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AMNHorg 15 de diciembre de 2009The Known Universe takes viewers from the Himalayas through our atmosphere and the inky black of space to the af...
AMNHorg 15 de diciembre de 2009The Known Universe takes viewers from the Himalayas through our atmosphere and the inky black of space to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Every star, planet, and quasar seen in the film is possible because of the world's most complete four-dimensional map of the universe, the Digital Universe Atlas that is maintained and updated by astrophysicists at the American Museum of Natural History. The new film, created by the Museum, is part of an exhibition, Visions of the Cosmos: From the Milky Ocean to an Evolving Universe, at the Rubin Museum of Art in Manhattan through May 2010.

Data: Digital Universe, American Museum of Natural History

Visualization Software: Uniview by SCISS

Director: Carter Emmart
Curator: Ben R. Oppenheimer
Producer: Michael Hoffman
Executive Producer: Ro Kinzler
Co-Executive Producer: Martin Brauen
Manager, Digital Universe Atlas: Brian Abbott

Music: Suke Cerulo

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  • The Science of 'Journey to the Stars'5:11Se ha añadido a la cola
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  • Koyukonn and we will never get to explore any of those planets in our lifetime... hace 1 hora
  • chastan7 pause it at 0:56 and look at the clouds, 3 clouds look like the spell out the word ICE!
    hace 2 horas
  • dogonfire Wait - isn't the earth only a few thousand years old? Umm - and fossils planted in the earth's crust by the devil to trick us? And isn't Tibet part of China? Strangely, I am reminded of how petty and moronic people can be by this clip. hace 3 horas
  • lancethrustworthy It makes me laugh when I see how very very tiny we are in comparison to all there is. We're SO wrapped up in the senseless greedy heartless doings of various folk, and don't remember that we're essentially nothing and should be pleased with our brief time being an organized sentient blob of organic compounds. hace 3 horas
  • lancethrustworthy This is one of my favoritest! hace 3 horas
  • whateverweed666 really give u an idea about how little we are, and how BIG the universe is!
    awesome! :)
    hace 4 horas
  • HarshColby @ZXUL23 What was shown in the video is the edge of what we can see, not the edge of the universe. hace 4 horas
  • HarshColby @logicCplusplus We are at the center of the known universe. This is because we can see only as far as light has had time to travel. The whole universe is larger than the part we can see. Unfortunately, the known universe is expanding faster that light, so we'll never see more galaxies than we can see right now. hace 4 horas
  • gmcrocket what a really motivational video hace 4 horas
  • logicCplusplus Looks like this puts us in the center of the universe. hace 10 horas
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