by David Hatcher Childress



Table of Contents

  1. Mapping The World Grid by David Hatcher Childress

  2. The Planetary Grid - A New Synthesis by William Becker and Beth Hagens

  3. Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes by Richard LeFors Clark

  4. The Mathematics Of The World Grid by Bruce Cathie

  5. The Philadelphia Experiment by Harry Osoff and Bruce Cathie

  6. Ley Lines and The Meaning Of Adam by Richard Leviton and Robert Coons

  7. International Harmony Based Upon A Music Of Planetary Grid Systems by Barbara Hero

  8. Acoustic Levitation Of Stones by Bruce Cathie

  9. Scalar Waves and Tesla Shields - Nikola Tesla - Father Of "Star Wars"?

  10. More Anti-Gravity Patents

  11. More Headlines From The Past, Present And Future - or, I Married An Alien

  12. The Anti-Gravity File - Nazi Flying Saucers, Captured Aliens, Homemade Saucers and More