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Ignacio Darnaude Rojas - Marcos
Cabeza del Rey Don Pedro , 9 ( 2º B )
41004 - Sevilla ( Spain )
e-mail :
Página Web (URL /Website ) :

                Dear Sirs ,

                Please first realize this unexpectod request
is not a routine petition at all , but an old unresolved
soul?problem to the writer , a graduated in Economics and by
the way enamoured of Mathematics , his second lifelong love
affair. ( He is , too , fallen in love with some
imaginable sort of solution to the handsome exponential
equation “A elevated to x + B
elevated to x = C ” ). ( A ^x + B
^x = C ).

                I am extremely interested in finding
finally, after many years of fruitless search , the rather
arcane answer to my personal “Fermat Last Theorem” , I
think an easy task for Euler or Galois : the
mysterious integral
which reads as follows :

"Indefinite integral of X elevated to x by
differential x" [ Integral X power x dx
][Integral X to the power x dx ]

S X ^ x dx

               In other words I am looking for some elusive
antiderivative algebraical function that , derived , result
into a beautifully complex and elegant
potential?exponential expression : X elevated to
x. [ X ^ x ].

              Be sure this remote friend Ignacio would be
delighted if you wisely make the Sevillian happy by means
of forwarding him his keenly wanted explanation of
this damned integral , send him the address of possible
academic sources of information ( the most prestigious
worldwide university departments especialized in Math ) ,
or specific bibliography dealing with the above mentioned
“Integral of X elevetad to x differential x”
: S X ^ x dx .

[ In respect to the above mentioned integral S X^x dx ,
I refer to the paper by Robert H.Risch The problem of
integration in finite terms ( Transactions of the
American Mathematical Society , Vol. 139 , ( 1969 ) ,
pages 167-189 ) ].


         I remain mathematically and of course humanly
grateful to you for such an integral informative favour.

         With my warmest regards

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