an applied psychologist, this materialist view is inconsistent with the evidence of parapsychology. New developments in areas such as theoretical physics, says Dr. Isaacs, may eventually lead to an understanding of the common ground connecting mind and matter.


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  • so even a simple a process as lifting your arm is actually an incomprehensibly complex process.


  • What I find to be curious is that much of this theory has a strong ring of truth to it. If indeed we are co-creators, and if I am partly responsible for the reality that I exist within, then I would hope that I had better taste and a higher degree of integrity. If I am a co-creator then I'm a slacker.

  • fascinating!

    thanks for sharing


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