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The Dramatic Universe, 4 Volume Set
Quantity in Basket: none
Price: $130.00
Shipping Weight: 4.75 pounds

Of the 30 or so books written by John Bennett the 4 volume Dramatic Universe is considered to be his magnum opus. In it he set himself the aim of bringing "the whole of human experience... into a coherent system capable of apprehension by... the human mind". This was not just an academic exercise, but rather a vital first step in order to answer the questions now confronting humanity of why is it that men and women exist on this earth and what values should guide our actions.

With each passing headline about terrorism, war, overpopulation, the earth's dwindling resources,and so on the fragmented guidance of religion, science, and politics is revealed to be inadequate. Through his original and creative work in bringing ALL aspects of human knowledge (science, religion, psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, cosmology, etc.) into one coherent framework Bennett sets the stage for developing an effective and comprehensive answer to these questions. And... he doesn't stop there.

His insights into the three different kinds of time, his twelve level scheme of energies, his exposition of the laws of will and the relationship of different worlds, his development of the fundamental triad of FACT, VALUE, and HARMONY, and his very thorough treatment of history (just to name a few of his ideas) all contribute to a comprehensive and pragmatic understanding of the human condition.

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