Not a soul
But felt a fever of the mad and play'd
Some tricks of desperation. All but mariners
Plunged in the foaming brine and quit the vessel,
Then all afire with me: the king's son, Ferdinand,
With hair up-staring,--then like reeds, not hair,--
Was the first man that leap'd; cried, 'Hell is empty
And all the devils are here.'

The Tempest. Act i. Sc. 2

Aliens & the Paranormal:

Elemental mysteries

A Unified theory: Reconciling most theories


[Editor's Note: it has come to my attention that the following passage was misappropriated from Physics and Consciousness by StarStuffs at the latter's website on Quantum Interconnectedness. Please follow the link for more information. My sincere apology to starstuffs!]


I took a study break and thought I would follow up on a lead. I was trying to find a way to reconcile most theories out there without departing to much from rationalism. (See post on Richard Sawyer). I saw several themes: Time/Space (Wormholes, Tesseracts), Religion (creationism, hebrew letters, purgatory), Mathmatics (Fibonacci numbers, Numerology) and such. I found a few articles an trimmed them down. It is still a long read but may provide a unified overall guiding principle based in reality, kinda (not to far fetched). It does not provide any answers, but some striking coincidences (Lockes legs and seeing the eye, conflict on the island [i.e. beach v. caves, inner conflict, reconciling the past], everyone meeting in the past [sense of connectedness], the noises, the monster, the light and more). Interestingly, Charles Howard Hinton (Charlie) first conceived of a tesseract. I am sure more connections can be made. The theory is harmonic convergence discussed in the "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot. Hope you enjoy. Off to study for evidence. Talk more wednesday.

Quantum Interconnectedness has received some attention in the last decades; physicists have come to realize that the universe is interconnected in much subtler ways than had once thought. In quantum physics the observer and the observed can no longer be separated and the whole is more fundamental that the part.
The mathematical principles of this "new" science may help explain and recognize consciousness as a fundamental part of reality. When we have a narrow perception of reality it creates illusionary lines of separation. This separation transverses from personal, societal, cultural and expanding into the world. The interconnectedness of the parts of the whole allows us to realize our oneness with all things.

Albert Einstein, with his general theory of relativity, opened the doors of science along with the mystical realities. Einstein theorized that space and time are intertwined and that matter is inseparable from an ever-present quantum energy field and this is the sole reality underlying all appearances. This theory challenged the basic assumptions about the universe and what it contained.

Physicists found that the most basic atomic particles in the cosmos comprise the very fabric of the material universe. An electron, for example, can be shown to be both a wave and a particle depending on the observer's perspective.

Physicist David Bohm, in his plasma experiments, at the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory, Bohm found that individual electrons act as part of an interconnected whole. In plasma, the gaseous electrons more or less assume the nature of a self-regulating organism, as if they were inherently intelligent.

This scientific discovery of Non-Locality, the wave/particle duality, meant that everything is joined or connected together. Space and time is composed of the same essence as matter. Bohm found this to be a conscious atomic sea and extending out from this sub-atomic reality, all of material creation may also be said to be conscious. Since all matter and events interact with each other, time (past, present, future) along with space and distance, all is relative to the observer and operate as one under the law of Non-Locality.

"A principle related to nonlocality is called Bell's Theorem. This is a quantum physics law that says that once connected, objects affect one another forever no matter where they are. Following the principle of Bell's Theorem, invisible stream of energy will always connect any two objects that have been connected in any way in the past."
This meant that everything is connected to everything else and that physical reality is BOTH waves and a particles. This model birthed the "holographic universe" idea, the powerful conscious energy that the whole can invariably be found in the tiniest particles: an atom of a blade of grass to the most distance galaxies. The building blocks of atoms are merely, "parcels of compressed energy, packed and patterned according to certain mathematical formulae."

The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Program at Princeton University, investigates quantum concepts such as the principles of complementarity. The action in one system can effect the actions of another system at a quantum energetic level, free of the limits of time and space, and wave mechanical resonance, matter and energy exchanging manifestations as vibrating waves and particles(excerpts from the Heart's Code) Matter and Energy are two poles of the same unity. Shamans and Mystics call this Oneness or Interconnectedness.

Michael Talbot, in "The Holographic Universe", describes all of material creation as a "ripple...a pattern of excitation in the midst of an unimaginably vast ocean" and "despite its apparent materiality and enormous size, the universe does not exist in and of itself, but is the stepchild of something far vaster and more ineffable." Talbot’s conceptualizes Bohm’s work as our “almost universal tendency to fragment the world and ignore the dynamic interconnectedness of all things is responsible for many of our problems...we believe we can extract the valuable parts of the earth without affecting the whole...treat parts of our body and not be concerned with the with...crime, poverty, and drug addiction without addressing... society as a whole."

The Kaluza-Klein Theory was the first theory of higher dimensions. It simply states the gravity in which light could be explained as 5th dimensional vibrations. This evolved into "Supergravity Theory" which then led physicists to the "Superstring Theory." Also, in Hyperspace, "physicists...are now seriously studying multiply connected worlds as a practical model of our universe." Theoretical physicists demonstrate parallel universes by two parallel planes connected by a tube/wormhole which has time/space travel implications. Superstring theory also assumes there are an infinite and alternate series of parallel universes that exist. This can be thought of as layers of pages in a ream of paper, each layer connected by a dimensional "tube.”

George Bernhard Rieman first laid the mathematical foundation of geometries in higher dimensional space, birthing the idea of a "simultaneous 4th Dimension.” He claimed universes are "completely self-consistent and obey their own logic." The unity of all physical laws appears simple when expressed in higher dimensional space. In an attempt to visual this higher dimensions, Charles Howard Hinton mathematically conceptualized the ability to "see" four dimensional objects which he deemed the hypercube, a tesseract: a hypercube that has been unraveled and viewable in the 3rd dimension.

The importance and significance of mathematics and the profound role we have come to understand within nature can also be found in the Fibonacci numbers. This logarithmic series of numbers demonstrates the occurrence of many analogous spiral forms in nature. This underlies fractal mathematics and allows imaging of our natural world. Fibonacci shapes are found in the shape of galaxies, the nautilus shell and the double helix of the DNA molecule to name a few.

The "Unification Theory" is built on the fundamental knowledge of physics, the oneness and interrelationship and nature: ecologically, individually and the whole world. The knowledge of this system and its dynamic capacity to survive, grow and transform in relation to the other dynamic systems is most profound. The theory encompasses all living and non-living systems that exist, which parallels the particle and wave duality and its coexistence within the whole universal system of operation. Countless mathematicians, physicists, philosophers and religious thinkers have attempted throughout the ages to find the one thing that can tie all things together.

The topic of physics and consciousness is becoming more well renowned by physicists. In the Spring of 2003, the Quantum Mind Conference on "Consciousness, Quantum Physics and The Brain" was held Arizona, USA. Their web site states, "recent experimental evidence suggests quantum nonlocality occurring in conscious and subconscious brain function, and functional quantum processes in molecular biology are becoming more and more apparent. Moreover macroscopic quantum processes are being proposed as intrinsic features in cosmology, evolution and social interactions."

Perhaps in knowing we are all a part of this Non-Locality, or Oneness, we can make strides to improve out society, our nation and our world.
Since all natural phenomenon are ultimately interconnected, and in order to explain any one of them we need to understand all the others, which is obviously impossible. However, science has formulated the Bootstrap Theory - "The bootstrap philosophy represents the culmination of a view of nature that arose in quantum theory with the realization of an essential and universal interrelationship." The "interdependence of all things" can be found in many spiritual traditions.

"The Tao gives birth to One.
One gives birth to yin and yang.
Yin and yang give birth to all things...
The complete whole is the complete whole.
So also is any part the complete whole...
But forget about understanding and harmonizing and
making all things one. The universe is already a
harmonious oneness; just realize it."
(46 The Hua Hu Ching)

In the "Secrets of Hebrew Letters, the "letter sequence of B'reshit (the Hebrew text of Genesis), a text which underlies and is held in common by the spiritual traditions of the ancient world. This metaphor models embryonic growth and self-organization. It applies to all whole systems, including those as seemingly diverse as meditational practices and the mathematics fundamental to physics and cosmology." and "represent fundamental directions in a hyperdimensional space." By fusing mathematics and Jewish mysticism, physicists, have demonstrated that the first verse of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible generates a mathematical Torus. The letter forms themselves have intrinsic geometric and mathematical properties that point us to a profound knowledge of life and the nature of human consciousness. (In some other cultures and ancient histories, Hebrew was and is regarded as the Language of Light because of it's mathematical properties.)

"The Tao of Physics" is a book filled with incredible information regarding scientific concepts paired with consciousness in the practice of Buddhism and Hinduism. Some of the chapters in the book are: The Unity of All Things, Space-Time, Quark Symmetries and Interpenetration. In the last mentioned chapter Capra writes, "the universe is seen as a dynamic web of interrelated events…they all follow from the properties of the other parts and the overall consistency of their mutual interrelations determines the structure of the entire web." An amazing parallel to the above statement can be found in Chief Seattle's wisdom of "Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect."

A grain of sand, a star, water drop or a person, a proton of a hydrogen molecule is the same regardless of form. The only difference is the way the materials are organized and their "consciousness" properties. According to Bohm's idea stated previously, "conscious atomic sea...extending out from this sub-atomic reality, all of material creation may also be said to be conscious." When we honor the physical things and become mindful of the unity in all things this imparts respects and honor to the Earth.

"To know the mechanics of the wave is to know the entire secret of Nature."
Walter Russell

The psychodynamics of the mind as an electromagnetic structure establishes the nature and reality of consciousness as an interdimensional energy process. It is an electrical process of cause and effect.

Consciousness determines our vibration (frequency and amplitude). When we realize that time and space are really one, we then go beyond a simple understanding. This is what Einstein was talking about concerning frequency (time) and amplitude (energy)...and time traveling, this would mean being spiritually energized to walk in the 4th dimension freely. Physics states the 4th dimension exists (subsequently physicist say 10 dimensions exist that they have mathematically figured so far), we can thus apply it to other spiritual areas as in various mysticism practices.

When our energy-amplitude is raised higher it is synonymous with our frequency (time) getting higher. When our frequency raises the distance between the waves are closer, therefore shortening time considerably. So Time is the distance between two points. What your amplitude-energy is determines how efficient you travel that time line.

For instance, You are standing by raise your energy, which raises your frequency [if you are efficient at it {efficient in science is least amount of work for the energy expended)]. You dart across the room and come back to standing by me. I do not see you - except for the transition period of your energy …you coming and going. You might look like a fuzz of light at first..(dart across the room and come back) then a fuzz of light again. This is all that would be noticeable. Or perhaps if one is in movement while this energy transition is taking place, we may observe a "blurring" and see many different phases as in seen in someone taking consecutive pictures of a track and field long jumper. The realities are "blurred" together, and as physics states, can be seen in the multiple dimensions at once.

This parallels the concept of the Superstring theory which assumes there are an infinite and alternate series of parallel universes that exist. The viewpoint of many theoretical physicists: light is a vibration of the unseen 4th dimension. What is light? Light, electricity, and magnetism are manifestations of the same thing called electromagnetic radiation that encompasses the electromagnetic spectrum in which only a small fraction of light is visible to us. When we do the "dart across the room" experiment, only the small visible light will be seen as a fraction of the whole energetic transition.

When we resonate as in the above example, it can also be viewed as "musical notes" that represents a mode of vibration, a distinct resonance or particle. Michio Kaku a physicist and author of "Hyperspace" states, "Matter is nothing but the harmonies created by this vibrating string...The laws of physics can be compared to the laws of harmony allowed on the string. The universe itself, composed of countless vibrating strings, would then be comparable to a symphony."

"The energy of the heart, right down to our DNA is musical and rhythmic in nature. Geneticist, Susumu Ohno at the Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope in Duarte, CA, has translated the 4 nucleotides on the strands of DNA. When performed, listeners compared it to Bach, Brahms and Chopin. Listeners were moved to tears."
"The universe consists solely of waves of motion...There exists nothing other than vibration." relates Walter Russell in "A New Concept of the Universe". In vibratory physics, the principles that make sound into harmonious music are the same principles that govern all associating vibrations throughout the universe - and that includes everything that there is. Vibrations are dynamic things not unlike "living" things since they are in a mutual state of harmony.

When sound harmonics form direct harmonic relations the two vibrating sounds and their chords of vibration are said to be sympathetic to each other. In other words, resonance - like attracts like. This combined frequency dictates that what happens to one vibratorily happens to the other simultaneously in varying degrees of harmony or dissonance. This is the Law of Cycles as presented by John W. Keely's Law of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics.

Musical notes or sounds can be converted numerically as stated previously regarding the Fibonacci numbers found in nature. According to mathematics principles, a series of vibrations will multiply many times its own pitch, thus increasing harmonically all those that are near. This is the Law of Harmonic Pitch.

This multiplication of frequency and amplitudes is thought of in relation to the Ascension process. All things are energy, thus our "energy bodies" are becoming more attuned, reaching a higher vibrational rate, to the dynamic energetic force of the Universe. Extending and expanding vibrational rates happens in nature and we are merely a part of nature, so we should too, in theory, be capable of "ascension" as dense physical material beings.

"He made the whole world an instrument of sound, and an instrument for carrying messages, resounding praise to the Creator of all.
Frank Waters - The Book of the Hopi

There is something called the Sacred Sound Current which correlates to the spiritual Hindu "OM" and the Sufi "HU", and the Sant Mat "Shabd". This Music of the Spheres, Logos or Word as called in mystical teachings, goes beyond our limited spoken language. Such ethereal music is referred to also as the Sound of God or the Breath of God since the sound permeates all things. And as we know, all things are composed of energy.

This all pervading sound in the current of the Ocean of Consciousness is believed to be the connecting link between God and man. The divine currents are always playing a symphony of ethereal music, however, it does not become audible until we have progressed spiritually enough to hear with the inner ear. Additionally, many mystics, ancient and modern, have reported seeing various colors with the inner eye(s) while in meditation.

As physics deems, all is in a vibrational state, and thus can be converted into mathematical renditions, musical notes and color frequencies. Shabd is believed to be the pinnacle point of all the powers of nature in which, according to scriptures, is the method in which God creates.

"I dwell in undefiled Light and a Thought revealed itself perceptibly through the great Sound...And it is a Word by virtue of the Sound; it was sent to illumine those who dwell in darkness...I am a Light that illuminates the All. I am the Light..."
Trimorphic Protennoia - Nag Hammadi

Light and Sound is also viewed as synonymous with each other in the ancient scriptures. This has been mentioned in various contexts within this site as well. They are Interconnected and part of the Whole within the wave/particle duality.

We can parallel the holographic universe concept with what Philo of Alexandria's wrote circa 40 CE, "The whole creation, this entire world perceived by our senses is a copy of the Divine Image...But the shadow of God is his Word which he used like an instrument when he was making the world. And this shadow, and, as it were, model, is the archetype of other things" We can also note the similarity to Carl Jung's archetypes within the collective unconscious.

"The musician is very close to mysticism, far closer than the philosopher...because music is meaningful without any words; it is meaningful simply because it rings some bells in your heart...creates a synchronicity between you and itself, when your heart starts resonating in the same way, when you start pulsating in the same way."
Osho, Philosophia Ultima

There are known quantitative frequencies that have been measured that illustrate the body and energy connections with comparative measurements to the world around us, such as radio waves. Biological systems are influenced by the terrestrial electrical environment. This environment includes electric fields, magnetic fields, field modulations, and aerion (positive and negative) concentrations, and biological waves. Nature ordains harmonious variations of these factors. The human organism exhibits revealing electrical characteristics. Electromagnetic brain waves (0.1 to 30hz) occur at frequencies paralleling those of terrestrial sferics and the Schuman resonance. Decision making abilities are subordinate to alpha, beta, gamma(.01-5hz), theta(4 - 7hz), and delta(0.1-4hz) brain rhythms with their related states of consciousness. Symposium on Biological Effects and Measurement of Biofrequency/Microwaves, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, FDA - Critical Aspects of Human Versus Terrestrial Electromagnetic Symbiosis, E. Stanton Maxey, M.D. , 1977

Thus far, all life, coexisting together at the same time, is both matter and space: movement and stillness, sound and silence, light and darkness. As stated earlier, the wave/particle duality (Non-Locality) means that everything is joined or connected together. This duality also means that objects that appear to have seemingly opposite properties that are of the same substance but in a different form or density of a vibrational level.

It is believed that Earth in what is deemed as a "free will zone" the ongoing battle between the positive and negative forces, the dark vs. light. Scientifically speaking, there is no difference, just differences in frequencies and amplitudes. Simplistically speaking, we are all one.

"light and shade, long and short, black and white, can only be experienced in relation to each other; light is not independent of shade, nor black of white. There are no opposites, only relationships."
Lankavatara Sutra From "Buddha Speaks"
Anne Bancroft 2000

Another example of this polarity principle is found in sound harmonics. Fields may be enharmonic on one level but harmonic on different levels. Enharmonic would be like plucking a guitar string and allowing it to vibrate freely. The sound and the frequencies of the corresponding vibration are no longer exactly in the same frequency ratio. Harmonics, is the vibration multiples of the same frequency. The Taoists also viewed the dynamic interplay between the polar opposites as yin and yang. This pair of opposites shares a polar relationship where the two poles are dynamically linked to the other and found throughout nature.

This idea of implicit unity of all opposites can be extremely difficult to accept. However paradoxical it may seem to some, Eastern philosophies have always considered this as essential for attaining enlightenment to go 'beyond earthly opposites,' and in China the polar relationship of all opposites lies at the very basis of Taoist thought. In the Tao of Physics, "Thus Chuang Tzu says, "this" is also "that." This ancient wisdom of duality is the essence of the Tao. It also appears to be the essence of physics.

"Every explicit duality is an implicit unity."
Alan Watts

Heraclitus the Greek philosopher also realized that all opposites have a unity and relativity. "The way up and down is one and the same," and "God is day night, winter summer, war peace, satiety hunger." Science and religion also represent a complimentary pair of polar opposites residing within a highly complex paradox. If we view these opposites as the ends of the light spectrum, we have a diverse range of human culture and ideals. The full magnitude of the paradox disappears in the light of diverse duality.

"Life starts with the knowledge of diversity, but the awareness of unity is the pinnacle of life."
Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Kybalion encompasses the study of "The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece.” This is considered as the life work of Hermes Trismegistus who was considered to be the "scribe of the gods.” This Greco-Egyptian philosopher and mathematician reportedly had written tens of thousands of volumes of books revealing to humankind the healing arts, magic, writing, astrology, science, chemistry and philosophy. This was a time of unity between the scientific and religious studies.

Hermes also built several pyramids and reportedly even taught the great mathematician Pythagoras. Oddly enough, Hermes is considered the "Great Central Sun of Occultism.” Perhaps Hermes was the living embodiment of duality as he inscribed some of the earliest accounts of the secret of the ultimate reconciliation between the meta-physical science and religion. His wisdom follows in excerpts from the Kybalion. The parallels to "modern" thinking are astounding. "Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled." By looking carefully at the nature of opposites, we might realize that each pole actually incorporates its opposite, in one form or another - as an essential component of the whole.

"To understand the whole it is necessary to understand the parts. To understand the parts, it is necessary to understand the whole. Such is the circle of understanding."
Ken Wilber, Eye of Spirit

"I see science and mysticism as two complementary manifestations of the human mind; of its rational and intuitive faculties."
Fritjof Capra - The Tao of Physics.

"Shamanism" is basically the practise of contacting the "spirit world" and doing work on the dimensional and/or on a soul level. This could encompass many methods and modes of doing such. Shamans/Healers have been the corner stone of many spiritual traditions throughout the world. The roots of these ancient Healers and Priests regarded the soul and consciousness as a part of the whole cosmos. The shamanistic concept of "journeying" could be explained by as traveling through space and time dimensions to heal the soul and the person or many various other reasons depending on the culture of that healer. For many healer/shamans multidimensional traveling is a way of life. There is no distinct separation.

Science has also come to explain how "magic" of the shamans operates to some degree. A scandalous trial in London in 1877, grabbed the attention of many notable physicists. Henry Slade, a psychic from the United States, was charged with fraudulent activity. What marked this normally mundane trial of trickery is that physicists and astronomers around the world, some who won the Nobel Prize in physics, came to Slade's defense. These scientists claimed "miraculous feats" could be done by manipulating objects in the 4th dimension. Eventually, Henry Slade was convicted despite the help he received.

This other worldly ability is something shamans have been to known to do, either alter something in the physical or manifest something from "thin air.” Physicists are coming close to explaining the science of the shaman. The well known tenet in shamanism is the "axis mundi", the transcendental center of the worlds, designates "parallel world realities within a single universe", coexisting on each side of the "axis mundi" the axis by which our world is brought into communication with the upper and lower worlds. In "The Nature of Shamanism" it states, "Uniformities of forms do appear to exist in our empirical universe which transgress the quanta of the human mind...falling into the domain of the Jungian 'collective unconsciousness'". By invoking modern physics, we can say, together with many a shaman, that all reality is only a continuum of the same spectrum. Put another way, reality is always in a state of Being or Existing.

"Magic is any sufficiently advanced technology."
Arthur C. Clarke

The generally accepted theory of light up until the mid 1800's, was Newton's assertion of light to be a stream of tiny particles. However, in the late 1800's, the particle picture was replaced by the wave theory of light due to the phenomena associated with light: refraction, diffraction and interference, which could only be explained using the wave picture.

This electromagnetic radiation, or light, may be viewed in one of two complementary ways: as a wave in an abstract electromagnetic field, or as a stream of massless particles called photons. This is known as the wave - particle duality and is true for all particles. This duality is the basis of a indisputable quantum law in which it is a thread that runs throughout the micro and macrocosm.

Light as a wave, has a wavelength associated with it, much like an ocean wave with crests and troughs. The frequency of light is measured by counting the number of waves passing one point at a given time. The energy is merely the strength or force the wave carries. Since all things have an energetic duality we can convert and apply this to the DNA and RNA molecules which they in fact emit their own light/energy. Science shows this and mystics spanning many beliefs and philosophies throughout history speak of this wisdom in terms of The Language of Light.

Enoch the patriarch of the Bible speaks of this language of light as waveform geometries of harmonic resonance that mimic the properties of light. The Enochian knowledge describes sonic equations, encoded within the ancient mantras and god names, capable of directly affecting the nervous system and producing profound effects of healing and higher consciousness states. The Divine Light and Kingdom of Light references can be found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi, Pistis Sophia and among the various other Egyptian, Persian and Syrian writings. The returning to the light from which we came, this merging of the light within ourselves with the Divine, is what the great Eastern Orthodox mystics called, Theosis, others call it Christ Consciousness, Nirvana, Bliss, Oneness, and Enlightenment.

The renowned yogi, Yogananda describes the universe beyond matter as being composed of indescribably subtle Light and that the material universe is composed of all the same essence. In describing a state of ecstatic joy he says, "A swelling glory within me began to envelop towns, continents, the earth, solar and stellar systems, tenuous nebulae, and floating universes...The entire cosmos...glittered within the infinitude of my being." According to yoga principles this is called Oneness with Supreme Consciousness, Ultimate Being, or God. In modern physics, this could be described as Non-Locality in the atomic sea.

The yogic science, practiced within the laboratory of human consciousness, is, in fact, the science of consciousness, which physicists such as Bohm theorize as being inseparable from, and responsible for, all reality. The more we raise our vibrational levels, the more of this language we 'speak'. Since everything in the universe emits energy we are harmonizing ourselves into resonating with the universe around us. As we progress spiritually we become vibrationally altered or become "light bodied". Thus we have the aptly named physical ascension. "Light Knowledge" is also deemed the knowledge of God that seems to be a universal truth throughout the belief systems of the world. In several ancient writings Light is synonymous and equal to the dimensions and levels of Love. The differences in electromagnetic light can also be paralleled to the differences and levels of Love. Ultimately, Light is Love and all operates as One. It is beautifully ironic that the duality of light properties seems to unlock a vast door to scientific universal principles in which the mystics and shamans have always understood. Carl Jung made significant progress in his theories of the soul and shamanism, on many levels. This psychologist's work on the deep aspects of the soul dawned a new age for scientific and religious thinkers. Carl Jung's depth in understanding the self and realms therein parallels the knowledge and characteristics of shamanism. With this understanding, Jung felt that no causal connection can be demonstrated between two events, but a meaningful relationship nevertheless exists between them. This direct encounter with the patterning of events in nature as a whole reveals the meaningful connections between the subjective and objective world. Jung called this principle of meaningful coincidences: "synchronicity.”

Jung describes in his research into the collective unconscious that coincidences were connected in meaningful ways. Their occurrence seemed to defy the calculations of probability. Because Jung believed the phenomenon of synchronicity was connected to psychotic conditions, he felt the inner and outer realities (subjective and objective) evolved through the archetypes. Jung formulated that these archetypal images belonged to a part of the unconscious not derived from personal experience. The archetypal images forms the "collective unconscious". This collective is all things working in tandem indicating 'singleness of purpose', in this case, our very totality of consciousness vibrating and working as one coherent mass of energy. We can also see archetypal images or symbols as energetic structures that create a bridge between us and the higher realities. In some unintelligible way, they connect us with the spiritual realms and the divine order that unites us all. Archetypes thus become a doorway that provides access to the experience of meaningful coincidence.

Jung's concept of synchronicity speaks of the "oneness" and interdependence of the universe. Jung states, "peculiar interdependence of objective elements among themselves as well as with the subjective (psychic) states of the observer or observers". Jung was also heavily influenced by the "new" physics dawning which he wrote, "Physics has demonstrated...that in the realm of atomic magnitudes objective reality presupposes an observer, and that only on this condition is a satisfactory scheme of explanation possible...This means that a subjective element attaches to the physicist's world picture, and secondly that a connection necessarily exists between the psyche to be explained and the objective space-time continuum." These discoveries confirmed what Jung recognized intuitively: that matter and consciousness are, in fact, interconnected in an essential way. Quantum theory and synchronous events along with matter and consciousness function as complementary aspects of a unified total reality.

Ascension simply means to rise up. An ascension experience is a period of time in which your material body raises to a higher state. It is nothing new as others throughout time have experienced, perhaps what is new about 'this time' is that it is happening to people 'en mass' contributing to a greater spiritual awakening of consciousness. Again, one highly energetic body has a tendency to raise all those in the vicinity. Our physical body is actually becoming a different frequency (component of) light as we go from a more material body to a more refined light body. This is a physics principle in action.

The Ascension places you in the midst of universal secrets hidden from veiled eyes thus the more important your wisdom and power become. As we become more interdimensional and multidimensional "the frequencies alter and the energies accelerate, your body goes through a drastic rapid change that the nervous system must handle.” Some signs and symptoms reported are: rejuvenated organs, hot/cold flashes, massive dizziness, change of diet, excessive tiredness, skin, hair and eyes changing, increase of aches and pains, increased psychic and kundalini activity etc. Many have read and/or experienced such (and continue to do so).
Ascension appears to be a biological reality; there's an evolution of species occurring on this planet, as well as an evolution of consciousness. Many sensitive and attuned individuals feel and see the change happening within them it and subsequently receive the same Spirit messages from the cosmic grid of consciousness, or as Jung termed it the "collective unconscious.”

This metamorphosis includes very specific biological and biochemical changes in your DNA, cells, blood, endocrine system and brain also thus affecting the energy of the body throughout the dimensional planes. These changes are all taking place on a subatomic molecular level. Dr. Berrenda Fox provides evidence of DNA and cellular changes and has given "ample" proof through blood tests that some people have actually developed new strands of DNA. Mutations and molecular changes are happening.
We've also all heard in spiritual circles of the harmonic convergences and light grid activations, "time for the consciousness of mankind to make a quantum shift to the next level of experience". These shifts and activations are merely the harmonizing of those atomic pieces that make up the whole. The cosmic ocean, as it’s called throughout the world, generates cosmic waves of energy. The ocean consisting of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and intents, love, hate, anger etc. ride upon and make up, these waves, which in one way can be compared to the 'quantum foam'. The "Harmonic Convergence" is a quantum event. We cannot discount that this is really happening on a level we can't physically-visibly see. According to physics principles, this affects every other single organism in the universe and on earth.

"..dropping polarity - no longer thinking in terms of good or bad, but seeing the wholeness and completion and perfection of life. It is a very definite mind, emotional and body response. The body response is the one where your body simply does not acknowledge good or bad, but sees that there is a higher purpose behind it all."
Drunvalo Melchizedek on dna changes and activation

"UC Davis experts on basic DNA research Since 1953, DNA research has had an impact on everything from biology, agriculture and medicine to criminal law and justice, art and politics." DNA structure is more than a double helix. "The famous double helix is actually supported by many different proteins that allow it to be read, copied and repaired. Working out what those proteins are and how they work together is the aim of the Center for Genetics and Development, led by Stephen Kowalczykowski, professor of microbiology and molecular cell biology. Kowalczykowski's own laboratory studies the family of proteins that allow DNA strands to cross over and recombine, creating genetic variation."

The 3 billion base pairs in the human genome are organized into 24 distinct, physically separate microscopic units called chromosomes. The total genetic information, within these structures, is a sequence of over 6 billion base pairs or 12 billion "letters." That makes up only 3% of what is known, another 97% remains unknown to conventional science. We can apply the concept of frequency and vibration to the body and its cells as physics dictates. We can also study the body and its building blocks and infer the same information applies to DNA.

As in the previously mentioned Fibonacci numbers, DNA and the body can be converted to mathematical physio-musical signals as well. Professor Susumu Ohno of the Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope, proposed years ago that the repetition process governs both the musical composition and the DNA sequence construction. The body creates music through brain waves, the heartbeat, blood circulation, endocrine cycles, right up to the microwave level of organ vibration. DNA is the "orchestrator" of this music.

Molecular biologists have defined 20 proteins in the body which they have been able to look at music and read the exact sequence of bases in the DNA. One part of the DNA structure when "played" from the sequences sounds like a waltz melody, another sounds similar to an Irish jig, with a definite beginning, a middle, and an end. Oddly enough, the base sequence T-T-T-C-C-C-C-C-C-, when played, are the famous opening notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

"It (the music) is produced from the primary and secondary structure of protein sequences...pitch is determined by amino acid identity and instrumentation is chosen according to protein folding pattern, with different instruments representing regions of alpha-helix, beta-strands and turns."

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world."

Thought is a great dynamic force with tremendous power. A simple atom radiates an electromagnetic field or EMF. A molecule radiates yet a stronger EMF. A large number of molecules form a cell in which the human brain contains at least 200 million such cells. These atomic waves seem to include the emotions and are thought to be superimposed within the EMF frequencies. These vibrations are sent out into the physical world extending outward into the "non-physical" world. The historian Arthur Koestler refers to this as the capacity of the human psyche to "act as a cosmic resonator.” Thoughts and emotions happen as a result of your interactions with the world based on your perception of past experiences. It is how you perceive this world of events that form our thought processes that become reactions and behaviors, unconsciously or consciously. Your thoughts create your feelings, emotions, behavior and what you attract and magnetize into your life.

Emotion is the fuel of creation...... "everything you dwell upon in your mind and heart, everything that you believe in, is drawn into physical manifestation. This is happening more and more quickly. As the masters have advised you for thousands of years, the very fabric of space/time that makes up the world is composed of threads and we can/are collectively changing it and bending it to the will of a love-centered reality. Not only an emotion, love is a genuine power in and of itself. The world isn't set in "physical laws" or "immutable constants" it is ever changing, every fluctuating and we do change that with the tiniest thought.

"The human brain being formed of an inestimable number of spherical resonators, termed in medical science nerve cells, forming the gray matter of the brain, these minute spheres take up the thought force which permeates all space in endless waves, eternally active. This force we term atomolic; the cells are composed of *atomoles, whose vibratory motions under the action of universal thought force result in the phenomena of thought, cognition, intellection, etc.

A physics theory that was predicted in 1925, that resulted in the ever popular example of superconductivity in 1995, is The Bose-Einstein condensation. This condensation is viewed as the most highly ordered structures in nature. This property is equivalent to a laser but the particles behave as a single particle and seem to possess a form of free will. The energies merge to become part of the whole. The Bose-Einstein condensate was later applied to living tissues and the results were astonishing for quantifying human consciousness.

In 1989 the British psychiatrist Ian Marshall, showed whenever the condensate in the brain is excited by an electrical field, conscious experience occurs. In his studies, the millions of neurons in the brain would maintain coherent thought processes, the neurons working as one structure. In other studies, it has also been determined by the encephalograph that all reasoning processes are actual waveform transmissions. Additionally, quantum wave function of the brain is not completely random and seems to have a "phase difference" which implies the parallels of mind and body to the duality of the wave and particle. The wave aspect of nature yields the mental, the particle aspect of nature yields the material.

Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigione of the University of Texas is studying the "spontaneous formation of coherent structures," how chemical and other kinds of structures evolve patterns out of chaos. Karl Pribram, a neuroscientist at Stanford University, has proposed that the brain may be a type of "hologram.” He theorizes the brain is a pattern and frequency analyzer which creates reality by interpreting frequencies from beyond space and time dimensions. On the basis of this model, the physical world "out there," is, in Pribram's words, "isomorphic with"--that, the same as, the processes of the brain.

The matrix grid of consciousness, Jung's collective unconscious, is the nervous system for the earth, our thoughts effect this system and everything contained therein. The universe can be crafted with a simple working of your will. Mages and mystics and shamanic healers have taught this truth throughout the ages. Thoughts and feelings manifest itself into reality. This makes us co-creators with the universe. Quantum physics even suggest that by redirecting our focus and our attentions we can bring a new course of events into action.

"Everything we think, feel, and do has an effect on our ancestors and all future generations and reverberates throughout the universe."
Thich Nhat Hanh

A tiny emotion becomes a thought of a one raindrop, thousands of drops turn into a flood. There is true magic-alchemy in the power of will, we shape the world by our desires, thoughts, intents and actions. So in relation to mankind's "ascension" it is the product of many working, thinking, acting, and living as a higher unit of collective thought energy processes.

Kabalistic teachings there's a saying, "think well of everyone". In Kabbalah, what we do in this world always has effects in the spiritual dimension. There is also the term "cycle of reciprocity": what is going out from your mind is always coming back to you.

"Remember to be cautious with your thoughts and your words; they are the tools of creation.
Remember cause and effect.
Remember there is nothing more important than love."
(Mary Sparrowdancer - "The Love Song of The Universe")

Quantum physicists, neuroscientists, psychologists and mystics have evolved to the point where a significant paradigm shift is happening. The universe is viewed as sympathetically connected, unifying, matter, energy and consciousness. Physics unites the many mathematical principles and perhaps one day physics will merge with spiritual and religious principles. The gap is narrowing.

It's an interweaving of basic fundamental processes. Science has everything to do with consciousness, it is One with it. There is no one place something "starts" and "ends.” It is a continuum of the same. Just like there are not real defining lines of the dimensional levels. All is connected. There is a mystical world that we traverse where there is no time/space and dimensional divisions. Such as there are no divisions between the sciences of the dimensions - for all properties are found throughout the universe. There are worlds in our many realities that we haven't begun to explore, either as scientists or mystics.

As science is discovering more and more uniquely mysterious properties of the universe, we are discovering more and more of the properties of our being and our consciousness. All living things are made up of cells - like trillions of tuning forks resonating together by the energy of the heart. The cells reverberate in a concert of energetic harmony. Every cell is literally a mini-heart hammering with energy. As complex as they are, our cells are more space than "stuff.” Every cell is 99.999% empty space with subatomic bundles of energy whizzing through at the speed of light."

"If you really want to know what the body looks like, look up to the evening sky and see the stars, the cells of cosmic energy scattered through space. If you really want to know what the body looks like, listen to the waves and the wind for the energy they carry. If you really want to know what the body's energy feels like, be aware of a gently breeze and sense the molecules of information breathed in and out by every person and thing that has ever lived. If you want to get a glimpse of how your whole body/heart/brain system sounds when it works collectively, listen to a symphony."

Quantum physics suggests that by redirecting our focus, our intentions and attentions, we bring in a new course of events while simultaneously releasing an existing course of events that no longer serve us. A matter of replacing, renewing, and regenerating a new thought form that better serves to heighten the consciousness of everyone. We must find, understand and fully comprehend this interrelationship and oneness of our humanitarian nature and the impact on the whole of creation. We are realizing the complete being we are by understanding that even at the quantum level we affect things around us.

In finding our place in Nature, we just may save the Earth and ourselves in the process.


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