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  Excerpt from Chapter Seventeen
of the Book

Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

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True History of the Universe & Planet Earth  




      According to reliable information from spiritually and technologically advanced human extraterrestrials, the age of our Universe is 46 trillion years, which you can see is a much older age than the 8-14 billion years that Earth scientists give it.  These 46 trillion years refers to its actual origin in the form of the first gases.  The Sun of our Solar System is 1 trillion and 730 billion years old and a by-product of the creation of the Milky Way galaxy, whose origin dates back to 1 trillion 911 billion years. 

      Our entire solar system orbits the center of the Milky Way galaxy once every 225 million years. 

      Planet Earth is approximately 646 billion years old, once again calculated from its first gaseous state.  It completely solidified 5 billion years ago, so it took 641 billion years for this process. 

      Immediately after the Earth solidified, Immanuel and God created the various forms of mineral, plant and animal life.  Then shortly thereafter they created the first physical bodies for human beings on Earth, which means this happened approximately 5 billion years ago.  This Earth human race which quickly developed was soon visited and influenced by space-traveling human races from other planets and galaxies.  Inter-marriage among all of these various human races soon took place and great ancient civilizations such as Oz, Lumeria, Mu, and Atlantis were produced.  Human history actually goes back billions of years on Earth with the original Earth humans mixing with humans whose origins were in the Lyran and Sirian star systems at various times.  Many Earth humans are descendants of two different kinds of highly technologically advanced extraterrestrials.  One group was warlike humans who long ago explored the deep reaches of space.  They colonized, they plundered, and in some cases such as here, they genetically manipulated the existing human race of a planet. 

      The humans on Earth were deliberately genetically engineered by the extraterrestrial humans to be aggressive fighters for the more advanced races of the Sirian system with deliberately genetically limited life spans of less than 100 years.  The Earth humans were so limited so as to protect the much longer-lived extraterrestrials from being overthrown through an uprising.  Ultimately that genetic manipulation was spread to every terrestrial human inhabitant, and conditions us to this day.  Earth scientists are within reach of finding, and reversing, this limiting aging gene and a second gene that controls anger, aggressiveness and war-like tendencies.  We will regain the multi-hundred year life spans, even to two and three thousand year life spans, in the near future and regain a balanced and peaceful existence on Earth. 

      The ancient civilizations lasted from hundreds of thousands of years to millions of years, and were of a much higher technological and spiritual advancement than the present so-called "civilization". Due to wars and catastrophic Earth changes such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods, very little remains from these ancient societies except for a few ancient cities and edifices scattered around the world, all of the ancient pyramids being examples of this. 

      These pyramids which are found around the world, without exception, were all built approximately 73,342 years ago.  At that time planet Earth was 152.5 million kilometers from the Sun.  The pyramids were originally covered with a thick layer of limestone and mortar and because of this were higher than today when built.  At the time of its completion the pyramid of Cheops was 152.5 meters tall, one meter representing one million kilometers of the distance from the Earth to the Sun.  All of these pyramids of very ancient times were built by human beings of extraterrestrial origin.  These people came from the constellation Orion.  The Egyptian pyramids show proof of this because they represent in their configuration an image of the belt of Orion.  Also, the Sphinx is positioned in the direction of the constellation Leo and therefore has the body of a lion. 

      Over the course of thousands of years the outer layers of the pyramids were removed and used in the construction of other structures and erosion also took its toll on the shape and appearance of the original structures.  The purpose of the pyramids changed many times and they were finally used as burial sites and cult temples.  The hieroglyphs found written on them date back only to 2000-13,000 years ago. 

      These ancient pyramids were linked with huge underground rooms that formed underground villages that served as a place of safety from danger, including danger from outer space. 

      The "Great Flood" of the Bible took place exactly 10,102 years ago (from 1998).  It was caused by a giant comet that displaced planet Earth from its orbit and changed its period and direction of revolution creating a worldwide catastrophe.  At that time the Earth day was more than 40 hours long and the Sun did not rise in the east.  Similar Earth changes have taken place two other times since the Great Flood, but with lesser effects.  The last of these happened 3,523 years ago.  This gigantic comet has been traveling through the Universe since very ancient times and it is called the "Destroyer".  It has an orbit of 575.5 years and will come dangerously close to the Earth in 2255.  The last time it came close to the Earth was in 1680.  It did not come close enough to cause any major changes.  But 10,102 years ago it came so close to Earth that it nearly destroyed it. 


The "Birth" of Venus


      Exactly 3,476 years ago (from 1998) the "Destroyer" did come close enough to cause many major changes on Earth and in the Solar System.  At that time occurred an event seldom seen in the Universe, the transplantation of a planet from one solar system to another.  This planet was thrown from its orbit and pushed into cosmic space, where it ran parallel and slightly behind the "Destroyer" for more than 130 years.  Then 3,476 years ago this giant comet penetrated our solar system and changed the planetary orbits.  Passing close to Earth, it covered her in its vast trail and disturbed her greatly. 

      Gigantic storms and volcanic eruptions were produced.  Humans and animals died in great numbers, mountain ranges were leveled and the depths of the oceans were changed.  The walls of the volcano Santorini, which is on an island in the Mediterranean, were torn open and large quantities of water entered.  This produced a huge catastrophe because the volcano exploded and destroyed the island.  This explosion caused a huge tsunami that grew up to 2000 meters high and the waters were red from the blood of all those killed on the island.  In Egypt this tsunami inundated large areas and caused widespread epidemics, while the gigantic wave came back over the eastern shores of present day Syria and destroyed all of the harbors, cities and the landscape in its path. 

      The "Destroyer" shot through our solar system and rushed out into the cosmos again, to return in another 575.5 years.  In its trail this time followed the displaced planet, one about the size of the Earth that was captured by the gravity field of the Sun.  This huge and powerful force guided this planet into orbit between Mercury and Earth.  Since then, this transplanted planet is known to people on Earth as the planet Venus. 

      This event was called the "birth" of Venus by Mayan astronomers and is the day from which they began their calendar because the changes in our solar system were so great that they refer to this change as the "new heavens". 


The "Birth" of the Moon


      The "Destroyer" also brought along the Moon, a small planet from a distant solar system, on one of its passes through our solar system millions of years ago.  The Earth's Moon originated as a small planet 4.5 million years before the Earth solidified, in a solar system near the ecliptic of the Milky Way.  The "Destroyer" passed through that system causing great destruction on a beautiful planet where human beings lived, destroying two thirds of the population and forcing the survivors into a primeval state of existence completely destitute of culture. 

            The gigantic comet continued to rush through that solar system on a collision course with one of its smaller planets but before they could collide, huge explosions shattered the planet.  A large piece of that planet was carried by the "Destroyer" in its trail for hundreds of years.  It was shaken and struck by huge meteors changing its form over the centuries into a round shape.  As the "Destroyer" came close to the Earth again, the forces of the Earth were enough to tie this tiny planet to it as a new satellite on a constantly changing elliptical orbit.  Since then it orbits the Earth as the Moon, 4.5 million years older than the Earth. 

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