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Ignacio   Darnaude   Rojas - Marcos

Cabeza  del  Rey  Don  Pedro , 9  (    B  )

41004   -   Sevilla     ( Spain )

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March  28th  2002



European Mathematical Society







                Dear Sirs ,





                Please first realize this unexpectod request is not a routine petition at all , but an old unresolved soul‑problem to the writer , a graduated in Economics and by the way enamoured of Mathematics , his second lifelong love affair.    ( He is , too , fallen in love with some imaginable  sort of solution to the handsome exponential equation             “A   elevated to   x   +    B   elevated to    x      =      C ”  ).  





                I am         extremely interested          in finding finally, after many years of fruitless search , the rather arcane answer to my personal   “Fermat  Last  Theorem”  ,  I          think an easy task for  Euler   or   Galois    :     the mysterious integral

which reads as follows    :                                 



"Indefinite  integral  of      X     elevated  to    x     by  differential     x"  :                    




S  X   dx





               In other words I am looking for some elusive primitive algebraical function that , derived , result into a beautifully complex and elegant  potential‑exponential  expression   :    X   elevated to   x.










               Be sure this remote friend Ignacio would be delighted if you wisely make the  Sevillian  happy by means of forwarding him his keenly wanted explanation of this         damned integral , send him the address of possible academic sources of information  ( the most prestigious worldwide university departments especialized in  Math )         , or specific bibliography dealing with the above mentioned                   “Integral of    X    elevetad to    x     differential    x”.





               I remain mathematically and of course humanly grateful to you for such an integral informative favour.





                With my warmest regards




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