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Excerpt from Chapter Seven
of the Book

Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

Copyright © 1998 by Raphael. All rights reserved.


The Law of Spiritual Energy Force






      I find whatever God creates stands unchanged, nothing can be added to it and nothing can be taken from it.  Mankind stands in awe of what God has created.         

      Most of you seem to assume that only the world of matter is subject to laws.  You are mistaken, because God is a God of system and of law in all Creation, terrestrial or spiritual.  In His doings He observes the laws which He Himself made, and disregards none of them. 

      Therefore, spirits too must observe the God-given laws of Nature whenever they wish to communicate with the world of matter.  This is true of the good spirit world as well as of the evil. 

      You are in the habit of calling everything a "miracle", unless you can bring it to conform with Nature's laws, as you know them.  For those familiar with the forces acting in the world of matter and in the spirit world, there is no such thing as a "miracle", because everything happens according to the same immutable laws, not one of which supersedes nor conflicts with another. 

      If you raise a stone with your hand, the law of gravitation acting on the stone is not thereby set aside, but is overcome by a greater force.  If however, a stone were raised by a hand invisible to you, you would consider that a miracle because you do not see the force, and would think the stone was rising of its own volition.  And yet a force that causes the stone to be lifted must be present in either case.  Whether or not you can see the force does not affect the operation itself.  In either case the force of gravitation acting on the stone is overcome by a superior force. 

      In consequence of the laws enacted by His own omnipotence, God Himself cannot make a stone raise itself by its own efforts.  He might have made the laws governing matter differently from what He did, but having made them as they are, He must, even when only the lifting of a stone is involved, permit the action of a force upon that stone greater than that of gravitation. 

      The same thing is true in all fields, nor is there anything "miraculous" in the fact that the spirit world should communicate and speak with mankind.  Whenever a good spirit speaks to you through a medium it does so according to fixed laws which it is bound to observe and which would have to be observed equally by any evil spirit which might desire to speak through him. 

      Consider the mechanism of telephones.  How many of Nature's laws must be complied with before you can use these for speaking.  You must have a current.  Wires and other parts required to transmit speech and adapted to the laws of acoustics and electricity must be installed, and these laws apply, whether the instrument is used by a good citizen or by a criminal. 

      In order that you may understand the things that you will witness in connection with spirit communication, it is essential that you learn the more important laws involved in the communication between the spirit world and material Creation.  When you have grasped these, you will be able to understand most of what you will encounter in this field, things for which you or even scientists have not yet succeeded in finding an explanation. 

     I will now teach you the truths concerning the Law of the Spiritual Energy Force. 

      Because of their different natures, spirit and substance cannot react upon each other directly.  Not even your own spirit is capable by itself of imparting activity to a limb or organ of your body.  You are not able to lift your body erect, or to raise your hands, or to produce a sound from your organs of speech by your own efforts.  For the purposes I have mentioned, your spirit, requires a power-current. 

      In a similar way, an engineer requires a constant supply of power furnished by steam or electricity if his engine is to operate.  If that supply is lacking or is inadequate, his engine will stand still. 

      In your case it is the spirit which is the engineer and its' engine is the body or the substance.  If the substance is to be set in motion by the spirit, a supply of power is necessary. 

     The knowledgeable people of old called this power-current the soul as distinguished from mankind's spirit and from the mind and body.  Therefore, they taught, quite correctly, that man is made up of spirit, mind, soul and body. 

      Knowledgeable people of today speak of the power-current in humans as the "spiritual energy force". 

     This spiritual energy or vital force exists in and about all things created by God.  It is found in every human being, in every animal, in every plant, in every stone, in every mineral, in all water, in every star, in every spirit and in all other existing things.  It is nothing material, but is spiritual and is always associated with a spirit.  It is the vital force of the spirit, which is always its conveyor.  Wherever there is life, there is this force, and wherever there is this force, there also is a spirit.  Since this spiritual energy exists in and about all things created by God and is always associated with a spirit, it follows that every created thing harbors a spirit. 

      That may seem incredible to you, but it is true. 

      Any spirit associated with a material body possesses, first of all, the spiritual energy force required for its own existence as a spirit, and next, sufficient additional spiritual energy force to induce life, growth and activity in the terrestrial body.  To make use of an adequate analogy, a steam locomotive requires a certain amount of steam power to enable it to travel alone and a certain amount in addition to the first to enable it to draw the train that is coupled to it. 

      The train coupled to your spirit is your body, for which your spirit requires additional spiritual energy power to move it. 

      However, the spiritual energy allotted to the body differs from that allotted to the spirit, since anything intended to react upon substance must be assimilated and adapted to it to some extent, consequently, the spiritual energy of the bodies of humans on Earth is less spiritual, or ethereal, than that of the spirits inhabiting them. 

      The physical spiritual energy resembles your terrestrial power-currents, which are neither purely material nor purely spiritual.  Their true nature is unknown to you although their effect comes within range of your daily experience.  For your terrestrial power-currents you employ material conductors designed to carry a current of the strength best suited to your needs.  You have machines and factories of all kinds whose operation requires current of a certain strength.  If the current is too powerful, it will destroy your machine.  If it is too feeble, your factory will stop running. 

      In a like manner the spiritual energy current of all physical beings is carried by a conductor through the body and all of its wonderful parts, which are called organs, in a strength necessary for the purpose intended.  If that current exerts too powerful an effect on a given organ, it will derange the same.  If it is too feeble, the functions of the organ cease.  In the case of spiritual energy the conductor is the blood.  If the conductor is destroyed by loss or decomposition of blood, the spiritual energy current ceases, just as your power-currents cease to flow when your conducting wires are damaged by outside agencies or by disintegration.  As blood acts as conductor for the spiritual energy, physical life without blood is impossible. 

      The physical spiritual energy is not created by the spirit of the respective body, but is derived from the food taken into that body. 

      In order that you may understand what I will additionally say about spiritual energy, I must give you an explanation of the nature of substance.  Have you ever thought of how the bodies of living organisms are formed?  Consider your own body and its growth.  Was it built up, by any chance, by additions of finished substance, as a house is built by placing one stone upon another?  You know for yourself that it was not.  The body is nothing but spiritual energy condensed into substance and this is true of all bodies, not only those of human beings, but of those of animals, plants and minerals.  Their growth and their taking material shape are subject to the same laws of spiritual energy condensation. 

      The spiritual energy of individual material organisms represents a mixture of spiritual energies of the most varied strength and kinds, produced by wonderful laws unknown to you.  In mankind, this mixture is different from that found in animals, in animals, different from that found in plants, and in plants, different from that found in minerals.  This difference is not only between the primary groups of Nature, but between individual organisms within the same group.  Accordingly, the spiritual energy composition of the various human races differs, that of the Black is not the same as that of the White or of the Red, and again, the Brown and the Yellow differ from each other as well as the rest.  Also, not all members of a particular race have the same spiritual energy composition.  Every individual has his or her spiritual energy composition, which is not the same in any two human beings, and the same thing applies to beasts, plants and minerals. 

      Since the physical structure of a living organism consists of the condensation of the spiritual energy compound peculiar to that organism, each body has its own individual properties.  Flesh, bones, nails, hair, and all other parts of the body have their distinctive characteristics that are governed by the spiritual energy composition of the individual in question. 

      To you it is one of Nature's deep secrets how it is possible for spiritual energy, which exists in an ethereal form and is invisible to you, to be condensed into tangible matter.  The fact that such things are possible you know from your own experience, because you can see that your body does not grow by the direct application to it of finished substances.  You know that the acorn does not grow into the oak by continued increments of wood attached to its surface, but that its growth represents a process taking place within the organism, although to you this process is inexplicable. 

      You know that the food that you eat does not attach itself to the inner surfaces of your body and promote growth in that way, but that something grows into all parts, great and small, of your entire frame, consolidating into flesh, bone, nails, hair and other tissue and by this consolidating becomes substance.  That "something", which is unknown to you, is spiritual energy. 

      Where does this spiritual energy come from, which is so necessary for the formation and support of all living beings? 

      You yourself know, if you stop to think, what the needs of your physical existence are, you require air, water and food.  But not everything present in air, water or food can be utilized by the body.  Above all, not every ingredient of these substances can be assimilated by the various parts of your body in the shape in which it occurs in the air, the water or the food, that is to say, not in the same material shape.  Even air is matter.  Everything must first be converted into an etherealized shape, and conducted in the form of spiritual energy to the parts and particles of the body. 

      The conversion of the material forms of nourishment into spiritual energy happens in your body during the process of digestion.  The air that you breathe represents a material mixture of spiritual energy from which your lungs extract only those portions of the air that your body requires, exhaling those that it cannot use, in the process of breathing. 

      Water also has a spiritual energy composition of its own.  The spiritual energy of water is that which is needed most of all by the bodies of humans, animals and plants, because these are chiefly the condensed products of the spiritual energy taken from water.  For that reason, water spiritual energy predominates in the foods derived from the plant and animal kingdoms, so that when this food is taken into the system, the necessary quantity of water spiritual energy is generally present also.  Owing to the fact that the spiritual energy of water plays so important a role in all bodies, they cannot go without it for any great length of time.  Professional fasters may be able to do without solid food for weeks on end, but if they were deprived of water for more than a few days they would quickly die.  For the same reason animals and plants perish when denied the spiritual energy of water for a prolonged period. 

      Now you understand why the tortures of thirst are the greatest that any living being can experience, they represent death in its most painful form. 

      The spiritual energy of the air does not enter into the structure of the body to the same extent, but is used primarily to build up the various currents which effect the disintegration of food and its conversion into spiritual energy, to mix the various kinds of spiritual energy and to bring about their ultimate condensation into matter.  All disintegration is caused by hot spiritual energy currents and all condensation by cold ones.  For this reason you cannot live more than a few moments if deprived of the aerial spiritual energy, because where this is absent, all other spiritual energy activity ceases automatically. 

      There still remains to be answered the question, where does the spiritual energy found in air, water and food come from?  It comes from the Earth, which as a heavenly body possesses a supply of spiritual energy mixture and has the power to radiate this mixture that contains every kind of spiritual energy required for the support of all life on Earth.  The terrestrial spiritual energy consists of the spiritual energy peculiar to the Earth as a heavenly body and in addition to this the Earth receives by radiation into its own spiritual energy mixture that of all other heavenly bodies within range.  Each of these heavenly bodies has a specific spiritual energy peculiar to itself, of a nature and composition not found in that of any other heavenly body. 

      According to the position of these heavenly bodies with respect to the Earth, their spiritual energy radiation will be of a smaller or a greater effect upon it, and since this position to each other changes every second, the spiritual energy radiation sent by these bodies to the Earth, will vary accordingly. 

      The mingling of the spiritual energy of the Earth with that of the heavenly bodies around it is of the greatest importance to life and growth upon Earth. 

      You must remember that every kind of spiritual energy possesses powers peculiar to itself.  To the extent then that an infant at the moment of its birth is subjected to the influence of the spiritual energy of one or more heavenly bodies, to that extent will the infant's own spiritual energy composition be affected.  At the time of birth, before the first breath, this composition is still fairly neutral, but at that instant of the first breath, it is given a fixed permanent trend by the spiritual energy radiation and mixtures acting upon it. 

      If now a certain kind of spiritual energy represents the main component of the whole, it will determine the infant's growth and development for all time, and since the different kinds of spiritual energy produce each a characteristic type of vitality, the characteristic of the predominant spiritual energy component will give to the infant a definite individual physique and an individual behavior. 

      Therefore, it is neither superstition nor idle fancy to assume that a person's physical, mental and moral attributes can be foretold if the moment of his first breath at birth is known.  The influence of the spiritual energy mixture of the heavenly bodies on your life upon Earth, upon your vital energy, your character and your temperament, is much greater than you realize.  You yourselves have a saying, "He was born under a lucky or an unlucky star", which means that you are referring to the effect exerted by the spiritual energy radiation of a heavenly body on living beings at the moment of their birth. 

      All this is so closely related to the great questions of the fate of men and women that I could not refrain entirely from speaking of it. 

      All bodies of terrestrial beings are condensed spiritual energy, derived from the spiritual energy radiation of the Earth and that of its surrounding heavenly bodies.

      As you can clearly see, the divine science of Astrology is very important in understanding your destiny.  I could write an interesting book on this subject, and in the future I will, but in this book I will state a few important facts that will enable you who are interested in Astrology to practice it correctly. 

      The truth of Astrology is based upon the fact that everything in our Universe, in our galaxy, and in our solar system is connected through the spiritual energy force emanating from each heavenly body.  Since each heavenly body has a different mixture of spiritual energy, they all have individual characteristics, and produces an infinite number of specific effects upon life on Earth, as well as all other surrounding, in range, heavenly bodies.  Through many thousands of years wise men and women have observed the various celestial configurations and recorded the effects that these produce in both the lives of individuals, as well as destinies of nations.  Many different branches of Astrology have developed, including Natal, Medical, Event, and Mundane or World Affairs Astrology. 

     Without a complete and accurate astrological analysis it is impossible to understand yourself or your destiny.  Other benefits of Astrology include discovering what your talents and weakness are, understanding and having success in relationships, including marriage and raising children harmoniously and spiritually correctly. 

      Although the astrological forces do not control your free will, they do influence it greatly.  So as you can see each lifetime on Earth is composed of a combination of past life "karma", your divine destiny, which includes your Astrological destiny, and your free will decisions. 

      One more thing I find necessary to say is that the Astrology practiced in most countries in the Western Hemisphere contains many errors.  The most important mistake is in the drawing up of the chart used by these western astrologers.  Because of the separation of Astronomy from Astrology in Europe by the Catholic Church in the 1500's, the astrological charts used by western astrologers are astronomically incorrect.  Without going into a lot of detail, the correct way to draw up an Astrological chart is exactly the same way an astronomer would draw up a map of the heavenly bodies for that particular time in question.  Western astrologers do not do this.  The Astrology that is practiced in India is the closest to the correct form; it is called Vedic or Sidereal Astrology, but here too you will find mistakes, not in the way the charts are drawn up, but in the way they are interpreted.  I call the correct form of Astrology, which I practice, Constellational Astrology.

     Now back to my teaching concerning the spiritual energy force.  An example taken from Nature will illustrate to you the process of disintegration and condensation. 

            You know that under the influence of heat the moisture from the land and waters evaporates by stages generally imperceptible to your eyes.  At a certain height above the Earth, the vapor, which was invisible at lower levels, is condensed into a thin, barely perceptible mist, as condensation progresses, this mist becomes distinctly visible as a cloud, which grows denser and denser under the influence of cold, until, after being condensed beyond a certain point, it falls to the ground as rain or snow.  If the water is chilled still further, it is condensed into ice and becomes a solid.  Here you have the condensation, step by step, of an ethereal substance invisible to your eyes into solid matter, which you cannot only see and touch, but which possesses also considerable resistance.  In this way the ice which covers ponds, lakes and rivers is solidified water, of the same composition and distinctive properties as the water from which it is formed and which in turn is condensed vapor. 


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